Signed, Sealed , Delivered


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I trembled as I signed the contract. I was literally giving my father the power to do whatever he stipulated if I failed to bring in the Kingsley account for his firm. My father, Richard Stephens, was a power broker in the business world and in the lives of those around him. Today I would know if I won the Kingsley account or if I was signed, sealed and delivered over to my father. I waited impatiently in my office for the call. My thoughts strayed to my father as I waited. Even in his late forties, he hadn’t lost his sensuality or his dark good looks. He looked more like a dark sensual Italian prince than the prince of the power deals that had made him millions.

“Maria, your father wants you in your office immediately, ” my secretary said as she came into my office. I got up slowly and brushed off my white linen suit.

“Wish me luck, ” I said I as I walked into my father’s office.

He was dressed in a dark blue silk robe which meant he had finished with his day’s activities. He kept a bedroom in the adjoining room in case he worked late at night.

“Come here, my sweet Maria,” my father said,” I have just heard from Kingsley.”

He turned on the television set that he used for business purposes…

“Richard in careful consideration of your daughter’s offer, I have to refuse it at this time. She failed to make me an offer that I could refuse. I just wish she had, ” Thomas Kingsley said,”She isn’t using her full capacity in brokering a deal. Maybe olgun porno you can teach her a thing or two about that. Maybe some other time, we could reconsider this offer. Good night, Richard.”

Tears started running down my cheeks as I realized I had failed my father. My father turned off the tv and walked up behind me.

I turned to face him. I pushed my long wavy red hair back as I stood trembling before him.

“Maria, you are mine now signed, sealed and delivered. It is time

you start living up to contract, ” he ordered,” Fix me vodka on the rocks and one for you.”

I walked slowly over to his bar and poured the vodka over the ice.

I handed him his drink. I gulped my drink down in nervousness.

I took off my linen jacket. I suddenly felt hot. I wasn’t used to drinking very much.

“Pour yourself another drink,” my father ordered as he sat down in

his chair, “Make sure it is a good stiff drink.”

He placed his legs up on his desk…it opened up his silk robe to reveal his hairy muscular chest. It had been ages since I saw a man’s body displayed so sensually. As I fixed another drink, I felt a tingling sensation in between my legs than a wetness on my panties.

This couldn’t be happening to me, I’m getting turned on by my own father. I walked back towards to my father.

“Sit on my desk in front of me and take off that blouse. Don’t look so stunned, Maria. You will be taught by me how to outdoor sex broker a deal…and that includes using your sexuality in the process.”

My father moved his legs off the desk as I moved in front of him. I saw the top of dark pubic hairs as I faced him on the desk. I swallowed my drink down.

“Take it off Maria,” my father growled,” and take off that damned bra too. If you don’t deliver I can destroy your pampered life as you know it. “

Tears started running down my cheeks as I slowly unbuttoned my

blouse. I watched as my father looked greedily at breasts as I took off my blouse. My golden skin was kissed liberally with freckles.

I fumbled as I tried to unsnap the front clasp of my bra. Finally my 36 dd breasts were free. My nipples had been an added attraction to lovers in my past….they were what they call puffies. The nipples were longer and puffier when excited. They were also highly sensitive to touch.

My father stood up and I could feel his hardened cock press against my knees as he reached over and kissed me hard and full on the lips. I felt my nipples harden up against his chest as he kissed me deeper and deeper.

I tried to pull away but his arms were locked tight around me.

“Don’t fight it. Your beautiful breasts want me just like you do.”

I felt his hand go to my breasts. He gently started to rub, than pull on my breasts. I let out a throaty moan when he started to kiss my breasts. public agent porno He pushed me down on his desk as he tore my skirt off me.

I felt his lips on mine as I became aware his robe was now on the floor. I couldn’t believe how thick his cock was and how he had balls like a horse. It stirred something in me. I began rubbing my

body up against his as we kissed. I felt his hard cock caress against my lacy white panties that had again become wet.

He started kissing my breasts than kissing down my stomach. He took my panties in his teeth and took them off me. He began kissing up my legs to my inner thighs up to my red pussy. He started to lick and suck on my pussy and clit until I almost came. He stopped as soon as he brought to the place of cumming. My body felt gripped by the need to cum. I would do anything to cum.

“Please, make me cum, ” I pleaded,” I need it so bad.”

“You’ll do anything for it?” my father asked.

“Anything, ” I said.

“You agree to being my lover, brokering deals with that hot body of yours with people like Kingsley. Lastly you will give me an heir to carry on the Stephens name when I decide you should get pregnant,” he demanded before he started downwards towards my pussy.

“Agreed,” I moaned as I pushed my pulsating, hot wet pussy into my father’s face. In surrendering to him, I found my sexual power.

I had an earth shattering orgasm as he licked me.

He than thrust his thick hot cock deep into my pussy. I came and came on his cock as he thrust into me. My pussy milked his cock again and again. His thick sperm leaked out of my pussy.

At last, I had my father’s heart and soul. In surrendering to him I had become his signed, sealed and delivered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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