Shower Head


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Disclaimer: This is a story in which fictional characters cheat on their spouses. If you find this sort of thing offensive, I recommend not reading any further. You have been warned, so please don’t send me feedback or post comments telling me how wrong it is for married people to cheat on their spouses. This is fiction. Although the characters are based on real people, to the author’s knowledge they have never actually engaged in illicit sexual activities with each other or with other married or unmarried people.


I was standing in my sister-in-law’s bathroom with my tool in my hand. Not that tool; get your mind out of the gutter…at least for now. I was helping her replace her shower head, which is not a complicated task but it was one that her husband had been putting off for too long. Finally, one weekend when he was out of town, she enlisted my services to help her take care of it. She didn’t want me to just come over and take care of it for her; she wanted to be involved enough so she would know how to do it for herself if there was a next time. So I had a pair of pliers in hand because the existing shower head was pretty old and pretty gnarly. It was a pretty cheap model, too, so she was going to love the replacement that my wife had helped her pick out. She’d been spoiled using the same one at our house when we’d been on vacation and she was house-sitting. Since she knew I’d installed that one, she knew I’d be able to help her install one like it at her house.

We got the old shower head off and just threw that thing away, then cleaned up the threads before wrapping them with Teflon tape. The new shower head screwed on easily and we didn’t even need any tools; we just hand-tightened it and it was ready to go. I turned the water on and the flow was so much better than the old one had been. Such an easy task that would have such a positive impact on each day.

“I think the next thing,” I said, half-jokingly, “is for you to go ahead and jump in there to try it out and I’ll hang out right here in case anything goes wrong.”

“Wouldn’t it be even safer,” she asked, “if you were to just join me in there so you’d be that much closer to handle any emergencies?”

We had flirted a lot since even before I’d married her sister, but nothing had ever happened between us. There had been a few moments when it felt like we got kind of close and I thought this was just another one of those. In fact, I was expecting her to laugh when she moved toward me instead. Tilting her face up toward mine, she reached out to hold the back of my head then she kissed me. I offered no resistance and, as our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths, I reached down to grip her ass, pulling her against my now rigid tool. We only parted when she slipped a hand between us to confirm that it was my cock she was feeling between us, not something from my toolbox. Once she’d confirmed it, she started to open my shorts and soon had my cock in her hand. She pumped it as she maneuvered us toward the nearby toilet, then sat on the lid and worked my underwear down; I’d stepped out of my shorts as we’d moved.

With my throbbing cock right in her face, she raised it as she gently pumped it so that she could lick my balls. I only stopped watching her long enough to strip off my shirt then focused my attention on her as she wrapped her lips around my tool. I moaned as she engulfed my tool in her hot mouth, gently pumping the base as she slid her lips up and down my shaft. I’d given plenty of thought over the years to what it would be like to have my sister-in-law blow me, as well as what it would be like to fuck her and eat her pussy, but my fantasies paled in comparison to the real fake cop porno thing. I knew it would not take long before I was cumming down her throat with the skillful and practiced way she was sucking my cock. I was perfectly okay with that, not only because the pleasure I was feeling was incredible, but also because I figured it wouldn’t take much to recover once I started undressing her and buried my face in her pussy.

It occurred to me that, as aroused as I was, she was probably in a similar state and that her pussy was probably incredibly wet at the moment. I certainly thought that slipping my cock into her would feel amazing but, if I stopped now to do that, I knew that I’d cum in a matter of seconds. In any case, I wanted to devour that juicy pussy before I fucked it and filled her with a load, anyway. Thinking about getting her naked and eating her pussy as she continued to suck my cock had my orgasm building up even more quickly. Even as my cock was swelling more, she never hesitated and just continued to suck me off, which only caused it to keep swelling. I wasn’t trying to hold off my orgasm and I don’t believe that she was either so I was just savoring the pleasure I was feeling until I suddenly I started spurting into her mouth with a groan.

She wasn’t thrown off and continued to suck me off as she was swallowing my load. Only once I was fully spent did she let my cock fall from her mouth and straighten up. She looked up at me sort of uncertainly as she released the grip she still had on the base of my cock.

“That was outstanding,” I assured her, running my fingers through her blonde hair, “Can I return the favor in the shower?”

“Mmmm, of course,” she replied with a smile.

“Then let me get you naked,” I suggested. I helped her stand then started to raise her shirt up as she lifted her arms. Once I cast her shirt aside, my hands went right to her tits, caressing them through her bra and feeling her hard nipples. I slipped my hands around to unfasten her bra then slid it down her arms as I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples. I brought my hands up to caress the soft, smooth flesh while she ran her fingers through my hair and moaned. Knowing that her pussy was just getting even wetter, I didn’t spend too much time on her tits and, while continuing to lick and suck her nipples, I dropped my hands down to unfasten her shorts. Once they were open and had dropped to her ankles, I hunkered down in front of her so I’d have a good look at her pussy as I took her panties down.

I knew she was not a natural blonde so I was expecting a darker bush to be revealed. I was pleasantly surprised instead to find only her smooth, hairless pussy. As it was exposed and I realized that she had recently been waxed, I felt the blood trying to immediately return to my spent cock. I smiled up at her then took an ass cheek in each hand as I kissed her abdomen almost all the way down to her clit before standing. We kissed before we got the shower going and climbed in together. As I’d promised, once we were both thoroughly wet thanks to the new shower head, I dropped to my knees and started to lick her smooth pussy. She moaned loudly and held my head as I slurped up the juices that she was abundantly producing, just as I’d suspected. She was rocking her hips toward my face and I thought I might actually have been able to make her cum just by licking her pussy but I ended up slipping a finger up into her extremely hot and wet pussy while licking and sucking her clit.

Based on the noises she was making and how engorged her pussy was feeling around my finger, I suspected that, like me, it probably wouldn’t take much before she was fake hospital porno cumming. Since she didn’t try to draw out my orgasm, I decided that I wouldn’t try to draw hers out, either. I focused on making her cum, figuring that once we’d finished in the shower there would be a lot more pleasure to be had. My cock was definitely on the road to recovery, which didn’t surprise me at all, especially when I glanced upward at my sister-in-law’s wet, naked body. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open to let out her nearly continuous moans. Her nipples were hard and thinking about sucking them again was making my cock even harder.

She was holding my head with one hand and bracing herself with the other and, as she got closer to cumming, she seemed to be tensing up a bit and rocking her hips less. She suddenly got quiet as she briefly held her breath right before gasping as her body started to shake. I could feel her pussy becoming flooded with even more juices which I knew would make it feel even more incredible to fuck her. I continued licking and sucking her clit as well as fingering her while she was cumming and only stopped when she was apparently finished and moved away from my face. She helped me stand and we started to make out again as she reached for my cock.

“You’re almost ready to go again,” she said, pulling her lips from mine, “Why don’t we lather each other up then fuck after we’re done in here.”

That was a fine plan with me so I accepted a handful of shower gel when she offered it and, after working it into a lather, spread it over her tits, feeling her hard nipples against my palms. She started lathering up my cock and balls and quickly had me fully rigid. We didn’t even bother to lather each other up completely; we just focused on our favorite parts. The new shower head had us lather-free pretty quickly and we were soon toweling ourselves and each other off. Once we were completely dry, she led me out of the master bathroom and had me lie on her bed. My cock was standing straight upright and she was quickly straddling me, guiding it toward her smooth pussy. I was taking in her entire body since I’d considered for a long time how she would look naked and I was definitely not disappointed. She lowered herself onto my cock and we both moaned.

Her pussy felt so incredibly hot and wet that I knew my only regret was not going to be that we were doing this but that we hadn’t done it much sooner. My hands went to her tits as she was slowly riding my cock, caressing the soft smooth flesh and brushing my palms over her hard nipples. As she started picking up her pace, which didn’t take long, I could feel her tits bouncing so I moved my hands away from them so I could watch. I slid my hands along her waist and around to her ass, caressing that instead. I was pretty focused on watching her tits bouncing though I did glance up occasionally at her face, as if to convince myself that it was actually my sister-in-law riding my cock. She had her eyes closed and her expression varied between intense concentration and obvious pleasure.

I figured she was going to remain in this position until she came but she ended up leaning forward, planting a hand on each side of my head and putting her tits practically right in my face. She was more rocking up and down on my cock in this position but it still felt outstanding and I was able to push up into her each time she came down to give her maximum penetration. I brought my hands up to hold her tits still while I licked and sucked her hard nipples. I hoped that this would continue pushing her toward another orgasm but I wasn’t doing it solely for that reason; I also just wanted fake taxi porno to take advantage of the opportunity to lick and suck her nipples while fondling the soft, smooth flesh of her breasts. I definitely wanted to provide her with as much pleasure as I possibly could but, at the same time, wanted to savor every moment and every tactile sensation. I strongly suspected that this would not be my only opportunity but I knew that our future encounters would be limited and sporadic.

I could feel her pussy getting even hotter and wetter the longer she was riding my cock. Though I was not in any danger of cumming yet myself, so I could really enjoy how pleasurable it felt, it was clear that she was right on the verge of cumming again. When she pushed back hard and just sat there with my cock fully embedded inside her, she also went quiet and I suspect it was because she briefly held her breath. She let out a long moan as her body started shaking and she moved slowly up and down on my cock a few more times. I just continued to lick and suck her hard nipples until she’d gone still and straightened up again. She didn’t climb off of my cock right away, though she was just sitting on it and not riding it, so I took the opportunity to admire her naked physique looming over me.

“I want you on top now,” she finally said and climbed off of my cock. As I was getting up onto my knees, she was lying on her back with her legs spread for me. I moved over to kneel between her legs and took a moment to admire her naked figure again before lowering myself over her. We both moaned as I eased my cock into her again then I kissed her as I supported myself over her on my forearms. As I slowly fucked her, we were making out, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths while my cock was probing her hot pussy. She was raising her hips to accept each thrust so I was getting maximum penetration and relishing the pleasurable feeling. I would have been happy to fuck her for the rest of the day like this but her pussy felt so damn good that I eventually felt my orgasm beginning to build.

As my orgasm got closer and closer, I was fucking her harder and faster. We had to stop making out and she was moaning as she pressed her face into my neck. I wasn’t expecting her to cum again so I was pleasantly surprised when she gasped and I could feel her trembling below me. Her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication and, between that and it apparently becoming even more engorged, so feeling more snug, I didn’t stand a chance. I don’t think she’d even finished cumming herself when I started pumping my load inside her with a grunt. I kept thrusting with each spurt of my jizz and, once I was fully spent, I kept fucking her for as long as I could until my cock began to soften. I flopped off onto the bed beside her and just lay there catching my breath as she did the same.

“So what happens now?” I finally asked.

“I think from this point forward,” she replied, “all of the times we find ourselves alone together will go something like this, unless you feel otherwise.”

“No, of course not,” I assured her, “It feels like this was a long time coming, no pun intended.”

“Yeah, there have been a few times I really thought something was going to happen,” she confirmed, “so it was just a matter of time.”

“We see each other often enough that I don’t think we’ll need to really sneak around,” I postulated, “I think we just take advantage of those times.”

“Agreed,” she replied, “Nothing stupid that will get us caught. Just business as usual until we find ourselves alone.”

We lay there chatting for a bit longer before getting up to retrieve our clothes. I checked out her naked body for as long as I could but knew that I’d now be able to see her naked whenever the opportunity arose. I gathered up my tools and we headed downstairs where we had a cold drink before I decided it was time to take off. We made out for a moment and I fondled her breasts then I hit the road.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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