Setting Out to Get Daddy Ch. 02


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Ever since that first daddy wet dream Kitty had had, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Daddy’s cock. Or his butt. Or his shoulders. Or any part of him.

She was becoming obsessed.

She’d be leaning over the sink as he’d be going to put his dishes in the sink, she’d see his hands, his long, lean fingers – can you even describe fingers as lean?? She didn’t know what else to think about them in her mind – his not overly hairy arms… she’d think about what it’d be like to have those arms crushing her body to his chest, her nipples rubbing against his chest, his erection hot on her belly between them… And she’d drop the plate she was holding. Her daddy would ask if she was okay, she’d always say yes, and then go about her business.

Or she’d be sitting down watching TV and see his car pull up in the driveway through their living room window, and as he would walk around to the side of the car and lean in to pull out his briefcase – Daddy was a lawyer – she’d stare at the tight curves backroom casting porno of his ass in his slacks and lick her lips, imagining herself biting one of the cheeks. And then, in her fantasy, he’d turn her around, bend her over in the same position, and- then the front door would open and her father’s voice would ring out “I’m home!”

Fantasies crowded her brain. She couldn’t run from them, she couldn’t go anywhere in her house that there wasn’t a deliciously erotic vision waiting for her.

She would walk into the kitchen, imagine her daddy eating her out for breakfast on the table, and find herself absentmindedly stroking her breast.

She found herself hungering for any sort of contact with her daddy – a brush of the fingers as she passed the salt. His scent in her nose as she leaned around him to pick up his dish to put in the dishwasher. She had to stop herself from licking his neck when she did that – he just smelled so damn good.

One bangbros porno day, she was passing her parent’s bedroom again – she was always hoping for a glimpse of what she had seen – and the door was open. She found herself walking in, going to his side of the bed and as she bent over it, to smell his pillows, a crazy urge took over.

She couldn’t stop herself. Even if she had wanted to. She turned to sit on the bed and laid herself out, twisting her body to get under the covers. Safely hidden under the covers, one of Kitty’s hands slid under her t-shirt, moved under her bra to stroke her nipple. Kitty bit the side of her lip to stifle her moan as a bolt of arousal slide down to her pussy, which was already dampening at the smell of her father on his sheets.

This was the bed she had caught him touching himself on.

And now she was touching herself on it…

The thought gave her the impetus to shove off her shorts that she had been wearing, and her panties went down beurette tour porno with them.

Kitty spread her legs, closed her eyes, and while one hand continued to squeeze and roll her nipple between her fingers, her other hand went down to part her wet pussy lips. A soft sigh escaped her as she slid one finger down to circle her opening, her hips squirming.

When her daddy went to sleep tonight, Kitty thought to herself as she teased herself, not slipping her finger inside just yet, just rubbing around the outer rim, he’d be laying in the spot where she had come on his bed. And though he might not be able to smell it, or sense it, or feel it, she would know it had happened and the thought brought a cry to her lips.

She was so far gone she didn’t hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. She did, however, hear her father when he called out “Kitty, your mother’s gone on business for the weekend! It’s just us for dinner. What do you want, princess?”

Kitty froze, staring at the partially opened door, her panties and shorts still around her ankles, her legs spread wantonly – luckily she was still under the blanket.

The door swung open before she could pull up her clothes or otherwise remove her hands from her bodies.

“Princess?” her daddy questioned from the door.

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