Seduced by My Best Friend


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The boys at this party sucked.

Boys was the word for these wannabe men, 20 year olds trying desperately to gain the attention of the group of friends enjoying a beer by the pool. The last time Jen had clapped a cannonball she’d been 8 years old, why did they think it was impressive tonight? But she had to be polite, this was her best friend Mia’s house and she was a guest for the summer.

She was so grateful to be able to stay with her so she could keep her job near their college during the summer months, rather than pay the expensive airfare home to the middle of nowhere. Who wouldn’t want to spend the summer with their best friend? The only downside being the house belonged to the hottest man alive, who was also her best friends father. Jen had been a saint so far but she couldn’t deny how worked up she was, and here she was at a party at her friends house surrounded by boys.

“Let’s play a game!” Mia suggested, a desperate attempt to bring the group together and calm the boys down from their peacocking “Spin the bottle anyone?” This got their attention and soon the group were assembled in a circle, tipsy and giggling at the bottles selected victims.

Mia got to kiss her crush and Jen endured a kiss with Jack, an old school friend of Mia’s before the bottle spun again and landed on Jen and Aaliyah. Jen shrugged and crawled across the circle to her new friend, relieved it wasn’t one of the boys, Aaliyah met her in the middle. She looked into her eyes and they moved in towards each other slowly, teasing the boys around them, their lips met in a soft, open mouthed kiss.

Aaliyah slipped her tongue into Jens mouth and for a minute the girls forgot where they were until… “fuck that’s hot” the boys ruined it and the two pulled apart, flushed, they moved back to their seats and the game continued.


Jen izmir escort sat on the edge of the pool looking out onto the water when Aaliyah plopped down next to her, dangling her feet in the pool she offered Jen a fresh beer. “Thanks, now I don’t have to go past tweedle dum and tweedle Dee for another half hour.”

Aaliyah laughed “No problem, there is a distinct lack of, uh, talent here tonight, I’m a little disappointed.”

Jen had to agree “totally, I was hoping to have a little fun later, it’s been a while..” Jen was interrupted by the chanting of ‘kiss kiss’ from behind them as the boys got more and more rowdy.

Aaliyah looked at Jen carefully for a second, seeming to find what she wanted she smiled “want to go chat away from these idiots?”

Jen breathed a sigh of relief “hell yes, let’s go hang in my room.” The girls headed upstairs earning whoops from the boys which they ignored.

Sitting on the rug in front of Jen’s bed, Jen put on some music while Aaliyah produced a bottle of tequila and some shot glasses from her bag. “Oh thank god! This is just what we need to ignore the idiots downstairs. Shots?” Questioned Jen and the two giggled, dancing around to the soft sounds of the music playing from the bedroom speakers and downing a few shots before slumping back down onto the rug to chat.

“Those boys downstairs… you said you were in need of some fun?” Aaliyah asked in between breaths as she recovered from the dancing. “Why were you hoping for fun tonight?”

Jen stilled, unsure how much to tell Aaliyah, she was a relatively new friend and didn’t want it to get back to her best friend that she was lusting over her father. “Being here, I’ve had a bit of tension built up, there’s someone living nearby that I shouldn’t want, but I do…”

Aaliyah nodded slowly “I understand” she replied, watching alsancak escort Jen carefully “it’s been a while for me too and I’m horny as hell” she huffed out honestly. “That kiss earlier is the most action I’ve had in ages and it was… well I liked it, did you?” Aaliyah asked tentatively, watching her through her warm hazel eyes as she moved her hand up Jen’s thigh.

Jen hadn’t ever considered it before but she couldn’t deny she’d enjoyed the kiss. “Yes” Jen breathed making Aaliyah’s eyes wide, a small smile on her soft, plump lips.

“Well, maybe we could help each other out? Just for tonight?” Aaliyah asked as she stroked higher up Jens thigh, moving her head towards Jens as she did so. “I want you, I’ve wanted you for weeks” Aaliyah confessed quietly as she ghosted her lips over Jen’s.

“I want you too.” Jen leaned further in and reached Aaliyah’s lips. Sparks flew as the kiss lengthened, became hotter, the two girls exploring each other’s mouths and bodies. “I’ve never done this before.” Jen confessed as she carefully touched the skin under Aaliyah’s dress, finding the underside of her bikini top.

Aaliyah moaned into her mouth, fingers skilfully teasing up her sides “you’re doing amazing so far, don’t stop please.” Jen obliged, bringing her fingers under the bikini to the silky soft skin and brushing at her hardened nipples, eliciting a sigh from Aaliyah. “Oh god Jen that feels so good.” Aaliyah breathed into Jen’s ear as she grabbed her thigh moving it gently until she straddled it, positioning Jen’s hips so she straddled her thigh as well and then roughly pulling her down onto it.

Jen gasped at the sensation of the toned thigh putting pressure just where she needed it as Aaliyah pulled her dress off of her, her bikini top soon after quickly followed by Aaliyah’s sweet tongue balçova escort on Jen’s nipple. “Oh God Aaliyah” she breathed, tossing her head back.

Aaliyah moved her leg slowly, grinding it against Jen’s pussy, prompting Jen to do the same “you’re a fast learner Jen, that feels so good” Aaliyah moaned as she moved her hips against her leg. Jen pulled her dress off and resumed stroking Aaliyah’s ample breasts, the two shared a hot kiss as they moved, moaning into each other’s mouths.

Aaliyah slipped her fingers into the top if Jen’s bikini briefs, finding her swollen clit quickly “is this the release you were after?” She whispered into her ear as Jen threw her head back with a gasp Aaliyah took the nipple thrust towards her with this movement and pulled it between her finger and thumb.

Jen opened her eyes her breathing laboured, back arched. Looking up she saw something from the corner of her eye.

Shit. Mia’s Dad was home early from his business trip, and he was looking directly at her, rooted in place outside her door, which had clearly not been closed properly. He was watching them as they moved together.

At the same time as he stared on Aaliyah pushed a finger inside Jen’s wet warmth, continuing to grind her leg against her clit and focussing in on her sensitive nipples. Jen cried out and caught his attention as he looked at her face, startled as he caught Jen’s eye. He’d been caught but he still didn’t move, if anything his look intensified, eyes burning as he watched on. Jen was caught up in the moment, watching the man she craved look on with rapt attention at her every move she came so hard she had to contain a scream.

Aaliyah, completely oblivious to their voyeur, let out her own moan as she found her release and kissed Jen fiercely, breaking her eye contact with Mia’s Dad. When the kiss ended and Aaliyah and Jen settled into an embrace, enjoying the post orgasm glow, Jen looked back to the door, he was gone. She would have to face him in the morning. She was embarrassed for a second then she realised he had stayed he had watched. What did this mean?

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