Second Chances Ch. 02


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This is so unlike me, Sarah thought. The night air all around her, and she settled into the passenger seat of Gene’s car, wearing only a thin blanket from his trunk. Tonight she has become another person. Sensible Sarah was no longer here, and she was pleased with her newfound sexual prowess.

This is not something she would have EVER done before tonight. Wild sex on the beach, with a man she hadn’t seen in 10 years, out where everyone could see her. She didn’t even care if anyone did. She liked how he made her feel, so vibrant and alive.

Giving Gene a sideways glance, she pushed any last bit of her “old self” out of her mind and let go of her grip on the blanket, letting it fall around her waist. The car swerved a bit when Gene saw her sitting there, baring her breasts, nipples as hard as deep red rubies. The city lights lit her tanned skin, and she felt like she was glowing.

Turning to look at him, Sarah realized that Gene was smiling at her. “I have never felt so free.” she giggled. He reached over, not able to control himself, and ran a finger slowly over one of her rigid nipples. The warm sensation of his fingers in the cool night air made her shudder. He rolled her nipple between his two fingers and it was almost more then she could take. Sarah had no idea her nipples were that sensitive. She could feel a tingle between her legs, just from the pressure of his fingers.

When they pulled up in front of her apartment building, Sarah was so lost in the heightened state of arousal; she didn’t realize the car had stopped. Rocking her hips with every move of his nimble fingers, gentle moans escaping her lips, running her hands along the bare skin of her own thighs, she was nearing orgasm.

Gene realized what was about to happen, and he didn’t want her to regret doing this in front of all her neighbors, so he whispered in her ear, “Lets finish this inside.” She suddenly realized where they were and grasped the blanket around her, feeling a bit more like the old Sarah. Not wanting to return to her old self yet, she quickly got out of the car and handed Gene the keys to her apartment.

They were half way up the stairs, hand in hand, when she thought to herself, no, this isn’t who I want to be with him, I want to be free and open and wild. Letting go of his hand, and with a quick giggle she said, “Race ya.” She began to sprint the stairs two at a time and Gene was hot on her trail when she let go of the blanket and darted naked to her front door. When Gene caught up to her, she was laughing and breathless. He pushed his body up tuzla escort against her, pinning her to the door.

“I don’t know what’s going on here….but I like it” she said, and pressed her lips to his. His lips parted slightly and she slipped her tongue into his mouth. She marveled at the way his tongue danced across hers.

Gene pushed the key into the lock and turned the knob. He picked her up and her naked legs wrapped around his hips and as he carried her inside, Sarah saw her neighbor peeking out his door at them, mouth open with surprise. Sarah waved at him as the door closed behind them, and for the first time in her life, she wasn’t worried about what anyone else thought about her.

“I think we were being spied on out there” she giggled as he put her down.

“Good!” Gene smiled and asked, “Will you regret that in the morning?”

Sarah thought for a moment and the turned slowly to face him, “The only thing I will regret is waiting 10 years for this to happen.” She led him down the hall to her bedroom. “I think I need a shower, all that sand…. Care to join me?”

He began to unbutton his shirt and said “How could I refuse a chance to wash your back?”

The water flowed over her shoulders, down her belly and between her legs as she stood with her back to Gene. He lathered the soap between his hands and then down her back. He pulled her to him, his chest against her back and he kissed her wet shoulder. Bubbles streamed over both of their bodies and puddled around their feet. His soapy hands went to her breasts, gently lifting them the covering them with soap. Once again her nipples were standing at attention. Beginning right where they left off in the car, Gene gently pinched and pulled on her nipples, triggering her to moan loudly.

“I’ve never had so much pleasure from something so simple” she breathed in his ear. Gene let the water wash all the bubbles from her perky mounds and then turned her around and lowered his mouth to them. His tongue was like a serpent’s, flicking in and out, over the hardened tips. Sarah could barely catch her breath. Wave after wave of intense sensations ran through her body. She could feel the wetness begin to emanate from between her legs.

Gene let his tongue guide him, over each nipple till they were hard as diamonds, then down her belly. Her supple skin tasted sweet, and he couldn’t wait to taste the rest of her any longer. He turned off the water, and pushed back the curtain. Taking her by the hand he led her to the bed. Soaking wet, they sink in to the sheets, arms and legs entwined tuzla escort bayan together. He pulls her on top of him and her wet, tangled hair sticks to their bare skin. Spreading her legs and putting her knees on either side of his hips, she invites him inside of her.

Gene pushes his hips forward, but Sarah pulls back. A wicked smile plays across her lips and she teasingly asks, “How badly do you want it?”

Gene looks into her eyes, seeing her mischievous look and says, “Bad enough to do this…” He suddenly rolls her over and climbs on top of her before she can even fight back. He roguishly growls, “Now, who is in control of the situation?”

Sarah’s heart is beating rapidly. She had never played this game before, but she was aroused by his forcefulness. Giving him a wink she whispers, “Please, don’t hurt me.”

He goes along with her game, not sure where it may lead, but wanting to explore her sexual antics.

Gene snakes his fingers into hers and pulls them over her head. Sarah is helpless under the weight of his body. She closes her eyes and pushes her chin up toward him, exposing her neck. His buries his face in the soft skin and begins to lick slowly, following the line of her collarbone.

Letting go of her hands, he softly rakes his fingers down her upper body, his tongue trailing immediately behind them. Tracing soft, slow circles down her breasts, and stomach, Gene stops when he comes to the gentle inward curve of her belly button. He runs his tongue over the soft ridge, and pauses to look up at Sarah.

With her eyes closed, Sarah seemed to be in a blissful trance. Her tongue was instinctively running over her lips, as if she were licking her lover’s body, as he was licking hers. Her breasts heaved up and down heavily with her labored breathing. Her shoulders were practically off the bed as she arched her back up to meet Gene’s relentless tongue. Gripping the sheets, her knuckles were all but white.

Gene let his tongue caress the stretch of skin between her belly button and the tuft of hair below. Sarah’s moans, once muted and restrained, were becoming more raucous the farther down he went.

“Please,” she begged, lifting her hips off the bed. He lingered a moment longer, taking pleasure in watching her body plead in a wordless torrent of yearning.

Sarah’s damp hair chilled her skin, in contrast to the searing heat she felt at the mercy of Gene’s mouth. His torturous voyage finally came to an end as he pushed into the wet folds of her pussy.

Sarah’s breath caught in her throat, and for a escort tuzla moment Gene thought she might pass out. As his tongue slid over the crest of her clit, he was relieved to hear her let out a long, low moan of release.

He delighted in her taste and her scent. Like honeysuckle. He took in a deep breath, trying to imprint her on his senses forever. Spreading her open, Gene lavished her with his tongue over and over. Drinking her sweet juices after every orgasm she had.

Sarah’s thoughts were lost in a clamor of her own cries. Unaware of anything else but Gene’s insistent tongue lashes, she tossed her head back and forth, gripped his hair tight in her fingers, lifted her hips up to meet his mouth, and filled the room with her uncontrollable groans. Surges of orgasm swelled in her pussy and crashed over her entire body.

“GENE,” she finally managed to say, “Please……I need you…..inside of me.” He was aware of his rampant hard on from the start, but he wanted to indulge her first, but her request was more then he needed. He crawled up her body, and settled his hips between her legs. She dug her fingers into his shoulders as she silently pleaded with him.

Sarah felt him push his rigid shaft into her slowly. He nuzzled his face into her neck, and she heard his satisfied whimper in her ear. Her wet, swollen pussy swathed over him and felt like paradise. Easing in and out of her slowly, she felt the urgency of her own need grow. Sarah pushed up on his shoulders. He lifted his head and realized she wanted to roll over.

Once she was on top, Sarah straddled his hips and sat straight up. She began to ride him hard, her round breasts bouncing in front of him, hypnotizing him. Their bodies fit together perfectly. She leaned back and let her fingers glide over her clit as she bounced on his lap. Gene watched this beautiful angel writhe on top of him. Watched her furiously rub her clit and welter with ecstasy. He watched her so long he knew that even if he closed his eyes he could still see her face. He grabbed her soft bottom and pushing into her with ever down thrust of her body.

Gene couldn’t take the spirited pace they were keeping. His guttural groan of release put Sarah over the edge once again. The harmony of their echoing cries only added to their climax.

She wilted with exhaustion on his chest. They sat in a breathless silence for a long time. Gene finally took her chin in his hands and looked at her beautiful face. She smiled at him and leaned down to kiss him.

“Why did we wait so long to do that??” she giggled.

“I don’t know, but there is one thing I do know,” he said.

“What’s that?” she asked.

He rolled her over onto her back, kissed her breast softly and said, “I’m not going to wait that long again.”

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