Sconoscuito (Unknown)


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It’s been a few minutes since I last wrote, so I hope you enjoy.

I didn’t know who he was, exactly, just that he was in one of the four classes I had enrolled in for the spring semester at University. I was a transfer nursing student and about 80% of my classmates were also nursing students and female. So, when I received an anonymous email to my school account I was intrigued. He told me that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but he was too shy to approach me. He wanted to build a relationship via text until he was comfortable enough to tell me who he was. I had no desire to force him to reveal his identity if he wasn’t comfortable, so I went along with it.

The text messages at first were typical ‘getting to know you’ questions, and a daily “good morning beautiful”. At the end of the day, he would tell me that he saw me on campus that day, that I was stunning, and that he almost walked over to me. The whole situation was so exhilarating, I would be extra observant when I walked the halls to see if I noticed anyone watching me, but I never did. He was very good at keeping his infatuation in check.

This went on for months, it was frustrating! We would have very hot text conversations that would leave me needing release, but I had no idea who I was fantasizing about. I started calling him ‘mio Sconoscuito’, my unknown in Italian. I would often text him things in Italian as he let it slip that he could read Latin. Until one evening near the end of the semester, after my only night class as tuzla escort I was walking down an empty hallway, I heard someone walk up behind me. I felt his hand on my back as he asked me not to turn around. It was him! He guided me to an empty classroom, left the lights out and closed the door behind us. When I tried to turn around to look at him, he pulled me back against him so that I couldn’t.

I felt his heart beating against my body and his breath was ragged. I could tell he was forcing himself to stay in control. His lips were soft on the back of my neck and I sighed as I felt goosebumps prickle my skin. His hands slowly made their way around my waist to the front hem of my shirt and I jumped a little when his fingers touched my skin.

“It tickled” I apologized.

He didn’t say anything just kissed my neck and moved his hands under my shirt to my breasts. I sighed again and fell back into his warm body. He held me tightly, his fingers pinching and pulling my nipples making my pussy ache.

“I want to kiss you” I whispered.

“Close your eyes”.

I did as instructed as he turned me to face him. I could feel his breath on my lips as I leaned in to kiss him. The electricity of our first kiss was immeasurable. I wanted to open my eyes, to finally see my Sconoscuito. I wish I could tell you that I knew who he was by his voice, but I didn’t. Before I could ask if I could open them, he turned me back around, as if he knew my thoughts.

He continued to kiss and bite my neck, he brought his right hand tuzla escort bayan to my cheek and tilted my head to the side, exposing more of my neck for him to kiss. His left hand slid down my abdomen to my jeans and with one quick motion, they were unbuttoned. I moaned softly when his fingers brushed past my throbbing clit and slipped inside me.

“I have wanted you since the first moment I saw you and have dreamt about this moment for months.” He breathed softly in my ear, his breath warm on my skin, and suddenly, I could see his face in my mind. I knew who my Sconoscuito was, but I didn’t want him to stop so I said nothing.

“And now that you have me, what exactly do you think you’re going to do with me?” I whispered back as I slid my hand between us to the front of his pants. He groaned and nipped at my neck when my hand found his cock.

“Fuck you. Right here. Right now.” He let go of my breasts and gently pushed me toward a desk. The room was dark with just enough light from the hallway so I would see where he wanted me to go. I stopped after a few steps and his hand moved up between my shoulder blades and he bent me over the desk. I was so wet, and nervous, and scared we’d get caught. Now that I knew who he was, the fear of getting caught was not consuming. I knew he had the same fear and was positive this would not be happening if there was more than the slightest chance we’d get caught. I moved to pull down my jeans, but he took my hands and put them back on the desk.

The air in the room was cold escort tuzla on my bare skin as he pulled my pants down to my ankles. I heard him unzip his pants and then the opening of the condom. I was glad he had this planned. I felt his weight against my body and his cock hard between my legs. He whispered in my ear, “you’re going to have to be a good girl and keep quiet”. He stood back up and slid his cock against my pussy lips. I pushed my ass back hoping he would slide in, but he pulled back. I tried again when he brought his cock back to my pussy, and he slapped my ass, I squeaked.

“Should I make you pull up your pants and go home?” he whispered.

“Please, don’t. I’ll behave” I whispered back.

“Good girl” he sighed as his cock slipped into my pussy. I gasped and held my breath trying not to make a sound. I stifled a groan when he grabbed my waist and started pounding deep and hard into me. It was hard and fast, fulfilling his base need. It was over quickly, it had to be. This wasn’t for me, this was his fantasy, his experience. I wanted to cum, but there was no way that was going to happen in that classroom without getting caught. I felt his lips against my skin where he had slapped my ass and his fingers slipped into my pussy a few times before he whispered, “Just stay like that for a second more, I need to burn this image into my brain for later.” I could hear him zip up his pants just before he asked me not to turn around and to get dressed. Before I stood up, I heard the door open. I pulled my jeans up and zipped quicky but by the time I was in the hall, he was nowhere to be seen.

When I got to my car, my phone pinged.

“Thank you. Next time is for you.”

“I can’t wait”

Until next time…

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