Satisfying a Wet Thought


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He walked over to her, tangling his hand in that thick mane of curly red hair, licking the side of her neck, before kissing her hard and fast. Then he turned around and walked away without a backward glance.

“I’ll see you later.” he called over one shoulder.

With that he walked through the doorway and was gone. She shook her head with a laugh, once again he’d left her with a slight ache between her legs. She was beginning to think he enjoyed the lust he saw in her eyes.

Turning with a soft growl deep in her throat, she walked back to the bath, turned the dial to hot and closed the doors against the slowly rising steam.

“One of these days.” she thought, “one of these days he’s going to go to far … and.”

Then she sighed and pulled towels from the linen closet.

As the steam curled around her body and the soft sting of the spray fell on her back, her thoughts were drawn to him once more. She could still hear the soft hiss of his words as he left. He infuriated her at times, set her world on fire at times and she wondered why she allowed him to affect her so.

Slowly rubbing the soap across the bath glove, she distractedly watched the bubbles form. From somewhere deep in her mind came the unbidden thought … of suds on his glistening skin. She closed her eyes and saw him standing in front of her, naked and wet from the shower. The smile that brightened her day, filled with the devil’s own humor, plastered wetly across his face.

Her eyes opened quickly and she looked around, but he wasn’t really there. She’d known that in her mind but had to look just to be sure. He was notorious for appearing in places where he shouldn’t and her shower was one he definitely should not. She leaned back against the cool ceramic tile with a sigh.

Closing her eyes as the gloved hand began to move slowly across her breast. The soothing slickness of the soapy cloth leading her mind to thoughts she knew were best not thought. Yet, she couldn’t help herself.

He seemed to delight in keeping her senses twisted into knots. It seemed, just when she had her emotions under control, he would suddenly appear and before he left her, the heights of her emotions seemed to control her completely.

A guttural groan escaped as the palm of her hand brushed one distended nipple, already awakened by the stinging spray. Two fingers paused to hold the hardening flesh. A soft moan seemed to echo off the glass and tile. In her mind, it was his hand that touched her. His fingers that made her nipples ache to be kissed, to feel the heat of his mouth.

She whimpered with rising arousal as her hand crawled down her body, then worked it’s way through the damp red curls adorning the mound that crowned the vee of her thighs. The tile was cool against her hot skin as she slid down to sit on the ledge. The cascade of water drummed against her hand felt like his holding it there, moving it over her tingling slit.

In her mind’s eye, his fingers entered her slit and parted the swollen lips. His mouth gently nibbled at her breast. Her cries grew steadily louder in the steam rising about her. She whispered his name as the shattering climax filled her soul. Again and again the cries echoed in the small space. Again and again she cried out for release.

Suddenly hands grasped pendik escort her arms and lifted her from the cold ceramic tiles. The scream was from shock as her eyes opened and he was there.

“You need me.”, he said “and I am here.”

“How?” was all she could say before he took her place on the ledge and pulled her astride his waiting lap.

The suddenness was nothing compared to the shock of his fully erect cock entering her as she settled onto his lap. Almost before she realized it, he was inside her. His hands fell to her hips and began to move her slowly back and forth. The full flush of arousal was almost instantaneous and she put both hands on his shoulders to keep her balance.

“Please.” she whimpered softly, and he smiled as his hips began to rise.

Each time lifting and pitching her slightly forward before rocking her back again, only to repeat the movement. Her eyes locked on his smiling mouth and the need to kiss him became overwhelming. As her hands tangled in his hair, she leaned to his mouth and slipped her tongue between his panting lips. The suction, that pulled it as deeply into his mouth as his shaft pumped into her hot little hole, made her head spin.

Suddenly she jerked his head slightly to the side and ground her mouth against his, screaming as the waves of the orgasm ripped through her body. His hands reached around and grasped her buttocks, jerking her hard onto his throbbing cock.

His thighs tensed and shook as the flood of cum shot from his balls into her waiting pussy. The sounds of his growls drowned out her shrill screams. The animalistic cries would have frightened anyone within hearing distance. Yet, all she did was collapse whimpering on his chest.

The grin on his face should have warned her but she was too relaxed to care. He stood and pulled her legs around his waist.

“Hang on baby.” He said.

Ane with that he walked into the bedroom and crawled up onto the bed holding her tucked against his wet chest.

Laying her down with his cock still tightly buried inside that hot little pussy. He leaned down to lick drops of water off her breasts, slowly savoring the perk little dark pink nipples in the process.

She slid her hands up his arms but before she could reach his shoulders, he pulled her wrists up and locked them into a shiny pair of cuffs wrapped around the headboard.

Startled, she asked “what are you doing?”.

He just smiled and bent to her breast, teasing the nipple with his lips. Spreading his legs slightly around her hips and began a slow movement. Barely sliding his cock in and out. Hardly moving at all. Grinding the base against her tortured little clit and making her mindless. Unable to think about anything except the exquisite pleasure he was giving her.

The sound of slurping kisses on her breasts. The burning touch of his mouth feeding from her. She could only toss her long red hair and whisper his name brokenly over and over. As one hand slid under and lifted her ass, the other pulled a pillow under to lift her off the bed.

From the slightly raised position he began a much slower, much longer stroke. Her whispers became moans as the angle of his shaft more closely caressed her clit. He looked up into her tortured face and the gleam in his eyes grew more feral. escort pendik The grunts that came from his open mouth were almost growls.

He pressed his face into her shoulder and pulled her hips up harder, pumping the long hard shaft as deeply as he could. Weakly she pulled at the handcuffs trying to touch him again.

He began to thrust harder, and faster as she struggled. His lips opened and closed on the soft flesh of her neck and he suckled. Her legs moved up around his waist, locking over his back and she shuddered with every thrust. Suddenly her back arched and screams filled his ears. He slowed, just barely moving enough to satisfy her climax. Watching as her body shook it’s way through the orgasm, he allowed himself a possessive smile. A wicked laugh made her look up at him, gasping for breath.

“I own you, don’t I?”, he said.

Panting, she told him “no one owns me.”.

The evil smile came back and he pulled out of her twitching pussy and slid down her body, licking between her breasts and across her belly button.

“Oh god, no, please don’t!” she whimpered.

“Say it!” he said and then laughed again as she shook her head.

“Say it!” as he licked across her shivering slit.

“noooooo.” she moaned.

“Say it!” he hissed as that tongue parted her lips and wrapped around her hard little clit, still throbbing from the climax.

She moaned but couldn’t remember what she was supposed to say, or why she should say it.

“Say it.” he mumbled around her clit but neither of them cared why, or what, or even if they should know.

She jerked, twisted, pumped against his lips and he licked and sucked like a starving man. He wouldn’t stop no matter how much she begged. He didn’t even stop while she screamed her way through another hard climax.

As she lay sobbing he raised up and gently turned her onto her stomach.

Pulling the pillows under her belly he leaned up across her back and whispered “I own you.”.

Then, with his hands on her shoulder, he entered her from behind and pushed until she was completely filled with long, hard, swollen, throbbing cock. His cock buried in HIS pussy.

Then, with a hard grunt, he began to ride her. Lifting his hips to fill her, then rocking back to pull out to the tip. Smiling at the glistening shaft before he surged forward again. She moaned helplessly as he began to pick up the pace.

Slowly he leaned down over her back, wrapping his arms around her body and cupping a breast in each hand.

“These are mine too.” he hissed into her ear.

He began to buck and thrust harder. Fingers twisted and pulled already sore nipples and she whimpered. Two fingers spread her tingling pussy lips wider and forced his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust. She was filled with him and she knew he was right, he owned her. She would do anything he wanted to get a taste of this.

She needed his sexual control and if he wanted her to admit it, she would. Nothing in her life felt as good as his hips beating against her ass. She wanted it to go on forever. Her hips began to shake with the force of his thrusts and she heard his breathing grow deeper. Soon he would cum, she could feel it. She tried to wiggle but he was holding her so tightly she couldn’t move.

He felt her movement and growled pendik escort bayan in her ear “mine” and thrust harder.

Her sobbing moan of “yessssssss” caused him to howled as cum rocketed from his balls into her waiting hole.

He pumped his hips, filling her until cum spilled down her thighs. Then he slowly slumped heavily against her back, forcing them both down onto the mattress. His hips slowed, but didn’t seem to want to stop and all the while his hands continued to massage her heavy breasts.

“You want this, don’t you?” he said softly.

She only nodded, too breathless to talk.

“Good, and I want to make sure you get everything you want.” as he smiled with irony.

“Could you uncuff me?” she asked and he looked up at her strained arms.

“Yes, but I’m not through with you just yet, so you can’t get up.”.

A thrill of fear ran it’s course through her body and curled around his still hard shaft inside her.

Pumping once or twice he said “you like being taken, don’t you?”

She nodded without meeting his gaze. Laughing, he began to move again and when she moaned, began to nibble on her shoulder.

“Please.” she whispered, “I’m sore.”

He smiled and answered “I’m not.” and kept up a steady, slow pace.

“Before I’m done with you tonight, there will not be any doubt about who owns who.”, he whispered in her ear.

She shivered and closed her eyes, giving herself up to the feel of his body on hers.

His hand moved across her back, massaging gently. He bent to nuzzle her neck, his lips suckling at the tender skin. Pushing her knees up and under her hips, raising her against his body. His arms crossed her chest, a breast in each. Hips thrusting against hips and her soreness disappeared as the fire began to burn again in her belly.

The force of his pounding drove her orgasm faster then she expected and helplessly she screamed his name, over and over again. Together they collapsed onto the bed, groaning as his spent cock slid from her body.

As she lay gasping on the damp sheets, he gave a light smack on her left butt cheek before rolling off the bed and walking into the bathroom again. Her breasts ached from the rough treatment and her thighs were bruised but she felt glorious. Never in her life had she ever been loved so thoroughly.

Half dozing, she listened to him moving around. The hum and gurgle of the hot tub began and she smiled. The hot swirling water was just what she needed. When she rolled over onto her back, she saw that he was standing in the doorway watching her.

“Come here woman.” he said with a grin.

She groaned and pouted “I can’t, you wore me out.”

Laughing he walked back to the bed and grabbed her hand, jerking her up suddenly over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. His laughter drowned out the startled shriek. But, by the time he set her down at the side of the tub she was laughing too.

“You are insane.” she said.

“Baby? You ain’t seen nothing yet.” and with that he toppled her into the water, following immediately to pull her onto his lap.

She sputtered a little, but stopped when he tangled his hand in her wet hair and kissed her deeply. Her hands pushed at his shoulders for a moment or so. But soon relented and slid around his neck to lace her fingers together behind his head. The kiss lasted an eternity. Well, maybe not an eternity but long enough to leave her breathless when he pulled back to smile down at her half-closed eyes.

“Mine.” he whispered “All Mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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