Santa’s Special Package for Me


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Twelve. That’s how many cousins packed into my grandmother’s tiny apartment every Christmas. We were usually the first to arrive since we were the oldest and could help dig out the song books, set the table, and take every folding chair or comfy cushion we could find and strategically place them around the tree. Aunts, uncles, and cousins ranging in age from one to eleven arrived in a steady stream, each bringing their contribution to the buffet that was carefully assigned by my grandmother. We stuffed ourselves first, then gathered on the mismatched collection of chairs and cushions to sing off-key Christmas carols – the cousins getting visibly more excited and fidgety with each passing song. We all knew that by the time we finished, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” there would be a knock at the door and a booming male voicing calling, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

For years, “Santa” would deliver gifts to all the cousins and we were convinced that he made an extra Christmas Day trip just for us. As I got older, I started to recognize the eyes above the beard — a friend from my grandmother’s church, the upstairs neighbor. The Christmas after my 18th birthday, the piercing blue eyes above the beard belonged to my boyfriend who had generously volunteered to don the red suit and black boots. His broad shoulders filled out the furry red coat nicely with only his thick, muscular forearms visible. The pants were too baggy for me to see his tight ass as he bent over his gift bag to pull presents out for my little cousins.

As the gift wrap started to fly and the kids tore through the presents, Santa wished us all a Merry Christmas and I walked him to the door. He leaned over and whispered, “I have a very special package for you. Have you been good this year?” I felt below his black belt to try and grab hold of that special package but laughed when I could only get hold of the stuffing in the pillow that made his round Santa belly. “Bye Santa!” I called as I watched him walk down the block in the falling snow. Santa would never get into a random car in the driveway, so he parked a few blocks away in case one of the cousins peeked out the window. I had already started mentally disrobing Santa as I closed the door and headed back into the chaos.

A couple of hours later, I pulled up to his parents’ house surprised to see only his car in the driveway. My boots crunched on the snow as I made my way up to the side door and knocked. I heard their ancient, arthritic dog bark a warning as the lock flipped, and he opened the door for me to get out of the cold and into the cozy kitchen. “The snow is supposed to get worse, so my parents are staying at my aunt’s house tonight,” he explained. A night full of new possibilities opened up with that statement.

“Mind if I take a quick shower? I feel all sticky and gross after playing with my little cousins for hours.”

“Sure, but will you open one of your gifts first? When my parents called to say they would be gone tonight, I stopped and got you something you may want to put on.”

I reached in the small, pink gift bag and felt something soft and stringy. I pulled out a triangle of red fur lined with white, and realized the stringy thong also included a furry strip of red down the back.

“What do you think Mrs. Claus? Want to try it on after you shower? There’s a top in there, too.”

“Only if you are in your full Santa outfit, minus the pillow stuffed belly, when I get out…”


The master bathroom had an amazing steam shower, and I took my time getting warm and letting my imagination explore the possibilities of the two of us in an empty house. I turned off the shower and sat in the steam for a bit, breathing it in and feeling the tiny drops of warmth on my skin. I had pulled into the driveway feeling spent and expecting a pretty tame, supervised night of Christmas movies, but now felt horny as hell.

Stepping out of the steam, I dried off and pulled the other part of my gift out of the pink bag. The top was red in the front, and strappy in the back. I slid into it and the soft, furry white straps went over my shoulders and crisscrossed my back leaving my skin open to the air. The front was red and sheer, loosely hanging down to my hips. I looked in the mirror and made a mental note to compliment him on his choice — my hard nipples were making tiny tents in the fabric, and the sheerness highlighted the shape of my full, round, tits. I slid the bottoms on and completed the outfit. The strip of fur in the back settled into the crack of my ass, with the tips of the fur tickling me in an unexpectedly pleasant way. The fur strip thinned into a thin string connecting to the triangle in the front. I did one more mirror check, and opened the bathroom door expecting to find Santa, but instead found a pair of red high heels on the bursa escort bed and an empty room.

Taking the hint, I slid into the heels, walked through the kitchen, and heard music playing up in the living room above the garage. I reached the top of the staircase, and there he was. “He was dress’d all in fur, from his head to his foot.” True to his word, my boyfriend was sitting in a big leather armchair next to the tree in his full Santa outfit.

“Thank you for my gift. What do you think, Santa?”

He just sat back and looked me up and down. “His eyes – how they twinkled! his dimples how merry, his cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry; his droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow, and the beard of his chin was as white as the snow”

“I love it, Mrs. Claus”

“Is it too late to sit on your lap and tell you what I want for Christmas?”

“I’ll make an exception for you.”

I sat sideways on his lap; my back was leaning against one side of the chair, and my legs were hanging over the other. The fur from his coat felt soft and warm through the straps on my back, and his hand was sliding up and down my right leg from my ankle above the high heel to my hip.

“First, I want a kiss for Christmas.”

I leaned forward and found his mouth between the fake mustache and beard. I parted his lips with my tongue and kissed him deeply. I could feel his beard and his cock shifting as we kissed. As I started to pull away to make my next request, he held my bottom lip between his teeth and put his hand on the back of my neck to kiss me again. This time, his hand didn’t stop at my hip, but slid up to my chest where he cupped my tit and let his right hand rest there while he asked what else I wanted — his index finger tracing circles around my nipple.

“I also want to feel your beard on my tits while your mouth is on my nipples.”

His right hand left my chest and met his left hand on my lower back. His strong arms supported me as I leaned back so I could shift on his lap, maneuvering my left leg to the other side so I was straddling him. The chair was wide enough for me to fit my knees next to his thighs so I could raise myself up for easier access to my tits. He brought his mouth close to my left nipple, his lips so close I could feel his warm breath, but not yet making contact. He flicked his tongue in and out of that white beard, teasing my nipple through the fabric while his hands stayed on my lower back. He turned his head to face my other tit and did the same — flicking, tasting and teasing, but still on top of the fabric. The anticipation was unbearable. My nipples were rock hard and every flick sent a wave like an electric pulse from my nipple straight to my pussy.

His right hand slid up from my lower back to my shoulder and pulled the soft strap down past my shoulder to my upper arm, finally releasing one of my tits from the fabric. The beard was coarse and thick, but sexy. Before his mouth touched my skin, he moved the edge of the beard on top of my nipple and wiggled his chin making the hair rub back and forth like a paint brush across my nipple. I smiled and laughed at first, but then the climbing feeling started deep inside my pussy — the heat, and the wetness with the pulsing that felt like an orgasm wasn’t too far away. I closed my eyes and arched my back, giving him better access to my nipple. His beard moved away, but his lips followed. His mouth surrounded my nipple and he sucked on my tit as my back arched and I moaned. I pulled the Santa hat off his head and tossed it aside so I could bury my fingers in his hair and grab on, pulling his mouth closer to me.

His mouth left my tit and I sat up so he could slide my top off completely. He moved on to my other tit and his mouth, his teeth, his tongue, and those white whiskers went to work. In the middle of my gasps and moans, I managed to get out the words,

“Santa, I have one more thing to ask for…”


“I want your cock for Christmas.”

“A wink of his eye and a twist of his head soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread. He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, and fill’d…”

Too obvious? He did wink and twist his head as he removed the beard. He slid both hands under my ass and stood up so he was carrying me. My damp pussy was pressed against his cool belt buckle as I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He carried me to the oversized ottoman and gently put me down. Just to give some context, the ottoman was one of those big ones that doubled as a table — if you had two next to each other it could make a twin sized bed. I reached up and unbuckled the giant back belt. The red, furry Santa coat fell open revealing his ripped chest and the fact that he was shirtless under his coat. I stood bursa escort bayan up to help him take the coat off and could finally feel his skin against mine. I wanted to bite his thick shoulders and press my mouth all over his chest. I alternated kissing and sucking on his earlobes as I pressed my tits against his cheek and slid the coat off his arms. The coat was so soft and festive that I spread it over the ottoman to sit on later. Seeing the belt on the floor, I had an inspiration.

The belt was thick, black leather with a metal buckle. I picked it up and moved behind him, pulling one of his arms behind his back as I went. I took the other arm, put his wrists together, and started wrapping the black belt around them. I managed to feed the end of the belt through the buckle tightly enough to keep the belt in place. Santa was bound…essentially handcuffed. I walked in front of him and grabbed the waist band of his pants right at the belly button. I pulled him along with me as I sat back down on the coat-covered ottoman. The loose Santa pants made it easy to see how hard he had gotten from our time in the chair. I slid his elastic waist band over his thick cock and found that special package he had waiting for me. Turns out, he bought his own soft, stringy thing at the same place that he bought mine. Instead of a Santa theme, his was a candy cane. The G-string was made with stretchy fabric designed to grow with his him so his long, thickening cock was covered in red and white stripes. It even smelled like peppermint. I took the tip of his candy cane cock in my mouth and blew warm air through the fabric. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into my mouth until the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. I swallowed over and over, giving him the sensation of my throat gripping his tip. With his cock still in my mouth, I reached between his legs to tickle his balls. The flaw in the G-string was that the bigger his cock grew, the more his balls were exposed as the fabric shifted.

With my hand still on his balls, I took my mouth off his cock and shifted so I was lying on my back on the ottoman with my head hanging off the side. He took a step forward to straddle my face so my mouth was between his ass and his balls. My tongue traced a path back and forth between his ass and his balls, and I took his balls in my mouth licking them and gently sucking and humming to make them vibrate. My hand was stroking his cock while I slid his G-string aside so my tongue could rim his asshole.

“Aren’t you going to unwrap your package?”

With his hands still belted behind his back, he was powerless to unwrap his cock from the candy cane fabric. I dropped my hands from his cock and he took a step back so I could sit up and help. I stood up, turned him around, and sat him down on the ottoman. Slowly, one at a time, I pulled off his black boots and peeled off his red socks. The pants dropped effortlessly to his feet. I got down on my knees and spread his legs, taking another taste of his balls before gripping the top edge of the red and white fabric between my teeth. I pulled the fabric up and over his cock, and he lifted his hips as I pulled the G-string down his thighs and to the floor.

His pulsing cock stood up straight and proud, free to breathe and grow as he sat on the ottoman looking up at me still in my Mrs. Claus bottoms. I straddled him again with his cock sliding over the furry strip of fabric that was between my ass cheeks. I moved with him, pressing my clit against his pelvic bone while his cock pressed against my ass through the fabric. I needed him to touch me, to take charge. I stood up and unbuckled the belt, freeing his arms, hands, and fingers. He started to stand up, but I realized I wasn’t done being in charge yet. I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him on his back on the ottoman. He tilted his head back to look at me as I searched the room for his beard, picked it up, and brought it over to him to put back on.

Once the white whiskers were back in place, I straddled his face so he could bury his tongue in my pussy as the beard teased and tickled my clit. Moving the furry red triangle aside, he covered me with his mouth. His tongue stayed shallow, probing the entry to my pussy but not fully entering. His beard stroked the space between my pussy and my ass, and the climbing feeling returned.

I reached to his chin and slid the beard off his face so his tongue could sink more deeply inside me. I leaned over to get a taste of his cock while he continued to devour me. I twisted my tongue around his tip, teasing the rim and sucking on the tip like a lollipop. He let out groan of pleasure, the sound muffled by my pussy. I moved my mouth up and down on his cock so he was fucking my mouth and moved my hips up and down so I was fucking his face. His lips surrounded escort bursa my clit as his tongue alternated circling it and teasing it. My hips moved faster and faster, and I could barely keep my mouth surrounding his cock I was moaning and gasping so much as I approached an explosive orgasm. His fingers found my vagina, and I propped myself up on one hand so I could feel them reach the sweet spot deep inside. With my other hand, I stroked his cock that was still wet and slippery from my mouth. I gripped him firmly, sliding up from the bottom of shaft to his tip, over and over while he moved his fingers in and out, faster and faster. When I felt his cock getting dry, I bent over and swallowed him again to get him wet, then stroked him again. His tongue found my clit dead on and he flicked it side to side, over and over as I begged him not to stop. The warm shock waves traveled up my thighs and deep into my pussy as the waves of orgasms started deep to shallow. I could feel the wetness spill on to his chin as I came — wet and intense — with the inside of my vagina contracting and releasing over and over until even my face felt numb and tingly. Moments later, he let out a loud groan and his cock moved and pulsed as my hand slid back and forth milking every last drop while he came on my tits that were still hovering near his cock.

I collapsed on top of him, and slowly rolled off the ottoman and found something to wipe the cum off my chest while he sat up. The stringy undies were soaked from my orgasm, so I slid them off and dropped them to the floor. He walked back over to the big armchair and sat down, watching me walk around the room and pick up the pieces of our outfits — the black belt, the Santa hat, the beard that smelled of sex that we would have to say we lost rather than face giving it back to my grandmother for next year’s Santa. I could feel his eyes on me and realized that the only thing I was still wearing was the shiny red high heels. He loved high heels.

“Come back over to Santa’s lap. You asked for something I haven’t had a chance to give you.”

“That’s a good point, I unwrapped it, but my stocking hasn’t been filled yet.”

“Why don’t you bring Santa’s belt over with you.”

I was not surprised to see his cock had already started growing again. After all, we were 18…no recovery time needed. I slowly walked back over to where the belt was piled on the floor with the rest of the Santa costume. I made sure to bend over with my back facing him while I picked up the belt. I walked back over to the chair, heels clicking with each step, and handed him the belt. He draped it over the side of the chair, turned me around and guided me on to his hard cock, with my ass pressed up against him. He reached his hands around and grabbed my tits as I rode him, bending over slightly with my knees wedged next to his thighs in the chair.

“Let’s get off the chair,” I suggested. “I want to feel my last present pounding into me.”

I climbed off his lap, grabbed the Santa coat from the pile, and spread it out on the floor.

“On all fours, Mrs. Claus.”

Once my hands and knees were planted on the soft red coat, he dropped to his knees behind me and thrust into me. With his hands on my hips he fucked me, hard and fast. I could hear the slapping sounds of his hips hitting my ass with each pump. With each thrust, the tip of his cock hit my G-spot over, and over, and over. He slowed down and reached back to grab the belt off the arm of the chair. His cock left me, and he leaned back on his heels with the belt in his hand.

“Put your knees together.”

With my thighs now touching, he wrapped the belt around them and fastened the belt buckle. My legs were strapped together, thighs damp from my pussy, and he pushed my ass down flat to the ground until I was lying face down with my arms to the side. He straddled me this time, with his knees next to mine, and leaned forward just enough to slide his cock through my damp thighs and find the entrance to my pussy. For him, sliding through my thighs felt like sliding into a tight pussy — damp, warm, soft. For me, having my thighs together meant the tip of his cock was sliding against my clit every time he thrust into me. He was getting louder and louder, wanted to hear me say how much I loved being fucked. I told him how incredible his hard, thick cock felt inside me…and how I wanted to fuck all night. Knowing he was in charge, and I couldn’t move, was a huge turn on. The mental turn on of being dominated, and the intense sensation of his cock hitting my clit over and over sent a slow, rolling orgasm through my pussy. For him, fucking me from behind, and hearing me talk about his giant cock made him call out, and I felt the pulse of his cock releasing his cum inside of me.

With his cock still resting between my thighs, he relaxed on top of me. The Santa coat was soft under me, and his warm skin was comforting on top of me. I could feel his breath on my ear ass he gave my earlobe a tug with his teeth and whispered, “Merry Christmas.”

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