Sandra , Steve: A new Adventure


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Steve and Sandra had been co-workers for several years now at McPherson Technologies. Sandra was head of accounting, while Steve was head of operations. They were friends who had lunch occasionally and could joke around with each other. On more than one occasion they had been know to play practical jokes on each other just to keep their spirits up. Once Steve had taped all the connections to Sandra’s phone and it took 4 hours for her to figure out what she couldn’t talk with anyone. Retaliating, Sandra snuck into the lavatory the two shared (a benefit of being middle management) and taking clear food wrap covered the opening of the toilet. Steve not seeing the wrap proceeded to pee, the wrap splashing it all over his pants. He was quite a sight as she saw him go into his office. It took over an hour before he came out again. Thus was their relationship, comfortable but still very formal at the office.

Steve was stuck. The report he had been working on all week was due by 5 and he just couldn’t get the numbers to balance. He had been over and over them and they just wouldn’t balance. His bitch of a boss was waiting for the report. Walking out of his office he stuck his head in Sandra room.

“Sandra…I need help desperately. Connie needs this report in 45 minutes and I can’t get the numbers to balance. Will you please help me out?”

“I really pretty busy right now Steven, can it wait about 50 minutes?” Sandra laughed as she stood up. “Of course I’ll help you!”

Steve noticed Sandra as she stood up. Tall, long flowing light brown hair, wonderfully large breast covered in her business jacket, a short black skirt and black nylons. Steve thought of all the times he has fantasized about her, but their friendship never seemed to move to any other level so he was content with their friendship.

Walking back into Steve’s office, Sandra pulled up a chair next to him. Picking up the report she started running through the numbers.

Steve sank into his chair… her scent was intoxicating. Looking down he smiled, her skirt has ridden up and her long shapely legs were exposed. The tops of her nylons were almost in sight. He felt his manhood start to stir. “Better get my mind back on the report.” He thought.

“Steven!!” Sandra called bringing him back into focus. “Hand me those computer print outs over there.” She asked in a low smooth voice. Leaning over the reports her blouse opened at the top exposing her ample cleavage. Steve took a good look before going back to the report. Sandra smiled, she was aware of her exposed cleavage; as a matter of fact it was part of her plan.

Like Steve, Sandra had her own fantasies about Steve. Their friendship always seemed to get in the way though. Maybe tonight would be different!

Turning to the computer, Sandra set the printout down. “All right Steven start reading off the numbers on the report.” She instructed. Steve began reading the numbers off the report.

“Stop!” Sandra yelled at him. “Did you say that last number was 762423?”

“Yes, 762423” Steve replies.

“There’s your mistake, the number should be 762432. Plug that into the report and see if it flies.” Sandra said with a smile. Turning, she make sure the hem of he skirt was a bit higher than before.

Steve corrected the report, ran the audit and discovered everything balanced. Looking over to Sandra he immediately noticed the height of her skirt and the exposed creamy white thigh peeking out.

“Sandra, you’re a life saver, how can I ever repay you?” Steve asked as he grabbed the report and headed to Connie’s office.

“Oh damn, it’s after 5 and the motorway will be all buggered up!” Sandra sighed as she walked next to Steve and back into her office.

“Let me get this into the queen and then how about we go to dinner?” Steve asked

“Sounds great to me, let me freshen up and I’ll meet you in the foyer” Sandra called back as she started to put things away and locking up her desk.

Steve dropped the report on his boss’s desk, returned to his office, closed everything and headed for the elevator. Riding down his heart was pounding like a young schoolboy.

Sandra stopped in the private rest room to freshen up. Undoing an additional button on her blouse she took the elevator to the lobby. She too was shaking like a young schoolgirl as the doors open and she spotted Steve.

“You look marvelous.” Steve complimented her as he noticed a bit more exposed cleavage.

“Why thanks you kind sir.” Sandra laughed as she wrapped her arm through his and they walk out to his car happily chatting. Reaching the car he opened the door for her and grinned as she slide into the seat, her skirt sliding up her long curved legs.

Sandra smiles to herself. “Maybe tonight will be the night!”

“I know a great little Italian place with great food and the most intimate atmosphere you have ever seen! This that ok with you?” Steve asked, as he pulled away from the curb and steered into traffic.

“Sounds bursa escort perfect to me.” Sandra cooed as she leaned back in the seat and enjoyed the soft music on the radio.

15 minutes later Steve pulled into the valet lane at Mario’s. The valet opened the door for Sandra and helped her out. Steve walks around and steers her into the restaurant.

“Steve!!” Mario bellow from across the room. Walking toward them the jolly round little man smiled. “It’s been way too long since I’ve seen you! And who is ravishing young creature you have brought with you?” Smiling at Sandra as he holds her hand and plants a small kiss on the back of it.

“Come, your favorite booth is available.” Mario tells them as he leads them toward the rear of the restaurant. Turning he whispers to Sandra. “If he doesn’t treat you like a princess just let me know and I’ll have my brother Tony break both his legs, or anything else you might like broken.” Mario and Sandra both broke out in laughter as he steered her into the booth.

“What‘s so damn funny?” Steve inquired.

“Oh nothing.” Sandra smiled as she slid over next to him. Her thigh pressing against him as her breath began to shallow. Sandra examined the booth. It is luscious, warmly appointed with leather seats, plush carpet and a curtain that allows the occupants absolute privacy.

“Eat her often Steven?” She inquired

“Every once in a while.” He replied as the wine was served and their order taken. “The food is fabulous and Mario and I have been friends since high school.”

Sandra removed her jacket and set it aside. The sleeveless white silk blouse hung over her ample breast. Her erect nipples were barely visible thru the cloth. Steve did however notice.

Chatting over the wine they both were aware of their closeness. The feeling of her thigh resting against him and their bare arms was having an affect on both of them. Steve let his hand drop to Sandra’s knee and he began to trace small circles with his fingers. Sandra sighed at the gentle feeling of his finger. Their heads slowly moved closer as they drank and conversed until their lips were only inches apart. Steve’s hand was slowly moving up her thigh when he softly pressed his lips to hers.

Sandra moaned quietly as she felt his warm lips on hers. Her heart was racing and she felt a small rush as she returned the gentle kiss. Breaking away she grabbed her purse and started to slide out of the booth.

“Which way is the ladies room?” Sandra asked as she stood up.

“Right around the corner to your right.” Steve replied as he took another sip of wine.

Sandra found the room marked and entered. The room was beyond any bathroom she had ever been in. The floor was covered with deep lush carpet, dim lighting glowed over the marble sink and mirror, a long backless couch sat adjacent to two small private stalls on the opposite wall which were hidden behind large oak doors. Swinging open the farthest door she entered the stall, pulled her silk panties down and sat down.

Knowing Sandra was in the restroom, Steve got out of the booth and silently entered the restroom. Locking the door behind him he stood absolutely still and listened. The sound of Sandra’s steady stream of urine caused his dick to react. “As long as I’m in here I might as well get rid of those 6 cups of afternoon coffee!” Steve thought, as he carefully entered the other stall. Undoing his pants he removed his semi-erect penis and bending it over sent a long steady stream into the toilet. Once finished he replace his member, exited the stall, quickly washed his hands and waited for Sandra.

Sandra was surprised to hear another person in the room. She had not heard anyone enter but did enjoy the sound of what was happening next to her. Finished with her duty, she found a conveniently placed wet wipe and cleaned her pussy. Reaching down she pulled her underwear back into place and opened the door to the stall. She was surprised to see Steve leaning against the wall.

“Steven! What in the world are you doing in here?” She squealed as she walked to the washbasin trying to calm her shaking. As she neared Steve he reached out and pulled her into his arms. His lips met hers a bit more urgently than the last time. His tongue carefully probed her full wet lips as he sought out the warm chamber of her mouth.

“Slow down Steven! What if someone walks in right now?” Sandra meekly protested as her own lips were opening to let him have access to her mouth. Looking over she noticed the door was locked and returned his kiss, her own tongue creeping into his mouth.

“Don’t worry.” Steve whispered. “Mario has this room specially built for certain customers to have some discreet privacy. It is soundproof and Mario knows we are in here. He’ll schedule our dinner appropriately.”

Soon they were locked in a passionate embrace the likes of which Steve had not experienced in many years. Slowly his hand moved to the front of the silk blouse and began to slowly unbutton bursa escort bayan the buttons. Sandra cooed softly feeling their tongues playing with each other. Her passion was starting to build as the kiss lingered. Once all the button were unfastened, Steve slipped the garment from her body and hung in on a hook next to the sink. Sandra turned and leaning against the marble counter pulling Steve against her. Her nipples were now rock hard and pressing against the silk bra into his chest as she felt his hardness pushing against her skirt.

Moaning she tried to ask Steve a question. “St…Steven, are you married?”

Steve removed his lips from hers and whispered. “Does it matter? And, please let’s not be so formal, call me Steve.”

“No, at this time it doesn’t.” Sandra whimpered. The sensations and heat of the moment were all that really matter to her just then. The moisture starting to appear in her crotch dictated her true feelings and desires.

Breaking the kiss, Steve moved his mouth to her ear. Playfully he licked at the inner canal and then moved to the lobe. Sucking it gently into his mouth he sucked on the morsel. Sandra sighed at the feeling of his warm wet mouth. Trailing his tongue down her cheek he left a wet path as he crossed her shoulder bone and onto her upper chest. His tongue snaked its way into the crease of her ample cleavage as her licked lower and lower. Using his hands again he found the front clasp to the bra and expertly popped it open. Sandra’s ample breasts spilled from their silken restraint as Steve pulled it from her shoulders and hung it with the top. Using just the very tip of his tongue her traced circles around the perimeter of both wonderful fleshy globes before capturing a very hard nipple in his mouth.

“Ohhhhhh!” Sandra moaned as the warm wet mouth began to suck on her little hard protrusions. She was getting truly excited now and pulled Steve’s head hard to her chest.

“Oh yes, that’s it suck them for me!” She whispered as she felt small currents of excitement course from her breast to her soul. Steve alternated from nipple to nipple, sucking and occasionally gently biting the rock hard tips. Much to Sandra’s disappointment, Steve soon released the nubs and dropped to his knees. Her disappointment was soon replaced with anticipation as his head slide up under her skirt.

Steve moved his head under her skirt and ran his tongue along the nylon cover thighs. Working his way higher his wet tongue soon met bare skin above the top of the stockings. Licking softly he continued northward until his mouth came into contact with the soft very smooth silk cloth covering her pussy. Flattening his tongue he ran a long path up the crotch and tickled the area where he figured her sensitive clit might be. The silk garment was damp and smelled of her wonderful sex.

“Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness!” Sandra moaned as she looked down as let out a small laugh. All she could see was the top of Steve’s head as it pushed her skirt out; it was indeed a comical sight. But the feeling of his tongue pushing the soft silky material into her wet pussy and rubbing against her harden clit was not comical, it was electric. As suddenly as he started he stopped.

“Shit, don’t you dare stop now!” She cried out waiting to see what might happen next.

Steve removed his head from under her skirt, slid his hands up both legs, found the top of the silk panties and pulled them slowly down and off her legs. Dropping them on the floor he slid his hands back up under her skirt, grabbed her firmly by the waist and lifted her onto the cool marble counter. Her skirt was up around her waist and she shuttered as the cool marble came into contact with her bare ass. Spreading her legs, Steve knelt on the floor and began to run his tongue up one leg and then the other. On one pass he let his tongue pass over the naked thigh and contact the crease between her swollen lips and thigh. Tracing a small line with just the tip of his tongue he circled her pussy across the top and down the other side. Finding that small region of skin between her ass and vagina he softly traced the outline and then ran the tip ever so slightly along the seam.

Sandra squirmed as his tongue worked her body. Sometimes it seems that the touch was so light it wasn’t even there. He was teasing her unmercifully with the tip of his tongue. Coming close to the right places but never quite hitting them. By now her arousal was growing with every feather-like touch as she silently wished for him to delve into her most sacred of places. She didn’t have to wait very long.

Running up from the seam, Steve drew his tongue along her hot wet slit upward until it hit her exposed rigid clit. Sucking on it gently he dropped his tongue back into the crease and licked toward the source of her flowing juices. Finding the opening, he pushed his tongue deeply into her and rotated it inside. Her taste was more delicate than the finest wine he had ever consumed as he tongue fucked escort bursa the opening.

“Ohhhhhhhh Steve…Don’t stopppppppppp!” Sandra cried out not caring if anyone heard he or not. Of course in a soundproof room the cries were only audible to Steve and herself. Reaching down she pinched both nipples between her fingers as Steve continued his oral assault.

Steve’s 8″ rock hard dick strained against the inside of his pants begging for freedom. Steve ignored the feeling. “Later my friend, this is strictly for Sandra’s pleasure, I have waited a lifetime for this.” He thought to himself, consumed by the desire to make this one moment, the most pleasurable possible for his partner. His tongue was working faster and deeper as Sandra began to squirm on the marble seat. Removing his tongue he gently slid a long finger deep into the opening. Sandra’s wetness caressed his finger as he search for that tiny little mound buried deep inside her cunt. Finding the g-spot he rubbed gently as his mouth encircle her wonderful little clit. Pulling it into his mouth he sucked gently as his finger massaged her inner world. Adding a second finger he began pumping them in and out of her as fast as he possibly could. Steve felt Sandra beginning to shutter and knew he was close to achieving his goal.

“Oh fuck…I’m almost thereeeee, Don’t stop, please don’t stop!!!!!!” Sandra moaned as she felt her orgasm course thru her body. The immense pleasure was wonderful and soon the orgasm crested and slammed into her.

“I’mmmmmmmmm cummmmmmming!!!!! She yelled as her stomach tighten into a hard knot and her juices gushed around Steve’s manipulating finger like water released from a breaking dam. She clamped her legs tight around Steve’s head, as the magical forces of a woman’s orgasm took firm hold of her body.

Feeling the tremendous moisture flooding his fingers, Steve quickly pulled his mouth down and covered the flowing pussy. Sucking hard he drank everything Sandra was producing until he was sure he had captured every single drop. His face was covered with her fluids as he pried his head from the vise-like grip of her legs. Looking up he smiled at the sight of Sandra, back against the mirror trying to bring her breathing back to normal.

“God damn you!”” Sandra whispered in a low hushed tone. “Where on earth did you ever learn to do that?”

“Practice my dear, practice.” Was Steve’s joyful answer.

Reaching into the cabinet Steve pulled a soft washcloth out and ran it under the hot water. Convinced the rag was warm enough he ran it over Sandra’s still very sensitive pussy cleaning her well. Next he produced the softest towel Sandra had ever felt and softly dried the entire area. Sandra jumped as the towel brushed across her extremely sensitive clitoris. Smiling, Steve dumped the cloth and towel into a hidden hamper in the cabinet. Picking up the silk panties, he turned on the warm air hand dryer, quickly run the material under the hot stream of air and dried the garment. Pulling Sandra to unsteady feet he knelt down and lifting one leg at a time slid the panties back into place.

Sandra blushed slightly. She wasn’t sure if it was from the warmth of the silk panties that cover her or the fact that here she was letting a man dress her. Whatever it was she wasn’t going to complain. Her breathing returned pretty much to normal she watched as Steve lifted the bra from the hook, slid it thru her arms, cupped her breasts gently and refastened the front. The soft fleshy globes stood proud back inside the lacy silk bra. Next he retrieved the blouse, slid it around her body and began to button it up. Leaving the top three buttons open, she looked, much more cleavage and some lace was visible. Finally, Steve unzipped the side of the skirt, held it open and tucked the blouse back into place.

Smiling softly, Sandra reached down and ran her hand along the rather large bulge in the front of Steve’s pants. Now it was his turn to softly moan. Just then a soft chime went off in the room.

“What’s that?” She asked as she continued to softly stroke Steve’s rigid member.

“That’s Mario telling us dinner is about to be served.” Steve answered as he pulled away.

“But we still have some unfinished business!” Sandra protested.

“Later my lover later. Right now we need to go and enjoy Mario’s wonderful meal.”

Sandra turned to look in the mirror. Her appearance was near perfect. A quick touch of lipstick and she was ready to go. Walking over to Steve, he unlocked the door and held it open for her. She hesitated at the door and Steve gave her a playful tap on the ass to get her moving.

Returning to the booth they sat and took a sip of wine. Suddenly the curtains opened and Mario stood next to them holding two bowls of hot soup.

“You love birds ready for supper?” Mario kidded as he set the bowls down. Mario looked at Sandra and saw a glow he had seen on many of his female customers after a trip to the restroom.

Leaning over Mario whispered into Sandra’ ear. “Any need to call my brother Tony?”

“No Mario, he treated me just fine.” Sandra giggled.

“Ok you two what’s going on?” Steve mused as he slipped a spoon of soup into his mouth.

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