Rie’s Dress


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Based on characters that appear in “Become the Snow Princess” and “Two Girls from Tokyo.”

So when Nobuko and I finished high school, and we’re going to college, we got jobs. I had to: Nobuko came with me out of solidarity or something. It was the condition I accepted to stay at Mom’s. She wanted me to go to college, wanted to keep me out of her world, but insisted I get a taste for the “real world,” whatever the fuck that is.

I wasn’t ready to be on my own, so I accepted. Then she got jobs for us; part-time job at a McDonald’s knock-off owned by one of her clients, probably some gangster or some other loser with money. This is where we became friends with Rie. Rie had also gone to our high school, in the class ahead of us. She was from the actual bad crowd, and because she was older we didn’t have that much contact with her. That’s how it is at a Japanese school, you stick with the people from your own class (except for the guys who went after the girls from the lower-classes, and the girls who chased after upper-class boys). What contact we did have with her was governed by our subordinate position, but outside of high school is a different world, and when Nobu and I started working she looked out for us. All the other people there were “good boys and girls” she told us with a sneer our first day. At first she acted as if she was only being nice so she’d have someone to smoke with; I mean, Nobu and I were never that “bad” the sense that she meant it.

I talk about myself and Nobu as if we were heavy duty gang babes, but mostly I was just a tough kid who kind of liked to fight. I mean, I may have been small in the breast department, but I was no runt. As for the look, that’s how people saw me, so I went along. It just made things easier, since in Japan, if you’re not part of a group, you’re shit. I feel a little sorry for Nobuko though, because she’s really was a nice kid, and were it not for me, she probably would have had a more “normal” life. You know, go to college, get a job, marry some guy she met at the company. Some guy like the pigs that come into the clubs I’ve worked in, like the guys who buy my videos. Fuck that. When I think of it that way, I think that maybe I did her a favor. Anyway, she’s doing all right, even if this business hasn’t been as good to her as it has to me.

Rie, however, was a hard-core gang bitch. Boy, could I tell you some stories about her, and maybe later I will. The point I want to get to here though is that Rie was even more brazen than I. Much more so; while I was sexually bold, Rie was brazen, a regular sex goddess. Besides being a girl that you simple didn’t mess with, she was insanely hot looking. Like Nobuko, she’d been wearing regular bras since junior high, but unlike Nobu, she had never been chubby. She had really nice hips, a thin waist and the greatest set of tits I ever buried my face in. From the moment I got my first glimpse of those nearly d-cup beauties in the employee’s change room, I began calculating how to get my hands on them. She drove men crazy with those tits, and it wasn’t long before she used them to get out of slinging burgers.

It was because of her that we were able to go to clubs we were actually too young to get into. She never told us where she got the fake IDs, but who was I to complain. Rie loved to get dressed up, showing a lot of cleavage, just to get the guys to come after her. Then, unless they were really hot, or really loaded, she’d string them along for awhile, then slam the door. Cold. I would have gladly taken most of the guys she’d walk away from, but seeing the looks on their faces when they realized that they weren’t going to get any of what Rie was showing off made the sacrifice well worth it. And besides, I no longer had that much trouble getting laid, and I always had Nobu and our toys.

Japan is a country prone to fads, during the decadence of Japan’s ‘bubble economy’ that fad was body consciousness, that is, girls making others conscious of their nearly naked bodies. When the biggest techno-dance club in Tokyo introduced “bodycon” stage dancing, or when it just happened, it caught on like wild fire.

Here it’s not unusual for girls to dance alone or with each other, but when this thing started, the dynamics changed. The girls would come to the club wearing the skimpiest get-ups possible, and get up on stage and dance. As the night progressed, the micro-minis dropped off, leaving the girls to dance in their bras and panties. It wasn’t a strip club, and the girls weren’t pros, it was just wanton exhibitionism. In a culture where you are never suppose to attract attention to yourself, the chance to reveal yourself openly, and without repercussions, is quite a release. It was part of the sensuality of corrupted innocence that has served me so well.

The club that started the whole thing ended it before I could see it, but there were plenty of copy-cats around, so we decided to check one out. Except for the stages, it was a typical disco, a lot of flashing lights and noise, the same constant beat drumming in your ears. And then there etimesgut escort were the girls on the stages, in the center of the floor, and along the wall. A stage crowded with everyday office workers and store clerks, showing off a lot of skin is quite a sight. They all wore some form of T-back under their minis, or color-matched, super short spandex dresses, or a strip of cloth that passed for a skirt. The ones who had cleavage were showing it off; the ones who didn’t showed a lot of skin nonetheless. I was fascinated. I mean, I was (and am) pretty immodest, always wearing my skirts as short as possible, but this took the idea of displaying myself to a new level. I wanted to strip to my underwear and get up on stage the first time we were there.

I wanted to, but I didn’t. I was still pretty self-conscious about being so small on top, and I was sure that once I was up on stage, someone would see how young I looked an make a stink, even though I was legal.

These clubs packed the men in by the droves, and that’s what Rie came for. And even though she wasn’t on stage, she could still cause jaws to drop, that’s how good she was. It was fun to watch her fuck with these guys. Still, she wasn’t getting as much attention if she would if she were on stage, and so when we heard about a club that was holding a contest, best costume, best dancer, that kind of thing, Rie was hot to enter. In fact, she decided that she was going to win, and we set to planning her outfit. What we came up with wasn’t as skimpy as what we’d seen the other girls wearing, but it sure was sexy. Rie had a deep red silk Chinese dress that someone had given her. You know the kind, with the high collar and a slit up one side. Well, she never wore it, so we decided to alter it. Mostly it was Nobu’s creation.

Nobu took the sleeves off and cut the back out, open enough to reveal almost half of Rie’s ass cleavage. The opening formed a V that started at her ass, sloped up under her arms, and around her neck. The dress had a two loop-button opening at the collar, which Nobu slit open to the navel, leaving one button at the very top, and moving the other to about half-way between her breast and her navel. She also took in the bust to make it tighter, so Rie’s breasts worked to push open the front. This also pushed her tits together, creating really great cleavage. Most of the girls we’d seen always showed a lot of leg, wearing mostly mini-skirts or dresses, and no one we saw wore anything long, but Rie decided not to shorten the dress. We could always cut it into a mini for next time, if this look didn’t work. She did want to show off her legs however, so Nobu opened the side-slit to Rie’s waist, and added a matching slit to the other side. Considering how much it revealed, it’s length and high collar only worked to intensify the dress’s sensuality.

When Nobu was finished sewing and we were helping Rie get into it, I was a little “careless” about how I handled Rie’s tits. It did take a little effort to get them into the space provided, but I was handling them more than necessary and Rie noticed.

Rie whispered to me smiling, “So the rumors about you are true?”

“What rumors are those?” I whispered back, but I smiled, and took hold of one of Rie’s nipples under the dress, and rolled it between my fingers.

She moaned softly and said, “After you guys leave, why don’t you come back later.” So, Rie too. I began to wonder how many girls there were like us.

I licked at her ear a little and said, “The rumors are true for Nobuko too.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Nobu said .

“She’s on to us,” I said.

“Oh,” Nobu said, “and how does she feel about it?”

I was standing behind her, my hands shoved between her breasts and the dress. She had her head on my shoulder, cooing softly. “It feels good,” she said. That was all Nobu needed to hear, and she was down on her knees, her hands in the side-slits of Rie’s dress, pulling her panties off. She stuck her head under the dress and Rie was soon moaning with a little more volume. I felt Nobu move her hands on to Rie’s ass, and I knew where she was going. Rie’s breathing became ragged, and I felt her knees go weak. I didn’t have any trouble holding her up though, considering where my hands were.

“Get me out of this dress,” Rie said. I unbuttoned it, pulled the collar up over her head and dropped the dress on Nobu’s head.

“Thanks a lot,” Nobu said, standing up.

Rie turned around and grabbed my head, burying my face between her tits. Then she backed up and fell onto her bed, pulling me down with her. I straddled her hips, and began working on her breasts with my lips and tongue. I licked every centimeter of those wonderful globes, groping one while I chewed on the nipple of the other. As much as I was looking forward to this, I have to admit that there was more there than I really knew what to do with. Nobu lifted my skirt and fingered my pussy through my panties. I had finally gotten up the nerve to wear T-backed panties, and that day I was wearing the kind with little clipped sincan escort on the hip straps. Nobu just unsnapped them and pulled them off.

“Move up a little,” Nobu said to me. I moved so my chest was now against Rie’s tits, which sort of spread out when she laid down. Still, there was a hell of cushion there, and it was kind of fun rubbing my nipples against her. It was also pretty horny, and I could feel the warmth between my legs increase. Of course, Nobu’s tongue probing around down there might have had something to do with that. I’d feel her licking and pulling at my labia, bringing me close to climaxing, then she’d stop. It wasn’t hard to figure out what she was doing however, because when she stopped “servicing” me, Rie would moan and grip my ass a little tighter. She was reluctant to kiss me at first, but once Nobu started working her particular magic, she responded with skill and enthusiasm. Rie later told me that she had had sex with a girl once before, but they hadn’t kissed. The other girl couldn’t see her way to kiss another girl. She’d eat pussy, but wouldn’t kiss. Go figure.

I was usually not one to back away from Nobu’s ministrations, but I climbed off the bed so she’d stay on Rie. I got on my knees next to bed and returned to kissing and fondling the tit closest to me. When Rie gasped and lifted her ass off the bed, I took her nipple in my teeth and tugged at it to intensify her orgasm.

When Nobu came up for air I kissed and licked Rie’s juices from her lips. Then I put two fingers on Rie’s vagina, felt for the opening, and pushed them in slowly. Rie looked a little surprised, but I just smiled sweetly, pulled my fingers out and sucked on them. Yummy.

“You sure are good at that Nobu,” Rie said. “I wish Jun could do what you just did.” Jun wasn’t exactly Rie’s boyfriend, but he was as close to one as Rie wanted. Jun probably called Rie his girlfriend. Whatever he was to Rie, he was certainly a hunk. Not that this really meant anything. Nobu and I had already discovered that being gorgeous didn’t make a guy good at sex, or even well equipped below the belt. Of course, I had also discovered to my great pleasure that a guy that looks completely uninteresting sexually may be hiding something really phenomenal in his pants.

“You mean Jun won’t go down on you?” Nobu asked.

“No, I don’t mean that,” Rie said. “He’s just no where as good at it as you are.”

“I could teach him,” Nobu said casually. The surprises never ceased with Nobu. That didn’t even occur to me.

“That would be great, except then I’d have to tell him what we did.”

“I think that he’d probably be willing to overlook that if he had a chance to have sex with all three of us,” I said. “Would you mind sharing him just this one time?”

“I guess it would be all right, just this once.” She wasn’t really possessive, she just didn’t want him fucking girls she knew. Except for this once, that is.

“Don’t worry, Rie,” Nobu said. “The last thing I want to do is steal your boyfriend.” I smiled at this because I knew the first thing Nobu always wanted to do was eat pussy.

“Same here,” I said. “You can scratch my eyes out if I try.”

Rie was a little surprised at this last statement, but I really wanted this to happen, so I also wanted Rie to know I wasn’t a threat.

“He’s not really my boyfriend,” Rie said, “but I guess I have to admit to being selfish since I do wanna keep him for myself.”

“Fine by me,” I said. “When’s he coming over?”

“Pretty soon. How are we going to introduce this?”

“You wanna shock his socks off?” I asked.

“Sure,” Rie said, smiling. “What’s the plan?”

I told them what I had in mind, and so sooner had we agreed, when the door bell rang. Rie threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and went to get the door, while Nobu and I stripped. When she got back, I heard her say through the door, “Come on in here. I got a surprise for you.” I’m sure he thought they were going to fuck, but nothing could have prepared him for the image he encountered. What he saw was Nobu and I naked on the bed performing sixty-nine. I looked up when I heard the door open, and saw a face that I will never forget. His eyes couldn’t have been rounder if they were saucers, and his lips were moving but only indistinguishable noises were coming out. Rie was laughing so hard I thought she was going to fall over.

“Hi Jun,” I said. “Something wrong with your mouth?”

He recovered his composure a little, and I guess he thought he needed to make some kind of macho response. Guys can be such idiots.

“I guess you two are dykes after all,” he said.

“Don’t be a jerk,” Rie said, pinching his side. He winced.

I was already off the bed and flying at him. I had him by the front of his shirt and was looking into eyes. Had he wanted to, he could have kicked the hell out of me, but as I may have mentioned earlier, in those days I didn’t take shit from nobody.

“I might be a dyke,” I said, “but I’m also a really good fuck, and if you can keep your mouth shut and be nice, you might just escort etimesgut find out how good.” I don’t know if it was my offer, or the ferocity of my attack, but it didn’t take long for him to apologize.

“So,” he said a little tentatively, “what are you guys doing here.”

“They’re here to teach you how to eat pussy,” Rie said.

“Hey,” he protested, “I know how to eat pussy.”

“That’s what I thought too,” Rie said.

“Huh?” was all Jun could manage in response.

“Now, come here and sit down,” she said, moving a chair next to the bed.

I climbed onto the bed, and Nobu moved to between my legs.

“Then,” I said, smiling, “when the lesson’s over Nobu here is going to give you a little test to see what you’ve learned. If you pass, I’m going to fuck your brains out. Ain’t that right Rie?”

“And if you ever breath a word of this to anyone, ever, even to your motor-head home-boys, it’ll be the last you ever see of these,” Rie hissed. She was twisting his ear with one hand, and holding up one of her tits with the other.

“Whatever you say, Rie, you’re in charge.”

“Goddamn right I am.”

With that Nobu set to work. There is probably no need to describe that scene again, as it probably didn’t look that different from any of other times Nobu ate me, but it sure felt different. I don’t know if it was because I had an audience, or because Nobu was going extra slow, but I sure was enjoying it.. Watching Rie and Jun didn’t hurt either. Jun’s eyes were glued to my snatch, but his hands were all over Rie, who was soon naked again. She was busy too, rubbing at the bulge in his jeans. She had his shirt off and was working on his pants. He stood up long enough for Rie to get them off, and his rod literally sprang out, fully erect. God, I thought, what a tool. No wonder Rie wanted to keep him to herself. This was turning into a real good day, first Rie’s tits, and now that thing. Nobu looked up from what she was doing, and her eyes bulged as well.

Then Rie pushed him back into the chair, telling him to pay attention, and immediately took his beautifully engorged member into her mouth. That’s the last thing I remember seeing before Nobu sent me to that place I so love to go. Every time she does that to me, I swear it’s a performance that she couldn’t possibly top, and every time I’m wrong. When I came I actually thought we were in the midst of an earthquake. I looked over at Jun just as he exploded into Rie’s mouth. I stood to go to the bathroom and Nobu got up on the bed, laid on her back and spread her legs. I know you’re probably thinking that it should have been me to see if Jun had learned his lesson, but we decided it wouldn’t be a fair test. For, one I’d just cum, and two, I was used to Nobuko’s skill, and to tell you the truth, I was spoiled. Besides, you can probably imagine Nobu’s next favorite thing after eating pussy.

“Okay,” Nobu said, “let’s see what you’ve learned.” Jun got down between her legs, and began by licking on Nobu’s thighs as she had done to me, slowly working toward her snatch. I really wanted to watch, but I had to go really badly, and I couldn’t hold it. I could hear Nobu from the bathroom, and I returned just in time to see her gripping his hair, her hips convulsing against his face. Then she collapsed back on the bed, looking quite exhausted.

“You’re a lucky girl, Rie,” she said with a smile. It seems foolish now that I think about it, but Rie was beaming.

He was already hard again, so I took hold of his dick and guided him up onto the bed.

“I guess that means you passed,” I said, “now for your reward.” I had him on his back because, as you may have guessed, I liked being on top. Plus, I was looking forward to riding that monster. But first I wanted to get a taste of it. I crouched between his legs and licked his balls while stroking his throbbing member. I didn’t think it could get any bigger, but it seemed to. I took his hanging balls in my mouth while my hand slowly stroked the considerable length of his shaft. I could feel his balls tighten up in my mouth and I took them into my hand. I moved my tongue up and down, exploring every one of the thing’s bulging veins, then lightly licked its head, his pre-cum a little salty in my mouth. I looked up to see that he was watching me.

“Don’t cum in my mouth,” I said, looking at him. “Okay?”

“Sure,” he said. “Whatever.”

I took his head in my mouth, and parted the opening with my tongue. He put his head back and started breathing heavily. I looked over to smile at Rie (as best I could), and was surprised to see her propped on the chair watching me rather intently. I would have thought that she knew how to suck a dick as well as I, so I guess she was watching for her own enjoyment. Still, just to be sure, I took it out of my mouth to show her what I had done. When I stuck the tip of my tongue in the opening, his ass lifted slightly off the bed, and this made Rie smile. I took the head back into my mouth and twisted my tongue around it. Then I slowly moved my head up and down, taking more of him into my mouth as I went. I was sure that I’d choke if I took it all, but I was sure going to try. I also sucked on it harder as I went, and this was driving him mad. I knew that he might blow at any moment and thought it better to stop.

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