Relative Perversions Ch. 07


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Ch. 07 – Getting Him All In Her End


Les struggles to balance things between his mother, Candi, and his sister, Lucy, without the elder slut discovering his dalliances with his sibling.


I know I keep saying this, but I do apologize for the lengthy delays in between chapters. I am nearly finished with my editing and revising of all of my previous material for reposting. So, I invite my readers to take a chance at reading them again to find the small yet significant changes that were made.

As I post this chapter, I’m putting the finishing touches on other chapters for not only Best. Wife. Ever. but a couple of new series as well.

I want to thank everyone whom have given their supportive comments and feedback. I even thank those whom have critiqued my work since their constructive criticism helps me to be better at what I enjoy doing. As for the trolls who like posting unnecessarily negative and cruel comments, I just laugh at your droll attempts of provoking a reaction before I delete you.

I feel that this should go without saying, but some people just never learn. So, with that said, here’s the standard disclaimer. This is a work of fiction. If you can’t understand that and insist on posting endless comments about how unrealistic things in the story are, I invite you to peruse the thousands of other submissions by other writers on this site. By the same token, trolls should beware that I do monitor and take action in the comments section. Negative comments are fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, purposefully ugly comments will be deleted. Funny enough, I get lots of good laughs at reading the ridiculous trolling comments before removing them, so understand that your words don’t hurt me in the slightest.


[Incest/Taboo] (Big Ass, Big Tits, Brother, Cock Sucking, Cum Eating, Dirty Talk, Dominant Male, Facial, MF, Mother, Sister, Son, White Females)


Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Les came slowly awake as the sun streaming through the window had crept along enough to hit him across the eyes making his heavy lids totally inadequate to block out the blaze and remain asleep. Groaning slightly, he rolled away from the intrusion and settled up against a warm and soft form sharing the bed with him. Peeling his eyes open, he blearily squinted at who the hell was in his bed.

As his awakening sight fed the information into his sluggish brain, he came to realize that he was, in fact, not in his bed. The king-sized mattress he and his partner lay on was way bigger than his own meager full-sized one. Add to that the fact that he never had silk sheets or a mountain of fluffy and lacy pillows, and Les knew that he wasn’t anywhere near his bed. Stiffly, he turned to survey the room and try to figure out just where in the hell he was when he began to recognize everything. The calming part was that he was in his own house. The startling part was that he was in his parents’ bedroom.

As all of this flashed through his suddenly frantic mind, the memories of the previous night began to surface and make themselves known to him. Though his heart still hammered in his chest, the teen relaxed marginally as he remembered spending most of the night fucking the hell out of the woman laying in bed next to him. The fact that she had whole-heartedly given her ass to him was yet another thing that had his pulse quickening. Besides that, she had claimed that she only had one more act to perform and she will have given herself totally to him as his slut and property which was to bring him another slut to fuck. The most mind-boggling part of all of this was the fact that the hot, curvy slut laying pressed up against him (whom had pledged to become his obedient slut) in his parents’ bed was none other than his own mother, Candace “Candi” Morrow.

The past month had been one hell of a sexual roller coaster that seemed to have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Les had been perfectly content with just fucking and dominating his mother, but she seemed intent on him becoming the head of his own tawdry harem of nasty sluts. Hell, she had even boasted that she would not only help him develop into a dominant stud but that she would actively go out searching for women for him to collect.

Not that he hadn’t already been doing so, even if it had been accidentally. First, there had been Violet. She was a twentysomething college student who worked part time at a hotel in a nearby town. Through a series of weird yet sexy events, she had become enthralled with the idea of becoming his slut like his mother. So much so that she had quickly taken some vacation time pendik escort so that she could spend a week with the incestuous lovers starting on Monday in two days.

The second woman whom had begun to pursue Les was one that made him pretty nervous. As such, he had taken to keeping her presence and identity a secret from Candi. Though he hated keeping any secrets from someone he cared about so deeply, he couldn’t see any other way around it at the present time. He just didn’t know how she would react to the news and wanted to err on the side of caution for now. Like the fact that the lovers kept Les’ own identity from her husband and his father, Marcus, he knew that he would have to tell Candi about the other female soon because his mother was determined to eventually share the information with her husband. She was adamant that no relationship could survive such a big secret being kept for too long.

This led Les to cuddle closer to Candi as these thoughts swirled around in his head. Only her warm, soft body kept the stressful thoughts running through his mind from deflating his morning wood. As he unconsciously fondled her big, heavy tits, the slut purred as she slowly came awake. The more she inched towards full awareness, the more she became responsive to the turgid shaft nestled between the cheeks of her plump, round ass. Eyes still closed, she grinned wickedly and ground her rump from side to side, enjoying the delicious feeling of her son’s cock rubbing against her warm cleft. Both her anus and pussy ached wonderfully from the thorough pounding they’d received the previous night from the very tool nudging insistently against her.

So lost was he in his own thoughts and worries that Candi surprised Les when she gripped his hands and pressed them to her large udders as she arched her back to fully grind her ass against his throbbing dick. “Not so fast! I like waking up like this.” Candi turned just enough so that she could gaze into her son’s eyes over her shoulder from less than a foot away. “Did you sleep ok, sir?”

Encouraged by the devilish twinkle in his slut’s eyes, Les responded, “Like a porn star after and all-day orgy shoot. How about you?”

Candi ground her ass against his pulsing dick again and purred, “Like a porn star after a hundred-man gangbang. Is that woody for me, or were you thinking about all the fun you’re gonna have when Violet gets here day after tomorrow?”

Since he could see no jealousy in her eyes or hear any hint in her voice, the confused teen figured he’d be honest. “Truthfully, I wasn’t even considering her until you mentioned it. It started out as a regular morning boner but got harder feeling your Kardashian ass. Now, though, I’m thinking about all the things I want to do to both of you in a few days.”

Candi patted her son’s cheek and cooed, “That’s so sweet, baby, but don’t forget that you have to spend alone time with her to begin with. I’m all for joining you in a threesome, but she’s coming here mainly for you. When a slut is eager to be with you, you should make the time to make her feel special, and that starts by focusing on just her. Sluts like to be part of a crowd, but they want to feel unique too. You’ll go a long way toward cementing her as a permanent part of your harem if you give her attention without any distractions.”

“Speaking from experience?” Now that his dick was drooling a steady stream of precum, Les reached down to rub the tip along the crack of Candi’s ass.

“Most definitely!” Candi arched into Les but shifted so that the head of his cock teased her cunt instead of her anus. “I’m a little sore this morning because it’s been a long time since I got ass pounded like that. Can we play with just my cunt until later?”

“Of course,” Les answered. After his first taste of anal the previous night, he was hooked, but he would never abuse the woman he cared about so much. Cursing himself inwardly for not thinking about how uncomfortable she might be after the fucking he’d given her the night before, he made sure to use his dick to flick and rub her clit making her moan.

It took Candi a few minutes to focus enough to return to her train of thought due to the delicious sensations her owner was stirring in her. “So, you need to fuck the shit out of Violet and use her how she wants when she first gets here. All sluts need a little personal time with their master no matter how big his collection gets. Do that, and you’ll have them worshipping you for the rest of their lives. Oh fuck, that’s so good! Yes, right there. Momma’s gonna cum on that wonderful fucking cock. ShitshitshitshitSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!”

Les continued to stimulate his slut’s clit with his dick until he felt her orgasm subsiding. Before it could fully ebb away, he slammed his entire length into her in one shove causing her to spasm again in another hard climax. She shrieked as he began pumping her with deep, fast strokes making her run through a series of small, yet maltepe escort intense, nuts one right after the other. To add to the stimulation, he gripped her nipples and pulled them hard as he fucked her. The effect was that his mother screamed her head off but urged him to do more. After an unknown amount of time, she tapped his arm to signal she needed a break. Les buried himself to the hilt in her and pulled her into a tight embrace holding her as she got her breath back.

Gradually, the slutty mother calmed enough to turn enough to kiss her owner in a deeply sensual manner that left no doubt that she intended to be his property as long as he kept fucking her like that. After all the days of sex between the two, they’d developed an intuitive communication through looks and body language. Seeing what she wanted, Les dragged his dick out of the hole that had birthed him almost two decades ago and rolled onto his back.

Candi pounced and swiftly rolled over to engulf his member with her ravenous mouth. The grateful son never got over how intense the slut’s deepthroating skills were and groaned as he gripped a fistful of her hair and held on for dear life. Satisfied that she’d clean ever bit of her own nectar from her owner, the torrid mother released the cock with a loud, wet pop and grinned wantonly up at her master.

Still grinning wickedly, the slut crawled up her son’s body until she straddled him but took a moment to arrange herself so that she was squatting above his waist. Reaching down, she grasped the dick she’d grown to worship so much and aimed it directly at her hungry cunt before lowering herself onto it. Mother and son moaned in exquisite pleasure as she sank down slowly to sheathe him fully into her grasping twat while using her strong thigh muscles to control the descent. Having spent so much time exercising over the years had paid off in a temptingly MILF body but also in strength where she most wanted it, in what she affectionately called her “slut muscles.”

Not only did her kegal exercises leave her with an unbelievably tight cunt and ass, yoga and pilates left her incredibly limber and capable of holding seemingly uncomfortable poses and positions for long periods of time. On top of all that, she had enormous stamina that seemed to only be defeated by the continuous orgasms her new owner heaped upon her. However, when she was allowed to take control of a situation, she was able to set a pace and rhythm that she could keep up for a long, damned time. Such was the case now as she squatted on her lover’s cock and took a few moments to enjoy the stuffed feeling of him buried inside her before she used her thighs to lift and lower herself on him like a piston. Most women would feel a burning in their thighs threatening to develop into a cramp after a few minutes, but not the slut named Candi.

Les folded his arms behind his head and took in the marvelous spectacle that was his slut bouncing on his cock like a pro porn whore. Each downward slam caused her huge tits to flop down and smack together before she launched herself upward making them jerk up and threaten to punch herself in the chin. Also, each thrust made her enormous ass clap against his thighs lewdly as he felt them jiggle from each impact. Though she kept her hands on her own knees to maintain her balance, Candi stayed arched back just enough to provide her owner with a full and unobstructed view of her smutty cunt greedily devouring him with each bounce.

Candi didn’t just monotonously piston on his dick though. Far from it. At irregular intervals, she would pause with him sheathed fully in her cunt and twist her hips in circular motions to rub him in every spot of her hungry snatch before resuming her bouncing. Other times, she would pause with him completely inside and jerk her hips back and forth in a twerking motion to give even further stimulation.

Through it all, she expertly read her owner’s body to stave off any orgasm he might have. They both had fucked enough to understand that they both got off better after long, marathon fuck session as well as enjoying the full experience of the long running fucking. So, as always, he lost all sense of time as he luxuriated in the act of Candi fucking him.

During the long, cowgirl ride, the slut mother screeched through several more nuts, one of which left her squirting all over Les’ torso soaking him in her peach juice. Rather than being disgusted by it, Les grinned up at her and silently encouraged her to continue pounding her sloppy twat on his pole. Eventually, he felt the familiar tightening in his nuts but didn’t bother warning his slut because, as always, she sensed it too in his demeanor and began screaming.

“YES!! Pump your fucking manly cum in me. Show my pathetic hubby how much more of a man you are by giving me a juicy creampie, and I’ll send him pics to jerk off to later. Shoot that big load into my cunt. You know, I’m not on the pill and I had my period kartal escort a couple weeks ago. I might be fertile right now. How would you like that? You wanna put your own brother or sister into my slut cunt? Do it!! Cum in me and knock me the fuck up! Knock your whore momma up with your baby, and your father will raise it as his own.”

Les couldn’t stand it anymore and grabbed Candi’s hips in a death grip and shoved her all the way onto his dick as he emptied what felt like a gallon of jizz into her. He could practically feel the ball batter squeezing up into her womb where he wondered if there actually was an egg waiting to be fertilized by his spunk. Weirdly enough, the thought kind of turned him on and he just kept pulsing more and more goo into his slut’s twat. He filled her so much that some of it began seeping out of her stuffed baby maker and trickled down onto his nuts. Meanwhile, he gasped and panted as Candi dropped down to lay atop him and pepper his face with soft kisses. She even pulled him into a feverish kiss that involved her shoving her tongue almost to his throat.

At last, the pair calmed down enough to just lay there clinging to one another as his dick stayed rock hard and twitching in her cunt. Finally, he gently gripped a handful of her hair and pulled her head away enough and turned so that he could look her in the eye. What he found was blissful satisfaction and complete adoration. Blearily, she smiled at him and blew him a kiss with her plump lips.

“Ok, I gotta ask, what’s up with all the knock up talk? Is it kinky talk, or do you really want another baby?”

Though he didn’t think it was possible given just how much of a slut she was, Les was surprised to see his mother blush a deep crimson that spread over most of her body. Even as he maintained his grip on her hair to prevent her from turning away, she wouldn’t quite meet his eyes as she replied, “I dunno. I mean, I’ve been wanting another baby for years, but Marcus and I wanted to focus on all of you.

“Maybe part of it is Barb being out on her own and growing her career, and Susie now off at college. In a few months, it’ll be you leaving and Lucy the year after that. Maybe it’s empty-nest, but I get these stray thoughts of having another baby now and then, and I like it.”

“If I did knock you up, I’d want to be there for my baby. I just don’t know how we’d work it with Pop.”

Candi looked decidedly uncomfortable for a moment. “He’d be ok with it. My old owner had a thing about putting babies into sluts, it turned him on incredibly. Remember the other slut I’m gonna bring you soon? He knocked her up a couple of times. When Marcus found out, he fucked me silly for weeks everytime my owner would let him. He became insatiable finding out how my fellow slut and my owner could knock up any woman he wanted. So, if you did give me another baby, my husband would be fine with it, but he’d insist that you be a part of his or her life.”

Les was silent as he tried to process everything. There was a couple of things about what his mother had just revealed that nagged at his thoughts but couldn’t quite form into a coherent thought. Instead, he said, “So, do you want me to knock you up?”

Candi was silent for a long time and began to worry the teen before responding, “If it happened, I’d be absolutely ecstatic, but no, I don’t want us to actively try for it. I’ll never deny you dropping a load and filling up my cunt, yet I think it would be more exciting to just let nature take its course. We’ll keep fucking raw without protection but won’t purposefully try for a baby. If you knock me up, you’ll be the daddy while pretending to be the doting big brother. By that point, Marcus will know all about you and will claim him or her publicly while being proud of you in the meantime. Would that be ok with you?”

The whole conversation was surreal to Les, but he thought long and hard about it before nodding. “We’ll keep fucking like always, and if fate or god or whatever decides to bless us with a child, then I’m gonna raise it with you and Pop. Aside from that, we just let things go as they have been.”

Candi’s radiant smile was interrupted as her phone buzzed. Frustrated and growling, she extracted herself from his grip and rolled over to unplug the device from its charger. She squeaked loudly when her owner smacked her hard on the big, round target she presented to him when her ass was exposed. She gave a split-second stern look before it dissolved into a rueful chuckle and finally a devilish giggle. Focusing again on her phone, she made an aggravated noise in her throat and sat up on the side of the bed as her thumbs flew across the screen obviously sending a lengthy text.

“Godamnit! Of all the fuckin’ inconsiderate, bitchy things to pull. Sir, I gotta go. A couple high-maintenance customers are demanding I deliver some extra product to them now. Normally, I’d tell them to fuck off, but these stuck up bitches are trophy wives spending lots of their men’s money. On top of that, they’re hooking me up with connections that’ll grow my network even more. Please don’t be mad. I promise your slut will obediently drain every ounce of yummy cum from you when she gets back.”

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