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The following is a true account of events which happened to the author. Though the names have been changed, all events recounted here actually happened. Still pinching myself…. On with the story!

PART ONE (Hopefully not the last chapter…)

Where do I begin? Though it’s all crystal clear in my mind, even I am finding it hard to believe it’s true. I suppose I should start with just a bit of background….

My name’s Todd. I’m 40 years old, yet I’ve been fairly lucky in the aging department. As recently as a month ago, I still had no problems attracting women half my age. I just returned to my home town about a year ago after sixteen years spent on the West coast. I hadn’t stayed in touch with many of my relatives as there were so many of them who I hardly even knew. Someone I had hoped to see again on my return was my cousin Gina. She’s about 4 years younger than I. She and I, while not complete ‘black sheep’ of the family, seemed to have chosen similar paths in life. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll had been a substantial influence to both of us over the years. During my teenage years I had secretly lusted over Gina as she began her transformation to womanhood. I furtively snuck peeks through keyholes and doors left slightly ajar in hopes that I’d one day be lucky enough to catch even a glance of skin. I was a horny teenage boy after all. The closest I ever got was on the way home from a family trip to the beach one year. Gina had remained in her one-piece swimsuit for the ride home. Luck was with me that day.

Every so often, Gina would bend forward to retrieve something from the duffel bag at her feet and with each bend, the top of her swimsuit gradually got lower on her chest nearly revealing her erect nipples (the water had been a bit chilly that day.) As we were nearing home, I thought that I was to be foiled again but…. She bent once again, this time to put her remaining items back in the bag. As she packed her bag I had a clear view into the cleavage that was formed by her still developing breasts. I was mesmerized. And then it happened. As she lifted the bag, one entire breast came into clear view, perky nipple and all. Thinking that no one had witnessed her slip, she proceeded to put on an oversized t-shirt to avoid any further wardrobe malfunctions. After all my planned attempts, my first good look came as the result of being in exactly the right place at the right time.

Years went by. I saw less and less of Gina other than at family functions. We each found bursa escort our own lives away from our families and contact grew scant. Eventually, I moved away. And even over the sixteen years that followed, thoughts of Gina and that lucky day continued to fuel my incestuous fantasies never once thinking that something would ever really happen.

That all changed less than 24 hours ago. We’ll get to that in a moment. Things had changed a lot since I’d been gone. People had come and gone but Gina had remained. Come to find out she was now the girlfriend of my friend Phil’s younger brother Moe. Interestingly enough, Moe eventually became my roommate. Through this, I learned a great deal more about Gina and how she had gone from the seemingly innocent teenage girl I’d known back then to quite the adventurous, sexually open-minded person she is now. And interestingly enough, her life and mine had shared in many similar experiences.

I had spent nearly all of my 16 years out west working in nightclubs where I was quite lucky to have a very active and fulfilling sex life. Not to say I was whoring around, just that I began to seek out new and exciting things, sexually speaking that is. At times, it would have seemed like I’d had a sexual checklist I was trying to complete. Public sex, anal, and group sex were some of my favorite pursuits. Finding someone adventurous enough to explore these subjects was at times challenging, but on the other hand, some of my partners exposed me to things that I had never learned about firsthand.

On occasion, Moe would give me a late night call inviting me over to Gina’s place for drinks and relaxation. I had no clear idea of his motives until one visit when the conversation clearly had turned sexual. Moe was persistent about trying to persuade Gina to strip for me. Though her conversation had been laden with innuendo as well, she wasn’t convinced she was ready that night to get naked in front of her cousin. This scenario repeated itself a few times, each ending with me growing tired and somewhat impatient. More and more, I was convinced that it just wasn’t to be. And each time, just the thought that it almost happened sent me home anxious to stroke my rigid cock and bring myself some much needed relief.

It all started out rather innocently last night. After plans for Phil, Joe, Gina and I got messed up at the last moment, we made plans to go out to a local club for a few drinks. I was supposed to meet someone at another bar along the way, so we stopped there bursa escort bayan first. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, she was ready to head home. It looked like I was going to be a third wheel tonight and likely to be stuck seeing to my own sexual needs when I got home. We barely made it to the convenience store in time to stock up on beer and decided to head over to Gina’s to continue hanging out.

As I’d expected, it didn’t take Moe very long to turn the conversation sexual. The surprise was that Gina was following his lead. I think that maybe her resistance had begun to wear down as I joined in. Feeling a bit bolder than in previous visits, I followed Moe’s lead hoping that Gina would finally give in. It wasn’t much longer that we all found our way into the bedroom for a little smoke-out. Buoyed by the effects of the smoke, Gina claimed that she’d give in and only take her top off if the guys were topless first. No time was wasted as Moe and I were bare-chested in seconds flat. Now bound by her own agreement, Gina began to take of her blouse and bra revealing the breasts I’d waited more than half my life to see. There they were less than three feet from me. Naturally perky and about a B-cup in size, each capped with amazing, thick and erect nipples just begging to be sucked. Moe wasted no time as he bent to kiss Gina and then caress and suck her beautiful tits. I stood there for a second, nearly frozen in disbelief that this was actually happening. I sat on the edge of the bed as I reached out to cup her breast allowing my fingers to gently pinch her hard nipples. Her response was clearly positive. This is really about to happen, I thought to myself.

At this point Moe was ready to get down to business as he pulled his cock from his pants encouraging Gina to show me just how talented she was at giving head. After a minute or so of watching from aside the bed, I removed my jeans and lay next to them stroking my ever-hardening cock. Moe was clearly anxious to get me involved and directed Gina to take my cock into her talented mouth. I could see (and feel) that she was quite passionate about giving head. For awhile she would go from cock to cock alternately until Moe suggested she should try to get both of us into her mouth. The view of my cousin with two hard dicks in her mouth and looking up at us nearly drove me to cum right then and there.

Moe moved away as he began to strip her of her tiny G-string underwear exposing what has to be one of the prettiest pussies I escort bursa have ever laid eyes (and tongue) on. As she continued her expert techniques on me, Moe began to eat the pussy I’d been craving since high school. I couldn’t wait for my turn. Positions were once again exchanged as Moe laid on his back for more head, Gina rose up on all fours exposing the most tantalizing view of her shapely, firm ass and now wet pussy. Needing no further encouragement, I dove right in and proceeded to lick, kiss, and nibble every square inch of her ass before diving right in. My reward (and hers) came when I finally tasted her wonderfully wet and tight pussy. Upon hearing her muffled approval, I began to alternate between massaging her clit with my tongue and sticking my tongue into her ass as deep as it would go. This too pleased her. Soon, I would find out that my sexy cousin had another talent I’d not expected. While relaxing between Moe and I as we ran our hands over her body, I got to witness (for the first time in my 40 years) the amazing sight of Gina’s pussy gushing as she reached an intense orgasm. Yup, my cousin was the first ‘honest-to-god’ squirter I’d ever experienced.

At this point, I could only wonder if this was the most intense dream of my life or if it was indeed reality. Let’s say that reality began to sink in right about the time the head of my cock ‘sunk in’ to Gina’s warm, tight pussy. The three of us continued through the early morning hours with a brief stop for a hot tub break. I asked Gina if she was having any ill feelings about what just happened. Like me, she said that after the initial shock, she was really getting off on the fact that she had just been fucking her cousin.

We made our way back indoors for what turned into a few more hours of fucking and sucking. One of my favorite memories of last night was when Gina and I assumed a sixty-nine position and I began to finger both her pussy and ass while I worked my tongue over her still swollen clit. Eventually, we all tired, and I made my way home, my mind full of imagery that will last a lifetime. Prior to leaving, I asked Gina if this would be the first and last time or if I was ever gonna taste her hot pussy again. She assured me that it would happen again. A good thing too, because I cannot wait to feel her cum gushing into my awaiting mouth. And I can also foresee some double penetration action in the near future. Moe assured me she does like it in the ass!

At the time of this writing, I await the phone call just before halftime of today’s game. Gina said she’d be the halftime entertainment. A definite improvement on even the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders if you ask me. Are you ready for some foot BALL?

Part Two cumming soon!

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