Rekindling the Passion


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Alice Chater

It was the annual Golf Club Halloween Party night on Friday. This was usually the event of the year when everyone went all out to impress with their costumes and the club was transformed into a spooky cavern with fake cobwebs and dancing skeletons.

I had decided to go as a sexy vampire. I had bought an extremely low cut satin black and red basque, black satin mini skirt, fishnet stockings and 4 inch patent heels. To finish things off I would wear a black velvet cape and had a wig of long dark shiny hair and black lipstick.

When I showed the outfit to my husband Bob on the Wednesday he sneered at me and said “do you think you are sexy …. you look stupid”. I was used to his criticisms but it still hurt as his usual way of amusing himself was to ridicule me and make me feel stupid.

The next night he went to the pub for a few drinks and when he came back he literally bounced off the walls as he had drunk a bit too much. He was his usual argumentative self and demanded that I put my Halloween outfit on again. “I know what you can do to please me at the party” he snarled “I want you to go down to the locker room at 8.30 pm and wait for me there, when I come in wearing my Darth Vader costume I want you to lift my cloak and suck my cock”. You can practise now if you like and unzipped his trousers to reveal his half-hearted erection. I got down on my knees and started sucking but the effects of the beer was taking its toll and no matter how much I sucked it was having no effect on his dick. My jaw was starting to ache and I wondered whether I would ever manage to make him cum when I heard him start to snore. “Thank god” I said to myself and crept away to bed leaving him asleep on the chair.

I lay awake for a long time that night thinking things over. I blamed myself for the way he treated me as I had had an affair a few years previously but I hated the way he spoke to me and how he made me feel. I knew I didn’t deserve to be treated that way but I also knew that if I didn’t do as he said he wouldn’t speak to me for days and he would make things difficult for me.

In the earlier days of our marriage we had a fairly good sexual relationship but now it was all about his pleasure and I wasn’t allowed to get any enjoyment out of it. He rarely made love to me and I couldn’t remember the last time he had given me oral sex but at the same time expected me to go down on him on demand.

He text me the next evening and said that he would be late arriving at the party but that I should just go along at 7.30 pm with our friends. At 8.30 sincan escort pm I should do as he asked and wait in the locker room.

I got ready for the party listening to some loud rock music to get me in the mood for a party. I applied my make up carefully, put on my stockings and a red silk thong, added the basque, mini skirt and my extremely high heels. When I had finished I really felt that I looked stunning and no matter what cruel thing Bob might say to me tonight I knew that I looked good. When our friends arrived to pick me up they agreed.

I really wasn’t sure whether to risk his wrath by not doing as he said or whether just to get it over with and enjoy the rest of the evening afterwards.

The party was in full swing when we arrived, the hall had been decorated to the usual high standards and with carefully applied lighting looked like a large spooky cave. I ordered a double gin and tonic at the bar to help me decide what to do about Bob’s request and managed to relax slightly. “What the hell” I thought “it’s just a blow job and he is my husband”.

Just before 8.30 I spotted the familiar Darth Vader costume out in the corridor heading towards the locker room “dam” I thought “I should already be in there waiting”.

I hurried along to the locker room as fast as I could in my 4 inch heels and got there just behind him. In an attempt to diffuse the situation I joked “do you want me to suck your blood or your cock” and immediately lifted his cloak before he could say a word.

His cock was still flaccid so I was able to take it all in my mouth and heard him groan gently in pleasure as it began to grow larger. I then withdrew and traced my tongue up and down the length of his shaft teasing gently before caressing his heavy testicles with my tongue. He leant against a bench to support himself and make himself more comfortable as I once more took him deep in my mouth and used my hands to gently play with his balls. I could hear him groaning in delight and I began to relax thinking that perhaps for once I had pleased him. Normally he just lay there in silence giving me no sign that he was enjoying what I was doing.

I was really enjoying feeling his cock in my mouth now and gripped his shaft tightly as he thrust his hips towards me faster and faster as he fucked my mouth and groaned in ecstasy. I could feel his cock twitch as his explosion grew closer and I sucked even harder to bring him to his climax. Finally, “aargh” I heard him say as he exploded into my mouth, his cum running down my throat with the excess dripping ankara escort down my chin. Mmm I thought licking my lips that tastes better than normal.

Before I had a chance to move he pushed me gently onto the floor and lifted my skirt, he lifted his mask from his mouth and pushed my thong to one side with his tongue and began to frantically lick and suck my swollen clit. I gasped in amazement – it had been at least two years since Bob had given me oral sex and, even when he had, it had never felt like this. He continued to tease me with his tongue while at the same time pushing two fingers deep inside my soaking wet pussy. I groaned in pleasure as I felt my orgasm building and within minutes I exploded in a climax like nothing I had ever experienced before with my juices spurting all over his mouth.

You immediately straightened your cloak and rushed out of the room as I stood up with my legs still shaking.

I went to the ladies and tidied myself up before returning to the table and was surprised to find that Bob wasn’t there. “No sign of Bob?” I said to the others. “No” they said “haven’t seen him at all”.

I picked up my phone to text him when I saw that I had a new text message. It was from Bob ….. “sorry babe the car has broken down and I won’t be able to make the party. I will stay the night with Jim from work”!!!

“Oh shit” I thought to myself “who was Darth Vader if it wasn’t Bob”. I looked around and saw Darth Vader come back into the hall still wearing his mask and sit at a table on the opposite side of the room next to an attractive blonde woman who I supposed must be his wife. He saw me looking over and lifted his mask and winked at me. I recognised him immediately, it was George, a guy I had dated when I was still at school. “Goodness” I thought “if only I’d known he could give oral like that all those years ago”.

A little later I saw him go to the bar so I headed up there hoping to explain myself. He turned to me as I arrived at his side and smiled at me, the smile immediately put me at ease “you don’t need to explain” he said “I realise you thought I was someone else but I just hope that wasn’t a one off as I have never experienced anything like that before”. “Me neither” I replied feeling a bit lost for words.

As I returned to my table I wondered when I would have a chance to see him again. As luck would have it that chance was going to be sooner than I expected.

As George returned to his table he tripped up and the whole tray of drinks went right over his wife soaking her from head to etimegut escort toe. I could hear her shouting at him from the other side of the hall and then the next minute she marched out of the club still muttering under her breath and calling him all the names under the sun.

Things then settled down but I noticed that George didn’t follow her out.

About an hour later I went to the ladies and when I came out George was waiting on me. “How about we get out of here” he said.

I made my excuses and met him just outside the front door, we had to walk through some thick woods to get home and once we were out of sight of the club we stopped and looked into each other’s eyes before sharing a long hard kiss. Mmm he said “as much as I loved earlier, it will be much nicer taking our time”.

“Let’s go to my house” I said “Bob won’t be back tonight”.

We had no sooner opened the door when you removed my cloak and squeezed my ample breasts out the top of my basque, you seemed to instinctively know where the bedroom was and lead me there, laying me on the bed and beginning to suck on my nipples which were standing to attention like bullets after the walk in the brisk October breeze.

We then slowly removed each other’s clothing until he was completely naked and I was left in my red thong and fishnet stockings. “My god” he said “you look incredible”.

He then began to stroke my body all over, leaving not one inch untouched, lingering over my nipples and exploring my inner recesses until I squirmed in pleasure.

My hands soon found his hard cock and I began to stroke it gently as it oozed pre-cum.

I couldn’t take any more so I moved on top of him positioning his iron rod at the entrance to my glistening wet pussy and gently moved downwards as his cock slid deep inside me. I had forgotten that making love could be like this. I was so used to being with someone who cared nothing about my needs.

He held me tight and slowed me down as he didn’t want to peak too soon and then rolled me over onto my back so that he could set the pace. We fitted perfectly together and both were moaning in pleasure as we first fucked hard and fast then later changing pace to making love slow and gently. We brought each other to the brink of climax time and time again but each time slowed right down so that we could get the most enjoyment possible out of the evening.

After two hours of pleasure it was almost time for the evening to end so he positioned me on all fours and plunged his cock deep inside me, this position gave him ultimate control and he fucked me relentlessly until finally he came with his second explosion of the evening shooting straight into my wet pussy.

We lay still for a little while then arranged to meet again before he had to go.

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