Rain n Pleasures


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There was a knock on the door last night and the rain was coming down quite heavy. It was an unusually cold rain. Paula had just dropped by earlier and we were talking about the times in the past.

When I opened the door, there you were. You were drenched from the rain with arms folded shivering. Your car had broken down and needed assistance. We invited you in and Paula offered a towel and began drying your hair. I couldn’t help but notice your nipples, quite stiff from the chilly rain and your bra was easily evident through your thin white blouse.

I quickly threw a blanket around you and set you on the sofa. Paula brought you a brandy and you sipped it. Didn’t help the chill at first but you accepted it as a life preserver in the ocean. We called every number that we had available, even your mobile rescue service. No one was there to help. There was no alternative but to stay the night and fix things in the morning.

As Paula cuddled you with the blanket I held you gently to keep you from shivering. I almost forgot about your nipples being stiff from the cold rain as I was looking at your beautiful hair and beautiful eyes. Paula lights the fireplace as it offers a little warmth but the blanket and my rubbing seemed to help for the first few moments. Paula took over and continued to rub your arms and then worked with your legs.

There wasn’t any help except to stay the night. I continued with rubbing your shoulders and arms and accidentally rubbing your breasts. You felt that you had been rescued after all.

Cuddling is a bore for most men but for women it can be an ecstasy. Paula continued rubbing your legs and I held you gently about the shoulders and your demeanor became relaxed although still not losing the shivers. Another sip of brandy and you felt the comfort of a warm home and friends to help.

We laughed about not getting in touch with the rescue people and the laughter, along with the cuddling, turned to a whisper. Relaxation was now apparent as the whisper turned in to a kiss, then a dream came true. It became necessary to discard your wet clothing. Paula helped to unbutton your blouse as I fixed another brandy for all of us to share and then stirred çankaya escort the fireplace. When I turned around I could see a drop of rain water drip from your hair and onto your breast.

Paula unsnapped your bra and revealed your most beautiful and wonderful breasts. I asked for you both not to move and gently sipped the rain from your nipple. It was as sweet as the minerals from a waterfall. Paula continued drying your legs and you became subdued and lay back on the sofa. You felt a little warmer and more comfortable. It wasn’t the brandy, it was the attention that makes you feel warm and attended to.

Paula brushes her fingers along your arm, your cheek, your neck and then downward along the curve of your waist and hip. I remain fascinated at the erection of your nipples that have now lost the chill of the cold rain. Gradually I stroke in the direction of your genitals as Paula goes downward from your waist. I move upward from your thigh not to make a move to touch your genitals or your breasts. After a few minutes, you wonder why we haven’t they gone further.

You respond by turning towards me, moving closer, raising your hips. I stop, you retreat. Paula continues to massage your thighs. She follows the calf to your thigh and gently kisses your other thigh and continues downward on the opposite. I softly caress you with my hand brushing along your belly in the direction of your delicate soft lips. I kiss the skin between your naval and your pubic hair just below the swell of your belly.

This seems to be a particularly sensitive area and I know that underneath lies your womb. Your breasts are much warmer now and your nipples show erect. They are like a snow-capped mountain peak. Quite rigid and looking for a warm and inviting mouth. You are now going crazy as Paula realizes that you are ready for genital stimulation and intercourse as well. She touches your sweet flower only to find it is very much wet. I slip my finger over the outer lips and find your clitoris and inner lips are swollen. You still wonder. “Why hasn’t one of them penetrated?”. You have already climaxed once. You reach down and take my manhood and try to guide it to your genitals, pulling Paula’s escort etlik head to your breasts with the other hand. You moan and ask for penetration.

Paula continues with her fascination of your legs and kisses around your thighs and outer lips. You pull my hardness closer and stronger to your entrance which is now dilated to receiving it and Paula’s tongue. She reaches up and squeezes your breasts as you pinch your own nipples. Only you know the threshold of pinching your nipples. You have now had two more orgasms and we are still flowing with the pre-juices of love.

Your outer lips are quite swollen and quite velvety. You finally force my hardness inside of you and Paula sucks your nipples to the point that you are in complete ecstasy and cry out upon feeling my shaft enter and fill your walls. You allow me the same point of orgasm as your muscles vacuum me inside your pussy and allow me to release the fluids of love. Paula still continues to hold on to a most precious part of your body. She continues to caress your legs, thighs and at the same time massages my balls.

After ejaculating my precious juices into your beautiful body you achieve another orgasm even stronger than any experienced with us before. Your back that was arched now becomes relaxed and you pull my head to your left breast. I taste the the nipple that is now covered with our perspiration and you pull Paula’s head to our right breast as she tastes the melting snow of a wonderful summer of love.

We nurse you to gain strength to have another experience. As you shift your body to reposition, my manhood slips from your contracting walls. Paula moves her tongue over my glistening shaft then takes me into her mouth and begins to suck the juices of the both of us. Her head bobs upon my shaft as her tongue dances over the crown. She takes into her throat and draws long deep shoves into her throat. As she releases my hardness from her mouth, she pulls you towards her which makes you fall to your side. She locks her lips onto your nipple and sucks gently at first then takes it between her teeth and while sucking, her tongue roughly runs circles around your areola. As she moves to repeat ankara demetevler escort the same motion upon your other nipple she grasps my still stiff cock and pushes it snug against your backside, as I feel her guide me to your tight sphincter, she tells me to push. As I do, the crown slips quietly inside your tight rim. You release a small moan as you accept the thickness wanting to be deep inside your body.

As Paula pulls you down more so onto the sofa, I position myself with my knees on the floor and your perfect moon just slightly off the sofa. Positioning is working well as I can hold onto your hip and thigh while feeding myself into your backside. Once I have slid all of my length into you I began a slow rhythmic thrusting. Paula moves her hands back and with her thumb and forefinger encircles my shaft and follows it as I penetrate you. Pulling out almost to the point of withdrawal before sliding it back into the hilt. I continue thrusting your sexy backside and soon work up to fevered motion.

Your moans fill the room and you no longer feel any side effects of the cold or shivers as you relax and enjoy the hardness which fills your anus. Paula begins to kiss your mouth as your moans fight thru her lips.

A muffled moan escapes as you feel my shaft become rigid and thicker as you break the kiss and moan ever so loud, panting out your orgasm as my shaft contracts and a sudden moan leaves my body as you feel the warm splash of my sticky hot juice fill your bowels. Repeating the thrusts with the same tempo and speed as when I started I milk out as much of your orgasm as I can while still unleashing more and more of myself inside your cavity.

Your body relaxes and melts into the sofa. I slowly withdraw from your luscious backside and a I back up a bit, Paula replaces my shaft with her finger as your rim begins to close around her finger. Once the tight seal has reformed, she begins a slow motion and pumps your backside several times before withdrawing her finger shining and glistening with our wetness.

As Paula makes you comfortable on the sofa and moves up with you, I cover you both with a blanket and restoke the fire. Paula is gently covering your face with kisses as you drift off to a sweet sleep. We never checked the clock because it is now morning and the rain has stopped. Your car was never fixed so you take mine and drive back home. I look for your return…not just for the car but for another experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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