Rachel’s Private Yoga


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Rachel Masdale walked into the yoga studio wearing purple yoga pants and a blue sports bra. Rachel was a dumb blonde white girl who had c cup tits, but an ass comparable to Sofia Vergara’s. Rachel was a girl who’s ass you could grab and convince that you slipped and it was an accident. Rachel was never flexible so she thought this class would help her out.

“I’m assuming that you are Ms.Masdale?”

“Yes, but please call me Rachel, and you are?”

“Peter Gregory, just before we start I have a couple of questions.”


“What is your I.Q?”

“Uh, I think that doctor guy said that it was like 81, all I remember though was that my parents alsmost took me to a school for special kids for it.”



“Bra size?”

“C 32.”

“What are you wearing under your pants?”


“When did you lose your virginity?”


“Do people call you stupid?”

“Yeah, but most guys say erotik film izle that that’s cause they are jealous of my ass.”

“Well it is big, I need to grab it to see what I am going to do.”


Peter pulled Rachel up to him grabbed her big, juicy, round ass.

“Alright so the first thing I want you to do is press your body up against my, so I am looking at your back. Good, now I want you to thrust your hips in and out.”

“How far?”

“Make it so your ass hits up against me.”

Rachel started and her round ass started to hit Peter’s crotch.

“Am I doing it right?”

“Stop thrusting your arms with your hips, here I help you.”

Peter then wrapped his hands around Rachel so that she could not move her arms.

“Thanks peter.”

Peter then started to hump Rachel creating noise each time her ass and his cock collided.

“Hey, my ass is making noise.”

“It sure is baby, oh and I forgot to tell film izle you, I like my students to call me daddy.”

“O.K daddy.”

“O.K time for a different pose. Now I want you to bend over.”

Rachel bent over, showing Peter how large her ass could get. Peter then placed his hand behind her knee and moved his hand up her leg, slowly moving up to her juicy thigh, and then put his hand around her ass.

“Excellent form Rachel.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“Walk with me.”


“I am going to give you your gift for being a special girl.”

“Yay, what is it.”

“Put your hands against the wall and lean your ass out.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah and spread your legs. Good. Now time for your special gift.”

Peter then started to slap Rachel’s ass.

“Is this my gift?”

“It is the beginning of it.”

“Should you really be slapping my ass daddy?”

“Yes baby, you see when I slap your ass it seks filmi izle means that you get to stay with me forever and fuck me when I want you to, and only special girls like you get to.”

“O.K then spank me daddy.”

“I’ll do more than that.”

Peter ripped her pants open took his cock out and shoved it up her ass.

“Remember that thrusting thing I had you do?”


“Do that.”

Rachel started thrusting her ass in and out.

“There’s that sound again.”

“You like that sound Rachel?”

“Ooh yeah daddy, I really like it.”

Rachel let out a big scream as Peter’s ten inch cock went all the way into her ass.

“Holy fuck!”

Peter then shoved 3 fingers up Rachel’s pussy as he continued to thrust his rod into her. Then just as Peter was about to reach his climax, Rachel started to cum, causing Peter to shoot the white fluid right up her ass.

“Can we stop daddy? I’m tired.”

“How about you come to my house and take a nap, the we pick up where we left off when you wake up”

“O.K daddy.”

Once Rachel fell asleep in one of Peter’s bedrooms, Peter handcuffed her to the bed and locked the door on the way out.

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