Portland Rain


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I left the club and walked toward my hotel. Along they way a short, rather heavy young lady was working the street. It was pouring down rain and while she was trying to stay under a marquee, she had gotten soaked.

“Care to join me?” I asked stopping to face her. I held up two 20’s and said that’s all I have left ’til tomorrow. But the up side is a nice dry place to spend the rest of the night, a bathroom, and a shower to freshen up in the morning.” She took my proffered arm and we walked into the next block and up to my room in the Savoy On The Quay.

Inside she began to undress as I watched, then joined her in shedding my own clothes. She was perfect for me in every way, long haired, plump, short, large breasted and with quite the hairy pubic bush. “How would you like me, hon?” she asked.

“What’s your name, first?”


“Pleasant meeting you, Donna.”

“Same here … uhh …”

“Oh sorry. Richard,” I told her. I stepped up to her to embrace her and to hold our naked bodies together.

“Do you kiss?” I asked her.

“Usually not. You know …”

“Yeah. Oral?”

“Yeah. But …” she started to say as I erotik film izle raised her face up to mine, placing my fingers under her chin. She opened her mouth and I kissed her with mine opened as well. After a few seconds our tongues met and we French kissed for another extended period of time. Cupping a breast in my hand, my other arm around her, I pulled her tighter against me and felt my cock growing between us. Sliding my hand down to her bare butt, I pressed my fingers into her bottom crease and felt the slippery, greasy area around her anus.

“Ohh, gaaawwwd, baby, that feels goooooood,” I told her.

“You can do me there, if you like,” she said.

“I might want to,” I told her, pressing her back toward the bed and against it. Letting go of her then, she layed back onto the bed and I raised up onto it with her. She let her thighs spread apart as I settled between them, face first into her pussy crease.

“Ohhhhh RICHARD … I usually don’t …. let … mmmm … oh Richard, I must smell …. Ohhhhhh …,” she moaned out. “There was a guy earlier … OH RICHARD … that feels soooo goooood! But …”

“No buts, Donna. No worries. I love film izle this.” There WAS the decided flavor of another man’s cum in her rich pussy juices and pissy flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed licking at and sucking at her hairy lined cunny. She reached down to herself opened and I licked and kissed and sucked at her fingers as she masturbated along with my licking out her pussy. While she rubbed her clit I dipped my tongue down between her bottom cheeks and found her soiled anus. It was somewhat dirty and heavily ladened with her musky anal secretions. I lapped at it voraciously as she pushed down on herself inside and I cleaned the creases and folds of anus, pushing my tongue up inside of her and feeling the end of her next poo ready to come out of her rectum. She let herself close and my tongue slipped back out of her tasty little brown hole and I moved back up through her twat, up into her pu bush and up her tummy, licked and kissed around her belly button and up to her ample titties. My mouth closed around first one and then the other nipple and areolar ring, gave each a little sucking and moved up to her throat and chin and mouth.

My cock didn’t even need the seks filmi izle guidance of my fingers to enter her, and it slid in past the head and up inside of her loose, wet canal. Her mouth and lips and tongue seized my own, kissing, licking, sucking as she fucked my cock with her pussy. I held myself still for SEVERAL seconds and felt her vaginal muscles working up and down my cock, letting me slide in and out of her. I moved my hips up and down a few more times and stopped again as her pussy virtually sucked me to a HARD ORGASM.

“Ohhh gaaawd, baby … OH YEAAAH,” I gasped as I fucked her harder, in and out and JAMMING MY COCK up into her as far as I could get it … out a little and HARD and DEEP up into her again, squirting gobbet after gobbet of my cum up into her pussy. She ground her hairy mound up against my own as I finished inside of her and began to slip out. “That was VERY nice, honey. Thank you.”

“Thank you for a place to stay the night. I really have nowhere to go.”

“Well, stay the night. Get up and clean up in the morning. Take your time. I don’t have to be out of here until eleven o’clock and don’t have to be at the airport until after three in the afternoon. Care to have lunch with me? Breakfast too for that matter?”

“Sure. Again, thanks,” she said as she turned her back to me and I cuddled up against her and awoke in the early light of the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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