Please Relieve Me Ch. 05


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Panic struck me initially as I woke on Sunday morning. It was the panic of waking up in unfamiliar surroundings. The touch against my skin felt strange and as I awoke I realised slowly that the bedding was softer than I was used to and I was wearing fewer clothes also. Upon opening my eyes fully, I remembered last night. I remembered the feel of my mother’s soft skin against mine.

Looking to my left I felt glad that my Mum was not in bed next to me. I felt embarrassed and awkward even thinking that I would have to encounter her today. I resolved after a moment that the best thing would be to not mention what had happened. Mum touching my penis with her hand was one thing but last night I felt her body on top of mine – had we crossed a line? Better not to dwell on it.

A noise in the bedroom startled me from my thoughts; the sound of the door opening. I saw my mother begin to enter the room. She was wearing her dressing gown which covered up the majority of her body.

“Why aren’t you up yet?” Mum asked; her voice breaking the silence of the room.

I noticed that her tone was completely neutral. Indeed Mum was not looking at me, she seemed distracted getting herself ready. I presumed that she was looking for a towel as she moved around her dressing table.

“Sorry Mum, I only just woke up,” I replied. I noticed my voice sounded quiet.

Mum continued fussing at her things at her dressing table. I knew I should get up and get ready but I felt awkward as I was naked. I wanted my mother to leave the room so I could cover myself and have a shower too.

“I hope you haven’t made any mess there,” Mum said nonchalantly.

At this comment I felt my face redden with guilt as I knew my penis was sticky from last night and had been rubbing against Mum’s sheets. My Mum hated mess. I noticed Mum pause in her actions at her desk and turn to face me. I heard a sound as if she was murmuring and watched as she began walking towards the bed.

With a motion I saw Mum reach for the bed covers and begin to pull them back. I squirmed slightly as my nakedness was exposed and no longer hidden underneath the bed covers. My Mum being so close to me, slightly excited me though and I felt my penis twitch.

Mum shifted to the side slightly and sat on the edge of the right side of the bed closest to me. I could see her dressing gown had ridden up slightly and Mum’s legs were hanging over the side of the bed. My mother’s right hand then reached out and touched my penis.

As Mum’s warm hand made contact with my penis I shut my eyes for a second as I felt the sensation. Her soft skin felt so good against my penis.

“You’re sticky,” Mum said as she slowly pulled my brown foreskin up covering my penis head and then slowly brought it down.

I didn’t reply to Mum. I was unsure of her comment; didn’t she remember what had happened last night? The stickiness was her own juices that had coated me. Thinking about it made me feel flushed. I watched as my foreskin covered and then uncovered the head of my brown Indian penis. I still felt fascinated by the colour contrast of my medium brown skin against my Mum’s lighter wheat brown complexion. I think I inherited my darker looks from my father.

“Do you want to cum?” Mum asked me.

I noticed that Mum wasn’t looking at my face but at my penis and my foreskin moving up and down in her hands. As I continued to watch Mum’s delicate hands I noticed that my penis head was becoming stickier as my pre-cum oozed from my penis hole. I hoped Mum had not noticed this as she hated mess. I couldn’t help contrast how immaculate my mother’s bedroom had been when I first entered it a few days ago to how messy it was with me in here.

“Do you want to put your penis in Mummy’s mouth?” Mum asked quietly as she continued stroking me.

My penis twitched again, stronger than previously. I wasn’t used to my mother being so direct with me. There was something about Mum’s tone that was exciting me.

“Do you want to put your dirty penis in Mummy’s mouth?” Mum asked again quietly as she continued stroking my penis.

I felt my penis throb. The use of the word ‘dirty’ made the situation feel surreal. I was lying on my mother’s bed and she was stroking my penis and asking me if I wanted to put it into her mouth. I was naked in front of my mother and exposing my penis to her in her own bedroom. This was crazy, this was my strict Indian mother who, prior to a week ago, I had never seen more of her body than her ankles.

“Bolo [speak],” Mum asked quietly but sternly. “Do you want Mummy to suck your penis?”

I nodded yes. I was tentative and embarrassed but I needed release. The excitement within me was building all the while as my Mum stroked me. Mum, however, didn’t move. She didn’t react to my nod. What did she want? What was she waiting for? Did Mum want me to speak? My penis felt rock hard as if all the blood in my body had rushed into it, I felt light headed.

“Yess…yess Mummy…,” ataşehir escort bayan I managed to get out and I saw my Mum’s head fall and her mouth open. Next I felt warmth on my penis and suction. “…please,” I continued barely audible.

The power of Mum’s sucking hit me. It felt so good, as if the hard steel of my penis was being tempered by the water in my mother’s mouth. As I looked down to my crotch, I saw my mother’s pretty brown face move up exposing the head of my penis before moving down and taking it into her mouth. Mummy’s pretty pink lips were wrapped about my crown as her dainty hand continued to stroke my shaft.

Mum had her beautiful brown eyes open and I looked into them as her head bobbed up and down on top of me. The sensation was incredible and I felt tingles in my balls as her hand hit them on her down stroke.

I needed something to occupy me; I was struggling to cope with the sensations that I was feeling. I reached out and touched my mother’s neck. Her skin was soft and supple against my fingers. I traced down and came against the dressing gown my mother still had on which frustrated me. I felt annoyed that this dressing gown was blocking the path of my hand so began trying to move it – I don’t know what came over me or where this courage came from. The heat of my penis seemed to have permeated to my brain.

“Hauli hauli [slowly],” Mum said as she stopped sucking me for a moment.

I then felt disappointment as she moved away from her sucking action and straightened up. This feeling was short lived, however, as she reached down and undid the robe of her dressing gown and placed it on the table at the side of the bed. Underneath she was wearing a sleeveless white nightie. I could see it bunched up at her knees and Mum’s pretty long legs dangling at the side of the bed.

Mum shifted her position on the bed so that she was kneeling in front of me as I lay down. She then bent over towards me so that her head was near to my penis and began lifted her nightie up. I felt my face flushing as my mother’s nightie lifted higher and her large brown breasts came into view.

I looked into Mum’s eyes as she opened up and again took my penis into her pretty mouth. Despite my penis having received no attention for the last few moments, I still felt just as hard. Mum taking her dressing gown off and exposing her breasts to me had excited me.

I reached out as Mum sucked me and took her left breast into my right hand. My Mum’s breasts were not huge but they were a nice handful and fitted her frame. As I ran my fingers over the dark brown nipple, I couldn’t help thinking that these were the same breasts that had nursed me as a child. These thoughts made my penis twitch and I noticed that Mum seemed to suck my penis harder as I twitched.

It occurred to me, after a few moments, of playing with my mother’s breasts whilst she sucked my penis, that my penis and testicles were not hurting. For several weeks I had been in regular sharp pain; that was the reason why the ‘medicine’ of masturbation had been prescribed by my doctor. But at that moment, sitting on my parent’s bed while my mother gave me head, I felt strangely normal – as un-normal as that thought could be.

As I touched Mum’s breasts I found that her nipples were soft but the more I touched and tweaked them they became harder. It made me wonder whether my mother was getting excited. As Mum was kneeling in front of me with her nightie pulled up, I couldn’t see her stomach or the top of her legs – I wondered if she had been wearing panties underneath her nightie.

In between caressing those beautiful breasts I let my hands wonder and touched my mother’s face and even ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked me. The pleasure I was feeling as my mother knelt on the bed in front of me and sucked my penis was incredible.

“Ooo,” I heard Mum say as I felt the suction on my penis stop.

Looking at my Mum’s expression, I realised something was wrong which worried me. I released my grip on her nipples afraid that I was the cause of the pain.

“Mera peeth dooka hai [my back is hurting]” Mum said.

Mum began stretching her back and arms as she knelt on the bed. Her legs were together and she was still bent over so I could not get a good view at my mother’s crotch. I felt partially guilty in trying to peek at my mother but the blood on my penis was making it difficult to think straight.

I had been building up to cumming as Mum had worked on my penis and I wanted release now, even though I was not in pain as I had been for several weeks. As I watched Mum stretch herself in front of me, her nightie was still bunched up over the top of her breasts.

After a few moments of stretching Mum stopped and looked at me. I followed her gaze and saw that she was looking at my crotch. I looked down and to my surprise saw that I had been stroking my penis as Mum had stretched in front of me. I had never touched my penis in front of escort kadıköy my Mum before, such things had always been implied as being wrong and dirty in our household and I felt embarrassed and ashamed at doing it now. I put my hands away as Mum looked at me. Her face looked stern.

“You still need release don’t you?” Mum said crossly. “You are taking too much time and this position is hurting my back.”

“Hmm,” Mum continued as she looked around the room. “khare ho jao [stand up],”

Groggily I pulled my legs towards me and swivelled to move to the side of the bed. I stood up to the side of the bed uncertain of what Mum expected of me. It occurred to me that I was standing with my feet together and my penis sticking up in the air like a soldier standing to attention. I didn’t dare voice this thought out load or laugh in front of my mother, however.

Mum’s feet touched the floor and I noticed that her toes looked pretty having been painted pink. Mum then began to lower herself to the floor in front of me. Her long brown legs were now crossed on the floor by her bed and her nightie was still bunched up around her breasts exposing those large dark nipples. In our tradition prayers are normally conducted whilst sitting on the floor cross legged and I couldn’t help thinking how strange but also erotic it was for my mother to be in this position and showing me her breasts.

“Aaja [come],” Mum said sternly to me, gesturing me forwards and towards her.

I hesitated for a moment due to nerves but then moved towards my mother apprehensive of what she expected. As I approached Mum my penis was sticking out in front and I felt like I was guiding it like a missile for my mother; as silly as that sounds.

A pace or so away from my mother I saw her hand reach out and touch my penis. Her hand still felt great against my skin and seemed to ease some of the tension that had built when I thought I was hurting my Mum. To my surprise, I felt pressure from Mum’s hand as if she was pulling me towards her. I released my own force and let her guide me, feeling myself moving forward but also down closer to where Mum’s head rested against the side of the bed.

“Hauli hauli [slowly],” Mum said to me. “Very gently, ok?”

I didn’t understand Mum’s intention at first as I saw her open her mouth wide in front of me. My body and my penis were very close to my mother’s head at this point. I felt my mother’s grip release from guiding my penis now and both of her hands move to my side grabbing my hips. I felt force on my hips pulling me towards her.

My penis slowly crept towards my mother’s open mouth and I saw my purple head enter and begin to disappear in her inviting hole. Mum continued to put pressure on my hips until the entirety of the head of my penis was in my mother’s mouth. The warmth around my penis felt incredible. Standing up, it felt as if even more blood was in my penis than when I had been lying down.

As I looked down at my mother I saw my penis now filling all of Mum’s open mouth. At that moment, I felt the pressure of Mum’s hands change and push me away rather than pull back. I let Mum guide me and saw my penis slowly reverse out of her mouth. Even as the head of my penis left her, Mum, to my surprise, kept her mouth open and did not close it – as if wanting me to enter it again.

Just as the tip of my penis was about to exit, I heard Mum say “hauli hauli [slowly]” again and then keep her mouth open. Mum’s voice was muffled as she was speaking with some of my penis in her mouth still.

The pressure of her hands on my hips had decreased until she was holding my hips but no longer pulling or pushing me. My Mum’s mouth was still wide open and looked so inviting. I realised that she must want me to move forward of my own violation so slowly began moving my hips forward and saw my penis head fill her mouth again.

I moved my hips so my penis head filled my mother’s mouth and then slowly brought it back out to the tip. I then repeated this motion. All the while, I was surprised that my mother stayed in her cross legged position with her head resting against the side of the bed and her mouth open. As I moved my penis into Mum’s mouth I thought how pretty her big brown eyes looked as they stared up at me.

I had moved my feet forward at this point so that they were planted either side of Mum’s legs on the floor with her crossed feet underneath my body. This position meant that I was looking down at Mum beneath me and driving my penis in her open mouth which rested against the bed. My penis felt incredible with gravity helping the blood in my body fill it up; it had never felt so hard and big. I also felt dominant standing above Mum in this way.

As I thrust back and forward I felt tingles from my balls to the tip of my penis. The power I had standing there over my mother and the sensations I was feeling on my penis were very powerful. I felt the cum rising from my balls as I moved in and out. I couldn’t stop it maltepe escort and as I thrust I felt the control I had over my thrust depth evaporate.

From standing upright I had to bend forward putting a hand on the bed to steady myself as I felt the cum from my balls reach the tip of my penis. Then I felt my penis begin spasming as I came. The release felt incredible. I let out gasps for breath as my orgasm that had built up hit me.

After a few moments I felt my penis begin to become softer and my senses return. It was then that I looked down and, to my horror, I saw that my balls only were visible against my Mum’s mouth with the rest of my shaft hidden. I realised that I had came directly into my mother’s throat. I had pushed my penis all the way into my mother’s throat gagging her. I pulled back away from my mother, scared about what I had done to her and about what her reaction might be.

“S…sorry Mum,” I said weakly backing away as my deflating penis popped out of my mother’s mouth. As my penis exited I noticed a small trickle of white liquid ooze from her mouth as it opened. My Mum’s pretty brown face now looked messy with white splotches and strands of liquid hanging. I wasn’t sure if this was my semen or Mum’s saliva or a combination of both. My Mum’s face had become slightly red. Her face looked stern.

“It’s…it’s ok. Be careful next time.” She said as she began to rise from her cross legged position on the floor. “Get ready and go and have breakfast,” Mum said as she turned away from me and moved towards her dressing table. Mum’s nightie had fallen to this point and I found myself slightly disappointed I couldn’t get a look at her crotch.

I thought I better leave before Mum turned around so quickly searched for my clothes in the room. I picked up my jogging bottoms from where they had been discarded the night before the floor and then exited the room, before showering and getting ready. As I washed myself in the shower I couldn’t help thinking that my mother had not simply sucked me off but I’d had sex with her mouth!


I didn’t see my Mum again until lunchtime. Breakfast passed without much incident – I ate my usual cereal and then afterwards began on my college work. I had been given quite a lot the previous week but I felt better able to complete it as the pain I had been feeling for several weeks was no longer present. Occasionally, in between reading chapters, I wondered why my pain had suddenly gone. The doctor had thought what was wrong with me might be hormonal – what had changed to make it go so suddenly? Had the treatment with Mum worked?

“Beta [son], dinner’s ready,” I heard my Mum call from the kitchen.

I stopped my studies and then made my way into the kitchen where I saw my dinner had been plated already. As I sat down to eat my omelette and toast (we didn’t tend to eat Indian food for lunch) I saw Mum was wearing a white blouse and a dress that went to her knees.

Mum sat opposite me and I noticed that she did not have a plate with an omelette on it, like me, but began eating soup. We didn’t tend to converse much when eating our dinner but I felt compelled to ask: “Are you not eating omelette, Mum?”

It was so unusual for Mum to make two different dinners; normally everyone had to eat the same food and my Mum didn’t like it if I tried to ask for something different. She was quite strict on this.

Mum did not pause eating or look at me, but after a moment I heard her say: “No, my jaw isn’t feeling good so I am trying this soup.”

I felt my face redden upon hearing Mum’s reply. Memories of putting my penis into her mouth and seeing her face messy with splatters of my semen made me embarrassed. I realised it was me who had made her jaw hurt. I felt ashamed that I had hurt my mother but I also felt my penis twitch thinking about what had happened and how erotic it had been. I tried to think of something else to control my penis and concentrated on enjoying my lunch.

As me and Mum continued eating our lunch, we spoke occasionally; Mum asked me questions about my college work and how I was progressing in my studies. I told her that I needed to finish some work after I had eaten and she reminded me that we had a doctor’s appointment after college on the Monday. I had forgotten that it was time to go back to get my test results and I felt nervous about it.

I finished my lunch and then went back to the study room to finish off my homework. A few hours passed and it was getting to around 5 o’clock when I decided to call it a day and moved into the living room and began watching TV.

Around 20 minutes later I heard the door squeak and my Mum entered into the living room. I saw Mum pause in the doorway for a few moments and then walk slowly to the middle of the sitting room and turn to look at me. Her face had a neutral expression.

“Have you finished your studies for tomorrow?” Mum asked.

Mum was blocking my view of the TV. I turned the volume of the programme to mute so that I could hear her – she would be annoyed otherwise.

“Yes Mum. I finished half an hour ago,” I replied.

“Ok, good. Good boy,” Mum said. She nodded and from her expression I presumed she was in thought. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking.

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