Perfect Way To Wake


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—This is my first submission so please send me some feed back of what you thought—

It has been a long day and I am completely worn out. I decide a short nap would be good. Subsequently I undress to the point where I am only wearing a bra and panties, and crawl into bed.

I wake up slowly to the feeling of your large hands massaging oil onto my back. I do a purely feline stretch of pleasure and moan into my pillow. I can hear you softly chuckling from above me, and your hands pause for an instant.

“No, baby don’t stop that felt wonderful,” I murmur up to you, arching my back once more stretching.

Your hands return to rubbing my lower back as your head drops down and begins to trail kisses across my shoulders, up my neck, to my ear.

“Back to bed so soon love?” you whisper into my ear, while slowly licking the very edge of my ear lobe.

I can hear the grin in your voice as you tease me. I roll over on to my back. I am faintly eryaman escort aware in the back of my mind that you must have taken off my bra and panties while I was sleeping. I wrap my arms around your neck and pull your head down and start kissing you. At first it is just a soft kiss to say hello but soon it turns more passionate with me sucking your tongue into my mouth. I run my hands down your back and notice you are completely naked. A fact that becomes more and more evident as your hard cock is pressed against my abdomen.

I smile and look into your eyes, seeing the love there, and knowing the same is reflected in my own eyes. I press my body close to yours, arching my back and rubbing my tits against your hairy chest. I sigh as my sensitive nipples are pressed against you. Your hands are on my waist and move up my sides, cupping my breasts.

I moan, “Oh baby, that feels so good. Play with my nipples…oh god I need you to play with my nipples, now! Now, sincan escort oh my god, YES.”

I urge you on as your fingers begin to pinch and roll my nipples. My eyes are half close, with my head thrown back. My entire body is arching and trashing against you as I moan. You slowly kiss your way down my neck and chest.

“Oh shit baby, lick me. I need your mouth on me NOW. Suck on me baby! Oh My God, just like that,” my voice is breathless as I moan.

Your lips switch from one breast to the other. I am almost incoherent, moaning and whimpering with ragged breath. You cock is now leaking precum. That precum of yours is being spread around my thighs, as my body continues to writher against yours. You suck an entire breast into your mouth with your tongue laving my nipple still, while your other hand is playing with my other breast.

A free hand of yours slides down my stomach, to the very top of my pussy. Then it slides down batıkent escort and cups me. Your palm is pressed against my clit rubbing against it, while you slide a finger into me. You can feel how wet and hot I am. And in response to this all of this attention, I am letting out practically screaming moans. Soon you slide in two fingers into my demanding cunt, and moan against the breast you are sucking as you feel an orgasm begin to wash over me.

“Oh Fuck Baby…I’m Cuummmmiinnnggg…I want your cock in me. I want your cock in me NOW. Oh god baby, FUCK ME, I need you to fuck me NOW!” I am screaming.

You comply and thrust your thick cock in me. You move my legs so they are over your shoulders. Both of us are moaning while you begin to slide in and out of me.

I begin moaning, “Harder baby…ohhhh fuck me baby.”

You lose all control as your cock begins to slam in and out of me harder and harder. You can hear your balls slapping my ass with each thrust. Another orgasm washes over me as you begin to cum in me. You collapse on me and bury your head in my neck murdering you love me.

I murmur into your ear, “What a perfect way to wake up,” before we drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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