Pay to Impregnate


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(All characters over 18)

I don’t know what most people wish for on their eighteenth birthday, but I doubt it’s “cash.” But that was all I wanted. Or should I say, needed. I had no money and it was my first week of college. I worked a shitty waitress job at the campus restaurant where all the drunk assholes came in after a party to get onion rings and harass me, but that really wasn’t paying the fees for my books. So as I blew out the candles on the funfetti cake my friend made me, I just wished for enough money to get through the semester without having to wait tables.

So when my roommate Casey came home the other night with a major wad of cash and a shit ton of makeup on I was a little more than casually curious. I mean, she doesn’t have to suck up to the late night tables just to get a dollar fifty after they ordered chips and dip to satisfy their alcohol-soaked appetites.

“Case, where the fuck did you get all that money?” I basically drooled all over her rolls of twenties.

“Oh, just… work,” she tossed out, hesitantly.

“Well whatever the fuck work this is, I’m in!”

She cocked her head left and half-smiled.


The Uber dropped me off at a giant club downtown. I felt way underdressed and embarrassed. But they told me to just dress regularly, so I walked up to the bouncer and told him the magic words:

“I’m here for Teagan’s party?” I stammered this out, feeling like he was going to see right through my nervous words.

Instead, he just nodded, opened the large red door for me and made a hand motion to wave me through. I walked through a long dark hallway, past tons of people chatting, drinking, and generally ignoring me. Dim red lights lined the floor and it looked like the walls were mirrors but I couldn’t see much of myself reflected anywhere.

Finally I got to a door that looked like some kind of sleek glass on metal. My heart pumped and thudded. Before I could hesitate it slid open, and a gorgeous sleek tall impressive intimidating total fucking hot bitch in all-black leather was smiling at me. “Hello Mary Grace, welcome. I’m Teagan. Come on in and I’ll get you made up.”

I nodded at her nervously, but followed her lead. I walked into another dark room to see four people at different corners of the space. They were all looking at me, smiling.

Teagan put her hand on the small of my back as she led me around. “Has Casey told you about us in detail?”

“No, not….really. Just something about a sort of…sexy kind of party and I’d be helping?” I kept my eyes glued to her face, hoping I hadn’t offended her or said something stupid.

Teagan paused and looked at me, keeping a smile spread across her flawless face. “That’s sort of correct. We provide fantasy parties for large and small groups, allowing them to safely explore in a high-end environment. Mary Grace, you’ll actually be the main entertainment.”

I couldn’t help but get excited at this idea. I didn’t know what I’d be doing but I kind of liked the attention I’d be getting. “Sounds like fun,” I said, trying to sound unaffected.

“So we have an excellent hair stylist, makeup artist, and wardrobe designer, and they will all help you get ready for the event tonight. Do you have any questions?”

“Yeah I think… so what kind of entertainment am I? Is it like singing or something?”

Teagan laughed a little when I said this. “Not quite, hon. You’ll be a willing sex servant, letting any of our guests do anything they want with you.”

She said this so matter of factly that I almost felt silly questioning it. But i still pretty uncontrollably reacted. “Uh, what?!”

“We provide a premium experience for our guests, giving them a completely consequence-free environment to play. So you’ll do whatever they want.”‘

My heart was pounding big time. “What does that mean? What do they want?”

“Most of the time they just want to inseminate a young woman. Sometimes there’s some humiliation involved or maybe something we can’t predict. As long as they follow the rules to not be violent with our servant, we let them do whatever they like.”

“Um… Casey didn’t mention anything about this. Is this what she’s been doing?”

“Your friend is one of our most requested servants, yes.”

“I just…I’m not sure this is right for me…”

“Of course, I understand,” Teagan cooed, looking idly over my head. “Our pay rate might change your mind.”

This of course stopped me. I sighed to myself. “How… much?”

“Each of our servants gets a minimum of $10,000 per event. We also provide all outfits and preparation, and after-care.”

“After care?”

“As I mentioned, many of our guests just want to inseminate a servant, and so there is no birth control involved in our events, though I can assure you we do rigorous background checks including disease testing. If you should get pregnant, we will help you deal with that in any way that suits you.”

This kind of shocked me. “Oh my god, okay… how many guests will be… trying to escort do that to me?”

“It depends on the night….some nights as many as 50, others much less,”

“So… I might have as many as 50 guys trying to get me pregnant?”

“That’s correct, although very often women are involved too.”

I started to feel a little nauseous. “So um…. how many people are there tonight?”

“We start our new servants off small. Tonight is only 10 people, all men.”

I’d like to say I really gave this some thought, but $10,000 to have a bunch of dudes try and knock me up? That seemed hard to say no to.

“Okay let’s try it,” I said, feeling my heart pound in a way that alarmed me, like I felt its double-thud in the pit of my neck. I looked up and caught Teagan grinning at me. I got the feeling she knew what I’d choose well before I did.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the nearest corner of the room, where a shorter woman with deep red glasses motioned for me to sit in her chair. “This is Cynthia,” Teagan said sweetly, almost in a sing-song like they were longtime friends. “She will get your hair ready.”

“Come sit here sweetie,” Cynthia said in a comforting rasp, and I felt suddenly safe. She tousled my hair, like she was making a sand castle.

“Cynth, give her bangs and pink tips, and maybe pig tails,” Teagan sounded confident. They were controlling my look which normally I’d hate. But somehow coming from her it made me feel like she knew best.

I must have spaced out for a long time before Cynthia finished and I got up to see myself. My eyes bugged out at my reflection. My hair, normally unbrushed and frizzy with a middle part, was so… cute. And alluring. Somehow I looked younger and older at the same time. She gave me these flirty bangs, which swooped across my forehead sorta like Zooey Deschanel, and pink dyed ends which made my light brown hair pop. And the pigtails actually looked hot, with deep blue silk scrunchies holding them tightly. They looked playful, a little innocent maybe, but in a way that made me feel desirable.

Teagan came over, and ran her fingers through my left ponytail, smiling. “Gorgeous, love.” I tried to hide my happiness but somehow being noticed by her made me feel so attractive.

She led me over to a woman who was taller and slimmer than Cynthia. “This is Cleo,” Teagan said, kissing her on the cheek. “She’ll be doing your makeup.”

“Here you go babes, come sit here and I’ll turn your beautiful face into the sexiest thing ever,” Cleo smirked, laughing to herself.

I perched on her makeup stool, which was a high chair with a tiny back support. I tried to keep still while she brushed my face and started applying foundation, bronzer, and what seemed like a shit ton of eyeliner. After a while she looked at me, nodded and motioned for me to check out her work. I walked over to the mirror and my jaw just dropped. I looked… I felt like a very expensive woman with a mysterious cat eye expertly swooped. She had glittery eye shadow on and my cheeks just glimmered.

Cleo rubbed my shoulder sweetly. “Alright babes? You like?”

“Yeah, it looks so so good…” my voice kinda trailed off because I was a little obsessed with myself in the mirror. I mean, I just never looked like that. She could tell I was distracted and just sort of nudged me to walk towards Teagan who was standing at another corner with a different woman, this one really short and curvy.

“Mary Grace, this is Zelda, she’s our costume queen. She will get you dressed and ready. You’re almost there!”

Zelda walked up to me, eyeing my body carefully. She had a tape measure in hand and without saying anything started assessing my sizes.

“So your breast size is 34D, is that right? Pretty hefty for your small body.”

I just nodded. She made me a little nervous. What would I be wearing?

She brought out a two piece white vinyl outfit, a top that seemed like a tiny crop and some very small booty shorts. I struggled to squeeze into them, looking at her to see if she would change my size, but she just kind of stared and waited patiently.

“Okay, now put this on,” she said as she handed me a leather collar with a long silver chain.

“What’s this for?”

“Sometimes servants are chained to the floor or wall, and they asked for that tonight.”

This made my heart pound but I pretended to stay cool. I grabbed the collar and fixed it onto my neck. Zelda adjusted it to be a bit tighter but made sure I could swallow and breathe. She gripped my arm and pulled me towards another wall, where she had leather thigh high boots waiting. I zipped them up and noticed they were pretty intense heels. I wasn’t sure how I was going to walk in them.

I carefully walked over to the mirror and got a full look at myself. Head to toe, I was ready for sex, I thought. My breasts were jutting out with pretty clear nipple outline. My ass stuck out behind me, lifted up by the shorts. And my lips just pouted a lot from the makeup.

Teagan came over and hummed eskort in approval. “Magnificent.”

I barely had time to react when she cupped my breasts and squeezed them a bit. “This fits perfectly,” she said as she released them. “Come this way,” and she led me through another long hallway, totally dark except for tiny red lights along the floor. She opened a set of double doors and we entered a large space, with fog all around and a sort of apparatus at the center. I stopped to look around before feeling a sudden pull on my neck. Teagan had grabbed my leash and was pulling me towards the center of the room.

The chain was about 7 feet long. I watched as she clipped it to a hook in the floor. She put a padlock on it, which freaked me out to be honest. It was a little confining when I stood, even though I’m only like 5’8, but I knelt down on a mat to have a little more slack.

“Hold out your hands please, love?”

I put my wrists together and watched as she bound me with a silky kind of tape. She wrapped it tightly so I couldn’t move them apart.

“Ok Mary Grace, so let me just tell you how this works. When you’re ready we will let the guests in. The session will last up to 2 hours but they might choose to end early. We’ll be watching the whole time behind that glass over there,” she pointed straight ahead of me at a discreet glass wall. “If we see anything in violation of our rules then we will stop the event. If at any point you feel unsafe, just yell stop. We will react quickly. Any questions?”

Honestly I had a million questions but I didn’t know where to start so I just shook my head. I looked around at The apparatus behind me. It had leather seats and cushions so it seemed like I could be put in a number of positions.

She came over to me, kissed my cheek, and whispered, “you’ll be terrific, darling.” I don’t know why this revved me up. I stared at her as she disappeared into the darkness and fog. I remained in silence in the near-darkness, eyes adjusting more and senses on alert for signs of guests coming in. After maybe a few minutes, I noticed a shadowed shape moving to my far right. It seemed like multiple shadows, all heading towards me.

My heart started to pound and i tried to wonder what might happen to me. I shifted my gaze, darting around the room, when suddenly I felt a hand on my stomach. It was forceful, not tender, pulling me backward. There was definitely a body against my back, holding me into him and running his hands up and down my abs and breasts. My heart was thudding at the mystery of this. I couldn’t tell if I was excited or scared, or both.

I felt warm lips on my neck, and heard a zipper sound in the distance. It hit me then that ten men were going to be doing whatever they wanted to me, and I had no idea what to expect.

A shadow loomed close in front of me and I could see his body outline in the dim light. He reached for my tied-up wrists and lifted them, placing my hands on the bulge in his pants. I instinctively ran my hands along where I felt his shaft to be, before settling on the top button, undoing it and pulling the fly zip down slowly. As I did this a new set of hands had grabbed my pigtails and was pulling back and downward. My head leaned back and my mouth opened automatically.

Someone kissed me then, and I tasted his tongue as it swirled around mine. He had stubble which lightly scratched my chin. His tongue pulled away and I felt a warm fleshy replacement, until I realized that I had a semi-erect penis in my mouth. My pigtails were pulled harder just as the cock pushed deeper into my mouth, and I began to suck on it more willingly. My tongue teased and fluttered over his frenulum, I started to hum and moan a little, and bobbed my head, taking in more of it. I felt it grow as it pushed in and out of me. Somehow I began to perform my part, feeling a hunger to serve and please.

Just then a hand grabbed my pussy over the shorts and cupped me. It was strong enough to push me upward, and I tried to keep my balance while also servicing the dick I was sucking. I felt someone pinch my nipples, and I winced even if it felt good.

The dick pulled away from me and I was kissed again, this time a more wet and deep kiss. He put his hands on my head to pull me towards him, while someone else squeezed my tits harder than I’ve ever felt them be squeezed. I moaned involuntarily, partly in surprise and pain but also felt kind of electrified.

Suddenly I was smacked in the cheek with a super hard member, and then I felt a scrotum rubbing along my lips, being pressed into them. I put my tongue out and tasted salty skin, and then lightly sucked on them. The hands and kisses continued all over my body while I licked the balls, until I felt a sharp tug on my neck, as someone had pulled my collar. I became positioned on my back, legs spread open by hands pulling at my ankles. I watched as my shorts were rolled off over my boots. I wasn’t wearing any panties so my pussy was just exposed.

Just then, I felt a splash on my stomach eskort bayan and a lot of warm liquid washing over me. I looked and saw a man peeing on me. I cried out uncontrollably, but stopped myself. I guess I didn’t fully expect this, to be urinated on. I didn’t have much time to react though; the group continued their free exploration. My eyes were adjusting a little better and I could start to make out their faces. I looked around while the pee continued to flow, and then felt a little splash on my chin. I found the man who peed on me, following the flow of piss out of the tip of his semi-hard dick. It slowed to a trickle, landing on my thighs, but as I craned my neck to watch the last drops another man stood over me, with a flaccid but wide, slumping cock hanging just above my nose. I reached out my tongue and tasted the tip of it, and he slowly put it onto my tongue a bit more. He was oddly gentle compared to the others. I wanted to sit up more to take him but my bound wrists made it hard to balance.

As if by telepathy I was pushed a bit from behind, and found myself laying in a man’s lap, feeling his package on my neck through what I guessed to be silky underwear. More hands ran down my neck and chest and settling on my nipples. I felt a sharp pinch and glanced down to see a metal clamp hanging from my right breast. I’d never had my tits tortured before, and I was surprised at how it seemed to turn me on. I became aware of my vagina for the first time and could tell I was getting wet. The dick in my mouth started to throb and grow, and I realized it was going to be way too big for me to have in my mouth, so I let it out a bit, or tried to. A hand was on the back of my head and the dick stayed in place, continuing to get harder. I could feel his tip moving towards the back of my throat, and I started to cough. He released me as I coughed a second time, and I gasped for air.

My legs lifted up, and I felt a stretch in my back thighs as my ankles were closer to my ears. Someone was licking my pussy hungrily and eagerly, and then I felt a finger slide down to my anus. It was wet, moving in circles around my asshole. I listened and heard a man call out “fuck her little ass” and then some grunts of approval or encouragement. I moaned a little, pretending to be in pain or resistant. I knew that’s what they wanted to hear, a little innocent girl being dominated by so many lusty men. I remember feeling like I was pretty good at this, at playing a role. I liked to be desired and controlled and satisfying so many men at once. I prepared myself for penetration, thinking it would be coming soon, but I did not expect it to go like this.

I looked up and saw two men on either side of me, pushing their penises towards my mouth, which I opened to invite them in. I licked them both before feeling a shock to my pussy as a stiff cock suddenly rammed into me. I hadn’t had sex without a condom before, out of fear and caution, and this set off an alarm for me. I cried out a bit, genuinely, but decided to wait a minute and see what happened. He thrust into me a second time, going further. He wasn’t that thick, but his dick was long, and I felt him go deep. His rhythm began to quicken, as did the eagerness of the two dicks I was teasing with my tongue. They both pushed into me, and another set of hands pinched and pulled my left nipple. My whole body seemed to be stimulated and used, which was a strange and exciting feeling for me.

The man fucking me lifted my ass up high, curling my back, and I felt myself being moved onto some kind of platform which angled my ass up, and my head down below. I felt a finger again toying with my asshole while I was being penetrated in my pussy, and suddenly he went inside. An intense wave of pleasure hit me and I moaned involuntarily. I did not expect to actually enjoy this.

The two cocks I was licking pulled away, and then I found a man stand over me with his ass to me. He squatted down and presented his asshole to my mouth, and I reluctantly began to lick. I had never licked a man’s ass before and it frankly scared me, but I flicked my tongue in circles around him lightly. He moaned deeply as I did this, so I guess I was doing a good job. After a few minutes of this he shifted and pushed his entire scrotum into my mouth, which I really liked. I moved my tongue around, feeling his balls float and bob against me.

The dick in my pussy pulled out, and I felt a distinctly different cock go in, this one shorter but very thick. The finger in my ass also changed to two. I guess he decided I was stretched enough. As the fingers swirled around inside my asshole I was pumped intensely by the cock, jackhammering me in a way I hadn’t felt before. I continued to moan against the balls on my tongue as the other man thrust into me rapidly and then I noticed the fingers were pulled out, replaced by a wider object that was pushing on my ass to get in. I realized just then that someone was trying to penetrate my ass at the same time. The pressure against my ass grew until it finally forced its way into me. I felt a fullness inside my body that was indescribable, after a sharp pain at first. I yelped and whimpered, mostly for show, when inside I was tingling and on fire.

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