Passions Unleashed Ch. 07


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On a Wednesday, a couple of weeks later, Ted turned off the computer in his office and made his way out front where his staff was dealing with their jobs and customers. Turning to Jane, his assistant manager Ted said “I think I’m going to go home for lunch, Jane.”

“Okay, Ted. See you later.” Ted got in his car and drove home which was only about fifteen minutes away. Pulling up the street he noticed Susan’s car in the driveway. “Damn,” he thought. Things were so bad at home they were hardly talking to each other. Ted knew he had to find some way of patching things up. For the first time in years he was truly afraid they might be heading towards divorce. Maybe this was a good time to talk about it.

As Ted entered the front door, the house was eerily silent. Then he thought he heard noises coming from his bedroom. They were very familiar. Annoyed Ted thought “Oh fuck, not again. That kid has missed more school lately.” Ted was annoyed that his wife was turning into such a slut, fucking David whenever she felt like it, and his grades would soon be a concern if this kept up.

As Ted got closer to his room, he was filled with conflict. He didn’t want to look, he wanted to end this nightmare, but he was weak. He really did love to see his wife fucking their son. He really enjoyed watching her with a teenage cock plowing her hot holes, or her sucking him off. Oh what the hell. As kartal escort bayan he crept quietly toward the door not wanting them to know he was home, and watching again, he heard Susan more plainly now. Her moans were deep, guttural. When she said things like “Oh god, yeah! Fuck me harder! Deeper!” it was different. Wow, David was getting good!

“Ooooohh! Ooooohhh! Yeah, fuck my ass harder! Harder! Harder! Oooohhh, I love it!”

“Fucking whore,” Ted thought he heard David reply.

“Yeah, I am a whore! I’m YOUR whore! Oh, god, I love it!”

As Susan wailed and screamed and cried in delight, Ted took a peek around the corner. His eyes bulged and mouth fell. There was Susan on the bed on her hands and knees, taking a cock deep up her ass, while another cock was beneath her, thrusting in and out of her cunt! The guys faces were obstructed from Ted but their sweaty bodies moved together in unison fucking his wife.

“Oooohhh, fuck my ass! Fuck my cunt! Oh, I’m gonna cum again!”

“God, I love this whore’s asshole!” came the male voice fucking her ass. “How’s her pussy, man?”

“Great as usual! Ahh, shit yeah! Gonna cum!”

“Yeeess! Cum in me! Fill me with your cum!”

Ted was shocked. “Great as usual?” He was stunned, totally floored by the sight of his wife getting fucked by two guys, and obviously not for the first time.

“Oh escort maltepe god, Greg!” Susan cried. “Fuck me faster! Harder! Harder!!”

Greg? Oh my god, Ted thought. Greg! And Paul was fucking Susan’s ass!

Greg and Paul. David’s friends!

“Yeah! Yeah! Ahh, cumming!” Paul cried as he thrust his cock wildly in and out of Susan’s asshole. Meanwhile, Greg thrust his prick up her hot, wet and cumming pussy. Ted watched the three sweaty bodies fuck like they were meant for each other. Susan let out one continuous cry of orgasmic pleasure and then collapsed on top of Greg. He held her, thrusting his prick up inside her cunt, while Paul held her hips tightly to his, as he stood there breathing hard, unloading his seed deep up Susan’s bowels.

“Ah, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Greg groaned as he just held Susan, his own cock twitching and cumming deep inside her cunt. When Paul pulled his prick out of Susan’s ass, Ted was floored again. Wow! Visions of his old buddy James came to mind. A young man with a very manly prick! Long and thick and soiled with his own cum foaming around it. Ted noticed Susan’s asshole, stretched wide open from the anal assault, with lots of cum oozing out. Ted couldn’t believe how much cum Paul had shot into her, but his assumption was wrong. Both guys had been fucking her since mid-morning and both had unloaded a gallon of cum not only deep up pendik escort Susan’s ass, but her cunt, too, as well as down her throat.

Then Susan rolled off of Greg and he, too, sported a sticky-wet, huge cock that was finally deflating. Greg and Paul made even David look small. Ted backed away from the door and listened from out in the hall.

“God, you guys are so fucking good,” Susan moaned.

“You are, too,” said one voice. Ted heard sounds coming from the bathroom.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Twelve forty-five. Man I’m hungry!”

“I’m tired!” Susan replied and then laughed. “I’m so sore. I need a bath.”

“We’re worth it, aren’t we?” came the other voice.

“Always!” she replied.

Ted realized he’d better leave right there, and did. He backed away, and quietly made his way out the front door, quickly got in his car and drove off. He was stunned, silent, feeling defeated. My god, how little he knew about things, especially his own wife. Susan was a total slut in there. She was fucking David’s friends and apparently she’d done this before!

“I wonder if David knows? Nah, no way. He’d probably kill her. Either that or break down.”

Ted couldn’t believe that his own wife would do that. Coercing her into fucking their son was one thing, but this was of her own making. Ted couldn’t get the thought out of his mind. Watching his forty year-old wife being double penetrated by those two huge teenage cocks. She was fucking David’s friends and was loving it! His own wife: a slut, a whore, a size queen. Ted then noticed his own cock was rock hard and leaking in his pants.

To Be Continued…

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