Park , Ride Me


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Alina Li

I walked around the back of my company SUV in the parking lot after the meeting then stopped in my tracks. Tammy’s minivan was parked beside me, the sliding side door was open and she was leaning in, digging through her bag. She was wearing a red dress that hugged her ass and my eyes locked on it while multiple unsavory thoughts fought for my attention.

“Hey Tammy,” I said to prevent myself from standing there, staring at her ass, until she caught me.

“Oh, hey,” she replied, “am I in your way?”

“No worries,” I told her, “I’m in no rush to get back to the office.”

We were both working on a project that was a fair distance from our home offices and we had a meeting at the project office every week. Tammy and I had worked together at the same company previously, so we knew each other prior to working together on this project. In fact, we’d been working together when she’d gotten married, when she’d been pregnant with her first kid and when she’d been pregnant with her second. As far as I knew, there hadn’t been a third kid.

“I hear you,” she replied, “the drive up here might be the most peaceful part of my week.”

“I can imagine that, between bakırköy escort the kids and work,” I said, “you don’t get much in the way of peace.”

“That’s not all I don’t get much of,” she replied, almost under her breath.

“Anything I can do to help?” I asked, in a way that I could pass it off as a joke if it didn’t go over well. It went over well.

“Don’t ask me that just to be polite,” she said, “Only ask me that if you’re really willing to help me out.”

“What can I do?” I asked, thinking that she really must need something, “And where can I do it, since it definitely can’t be here?”

“Well,” she started, turning toward her cavernous minivan, “there’s plenty of space in here if we can figure out someplace inconspicuous to park it.”

“What about the Park it seemed as though she was enjoying it nearly as much as I was. I had a strong feeling by this point that this wasn’t going to be the only time we’d be pleasuring each other in her minivan so I was savoring the pleasure but not trying to hold back at all. As my orgasm was building in earnest, she refocused her efforts from drawing out the beşiktaş escort pleasure to making me cum.

I managed to refrain from pushing my cock deeper into her mouth or pushing her head down on my cock, leaving the pace completely to her and enjoying the slow, steady build-up. As my orgasm was imminent, my cock was becoming even thicker but she did not hesitate even slightly. She continued to inhale nearly the full length of my cock while still gently pumping the base. When I started spewing into her mouth, she easily swallowed down my load while continuing to blow me. Only once I was completely spent did she release my cock from her mouth and straighten up.

“That was awesome,” I managed to say as I was recovering from her skillful blowjob.

“This has all been awesome,” she replied, “and I really appreciate you helping me out. Obviously I was feeling desperate to resort to this.”

“I’m happy to be able to help however I can,” I assured her, “so you can count on me if you feel the need to do this again.”

“I’m already thinking that we do this every week after the meeting,” she stated, “unless you’d have beylikdüzü escort a problem with that.”

“Sex and blowjobs and orgasms?” I replied, “How could I have a problem with that?”

“Oh good,” she said, sounding relieved, “because its going to be a while before I foresee things changing at home. You’re really doing me a big favor here.”

“Again, I’m more than happy to help,” I replied, “in whatever what I can.”

“I’ll just make sure I wear a dress or skirt every time I’m coming up here,” she said, “Should I wear panties or not?”

“Did you enjoy it when I slipped them off of you?” I asked.

“Oh my God, yes,” she replied, enthusiastically, “If I hadn’t already been completely wet and fired up, that would have got me there.”

“Good, because I really enjoyed sliding them down,” I said, “so I’ll be looking forward to it every week.”

So she wore skirts or dresses to our weekly meeting and, though we tried to maintain the same appearance to everyone else, after we left the meeting we’d rendezvous at the Park & Ride and I’d slip her panties off. We never did end up getting completely naked so, whenever she got an opportunity, she’d send me naked selfies or a series of selfies of her getting naked, taking off whatever she’d worn to that week’s meeting. Of course, I’d reciprocate and send my own naked selfies or short videos of me stroking off to her photos. We also never did get caught, either by her husband, our coworkers or anyone in the Park & Ride.

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