Paradise Island Ch. 02


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Island Photography

The morning had really gotten away from us, after we ate we got dresses, at least somewhat dressed. Nudity is nice but sometimes it’s nice to not be so exposed, and on and island it can be rough sometimes. We took the photo stuff over to the office, laid it out on a big table to see what all we had, and what we could do with it. Me being an idiot actually forgot my camera at the house so I ran back to get it. When I got back Susie was on the computer looking through her pictures from yesterday.

“You know Sam, you are really pretty good at this, your landscapes are great, and the bird you got swooping down was amazing.” She said, “And your model in those pictures at the Lagoon was outstanding.”

“She was kinda new at it, but a natural, very talented in lots of ways.” I said, “plus she works cheap!”

That earned me a playful smack on the leg, “True to all of that! You know I like the ones on the rock the best, the lighting was going down, especially where you could see my pussy detail.

“Yeah, I loved that one, It was hot seeing you like that, and I figured that was all I would ever get to see. I also loved the ones of you standing topless with your back to me kinda turned at the hips like this one.” I said.

“We’ve got do some more, you want to go shoot me again or explore the reef?” she asked.

“Well to be honest, I love shooting you, but really want to do the underwater thing too. How about we shoot some at the reef and when the sun gets lower you and I hit the beach?” I asked.

She responded, “Sounds good, Looks like we are back to Mom and Dad’s pictures now. What were you thinking spying on them like that.”

“It wasn’t like that really, at first, I heard a noise and thought it might be an animal. I didn’t think anyone knew of that little trail but me. Anyway, I had my camera up, and the auto pilot in me took off and I could not bear to not look, and the camera was just there already.”

She said, “They look good together, I think I would have watched too. His cock looks a lot like yours, but I think I like yours better, your red pubic hair matches my pubic hair better.”

I said, “Why thank you. I was shocked watching them, and turned on at the same time. When his cock pulled out of her and you could see inside her like on this one.” Picking a photo and zooming in I continued, “You can see right where we came from.”

“I love it when he pulled out and shot his stuff on her back. Looked like the first one went over her head even.” And she zoomed in on that shot, “It did, and wow she got it In her hair and all over her back.”

Now I was hard, and uncomfortable and really needed to be done or we would never make it out, and she asked, “I can see you are hard, can I fix it for you?” She didn’t bother for an answer as she unzipped my fly, taking me into her mouth, grabbing my ass with one hand, and playing with my balls with the other she just simply drained me of my load. It was an amazing feeling having my sister want to suck my cock. She looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and I just saw love and I’m sure she saw love in mine. She made quick work of me, swallowing my seed, standing up and kissing me. I tasted my Cum on her lips and on her breath, not something I was wild about, but how could I not want to kiss her after she took care of my needs.

“Can I help you out?” I aked.

“Not yet, maybe tonight.” She said.

I took that as a good sign, “Lets get the gear together and get moving.” The photo on the computer screen was of her on the rock showing her goods off and I just smiled at it as I shut down the computer.

We got the camera and flash set up for underwater work, went down to the small boat, got it loaded with some snorkeling equipment and headed out for the reef. We didn’t think of swimsuits really, but who needs them. Susie was the first one naked and in the water, shortly followed by me. We got our masks set and started taking photos under the water. The fish were beautiful, the corals, the reef in general was beautiful. I had to figure out how to set the flash but we got there. I looked behind me, with the sunlight from above Susie’s naked form was amazing. I snapped a few picture before I had to come up for air.

“Susie, I want to put on the small tank and go down and photography you from below.” I said.

“Oh, okay. I take it you saw something you like.” She replied.

“You could say that,” I said as I put on the small tank, “Just keep swimming.”

She swam, and it was beautiful. The sunlight played with the shadows of her body, rays of light lit the water from time to time. I took some with the flash and reef behind her and I shot until the tank ran out of air. I got some move of the reef life, and we got back on the boat and headed in.

When we got to the dock and tied up I said, “That was beautiful, I can’t wait to bring these pictures up on the computer.” I said, “You are so beautiful.”

I put my hands on her cheeks and kartal escort pulled her close and we kissed, when we kissed, she kissed me back so well that my toes curled and my cock popped to attention. She noticed and took him in her hands and said, “Not now, but soon!”

I pulled her naked body into mine and we just held one another, her body felt so good, warmed by the sun, her breast soft and supple pressed into my chest, my hands on her back, feeling her breathe in my arms. It was wondrous, her ass under my hands as I explored, not to be out done by her hands wondering around my body. Both of eager to feel one another, eager to explore new things together. I’ve read there is nothing like the thrill of a new lover and I believe it. I’ve only had her and only want her so I may never be sure of that.

We finally got off the dock and headed to the office to bring up the picture. We had left the air on so it was chilly and we had not bothered to dress. My nipples were hard as diamonds, and her’s was just at hard. My little friend decided now was a good time to crawl back inside my body. The pictures I got out at the reef of fish were outstanding, I don’t even remember seeing all the variations of fish I guess because of the distraction of a beautiful girl. It wasn’t until we got to the pictures I took of Susie that I was in awe. The camera system did great, the shadow detail was amazing, you could actually see rays of light in the water, one shot I got had the sun shining through between her legs, lighting perfectly her wonderful pussy and the flash lit the rest of her beautifully.

She hugged me saying, “These are so great you I can’t believe how well these turned out, they look like something out of a movie.”

I agreed, “It helps to have a beautiful model too. Give me a couple minutes in Photoshop and they will even look better.” I took the one I liked best, did a little white balance adjustment, added in a little glassine blur, a little dodging and burning, a vignette, and clicked print on the big printer in the other room. Went out and got it.

She exclaimed, “WOW, I want that framed and hung up in my room.” Then thought, “Oh.. Guess we can’t do that can we.”

“You could, Mom and dad might wonder why you were posing nude for me. I would suggest maybe just keep a copy on your tablet.” I said.

She said, “Thank you anyway.” and she hugged me and soon we were kissing and my little friend came out wanting to play. “Oh… My… There is life.” And she wrapped her hands around my cock and it fully inflated in a second. “I think I feel good enough to try again if you are willing to go slow.”

I said, “lets grab a blanket or two and some towels and go down to the lagoon.” I shut the computer down and laid the picture out on the table to cure. Not sure what to really do with it, and we grabbed some stuff, and a picnic basket and went down to the lagoon.

“Thank you, I would have figured you would have taken me in the office, but this is so much more romantic. I just love you for being you.” She said. I loved watching her as she helped me spread the blanket out, her nude form moved with such grace, she could very well be a model.

“I hope you let me continue photographing you, you are so beautiful you could be a model.” I said.

We ate a light lunch, Lay back in the shade, her laying across my chest. I felt like the luckiest person in the world right then. I actually think we dosed off. I awoke with her using my outstretched arm for a pillow while laying on her back. Looking at her I was in awe. I never looked at my sister through these eyes before. I gently moved my way down her lovely body, taking the nipple closest to me into my mouth. It tasted salty from the salt in the ocean and felt wonderful in my mouth. Her hand came up behind my head, holding me to her chest. I continued to suckle her nipple, my hand running down her stomach finding her soft pussy hair, and then her clit. I rubbed it some, and then some more while suckling her until she rolled into me as she was cumming.

She puffed out, “Wow that was good, Can I try again on top of you?”

“Anything you desire, nothing is too good for my favorite sister.” I said.

She was on me in no time, the coolness of her wet pussy hair on my cock was different but it was soon the heat of her pussy was around me and she just sat there for a little bit. “Oh that is oh… and by the way I’m your only sister you know.”

“Still makes you my favorite sister.” I said, and my hands went to her hip, feeling her around my cock, her hips in my hands was getting kind of overwhelming, considering this was only the second time I’ve ever been inside of anyone I felt like I was on top of the world.

“I’m still a little tender, just go slow please.” She said.

“You are the one on top, and we can stop anytime you want. Don’t hurt yourself. I love you! Oh.. that feels good.” As I spoke she started squeezing her muscles around my cock, “oh.. oh.. Uggggg” was all maltepe escort bayan I said as I came deep inside my sister.

She pulled me out of her with kinda a sad popping noise, and said, “Wow that didn’t take long and I’m glad, I read in a book that sometimes helps a guy, cum.”

“Uh hu” was all I could say for a while, “I take it you are still sore.”

“Just a little bit, Let’s just relax for a while longer here.” She said.

We relaxed okay, fell asleep might be a better word for it. When we woke up it was dark and only the moon light lit the area around us. On the beach we saw some movement, and to our amazement it was a sea turtle that had come ashore to lay her eggs. She was in the final stages of laying them. We watched in amazement as the big turtle lay her eggs and covered them.

As the turtle made its way back to the water I said, “Lets go to bed, tomorrow is another day.”

We got back to the house and it was all quiet, just our wing of the house was cooled, but that was okay, we too to my bedroom as It was about 10 steps closer to us. We showered, actually being pretty good, wanting to give her time to heal a little. Yeah I got hard but no big deal there. We climbed into bed, snuggled face to face my hard cock going right between her thighs, Soon I relaxed, and I could hear her soft rythmatic breathing soothed my desire and I was out like a light. Sometime in the night I woke up, my cock was hard again and my sister had it trapped between her thighs with it rubbing against her clit all the way back I bet to where you could see it coming out the back of her legs at butt level if you were back there. I looked at her and I don’t think she was awake. She kept rubbing like that, she shuddered a little and she stopped and just hugged me tight and went to sleep I guess. I Pushed back and forth a couple times, angling my cock upwards, feeling her ass cheeks engulf the head of my cock, I pushed again and again, I could feel her anus touch the tip of my cock a couple times and then I shot my load all over it. Then I held her and went to sleep too.

When we woke up the next morning we were kinda stuck a little together by dry cum. She asked what happened and I told her how I woke up and she sorta remembered having an erotic dream. I suggested a shower and breakfast. In the shower she bent over in front of me, and I grabbed her from behind and my cock just slid into her pussy. I got an “Ohhhhh… That feels good.” So I took that as an okay and kept pumping, the sound of her slapping filled the room as her ass pounded into my thighs. “Don’t stop, don’t you please don’t arggghhh…” and she leaned against the well and came.” Of course I came actually when she started the “don’t stop” bit. But I was able to keep my erection until she got done.

“Oh wow… that was my first orgasm with you inside me… Oh wow.. I frigging love you.” She said.

We continued to shower to actually get clean now, I love the feel of her soapy wet body in my arms. I was hard again in no time, by the time we got out of the shower my second load was swallowed by my sister. I said, “I swear, you are so good at that.”

We slipped on robes to go downstairs as we were going to be cooking. It almost worked.. We almost had breakfast that morning. She had a warm breakfast if you look at a fresh load of cum as that, and when she got stuff out of the fridge for us to make she made the mistake of letting her robe fall open. I saw her red pubic hair and well, I lifted her up on the counter, pushed her as far back on it as I could pulled me up a stool and had her for my breakfast. My tongue went up one side of her clit down the other into the hole of her pussy and back up, alternating the smooth underside with the rougher top, driving her crazy, I got the idea from a porn movie of inserting my fingers inside her as I ate her. I found a soft squishy part right behind her pubic bone where her clit would be sorta infront of, the roof of her pussy. I rubbed it a few times, and some in and out motions as I licked, a few more times of rubbing it. More licking, more rubbing, then I curled my finger up against that spot a few times and she screamed, and I thought she pissed all over me, or maybe I somehow hurt her. It didn’t smell like piss, and seemed to be coming down from cumming. Later watching porn I found out she squirted, and how I did it to her.

Clean the counters and another shower later, we decided on lunch, and then out for another picture outing, This time into the “Jungle” of the island. She wore a Trazan looking swimsuit, and tennis shoes, and brought a bag of stuff with her. We found some great locations and I won’t bore you with all the different poses she did for me. She was a white goddess is some, her fire red hair set the pictures on fire. The nudes I got her to do were stunning, God I love red pubic hair.

Turnabout is fair play, she talked me into being her model. All I had for clothes was my shorts, a tshirt and shoes. “Oh that don’t escort pendik matter I want to get you in your birthday suite!”

It was a fun to pose for her, she knows what she likes to see. Let me tell you though, It’s hard to get hard on demand. I respect those guys that act in porn movies. She did one shot of me I can’t wait to see, I was standing on the limb of a tree, my hard cock hanging kinda down between my legs (one advantage of being uncut) A vine in my hand like I was getting ready to swing to the next tree. See commented, “Damn, that’s one nice cock!”

“We got to remember to bring, a tripod and that programmable remote next time we go shooting. It would really be nice to get some of us together,” I said.

She was still naked taking my pictures, so I asked for the camera back, set it on a stump and pressed the timer, and got at least one picture of her naked in my arms, my hard cock pressed into her thigh.

It was an amazing day, we went for a swim in our pool, I would say lagoon, but you now that thing has some nasty looking fish that swim around in it that might like to eat a large worm for lunch.

Relaxed in the hot tub, where I managed to get a few more picture of her topless. Nothing serious just some snap shots. The hot tub on either side has a large daybed type lounge beside it. We got out of the hot tub, jumped in the pool to cool down, got on one. I was first to move on her planting my face between her breast and snuggleing my ways up to her neck, were I nibble on the nape of her neck. She got a look in her eyes like I did something wrong and said, “Ive warned you about that”, pushed me off and onto my back and she sat on my cock so hard I thought she might hurt herself. She ground her clit into the base of my cock, back and forth, up and down, pulling off with just the first few fractions of an inch inside her, and back down. She was sex crazed and It was me causing it. I rolled her over onto her stomach, she was lying flat on the mattress now. My cock between her ass cheeks, she said “Not up my ass.” I ignored her and slid right past her anus with my cock, into her pussy. She was a monster to stay on top of, she must have come 3 times before I did. I would have cam faster but the morning had me drained. I filled her up again and she turned over, lay there on the day bed. Legs spread, my cum leaking out of her pussy.

I could not resist, the camera was close, so I took some pictures to remember this by. We got up showered, third for the day if you are counting. And went in and ate something microwaved for dinner. We went over looked at the days pictures, She printed out the one of me in the tree and the one of us together. She was totally right, I looked great in it. We left it to cure with the other picture.

Somewhere along the line Mom and dad had to come back to the island, It was about a week later. For the time in between We ate, slept, fucked, swam, took pictures, and really got to know one another. We learned things we never suspected, like we both have a birth mark in the shape of something, maybe a sharks tooth, on the inside of our thighs close to our anus. We learned we like the same things in movies, neither of us like watching sports, and we both like watching our parents. Seems she had seen then in that spot before, and wasn’t brave enough to trust me with that knowledge right off. Trust is earned. I admitted to her that I wacked off thinking about her, she said, “I know, I used to tease you hopeful you would. I saw you do it a time or two.”

Anyway, the last day we just chilled. We had sex only 3 times, seems she really got over the sore part of it fast. We watched a few movies with the AC on max snuggled under a blanket on the couch. The Morning our parents were coming back I got a blowjob and I ate her out. Not a 69, but just kinda taking turns, 69 is nice but way too rushed for our taste it’s so much nicer when you can put your energy into pleasing someone else.

We met their boat at the dock. They had some presents for us. We ate lunch, and we gave them some time to disappear, and they did. We went to their spot and was disappointed, so we went to the lagoon and just hung out for the afternoon. At dinner time, they were still missing. We thought Good they are having some fun somewhere. So we went out for a while ourselves, Not much to do on an Island really when it comes down to it. We came back soon and they were in the kitchen making some sandwiches. To be hones they looked like they had been fucking not long ago, and I could detect the musky smell of cum in the air. Oh my GOD, its in Mom’s hair. I said nothing, Susie say nothing.

In a while they both went to their room and we figured that was it from them for the evening. We started to head for my room and remembered we can’t mom and dad are home now, and off to our individual rooms we went. I changed my sheets, sprayed some air freshener around and turned on the TV and laid back, Alone for the first time in over a week, and feeling lonely.

Mom came to my room and Dad went to Susie’s and ask us to come to their room for a minute. I thought it was strange, and when we went in, we saw them, Three Pictures, one of Susie and I posed together, one of her and one of me. Framed, in one of the expensive Frames.

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