Our Vacation


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My sister and I finally, after months of trying to coordinate a vacation together, it was finally here. Since we live far apart it isn’t easy trying to do anything together, but we did it.

Hi, my name is Sandy and my sister’s name is Lisa. I am 25 and Lisa is 21.

We decided on going down to the Caribbean for a week of sun and relaxation, just the two of us.

Growing up we were always close and got along fabulously, although we did fight over boyfriends now and then.

Now, we are on our own, me being a flight attendant and her being a veterinarian. We are both single with no attachments.

Anyway, enough about us.

We planned on flying down on Saturday, so my sister came in on Friday to stay with me so we could fly down together.

When she got here, it was like old times and we spent the night catching up on what we were doing for the last year. We went to bed still laughing and giggling like teenagers. Normally, I sleep naked but wore a top shirt because Lisa was here.

We got up early, had breakfast and took a cab to the airport for a 10:00 a.m. flight.

The flight was about three hours long before we arrived at the resort. A resort cab met us up and got us to the resort, which looked fabulous.

We checked in and were taken to our chalet which was right on the beach. We were in paradise.

The chalet had one bedroom and a master suite with a shower big enough for four, a small kitchen, a living room, a screened in patio, a hot tub and an outdoor shower.

There were other chalets nicely spread out so they didn’t encroach anyone else’s and afforded the privacy of the guests

We already decided that we would stay in the master bedroom together and we put our things away and put on our bikinis and headed out to the beach.

As we changed, I noticed Lisa’s pussy was now smooth. I said, “Hey sis, when did you go smooth?” She replied, “I had it done right before I left. I figured if we got lucky, no guy would want hair in their mouth.” We both laughed.

The weather was perfect, sunny, warm with a gentle breeze. The water was warm and the waves breathtaking.

We strolled along the beach and took in the sights. There were a few people that we saw but it definitely wasn’t crowded.

As we walked, I said to Lisa, “Looks like you won’t have to worry about guys getting hair in their mouths. They seem to be scarce.”

We finished our stroll and headed back to our chalet. We showered and got dressed for dinner which was in their restaurant.

The restaurant was gorgeous and after 9:00 p.m. they had entertainment and dancing. The menu was diverse and the food and service was excellent. By the time we finished dinner, the entertainment began and when they took a break, dancing took center stage.

As we watched the guests dancing, two youngish gentlemen approached our table and asked us if we wanted to dance. I looked at Lisa and we told them we would.

During the dance, my partner told me his name was Rick and his brother’s name was Robert and that they just arrived at the resort. He also said they were from the midwest and both single. We chatted as we danced and found out that they are in the chalet next to ours.

After the dance ended, I invited them to join us at our table and they accepted the invite. Rick ordered some wine and we spent the next hour or so getting to know one another. They seemed like really nice guys too.

We danced a few more dances and more wine than I was used to but we were having fun.

It was getting late and Lisa and I were both tired and told them that we had a long day and were going back to the chalet and calling it a night. They escorted us back and we said our goodnights and told them we would see them tomorrow.

When Lisa and I went inside, Lisa said, “Well big sister, how was your guy? Mine was great.” I replied, “Mine was nice. He was interesting.” Lisa then said, “What do you think? Yes or no?” I smiled and said, “It’s a possibility. It all depends.” Lisa continued, “When we were dancing, I could see a bulge in his pants…looked anadolu yakası escort impressive.” I said, “Is that all you think about?” Lisa answered, “No, but I would like to find out.”

I took a shower, dried off and headed to bed naked. Lisa looked at me and said, “Hey sis, you forgot to put something on.” I replied, “No I didn’t. I sleep like this at home. If you don’t like it, go sleep in the other bed.” Then Lisa said, “Well, just to show you, I’ll sleep naked too.” Then Lisa removed her nightshirt and panties and joined me in bed, naked. We kissed goodnight and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up first with my arm over Lisa’s body and my hand on her tit. I laughed to myself and eased out of bed while she slept.

I put on a pot of coffee and went to shower. By the time I finished my shower, Lisa was up and about, naked. I asked her if she was going to put clothes on and she said she would after her shower. So, we had coffee together, naked.

As we relaxed, Lisa said, “You know sis, sleeping naked was nice. Thanks. I’m hooked on it now.” I just smiled.

We finished our coffee and Lisa showered and I put on a new, very tiny bikini that was very revealing but, hey, it was my vacation.

Lisa put on her new bikini and we headed over to the restaurant for breakfast. When we got there, I saw Rick and his brother and waved to them and they invited us to join them.

They told us they had a nice time last night and enjoyed our company. We told them we felt the same and then Rick said, “Why don’t we hang out together, if you want?” I replied, “Thank you. We would like that.” We finished breakfast and the four of us headed to the beach.

The four of us spent the day together and had a real nice time. The guys bought us lunch and dinner was terrific, as was the entertainment and dancing. As it was getting late, we told them that we were going back to the chalet and Lisa invited them to cone back with us for a nightcap and they accepted.

For the next hour or so, we drank wine and chatted. Then Robert said, “I found out today that there is a cove not far from here that is extremely private that no guests know about. Would you ladies like to go tomorrow?”

I looked at Lisa and said, “That sounds exciting. I’ll get some food and wine to bring.”

It was very late when they left so Lisa and I just undressed and jumped into bed. We kissed and as I moved away from Lisa, my hand brushed her nipple. “Sorry sis.” I said. “No problem. It felt good.”

In the morning, I showered and put on my bikini and went and got food to take to the cove. By the time I got back to the chalet, Lisa was up and in her bikini.

We met the guys and headed off to the cove. When we got there, it was beautiful and extremely secluded. If you didn’t know where it was, you would never know it existed.

We set the food aside and went to the water which was warm and calm. We all swam and enjoyed each other’s company.

After we ate, things got interesting, however. My little sister’s hormones kicked in and she said, “Hey guys, if it is ok with you, would it bother you if I took off my top?” I knew that was a stupid question as soon as it came out of her mouth. Robert replied, “That would be ok with us but how about we all go skinny dipping? Nobody would see us.” Lisa smiled and said, “It’s ok with me. Sis?” I looked at her with a stare and said, “I guess I am out voted. Ok.” Then we all undressed to the delight of three of us.

Soon, the four of us were frolicking nude in the water. After awhile, I kind of enjoyed it. I could see my sister was happy. I could also see that she was right about Robert. He and his brother were both well endowed.

It was more interesting when the four of us got out of the water. There was no hiding our bodies from eyes as I felt them checking me out.

We all laid on the blanket on our backs with our private parts out in the open for inspection. I was pleasantly surprised when no vulgar or any comments were made. We all just relaxed ataşehir escort in the nude. In fact, I enjoyed it.

There was a lot of quiet timtime as we laid there, nobody saying anything. Then, I broke the ice and said, “Robert, thank you for suggesting we get naked. I really appreciate it. The sun feels good on my body and I am not embarrassed at all like I thought I would be. Again, thanks.”

After that, conversation started up and we all felt comfortable with our nudity. Lisa, god bless her, said, “My sister sleeps in the nude and now, so do I.” I turned a beet red and Rick and Robert both laughed.

Then Rick said, “Well, since secrets are being divulged, Robert and I are nudists. We belong to a clothing optional resort back home.”

Then, for some unknown reason, I blurted out, “Well, with what you guys have, I would be displaying myself too.” As soon as the words came out, I cringed and said, “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry.”

They all laughed and then Robert said, “Well Sandy, if I were a woman and looked like you, I sure as hell wouldn’t keep my body hidden from view. I’d want to show it off. How about telling us your stats and we’ll tell you ours.”

I smiled and said, “Well, I am 25, 5’7″, 120, a natural red head as you can see, above and below. My tits are a 36c and I stay in shape by exercising.”

Then Lisa said, “I am a lot younger than my sister. I am 21, 5’6″, 115, 38c, a natural blonde that you can’t verify at the moment and I don’t exercise.”

Everyone laughed and we just enjoyed each other’s company.

Then I said, “Come on guys, give us your stats.”

Rick replied, “Well, I am 27, 5’9″, 165, brown hair, hazel eyes, and (whispering) 8”.

Robert continued, “I am the baby in the family at 22, 5’8″, 165, brown hair, brown eyes and 9”, there.

We all went hysterical laughing.

For the rest of the time at the cove, we had a ball. When it was time to go, we put on our suits and headed back to the resort.

On the way back, we made plans for dinner and the rest of the evening.

Lisa and I decided to shower together since time was getting short. It felt strange but in a nice way that we showered together. I asked Lisa, “Well, baby sister, What do you think?” As she soaped me up, she replied, “I like Robert. I want to do it with him.” I said, “I figured that. i like Rick too. I’m going to do it with him tonight too.”

We finished showering and we got dressed. We both wore very sexy dresses that required no bra and showed off our attributes.

Just as we finished, there was a knock on the door. It was Rick and Robert, both dressed very handsomely. They brought us flowers, and gave us hugs and kisses. Rick then said, “My brother and I wanted to thank you both for a magnificent time today… not because you got naked and made yourselves vulnerable, but because you are just very nice women who we enjoy being with.”

I could feel tears starting to swell and we hugged them both and kissed them and thanked them.

We walked over to the restaurant hand in hand. Dinner was fantastic as was the company. We didn’t stay, but we asked them to come back to the chalet.

As soon as we got to our chalet, I asked them if it would be ok if we got comfortable and they said yes. We then told them to get comfortable as well.

After a short time, Lisa and I went back in wearing short, black, see through outfits. Their eyes opened wide with big smiles on their faces.

We opened up some champagne and I gave a toast, “To good friends, great times and nudity.” We drank and laughed. Then I took Rick and Lisa took Robert and we headed to our bedrooms.

Rick slowly undressed me and I watched as he removed his clothes. His cock was already hard and erect. His balls hanging nicely below his shaft. He joined me on the bed and we hugged and kissed. Our tongues playing with one another. His hands were all over me and my body tingled. My nipples grew so much they hurt, but in a nice way.

My hand found his cock and I gently played with it. Soon, ümraniye escort I moved my mouth down to his cock and filled my mouth with his shaft. He tasted so good as my tongue moved up and down on it. Then, I moved my mouth down to his balls and sucked them. His moans told me he was enjoying it immensely. I then took his cock in my mouth and then slipped his balls in my mouth at the same time. I continued sucking both until he shot his cream in my mouth. I could feel his balls moving with each spurt of his cream shooting into my mouth.

As soon as he finished cumming I moved myself up to him and whispered to him, “I hope you liked that.” He replied, “That was the best blow job ever. You can do that all day and, the next time I have a surprise for you. My brother would go crazy if you did that to him.”

Startled at that remark, I said, “I’ll ask my sister if she can do that.” Rick replied, “If she can’t, maybe you can show her on me.” We laughed and I said, “You never know…maybe.”

The rest of the night was more of the same. During the night, it sounded like Lisa and Robert were having a great time as well.

I woke up in the morning first and peeked in Lisa’s room and saw them naked and Lisa covered in dried cum.

I made coffee and soon one by one, they joined me, naked of course. We didn’t talk to much about last night except to say we had a good time.

We all showered and got dressed and headed for breakfast. After we ate, Rick and Robert had to go to their chalet and we went to ours.

I told Lisa what I did to Rick last night and she was amazed and said she couldn’t do that. I asked her if she wanted to learn and she said she did. I told her I would show her the next chance we got.

That chance came that night. We were relaxing and having wine when I said, “Last night I gave Rick a special surprise that he thoroughly enjoyed. He asked me to show my sister so she can give Robert the same pleasure. So, if you all join me in the bedroom, I will show her.”

I led them to the bedroom. I told Rick to undress and when he did I slipped my mouth over his semi hard shaft. After a few good sucks, his cock was rigid. A few more sucks and as my mouth engulfed his cock wholly, I gently pushed his balls into my mouth, sucking hard until he shot his cream into my mouth and feeling his balls spurting out his cream.

I then let out his cock and balls from my mouth.

I turned to Lisa and told her to try it on Robert.

Lisa told Robert to undress and as soon as he did, she slipped his already hard cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Then, I told Lisa to gently push his balls up and into her mouth as she sucked his cock. She did well and his balls disappeared into her mouth, along with his cock. She kept sucking him until he shot his load into her mouth. When he stopped cumming, she eased his cock and balls out of her mouth and had a big smile on her face.

After that, we all went into the master bedroom together. Lisa and I undressed and joined the men on the bed. Rick said, “Sandy, you showed us a trick, now we have a trick to show you two. Both if you get on all fours.”

We did as he said. Then, each one of them slipped their cocks in our cunts. After a few thrusts, I could feel an intrusion in my cunt. I then realized that Rick was able to slip his balls in my cunt while his cock was in me. He was now, literally, fucking me with his cock and balls in my cunt and it felt great.

I looked over at Lisa and could see by her expression that Robert was doing the same to her.

It wasn’t long before Rick shot his warm cream in me as I felt his balls contracting with each spurt until he finished cumming. When he finished, he slipped out his balls and cock.

Robert followed and me and Lisa just said, “WOW! That was amazing.”

We all rested a bit and for the rest of the night we fucked and fucked some more but we didn’t share.

Before the night was over, Rick had me on all fours. He slipped his cock in my ass and after several thrusts, he gently forced his balls into my ass with his cock. A few more thrusts and then he filled my ass with his sweet cream as his cock and balls popped out of my ass.

Well, for the rest of the week, it was more of the same, nothing but pure pleasure for all of us.

When it was time to go home, we made plans to meet again to continue with more surprises.

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