One Man’s Adventures: Here To Help


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Authors note:

This is part of the 1 Mans Adventures series. This, as all the other stories in this series, prior and forthcoming, are all at least partially true. The acts in these stories actually did take place, the names have been changed and the memories magnified. However, the places and acts described are actual events that have happened to me during my lifetime. The stories have no chronological order, instead are written as I recall and fantasize about my experiences.

If you enjoy reading this, or any other 1 Mans Adventure stories, I would love to receive your comments, reactions, and any pictures you would like to send. I can be contacted via email at the address in my profile.

* * * * *

“Oh yeah, Joel… Fuck me harder!”

Amazingly enough, as I was up to my balls in this gorgeous blonde I was thinking about how this situation came to be.

Let me start from the beginning. When I went to interview for this job, I knew I was going to be in trouble if I decided to take it. Patti, a gorgeous blonde woman greeted me, offered me a cup of coffee and buzzed the person I was going to be interviewing with.

Patti is a beautiful, slender woman in her early 40’s. She has gorgeous long blonde hair, a body to die for, and as I found out while waiting for my appointment, unmarried and unattached.

Later, after I took the job, I found out Patti is the “office secretary”. She was there to help me with paperwork, catch up with me with important messages, and just generally make my life easier.

The first week on the job Patti was very helpful. Showing me around, where everything could be found, and generally outlining what my day would look like. As the week progressed, I was making phone calls, trying to set appointments, and mostly playing on the Internet, chatting with friends. One particular woman, Terri, gets me all hot and bothered… We frequently have phone sex, and send erotic email back and forth. This day, Terri and I had been swapping hot emails, and I was, needless to say horny all day. I had been in and out of the bathroom 3 times, locking the door and quickly jerking myself off before heading back to my desk to “work”.

“Hey… You feeling OK?” Patti’s voice surprised me. “Umm.. Yeah… Why?” “You’ve been in the bathroom a few times and I just wanted to make sure you were OK.”

Now, let me preface this next comment by telling you that I’m the kind of person who can say anything to anyone and get away with it, as long as it’s said with a smirk and laugh.

“Oh, I’m fine. Just trying to take care of this ever present erection, and failing miserably.” I said with a smirk. “Well, maybe you need my help with that!” She replied.

Needless to say, I was shocked. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. This could be the first time in history that I was speechless. The thoughts started running through my mind. Everyone here knows my wife, office playmates are very dangerous…

“Well, I think I’ll survive but thanks for the offer” I managed to mumble…

I hobbled over to my desk (I truthfully am eternally horny and have a perpetual hard on.) As I surfed the net a message appeared in my E-mail inbox.

“You know, I was serious about helping with that problem of yours. Let me know. Discretion is my middle name. Patti.”

Hmm… Now I’m stuck. I’d love to get in Patti’s panties, (thongs judging by the panty line under her tight business skirts) Patti isn’t really my “type” though. I generally like women with a little more in the boob department. Patti is gorgeous, but is lacking there.

A couple days went by, I was working late, Patti and I were all by ourselves in the office, me talking dirty to Terri, her doing whatever she does… A message popped up on my screen: pendik escort “How’s that perpetual hard on?”

So I messaged her back: “Still hard =) “

Before I knew it, Patti was in my office, sitting on my desk in a provacative pose, skirt riding up exposing her long, sexy legs, shirt unbuttoned a little giving me a glimpse of the lacey bra that was peeking out.

“It seems to me that this ‘eternal hard on’ is a real problem. Perhaps you should show me what you’re doing to relieve it and I’ll see if I can help. But I bet you’re too chicken.”

Well, that’s all I needed: a challenge. First of all, I have a thing about people watching me jerk off, it’s a huge turn on. Second, this beautiful woman was telling me I was going to get laid!

I stood up as gracefully as I could, undid my belt, pulled my suit pants down, grabbed my throbbing cock suggestively through my shorts so she could see the outline of what I pack, and began to trace the length of my erection.

Now, if you’ve read any of my other stories, you know I’m not packing a big cock. About 5 inches on a good day, and while pretty thick, not considered big by anyone I’ve ever been with. But it had Patti worked up. She was wiggling a little on the desk, rubbing her thighs together and licking her lips seductively.

I pulled the shorts down freeing my hard uncut cock, and let her get a good look before I wrapped my hand around it and started working it slowly. She seemed transfixed. The buttons of her blouse came loose, her nipples were rock hard (I LOVE small nipples on a woman!) and her bra wasn’t doing much to hide her from my view. Her tan flesh was so sexy in contrast with the white bra. Her cleavage is amazing for a woman with small breasts. The cups of her bra were overflowing and damn was I turned on. And this was only the beginning. The skirt fell, stockings came off, and there she was, sitting on my desk, rubbing her pussy through the material of her little thong panty and playing with her bra covered tits.

I had sat down in my chair, and began rubbing my throbbing cock nice and slow. Working my finger over the swollen head, rubbing the precum all over. Swirling it around the head, rubbing it all along the length of my cock, and sliding my hand slowly up and down. I played with my balls a little, and slid my hand around and up and down the shaft of my now rock hard cock.

The bra was gone, and there I was staring at a gorgeous pair of small tits with one hand pulling them, rolling her fingers around the stiff nipples, tugging them gently, licking her fingers and rubbing them against both tits. While the other hand was in the panty now, rubbing her pussy.

It didn’t take long… I was breathing heavy, Patti was really going at it, and cum came flying out of my cock like water out of a fire hose. The first shot went flying and landed on the desk, (on the side closest to me… Patti was on the other side of the desk… After all, this is a *real* story) and Patti let out a low, gutteral moan as she started really grinding against her hand and came right with me. My cock kept pulsing and cum was flying everywhere. All over me, the chair, the desk… Very erotic!

When Patti recovered, she looked down and noticed that I was still as hard as a rock. “It looked like you did it right to me, but you must have missed something. Maybe I should try to take care of that.”

No complaints from me! “OK… What do you have in mind?”

She said nothing, just knelt in front of me, wrapped her long fingers around the base of my cock, and started jerking me off. Her hand was silky smooth, and ran up and down the shaft perfectly. She topped it off by running her tongue up and down, circling it around the dripping kartal escort head, licking that perfect sensitive place under the head… Then she began sucking me. Gently. She was moving her hand up and down on me, and in perfect motion, moving her hand up and down at the same time. One hand was back in her panty, one wrapped around my pulsing cock, her mouth working wonders on my prick, and to top it all off, looking up at me with that “Cum for me look”…

After about 5 minutes of this, I had had all I could stand. Patti was about to get a mouth full. She was working me so good, jerking me faster, moving her mouth in time with her hand, and really getting in to her fingers. Without missing a stroke with her hand, she let my cock pop out of her mouth, announced she was going to cum again, and begged me to cum for her…

“Oh, god… I’m gonna cum again… Make your cock erupt for me, baby.. I wanna taste your hot sticky cum so bad!”

And quickly put me back in her mouth. She closed her eyes, started going wild on her fingers and sucked me so good. How could I not cum for this incredible cock sucker? So I did what any man would do. I unloaded. What seemed like gallons of cum shot into her mouth, another shot strung over her face, a little of my cum around the corners of her mouth, and a little river moving down her chin, dripping on her little tits.

Still my cock was like it had been propped up by a steel rod or something.

“Looks like I didn’t do it right either!” She said with a shocked voice. “Oh, that’s not the case. That felt incredible!”

Her hand was still wrapped around my pole, which was still throbbing, not quite as hard as it was, but still semi-erect. She had another plan.

“Maybe it needs a wet pussy to cure it?” She asked with a grin.

I picked her up, leaned her back on my desk, started at her neck and slowly kissed my way down, through the cum, to her tits, which I sucked on, ran my tongue around and generally enjoyed before making my way down.

This womans thong was soaked. I decided to tease her a little. I began to kiss her thighs, working my way towards her panty covered pussy, which I rubbed my palm over eliciting a little moan from Patti’s lips. She obviously wanted more attention paid to her wet pussy. I was going to get there, just not until I was ready! I pulled the panty away from her dripping pussy, ran my finger along her shaved pussy, stopped at her clit and gave it a little massage with my thumb before running my tongue from her ass to her clit, stopping with a nice gentle suck of her button. Then I let the panty fall back into place.

I stepped back, and looked at her. Her eyes opened and she was almost angry that I had moved away. She thought I was going to leave her hanging. Of course I had no intention of doing that, but what the hell… A man has to exert some power over women. I grinned, moved back toward her, and pulled the panty slowly off her.

I’ve never seen a more gorgeous pussy than Patti’s. This woman is clean shaven, tight, juicy… The perfect pussy if there ever was one. I sat down in the chair, my cock still throbbing, and put her legs over my shoulders while I went in to get a good taste of that juicy wet pussy. I started by nibbling very gently on her extended clit. I sucked it gently into my mouth and assaulted it with my tongue while I rubbed the lips of her wet pussy. I had my hand palm down, my fingers rubbing over her shaved pussy while I was sucking on her clit. Rubbing up and down slowly with very little pressure. On one of the passes a finger slipped right into her and she started grinding on it. Just what I like… A greedy pussy. Damn it was tight, wet… And all mine for a while. I kept sucking maltepe escort on her clit, fingering her wet pussy, and generally bringing her to the edge of another mind blowing orgasm. Everytime I thought she was going to cum I’d stop though. I wanted to feel her pussy spasm, but I didn’t want to waste it on my fingers or tongue. That pussy was going to squeeze and cum, and it was going to be on my cock.

Finally, after a while of teasing her with my fingers and tongue, I moved back, stood up, kept her legs propped up against me, and began teasing her with my cock. It was back to it’s normal rock hard state and ready to plunge into this woman. I was rubbing it all along her pussy, banging it gently against her clit, and letting the head slip between her pussy lips and inside a little before pulling it back out and dripping her juices and my precum all over her. She was so wet. Her pussy was dripping, her ass was wet from the constant flow of our mixed juices and this woman was literally begging for me to fuck her.

I grabbed her hips, and slid my cock all the way in to her tight wet hole with one motion. All the way up to my balls in the tightest non-virgin pussy I’ve ever had. My balls rested against her nicely and her pussy was spasming on me just from the stimulation of a thick throbbing cock twitching and grinding against it. She began to really buck her hips, trying to get me to do more than stay burried deep in her pussy without moving. This woman wanted to be fucked!

I started slowly, holding her down as best I could. I wanted to really make her wild so I didn’t want her controlling the tempo. I kept light pressure on her hips and began sliding all the way out, then all the way back in her tight pussy. The only thing that stayed inside her clenching pussy was the head of my cock which was so swollen at this point that I’m not sure it could have come out even if I wanted it to. Nice slow strokes, all the way in, a twitch and all the way out. I took her hands, put one of them against her clit so I could watch her rub it, and wrapped the other around my cock. There’s no feeling in the world like fucking a woman and feeling her hand wrapped around you while you slip in and out. She was going wild! I wasn’t giving in though. I continued the slow fuck that I knew would make her crazy.

Gradually I picked up the pace, and let her go a little wild. Let her move her hips in time to my quickening thrusts. Each time I pushed my fat cock into her tight little pussy she pushed up at me, wiggled, and tightened the muscles in her pussy. It was quite a ride, I have to say.

Before long, she was screaming out that she was going to cum, and I wasn’t far from it myself. I felt the familiar tingling at the base of my cock and knew I was going to erupt in this tight pussy. Then it happened. Her pussy gripped my cock like no pussy ever had before (or since!) and she moaned out. The one hand continued to rub her clit in circles while I humped her and the other hand went straight to her little tits and began pulling and twisting them.

This was all it took. I plowed my thick cock into her steamy, spasming hole and came so hard I thought I was going to fall over! Our combined cum was dripping out of her pussy around my cock, and I just kept slipping in and out of her while we both came down from our intense orgasms.

“Oh god! I’m cumming! Fuck me harder!!”

Damn! That snapped me back to the present.

My hands holding Patti’s hips and my cock fucking her tight pussy from behind. It was the same thing. When her pussy clamped down on my cock I let loose. Burried my cock as deep in her pussy as possible and just felt the cum stream out of my cock and into her pussy.

After a minute or two, I pulled out of her, stood back, and watched her pull her panties on, and try to put herself back together. This had become almost a daily ritual with us. Coming in early before everyone else, leaving for “lunch” staying late, meeting on weekends at the office.

She’s absolutely determined to “cure” my ever present hard on.

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