On the Beach Ch. 14


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In addition to incest there is also MM sex. If that is a problem save some time and look for something else.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his help editing.


“What now?” Jill asks, ignoring the flabbergasted look on her father’s face.

“Baby, I wasn’t joking.” Jim tells her, speaking around an enormous yawn. “I’ve never laid so much pipe is so short a time. I never, not ever, would have imagine saying such a thing, but I’m fucked out. I just want to chill, girl.”

“Same here,” Ben adds as he turns toward the pool stairs. “I’m going to pull a lounge chair into the shade and take a nap.” He looks around. “Anyone know what time it is?”

“It was quarter till four when Mark and I left the house,” Muriel answers. “It must be quarter past, or half past, by now.” She hoists herself out of the pool. “Ben, you mind if I share some of that shade.”

“Nope, not as long as you don’t snore any louder than Meg.”

“Ben Casey, I do not snore!”

“Yeah, you do,” all three of her children intone simultaneously. They look at each other and begin to laugh.

“Assholes. The whole lot of you.” She follows her husband out of the pool, feigning hurt feelings while suppressing a smile.

She pulls a chair over and stretches out on her back between her husband and Muriel, their long-time lover. Jill can’t help noticing how nice her mother’s pussy looks, all waxed and smooth and bejeweled with drops of water. She’s as tired as the rest but her fatigue doesn’t keep her from feeling a tightening deep in her belly.

“Come on, you guys,” she tells the others. “They’ve hogged all the chairs. Let’s go inside and take a nap in their bed.”

“Why our bed?” Her mother demands.

“It’s the only king size. Duh.”

Bill and Jim follow her. Mark hesitates. There is a fourth lounge chair he could pull over by Muriel. She sees his hesitation and smiles. “Good on, Mark. Us old folks need our beauty sleep.”

“No, you don’t. If you were any more beautiful it would be a crime,” Mark assures her as he bends to kiss her softly on the lips.

“Christ, son. Don’t overdo it. Jesus,” his dad snorts as he shifts his butt, trying to get comfortable. “At least pretend you aren’t totally pussy whipped already.”

“Like you’d know,” Meg snorts as she rolls over onto her stomach. “Go on, sweetheart. I don’t want to embarrass you when I tell Muriel all your baby stories.”

Mark’s face settles into a look of cinematic horror. Seeing it, his mom takes pity. “Oh please, you know I’m only kidding.” Mark turns. The others are waiting, grinning at his discomfort. “Besides, honey, I’ve told her all of them before.”

Mark shakes his head but doesn’t respond.

“Good one, mom.” Jill chuckles and bounds up the stairs.

The three men, two of them her brothers, watch her ass move as she climbs the stairs to the deck. All of them, dog tired though they may be, are sporting soft wood by the time they reach the upper deck. The inside of the house feels cool after the heat of the sun.

“Should we change the sheets?” Jill giggles as they enter their parent’s bedroom. “It reeks of sex and cum in here.”

“Later, I’m too tired,” Bill replies and climbs into the bed and crawls to the far side. It’s the others’ turn to watch his ass. Even Mark and Jim watch.

Jill motions to Jim with one hand. “You next big guy.”

“Why does Mark get to lay by you?” Bill whines. “That’s not fair.”

“See, Jill, this is what we’ve been trying to warn you about,” Jim tells her in a very serious voice. “Look at jealousy already rearing up it’s ugly green scaly head.”

“Deal, brother Bill, deal,” Jill says as she blows him a kiss off the tips of her fingers. “Go on, Jim. Hop in. Seriously, I’m about to fall asleep on my feet.”

Jim complies, lying on his side, his back pressed against Bill’s front. Jill follows suit, her ass presses against Jim’s cock. Mark hesitates. She smiles and holds out a hand. He takes it and starts to lie down.

“Uh-uh, big brother, facing me. Okay?” she says, stopping him.

Mark doesn’t speak. He kneels on the edge of the bed and stretches out facing his sister.

“Did you guys notice how gorgeous mom’s pussy is, now that she’s waxed and it’s all slick and smooth?” Jill asks as she wiggles her upper body closer to Mark and grinds her ass against Jim. He may be tired but his cock responds to the soft warm caress of his lover’s ass.

“As a matter of fact I did,” Jim assures her. “Your daddy was blocking my view but nice as your momma’s pussy looks, it felt a whole lot better wrapped around my dick.”

She shoves her ass into Jim’s crotch, causing him to flinch. “Better than mine feels wrapped around your cock, lover?”

“Jill?” Mark’s questions brings her eyes back to his face.


Mark notices his brother, Bill has raised up on one elbow to peer over Jim’s shoulder.

“I know you’re kidding, at least I think you are, but that is exactly what we’ve been talking about. How can Jim answer that question? If he says yes, will you be ankara escort pissed? Jealous? My guess is Jim will say ‘no’ and he’ll probably mean it but what if he’s lying? Have you considered how you’d feel if the answer was ‘yes’, that he did enjoy fucking mom more than you? Could you handle that?”

“Sure, as long as I knew he loves me more than mom.” Her answer is quick, her voice easy, almost chipper. Mark holds her eye. She shrugs. “Okay, fine. It would bother me. But only a little. My ego isn’t so frail that I’ll fall to pieces over the idea Jim has had lovers better at fucking than I am.” She pauses, “But the physical part of sex, great as it is, isn’t the only thing that goes into making love. What if for some reason I couldn’t have sex anymore? I don’t know why, but just say I couldn’t, that doesn’t mean Jim wouldn’t still love me. At least I hope it wouldn’t.”

“White girl, don’t be dense. You know it wouldn’t.”

Mark looks past his sister at Jim, a man he’s only beginning to know but already likes, likes a lot. “You sure, Jim? That would be a lot to give up.”

“I’m sure.” The answer is given in a steady voice and with a steadier eye.

“That’s sweet, baby,” Jill purrs. “If my pussy is every incapacitated, I’ll let you find relief elsewhere.”

“Jill, Jesus,” Bill groans and she twists her head to look at him. “I love you. You know that. You’re my little sister. I love the fact that you’re so sure life will always be beautiful, but it isn’t. You can say shit like that so blithely, as if none of it matters. It matters. It all matters, a lot. Something that important, that integral to how two people love each other, can’t be treated with a casual, off the cuff remark like that. I’m not superstitious but Christ sis, haven’t you ever heard of hubris?”

“Yes,” Jill replies, reaching over Jim to pull Bill’s hand to her lips. She kisses the palm. “Yes, I know what hubris is. I’m not treating the idea of ‘love’ with contempt or with complacency. I am in awe of how I feel about Jim, about you, Mark, Muriel, mom, dad, everyone close to me. I don’t take it lightly. I’m so in awe of it, I believe love can survive anything.”

“I hope you’re right,” Mark whispers, speaking as much to himself as to the others.

Jim’s body shakes the bed as he shudders and yawns.

“I’m in awe of love like all y’all but I thought we were going to take a nap?”

“Thanks, baby,” Jill says as she snuggles back against him. She kisses Bill’s fingertips and releases his hand. She inclines her head, resting her forehead against Mark’s. “Night night, boys.”

The bed shifts as Bill lies back down. His arm falls over Jim’s waist and his fingers gently wrap around the man’s half-hard cock. Jill wiggles her ass, saying with her body – “hi there, welcome”. If Jim cares one way or the other, it’s lost in a low rumbling snore. Soon enough, she feels Bill’s fingers relax. He doesn’t snore but his breathing is low and soft.

“That leaves just us big brother,” she whispers to Mark. She rubs her fingers through his hair, their foreheads still kiss.

“Uh-huh,” he grunts. “You should sleep, little sis.”

“So should you big brother.” Her fingers pluck at his hair. “Why can’t you just call me ‘sis’ instead of ‘little sis’?”

“But you are my little sis, sis” he replies.

“Thank you, Mark.” She tries to let herself fall over the edge of sleep but can’t quite manage to. “I always thought you didn’t like me very much.”

“I thought the same,” her brother whispers. “You were always thick as thieves with Bill. You always made it clear I was intruding.”

“No, that’s not true at all.” Jill whispers but there’s an urgency in her voice. “You always seemed so much more grown up. Bill was silly. You were always so serious. I knew you thought I was silly.”

“You are silly,” Mark chuckles. “That’s what I love about you. Silly. Smart. Fearless. Go to sleep.”

“Okay, but promise me something.”

“Sis,” Mark moans. “You know I hate being asked to ‘promise’ before I know what you want me to promise.”

“I know but promise?”

“‘Fine. What?”

“Will you make love to me? Not now. Later. Just me.”

Mark moves his head looking for his sister’s lips. They kiss. He tastes her tongue. He moves his hips forward, pressing his growing erection into the top of her leg.

“Yes, sis. I promise.”

As if his words were a magic spell, his little sister with her big heart and big ideas, falls asleep. He cups her cheek with one hand and joins her.


“Don’t hate me. I didn’t mean for this to happen. Oh, I wanted to get Mark into my bed. You know that. I didn’t mean for this to happen but there was part of me that knew I wanted him in my bed for more than just a quick roll. I should have listen to that voice. I’m so sorry. Don’t hate me, please.”

Muriel speaks, looking above her at the stripes of hot sunlight shining between the deck boards. Meg pushes herself off her lounge chair and stands. She moves the lounge chair right next to Muriel’s. When Ben sees what his wife is doing, escort ankara he joins her, moving his own chair. Meg lies back down on her stomach, holding herself up with her arms. She looks across Muriel at her husband.

“You want her pussy or tits, dear?”

“Tits,” he replies. They speak as if deciding who will order the chicken and who will order the fish.

Meg doesn’t speak. She nods and lies back down. She rolls onto her side enough to make it easy to lay one hand over Muriel’s bare pussy. Ben had been on his back. He rolls onto his side and plops a hand over Muriel’s left breast.

“Shut up, Muriel and go to sleep,” Meg tells her lover. “When I have the energy, I’ll show you how much I hate you by eating your cunt until you die of multiple orgasms.”

“Bitch,” Muriel sniffles and giggles.

“Muriel?” Ben murmurs, half asleep.


“You wouldn’t happen to have a strap on would you?”


Mark wakes lying on his back. He’s sweating. It takes him a moment to recall where he is. It doesn’t take nearly as long to realize someone is sucking his cock. He keeps his eyes closed, wondering if he can tell, by just the feel of the person’s mouth and hand, whether it is Jill or his brother who is blowing him. He searches the sensations coming from his cock. Can he feel any whiskers when most of his cock is buried in the person’s throat? Size of the hand – do the fingers go all the way around his cock? He searches, analyzes, and decides it must be Jill. The hand feels too small to be a man’s.

He reaches down, expecting to feel Jill’s soft hair. He does. He opens his eyes. She’s looking at him. With his cock still in her mouth, she smiles at him. Mark twists his head. Bill is propped on one arm, watching. It’s clear he’s stroking his cock with his other hand. Jim is sleeping, mouth slightly open, the fingers of one hand curled around his dick. He’s hard.

Bill moves toward the end of the bed, carefully, trying not to jostle Jim awake. He squeezes in beside his sister and, lying half on his side, takes Jim’s cock in his mouth. Mark watches as his little brother sucks their sister’s lover. Jim’s hand falls away. Bill takes more of the cock into his mouth. Jim rolls onto his back, still breathing deeply. Using only his mouth, Bill deep throats Jim’s cock. Beside him Jill follows suit on Mark’s.

They suck cock, side by side, in rhythm for a few minutes. Jill pauses. “Don’t make him cum,” she whispers.

Bill nods, though he’s not sure how he’s supposed to know. He decides not to worry about it and to enjoy sucking Jim’s cock while he has the chance. He deep throats the cock over and over, pulling back slowly, pressing his tongue to the underside of the shaft. His efforts are rewarded when Jim’s pre cum begins to flow. He begins to bob his head faster, greedy now.

“Stop,” Jill whispers into his ear. “Please,” she adds when he shows no sign of slowing. He becomes conscious of her breast pressing against his side. He pulls his mouth off Jim’s cock with a sigh.

When he looks up, Jim is smiling at him.

Jill leans forward. Jim cups the back of her head and they kiss. Mark and Bill stroke their cocks, watching the two lovers play with each other’s tongue. Jill pulls away from the kiss. She’s flushed. One hand is between her legs.

“Don’t cum you guys, okay? I want us to try edging.”

“What’s that?” Mark asks as he rubs the back of his sister’s leg.

“We get right to the edge of cumming and then stop. It’s supposed to build up sexual tension like mad,” she answers with a giggle. She takes her hand from between her legs and fondles Jim’s balls. The other hand fondles Mark’s. “I want these sperm factories working overtime. I want a jizz bath. I want cum dripping from my pussy, my ass, my mouth, my tits – everywhere.”

Bill shakes his head. “Jesus, Jill when did you become such a slut?”

“The past two days. What red-blooded bitch wouldn’t surrounded by all this lovely damn cock.” She giggles again. “I am a slut aren’t I? You still love me?” The last question is directed to Jim.

“Yeah, baby. More’n ever.” He puts his hand behind her head again and pulls, gently. “See if you can suck my dick better than your brother, huh?”

“Oh, baby, I’d love to.” She looks at Mark. “Scoot a little closer to Jim. I want to sit between you.”

Her brother does as she asks. She looks at Jim, her eyes glowing. “Is this what you want me to do?”

She bends her legs and, steadying Mark’s cock with one hand, she deep throats him. She does it on the first try, without gagging. Without taking her mouth off his cock, she pumps her other fist in a gesture of victory. She pulls her mouth off of her brother’s dick and looks at him. “Remember, when you get close, stop me. Okay? Jim baby, when he does, it’ll be your turn.” She looks over her shoulder. “I haven’t forgotten you, Bill. I want you to fuck me again. Would you?” He nods. “If I pull away let me. I don’t want to cum yet either.” He nods. She arches her back. “Fuck me again, Bill. Please. Just the idea of your cock in ankara escort bayan my pussy has my cunt dripping wet.”

Bill walks on his knees, positioning himself behind his sister. He rubs the head of his cock up and down her slit. Her cunt is dripping. She moans. “Don’t tease me. Put your cock in me. Please.” Bill jerks his hips forward. His sister growls. She throws her head back. “Harder. Please. Harder but stop when I tell you too.”

Bill begins to pound his cock into his sister’s cunt. She slams back to meet him. He concentrates, focusing on controlling himself, afraid if he doesn’t he’ll fuck her until they both cum. What the fuck, he laughs to himself, what would be so bad about that?

Suddenly his sister falls forward, lying half on Mark, half on Jim. Bill’s cock throbs. A long strand of viscous shiny fluid hangs from the head of his cock. Jill whimpers. The other two, stroke their cocks. Mark uses his free hand to caress his sister’s back.

“Sorry, big brother,” she pants at Mark. “I thought I could suck your cock while Bill fucks me.” She chuckles. “I was wrong.” She turns her head and kisses Jim’s belly. “Your turn soon, baby.” She pushes her ass up into the air and looks over her shoulder at Bill. “How close are you?”

He shrugs. “I was very close but it’s subsided. You sure you want to risk it? You look like your still pretty close.”

“I am but I have an idea I think will work. I think it will make me even hornier but won’t make me cum.” She grins at Bill. “Put that wet shiny cock in my ass. That won’t make me cum will it?”

Bill shakes his head. “No, but it might make me cum.” He jerks his head towards his brother. “You worry about Mark’s cock. I’ll worry about you.” She frowns. “Please, Bill. I really want your cock in my ass.”

“And I want you to suck my brother’s cock. Suck it, Jill. I’ll take care of your ass.”

Mark looks at his brother. Bill’s face is as hard and flat as his voice. He’s never seen him quite like this. Apparently, neither has Jill. She doesn’t say a word. She turns her head and Mark lies back and groans as his sister’s hot mouth engulfs his cock.

Jill is so amazed at how Mark’s cock swells insider her throat, she forgets about Bill. But only for a moment. She feels his hands on her ass. They pull her ass cheeks apart. She hears him spit and suddenly saliva is running down her ass crack and over her rosebud. She feels her asshole twitching. He spreads her ass wider. He spits. She feels the spit inside her ass and moans around Mark’s cock.

Something scratches the inside of her butt cheeks and then something hot and wet probes her ass. She moans again at the realization her brother is not fucking her ass with his cock but with his tongue. She envisions herself divided into two. One, a Jill, that is focused on sucking Mark’s cock. The other, a Jill, focused on the sensation of Bill’s tongue rimming her asshole. She’s not entirely successful but she does succeed in remembering to keep working on the cock in her mouth.

She switches tactics. She forgoes deep-throating her brother’s cock in favor of popping the crown of the head in and out of her pursed lips. She pulls the foreskin forward, trapping it, stretching it with her lips. She holds it there with her hand and forces her tongue under it and licks circles around the crown. When she feels Mark tense, she stops, deep throats him, and rests, breathing through her nose, waiting for him to relax.

It is at these times, holding one brother’s cock deep in her throat, that she is able to give her undivided attention to what her other brother is doing to her ass. At the moment, Bill is nipping at the insides of her ass cheeks, working his way around her sphincter. When he reaches the bottom, he pushes his face deeper into her crack. It feels as if his nose penetrates her as his tongue finds the opening to her pussy. She loves the sensation but feels her spit running out of her mouth to pool around the base of Mark’s cock. She pulls back, his cock falls from her mouth. She moves the foreskin back and forth over the crown. Bill’s tongue leaves her pussy and laps at her rosebud.

“Fuck me. Please,” she whimpers.

Bill’s face leaves her ass crack. The bed shifts. His legs press against her. The head of his cock, slick with pre cum presses against her equally slick asshole. When he pushes, there is a moment of discomfort, then what she can only describe as bliss, as he fills her. She lowers her head but Mark puts his hand against her forehead.

“No way, sis. Too close. Need a break unless you’ve changed your mind about letting us cum.”

She shakes her head, turns it and enjoys the sight of Jim stroking his dick. He strokes it slowly, moving his hand up and around the head, before gliding his hand back along the length of the shaft. She cups his balls. His sack crinkles up at her touch. She lowers her head. Jim uses his hand to aim the head of his cock at her mouth. Once again she finds herself divide between the feel of Bill’s cock in her ass and the taste and scent of Jim’s cock. She kisses and licks the crown. She raises her lips. Jim squeezes the shaft and a large drop of cock dew blossoms from the slit. She dips the tip of her tongue in it and pushes her tongue into the slit before letting her lips engulf the head of his cock.

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