Old Friends , New Possibilities Ch. 4


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Theresa cooed to herself as she watched her husband stir to life as she lovingly sucked on his hard cock. It was just two weeks ago that she had discovered how she liked the taste of his cum. She also discovered how she loved the feel of his hard cock between her lips and sliding down her throat. Just then she felt a small tingle of pleasure ripple forth from her pussy. Glancing back she saw her husbands fingers sliding in and out of her moist pussy. Moaning in pleasure as she continued to deep throating of her husband. These vibrations sent wondrous sensations up and down Mathew’s cock and he groaned his joyous approval. As this cycle of pleasure continued, it was only moments later Mathew’s cock erupted down the throat of his wife, spurring her on to climax on his fingers.

“Now that’s the way to wake a man up in the morning!” Mathew smiled down to his wife as she licked his cock clean.

“Any man or just you?” Laughed Theresa playfully between licks.

“Any man you want sweetheart, as long as he’s in this bed with me.” Mathew laughed back as he stroked his wife’s hair.

At that they both laughed as neither were serious or even playing with the idea of adding another person in to their sex lives. They were happy and content to find the renewed playfulness like they had when they were newlyweds. Mathew had never seen this side of his wife before, never before had she been this much of the sexual aggressor. She never liked to give him head before and here she was licking his cock clean after waking him up with a fantastic blowjob.

“So what are you planning on doing with this thing next dear?” Theresa said as she waved the stiffening cock back and forth with a playful smile.

“Take a leak.” Mathew said as he rushed off to the bathroom to relieve his full bladder.

“Bastard!” Theresa growled as she watched her husband disappear into the bathroom.

“Don’t move a muscle!” Mathew said over his shoulder to his wife who was still on her hands and knees with her ass sticking up in the air.

Mathew stood at the toilet and emptied his bladder as quickly as possible, hoping to get back to his wife as soon as he could. With a quick shake he stuffed his cock back his shorts and washed his hands before rushing out into the bedroom. His eyes flashed around the room and discovered that Theresa was nowhere to be found. The sizzling of bacon in the distance told him where his wife was and what she was doing.

Mathew made his way in the direction of the sound and in a moment of wickedness he stripped his boxer shorts off. As he strode proudly into the kitchen completely naked he smiled wickedly at his wife who was cooking breakfast. Theresa who was wearing a silk robe looked sideways at her husband not yet acknowledging his presence.

“Don’t even think of coming near me with that thing.” Theresa snapped as Mathew strode towards his wife.

“Sweetie, I wasn’t ignoring you, but I really had to pee!” Mathew said as he stood behind his wife and caressed her silk covered ass and hips.

“Go away!” Theresa said unconvincingly taking a swat at her husbands roaming hands.

“C’mon baby, are you sure you don’t want me to take care of this?” Mathew said as his right hand slid up her smooth thigh and brushed past her moist and hot pussy.

Theresa drew a quick breath in shock and excitement as she felt his brief caressing of her pussy. She had, in truth wanted to pounce on him first thing in the morning and still did. However she wanted to make him pay for walking away from her earlier, she was a woman and had her pride. She didn’t want him to think that he could have her anytime he wanted her. However her throbbing loins were fast betraying her angry exterior.

“Maybe later.” Theresa answered her heart and pussy throbbing in time with her pounding heart.

“But I want your sweet pussy now.” Mathew said nonchalantly as he lifted her silk robe and pushed his cock easily into her wet pussy.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHH You Bastard.” Theresa Moaned as her head dropped and she grabbed onto the sides of the stove for support, the spatula still in her hand. The sizzling of the bacon seemed almost to be the sound effect for her heated pussy.

Thump, Thump, Thump, Slap, Slap, Slap

Mathew feverishly pumped in and out of her oh so eager pussy. Theresa was in heaven having her hot cunt stuffed so full of cock. Her excitement was now too much for her to contain and she moaned as her husband pounded away at her cunt. Now all that Theresa could think of was that she did not want this to end.

These days it seemed that she could not say no to him, and for the moment it suited her fine. She was having the best and most frequent sex of her life. For the first time since Jenny moved out they were taking advantage of having the place to themselves. It was an added charge having sex in their kitchen and not worrying about Jenny walking in.

“C’mon you son-of-a-bitch if your gonna fuck me then FUCK ME!!” Theresa moaned out in frustration as she thrust her hips back at Mathew harder and harder.

Mathew sarıyer escort held on to her and slammed even harder into her pussy. The slapping of their bodies rang out louder than ever, punctuated with the grunts that each lover let out with each powerful stroke. The heated fucking continued for a few blissful moments as the lust crazed couple continued to rut like animals. Fucking this hot cannot continue forever and soon enough it ended.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CHHHHHRIIIIISSSST!!” Mathew screamed as he shot his load deep inside his wife’s pussy. The feeling of her husband’s cum washing the deepest depths of her steaming cunt triggered her own orgasm. With one long unmistakable moan of passion she came hard. If it weren’t for Mathew’s quick thinking and agile hands she would have landed face first into the frying pan.

“You are one hot piece of ass!” Mathew breathed, trying to catch his breath. “Clearly the best.” Mathew said as Theresa came to.

“I’d better be your only piece of ass!” Theresa laughed trying to sound angry.

“Well there is the receptionist at work and the one or two casual mistresses.” Mathew said counting on his hands with a smirk.

“Jerk.” Theresa tossed the spatula at him and held a look that was a cross between scowl and smirk.

“But I’ll never leave you dear. You’re the best by far.” Mathew said with a smirk.

“Gee honey, the least you could do is bring her home for me to play with as well.” Theresa said with a wink and as playfully as she could.

She wanted to play with his mind for a moment and shock him back for the bad humor. However Theresa had to admit that in the back of her mind she had always had a secret fantasy about being with another woman. On one occasion Theresa licked her fingers while masturbating imagining it was her phantom female lover. The taste stuck with her and burned into her subconscious, she had never told anyone before not even Mathew.

“I may do just that sweetie.” Mathew laughed and finished cooking breakfast for the pair.

“You do that and I will either show you a night to remember or beat the piss out of you!” Theresa warned with a smile, not letting on if she was kidding or serious. Truly Theresa didn’t know what she would do if faced with a real live willing woman. However Theresa knew that Mathew wouldn’t be that dumb to bring a woman home in hopes of a wild threesome.

* * * *

“Could I get another gin and tonic?” Theresa asked the waitress.

“Certainly madam.” The young waitress said as she turned to return to the bar.

“Are you sure you need another one?” Mathew said quietly to Theresa as he tried to tear his eyes away from the scrumptious ass of the waitress.

“I’m okay dear, besides you’re driving.” Theresa said in response to her husband’s inquiry. “Besides, after that speech of Tom’s, I need one.” Theresa shook her head and sighed.

“I know, me too.” Mathew sighed, knowing exactly what she was talking about. “Waitress, can I get another rum and coke?” Mathew said to the passing young woman and tried to look past her breasts to her face.

Theresa sat in the bar and remembered the evening that had passed and still digested the events of the only an hour or so before.

* * * *

It was during the post evening drinks and conversation that the pleasant evening took a turn for the bizarre. Jenny was opening the presents brought by the various guests and extended family members. Tom insisted that she open his present last. When all the other presents were opened he stood and raised his glass to make a speech and toast.

“Well, I would like to thank everyone for being here to help us celebrate not only Jenny’s birthday but our first anniversary as well.” Tom paused and looked at Jenny who smiled and blushed. “For you see, while the actual anniversary is one week away it was one year ago tonight that things started to change for us.” Tom paused to keep his emotions in check. “It was one year ago tonight that I saw her not as the little girl that I viewed her as but as the beautiful woman that she is.” Tom looked at Jenny and again she blushed. “It took a week for us to realize that we belonged together and she has made me happier than I have ever been. She has made my life worth living and I could not imagine my life without her.” Tom paused and slipped his hand into his pocket and brought something out and handed the small velvet box to Jenny.

With trembling hands Jenny opened the ring box and peered inside to find the very ring she fell in love with months ago. One time when they were window-shopping at the mall she pointed out this ring in the window of a jewelry shop and now it was in her hands. She lifted her tear filled eyes and looked to see Tom but he was no longer there. Jenny looked around and found Tom beside her on one knee slowly taking her hand in his.

“Jenny, you have been special to me since the day you were born, you know that.” Tom paused and drew a shaky breath before esenyurt escort continuing. “This past year you have been so much more special and dearer to me than I ever though you could be. I love you so much Jenny . . .” Tom’s words drifted off and he paused once more. “Jenny, will you marry me?” Tom finished and looked into the teary eyes of Jenny, his beloved.

It was almost a full minute before Jenny could speak but her rapturous expression and teary smile answered the question before words ever could. There was little doubt that Jenny would say yes to the momentous question. After the years she had waited to hear those words from Tom, she would not pass up this opportunity to make her life long dream come true.

“Yes.” Meekly came out of Jenny’s mouth finally. “Yes Tom, I’ll marry you.” She repeated a little louder so the whole party could hear and a teary eyed filled nodding of the head.

Cheers and laughter roared up from the crowd in celebration of the happy news. Everyone was overjoyed at the happy news of the engagement of Tom and Jenny and the wine poured freely thereafter. Everyone drank and enjoyed the happy news and good times of the evening.

Everyone that is, except Mathew and Theresa. Theresa’s heart sank as she felt at odds with her daughter once more. It was too much too soon once more for Jenny’s parents. She had just got used to the idea of Tom and Jenny being together and seeing them together. Now she was supposed to accept Tom as her Son-in-law! It was all too creepy, she went to school with him, she dated him a little in high school. Tom almost was Jenny’s father! However, he wasn’t and there was nothing Theresa or Mathew could do to stop them.

* * * *

It was at this point that Theresa was snapped back to reality as she realized that she was staring down the top of the waitress. As Theresa looked down the top of that young waitress she could clearly see that the full round breasts were not contained in a bra. Theresa tried to look away from them but was unable not to trace every curve and round shape of the beautiful orbs of flesh before her. Without a word one more blouse button was undone, revealing more of the captivating breasts.

“See anything you like darlin?” The waitress asked as she looked down into the transfixed eyes of Theresa.

“I . . . I’m sorry.” Theresa blushed and looked away embarrassed at what she had done.

“Its okay darlin, I don’t mind.” The waitress said with a wink. “You looked like you enjoyed the view, that’s all.” The waitress said calmly. “You look hot yourself and I thought you were into women.” The waitress said with a smile and another wink catching the eye of Theresa and looked sideways at her for a moment. “You’ve never been with a woman have you?” The waitress asked plainly.

“No.” Theresa replied not looking away from the eyes of the waitress.

“But you want to don’t you?” The waitress said leaning in dangerously close, her breasts almost popping out of the blouse; she waited for an answer.

“Yes.” Was the almost inaudible response from Theresa.

“I get off at one thirty and I’d love to be your first, I’ll do ya both if you want. My name is Sandra, what’s yours?” Sandra the waitress asked calmly.

“I’m Theresa and this is my husband Mathew.” Theresa responded and tried to regain her composure, her mind still swimming from everything that happened this evening.

“Any kids?” Sandra asked, her considerable cleavage on display as she stood back up straight.

“One daughter nineteen today.” Theresa replied.

“What do you know, I’m twenty.” Sandra laughed and leaned in. “She doesn’t live at home does she?” Sandra asked with interest.

“No.” Theresa replied.

“Good, I hate having to work around kids; it’s such a hassle.” Sandra said with relief then leaned in “So, you interested?” She asked with a raised eyebrow lightly toying with one of her now exposed nipples.

Theresa looked at Mathew who gave her an expected look pleading her to say yes (as she expected) Theresa knew that she wanted to and here was her opportunity to explore that fantasy with this stranger. If things didn’t go well she wouldn’t have to see her again. The temping thought fought with her conscience for a moment but in the end temptation won out.

“Yes, we’d love to have you over tonight.” Theresa responded with a nervous smile.

“Don’t go anywhere.” Sandra said with and blew a kiss as she fixed her blouse and then left the table.

For the rest of the evening the couple was excited and nervous about sharing the experience. Their minds were not occupied with the thought of Tom and Jenny’s upcoming wedding. Soon enough though, the other party guests trickled into the bar from the restaurant and the party was in full gear. Everyone danced and partied but as the night wore on the crowd thinned. As the rest of the crowd left the bar Theresa and Mathew stayed behind under the pretense of resting a bit before leaving.

“You stayed!” Sandra said with a charge of excitement. avrupa yakası escort “I’m so glad!” She said and hugged Theresa tight pressing her whole body against the woman.

Sandra followed Mathew and Theresa back to their apartment and a hushed nervous excitement fell over the apartment as the door closed behind them. Sandra calmly hung up her jacket and looked the apartment over as the pair looked Sandra over.

Sandra was a tall, slender, dark skinned, Arabic beauty who was statuesque and well proportioned with the perfect hourglass figure. Her more than ample breasts were about the same size as Theresa’s C cups. Her long black hair fell straight to the small of her back. The dark mini skirt she had on clung to her mid thigh and hugged her curvy hips well. Her blouse was form fitting but not excessively tight. Clearly you could see the shape of her breasts underneath the material and no bra lines were to be seen to hinder the view.

Sandra showed confidence and calmness as she surveyed the apartment. She was clearly comfortable and unashamed about who she was and nothing would change that. Sandra had known that she loved both men and woman for a long time and enjoyed an active sex life with many men and women. Clearly she was not an inexperienced young woman; in fact sex had been a part of her life for a long time. She worked at the bar for the easy money and for opportunities like this, to be a first time for some bi-curious woman. Usually they were single but on occasion they would be with a man. The fact of the presence of a man didn’t deter Sandra, she was proud of who she was and what she could do. She knew that she could delight a woman in ways that a man simply couldn’t.

“Do you have anything to drink?” Sandra asked at long last.

“Yes, how about some wine?” Theresa asked and Sandra nodded her approval.

Sandra waited until the trio had their wine and was sitting relaxing in the living room before giving her usual speech. It was a little something she did to break the ice and set the ground rules for the events that were about to take place.

“Okay, here’s how things will happen this evening. Here is what I need for this to happen. It is not negotiable.” Sandra said with a serious tone and paused for a moment to see the nods of Theresa and Mathew. “I am in charge, what I say goes at all times. First I will start with Theresa here and when I am ready I will let you join in.” Sandra finished and pointed to Mathew. “Is that acceptable?” Sandra asked and crossed her legs and waited when both agreed a wicked smile crept across Sandra’s lips. “Good.”

Sandra looked over at Theresa and Mathew who sat there not knowing what would happen next. Sandra let them stew for a moment before speaking again. She looked as if in thought, thinking about what she would do to them first. The wicked smile returned to her face and she prepared to speak.

“Well my darlings, you are clearly wearing too many clothes. Stand up and undress each other, one article at a time.” Sandra said without raising her voice.

Slowly the couple stood up and moved to the center of the living room. Theresa started with Mathew’s shirt, unbuttoning it as best she could with shaking hands. Mathew in turn removed Theresa’s shirt and so in it went back and forth until they stood naked before Sandra holding each other. Sandra took the time to admire her newest conquests and found that they were acceptable.

“Mathew dear; sit down over there.” Sandra pointed to the kitchen table and Mathew silently complied. “Come here my dear.” Sandra said crooking a finger. “Don’t you think I’m overdressed?” Sandra asked in a sultry voice.

“Yes.” Theresa said and started to approach Sandra sitting in the chair.

“Well why don’t you rectify the situation my dear.” Sandra smiled and waited.

One by one Sandra’s clothes were removed and Theresa caressed and examined every inch of the smooth skin that she liberated with each article of clothing. After a few long moments, Sandra was as nude as the other two. Theresa could not get over how smooth and touchable her skin was, it was unlike anything she had touched before. Her hands could not stop moving over the silky smooth skin. Sandra sat there for a moment and let the woman caress her body.

“Kiss me.” Sandra said without moving.

Slowly and deliberately Theresa crawled up into that chair and planed her knees on either side of Sandra’s legs. Their bodies were dangerously close and skin brushed upon skin as Theresa’s lips neared Sandra’s. Electricity shot through Theresa’s body as for the first time she kissed another woman romantically. Sandra’s lips were tender, soft and delicious as the kiss continued the passion increased. Hands started roaming over each other’s body and Theresa loved the feel of Sandra’s small smooth hands caressing every intimate part of her body.

Something seemed to take over Theresa’s body and everything she did seemed to be second nature and natural. Her lips moved down Sandra’s body and soon she was lip to nipple with her first breast. However she seemed to know what she was doing and started to orally please Sandra’s breasts as she would like her own pleased. Sandra moaned her approval and grabbed two handfuls of Theresa’s hair and directed the woman’s attention to where she wanted it. Theresa was in heaven as she explored her newest lover’s bosom.

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