Oil of Roses Ch. 16


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Many thanks to Literotica author ‘englander1961’ for her help, editorial services, encouragement and a title much better than my original, which has elevated her to the status of House Goddess of Sexy Story Titles. Thanks to Sammi Scott, aka Titsy McYarn, the Cute at the Heart of the Abyss for her help and valuable critique. Thanks to Literotica author ‘KY ridgerunner’ for the stories that planted the idea in my head months ago. A belated and much overdue thanks to John Hasty for his peerless editing. Bounteous thanks to Kevin for his incredibly thorough critiquing and voluminous notes.

After you’ve read this, if you have any inclination at all to comment, please do so, either by email or on the comment board… The best way for me to grow and improve as an author is to hear from the people who read my work.

I welcome constructive critiques and non-abusive comments. I will answer, in at least a semi-prompt manner, any email that comes with an email address.

If you feel you must respond in a hateful or angry fashion, you may put your head down upon your desk and do so, quietly to yourself, for as long as you feel it necessary. This story may not be copied to other sites without my permission.

If you have not read the earlier installment(s) of this tale, it would probably help you to make sense of this one if you did so.

* * * * *

After a somber end to the brunch, Karen and Patricia made their farewells, checked out of their room and headed home. Tamara cleared her and Eddy out of their room and transferred up to the suite. She and Margo settled in on a couch in the bedroom to talk. Harry got back from a trip to the toilet to find Margo on the room phone. When she hung up she said, “Harry, I’m taking Tamara to do a little clothes shopping and it looks like Kelly is coming with us. Do you need anything while we’re out?”

“Yes my love, if you can, pick up some liqueurs you think would go well with coffee… I feel many more pots of leaded coming on… a bottle of Bailey’s for sure. Now that the cat’s out of the bag about us buying Tamara for Eddy, we don’t really have to stay here, but we do have the suite for a week, might as well enjoy it.”

The ladies ventured forth leaving him apparently alone in the suite. He wandered into the sitting room and found Carol, sitting in the dimness, tailor-fashion on the floor, her hands folded together in her lap. He sat down across from her and noticed that her eyes were closed. She smiled as she heard him sit.

“Hello, sir.”

“Hello most precious one. May one inquire…?”

“It’s Sunday, I’m talking with God.”

“You’re talking with God.”

She opened her eyes to look at him. “Sir, I don’t know what religion is correct, or if any of them are. But I believe Something, somewhere, was responsible for creation. I happen to believe that It takes an interest in the lives of It’s creations but I have no proof. So on Sundays, out of tradition I suppose, I try to find some time to quietly commune kadıköy escort with that Entity.”

“You mind if I join you?”

“No Harry, I don’t mind at all.”

After awhile, Carol got up and left Harry sitting there. She wandered into the kitchenette and got herself an orange juice. She thought about reading the paper but realized that she really didn’t care. There was nothing in the news she felt particularly compelled to keep track of. Her world was a large one, but its places of import rarely made it into the paper. She decided that a bath was always a good idea, especially if one had a Jacuzzi tub at one’s disposal so she began to run herself one.

In the other room Harry had finished but found he wasn’t ready to get up just yet. There was something he needed to do, something he wanted to do, something it was way past time to do but he found himself reticent to do it. Finally he realized he was stalling, got up and went to grab his cell phone.

* * * * *

“Hey gorgeous, there enough room in that tub for me?”

“Sure Harry, hop in.”

He climbed in to the tub. “You remember me telling you about my sister Nicki?”

“Yes, Harry.”

“I called her this morning. We talked for a bit, I apologized to her, told her about Angie, apologized to her, told her I’d really like to see her, apologized to her, told her next week would be fine, and apologized to her one more time.”

“So she’s coming to visit, in the middle of renovating the bathroom and putting in the pool and hot tub?”

“Yeah, I told her about the state of the house but she wanted to come down anyway. Sounded like she needed to get away for a bit… I figure we’ll put her up in her old room upstairs, if Kelly doesn’t mind taking my old room as hers. That leaves them the upstairs bathroom and the three of us the guest bathroom downstairs. Jesus, that’s gonna be tight for awhile.”

“Yeah Harry,” she said, cuddling up next to him, “but think how glorious the master bath will be when it’s finished.”

Harry caressed her breast. “True, room for all of us to bathe, room for all of us to love, room for all of us to shower… God, it’ll be positively sybaritic.”

“Sybaritic… good word for it… inside of two months it’ll all be finished,” she said.

Harry’s cell phone went off in the other room. He climbed out of the tub, wrapped himself in a towel and went off to answer it.

“Yeah, Eddy… OH SHIT! Oh God man, I am so sorry. It completely slipped both our minds! Oh, please apologize to the two of them for me and I’ll apologize to them too and there’ll be a bonus for them and oh shit I’m really sorry. Okay, we’ll see you when you get here… bye.”

He padded back into the bathroom, his face flushed with embarrassment. “We forgot to mention that at some point in the next week, some gentlemen would be delivering your bequest.”

“Oh no,” she giggled, “so some Italian gentlemen üsküdar escort show up and drop something off and Perry and Bevy go on full alert?”

“No, not exactly… a rather large truck showed up and dropped off 178 small but very heavy crates of vinyl record albums as well as 8 larger crates of electronics equipment and speakers. The boys made sure the smaller crates were ok but they didn’t have the equipment to check out the electronics for bombs or other nasty surprises, so they called Eddy who brought the equipment. It all checked out. As I’m assuming Tony was the gentleman with the vinyl collection you spoke of, it appears you’ve inherited it.”

“Oh my God, Harry. Over five thousand albums, all of them in perfect, or near perfect, condition… a system that can play them with absolute fidelity… a turntable you could fuck next to without disturbing thanks to the vibration dampening set-up… he left me the most precious possessions he had. He left me the only thing he really could, I imagine. Anything else his family would’ve gone batshit and fought in court but they never considered his vinyl to be anything but an old man’s folly of a hobby.”

“Well, Baby Girl, it’s your folly now.” Harry climbed back into the tub. “I’ve never asked about your past much but now seems like a good time to, while we have a soak. Feel like talking about it?”

“I suppose so. You know I left college my freshman year. I was nineteen. I knew how I wanted my life to be and so I went in search of someone to collar me. I ended up owned by a guy named Dick Laney who I’d met while exploring the scene before I left school. He still is pretty much a mover and shaker in certain circles and if you are kind and we make the Fetish Ball this year, I’ll point him out to you. His was the multi-slave harem I was in, so I learned very early that I wasn’t cut out for that kind of service. He was also very generous with his friends and that meant that even though he’s kind of a shithead, he’s got lots of ‘friends’. I think I got loaned out to most of them. I was with him about five months and it felt like five years. It wasn’t that he’s a bad man or a bad owner or a bad Master, I just don’t think he’s a very good one either, and he’s certainly not the one for me. One night we were in The Elysian Fields, a club down on Guadalupe and I’d displeased him somehow, so I was tongue-bathing his boots when this elderly gentleman came up. It was Tony, although we didn’t know it at the time. He seemed very frail and infirm, but confident. He pulled out five grand, put it on the table and bet that against me that he could make Dick shit himself by only saying two words. Dick laughed and said sure, no problem, he’d take the man’s money. They shook on it and Tony said “kill him”.

“All of a sudden Tony’s boys, who nobody had noticed closing in around us all drew down on Dick and he’s staring at all this hardware, none of them more than a foot from his face and he shit tuzla escort himself. Tony picked up his five grand, offered me his hand and told Dick to give one of his boys his address. He said that someone would be by the next day around noon to pick up my stuff and it all better be ready by then. That started my three year relationship with Tony Juliana.”

“Jesus Christ, he took you away from Dick with style.”

“Yeah, Tony had a lot of that type of style. He always said he was old, he’d survived Prohibition and gangland wars, he’d survived his wife and kids, he didn’t have to put up with shit anymore. He said the worst anyone could do to him was kill him and at his age, that wasn’t much of a threat. He knew he didn’t have many years left to him and he’d decided he wanted to see and do a lot of things he wouldn’t have otherwise. He’d always known the whole BDSM scene existed and it interested him but he’d never really explored it. So he’d gone to The Elysian Fields that night and being a gentleman had come to this little pet’s rescue, not understanding really that I didn’t exactly need rescue, although I sure as hell wanted it.

“Luckiest night of my life… for the next two years we went places and met people and saw things… oh, Harry. Anytime you wonder how I know something or where I met someone or how in the world did I ever hear about thus and so, it was probably because of those two years. There was no place his money and reputation couldn’t get us into… and there are some stories I could tell and some stories it’d be better if I didn’t even remember. If we wanted to meet someone or get invited to a certain party, Tony turned on the charm, made with the money, dropped names if he had to and we were in. A lot of times, the charm was all that he needed. He was incredibly well-read and very well-spoken… he wasn’t your typical mobster. He liked to call himself a ‘student of the human condition with a lot of lab experience’. He was a witty, funny man. Which made some of what we saw together even harder to keep a straight face through.

“Harry, you remember that woman, used to be mayor, big in real estate? I’ve seen her kneeling naked, getting a cum shower from twelve men then getting it washed off by a golden shower from the same dicks. And she was the fucking mayor at the time! I’ve seen that Robert Milton guy, the ex-televangelist, gobbling cock like he was at a hot-dog-eating contest and let me tell you, his mouth works just at fast sucking dick as it does preaching and praying.

“There are still places in this town where you can get anything and anyone you want, for a price. There are places where you can watch any sex act you can imagine being performed, or for even more money, join in. I’m pretty sure we saw most of them.

“We went out to a little concrete bunker in the hills one night, watched some people making what was supposed to be a hardcore porn film with some S in Michigan, I knew nobody. When he left I went to work in a Denny’s, earned just enough to keep a roof over my head and while I had food if I was working, I wasn’t working all the time. So, Rick came along and I knew better but I was tired and I was hungry and I wanted out of the life I was in. I’d been with Rick about 7 months when I wandered into the Pearl and saw you trying to drown yourself in alcohol.”

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