Neighbors Needing Neighbors


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Aimee Tyler

I liked the place I lived. The community was great. Small town suburbs. Great new subdivision. Sidewalks down the street. Well lit. People get off work, come home, walk their dogs, walk their families, and walk themselves. Lots of younger families populate the place. Young couples with young kids. This place is home to some of the finest young moms around as well. It was an alright thing when you could go to get your mail and get to smile and wave at the gorgeous, buxom, brunette pushing the stroller; or the sexy, bubbly, redhead pulling the wagon. These women were one of the greatest parts about living here.

I had moved in about 5 months ago. Just came into town for a new networking job. I got this nice house, filled it with stuff, got the big tv, sound system, big grill out back. It is the perfect place for a single, good looking guy from the city. And the women here are incredible. There was one young lady in particular who loved when I would flirt with her. “Jenny”, she said her name was, when we met at my mailbox one breezy autumn eve.

“I live here with my husband and my kid, we’ve been here for about a year.” she went on as I smiled at her and her at me. The following weeks we would see each other when we were jogging, or crossing paths at my mailbox. I may have held off getting my mail for a bit as I saw her coming a few times.

She was just so sexy; I had to see her again as much as I could. To catch the scent of her thick brown hair as we chit chat. She had these beautiful green eyes that shone in the evening sun. Perfect proportioned face with a tiny canlı bahis nose. Nice slim body with perky tits. She loved to jog and keep herself trim and it showed. One evening I was just sitting at home watching some tv. The glare of the setting sun off the screen annoyed me. My doorbell rang so I get up and open the door. I am greeted by a smiling Jenny who slips quickly past the door and shuts it behind her.

“I told my husband I was at a friend’s down the street, I don’t want anyone to see me.”, she claims all with a grin on her face. “We’ve got about 30 minutes,” she claims, as she rushes into my lips. We kiss with passion. It is a kiss that tells me maybe she isn’t getting kissed the way she wants, at home. I not being a guy to say no to a sexy woman’s kiss return it with passion to match.

My arms wrap around her pulling her tight young body into me as we kiss. Our tongues exploring one another’s wet mouths, our lips entwined in a relentless battle. All with intense passion and grace. My hands run down her back to her ass. This is the first time I realize that she is wearing little thin runners shorts. It is also the first time that I realized an ass can feel so much better than you imagined it would. As I squeezed her cheeks she moaned into my kiss. She leaped up into my welcome in arms as she wrapped her legs around me holding on, never taking her lips off my mouth. I decided to move her to my “much too large for a single guy” couch where I sat her down and started lifting her shirt. My arms ran down her extended arms and find their way to her firm, supple breasts. bahis siteleri She reached back and undid her bra smiling. Her tits were soon in my massaging caress, her nipples in my mouth as I pinch them lightly with my lips.

After some more make out where she pulls my shirt off. She slips off her shorts and gets to her knees on the couch beside me. As I notice her tiny pink and white striped thong, her hands are unbuttoning my pants and pulling out my hard thick cock. She takes it in her hand stroking it as she kisses me. Her lips leave my mouth and travel to my swollen cock head. She wastes no time sucking my cock. Her head bobbing up and down as her lips and tongue play my hard member like a symphony.

After not much time like this I push her to her back and get on top of her. Kissing her as my pants slip off, my hand moves to the side of her face then I lower it. Fingers lightly grazing her soft skin as I move down her side, past her luscious breast, down her tight tummy, my fingers press against her thong before my turning around with my hand and rubbing between her legs. She spreads her legs apart as my fingertips slip past the trim of her panties to find the moist lips of her pussy.

My finger slides up and down her wet valley. Her hand finds my cock and pulls me closer. “Do you want me to get a condom?” I ask her.

She bites her lip and shakes her head, “I need you now.” Our lips embrace again as I move between her legs. My hard cock hitting her inner thigh before she guides it past her thong and up to the embrace of her wet enticement. I apply some bahis şirketleri pressure and my cock head disappears inside of her. I pull out and thrust back in gently. Getting Jenny’s tight pussy accustomed to my thickness.

In and out til most of my cock is wet from her juices. “OHHHH FUCK”, she moans as my rhythm increases. Thrusting in and out of her tight pussy, I’m starting to notice my sweat as I pound her pussy. She must have noticed too and decided to give me a break. Jenny pushes me to a sitting position and after sliding off her thong slips one leg over my lap. I hold my hard cock straight up waiting for her wonderfulness again. She looks down and guides herself down onto my strong pole.

She moans as she slides down and starts to grind on my crotch. Her hips are gyrating as she rubs her clit into my pubes. I feel her body start to quiver as she moans with orgasm. Jenny kisses me as she starts to pump up and down in my lap. My cock slides in and out of her even wetter pussy. Somehow in all the euphoria my hands find their way to her tits. I squeeze them and suck on her nipples as she rides my cock. Jenny has one hand on my shoulder and one back on my opposite leg as she jacks me with a professional edge.

“I’m gonna cum,” I whisper as she grins at me and keeps her tempo. I explode inside of her. I feel load after load unleash inside her pleasure center. As I recover she comes in and kisses me fiercely, “That was just what I needed,” before letting me taste her tongue one final time.

Jenny gets up and gets dressed. As I slip my pants on she moves for the door. “Will I get to experience this pleasure again?” I ask.

“Oh I think you will get to experience plenty of things in this neighborhood.” before leaving me to bask in the erotic experience I just had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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