Neighborly Relations Pt. 01


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CHAPTER ONE, Emily Steps Out

The Porters lived in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac that was a perfect copy of countless other similar neighborhoods. Seven, one and two-story houses lined the loop of asphalt that circled an island of decorative rocks. Seven houses painted in pleasant, subdued shades housing seven subdued suburban families living subdued lives of no great fanfare or excitement.

The Porters-Robert, 43, Emily, 42, Danny, 19, and Elaine, 18. They were normal, ordinary Americans living the quiet, well ordered live of a middle class American Family. They were normal; their street was normal; and everyone they knew was normal.


Robert and Emily were the type of suburban couple who go to the gym three days a week, ride bikes, play tennis, and generally work at keeping in shape. Their children, of course, learned from their example and were similarly toned. Robert kept his blond hair trimmed short as befit a banker, while Emily, who worked from home as a copy editor, took pride in the auburn tresses that fell to the middle of her back in shimmering waves. She was a pale skinned woman but without the freckles that adorned red heads with more vibrant hair. Her daughter, Elaine, had been graced (or, cursed, perhaps) with curly hair of a bright red hue and a face-no an entire body-covered with freckles. Danny was blond, like his father, and so had escaped that curse. Of course, aside from the tint of her hair and freckles, Elaine was nearly an exact copy of her mother-tall and willowy, with breasts like drops of water poised to fall, and possessing a serene beauty many women would kill to have.

They were a beautiful family living a beautiful life in a beautiful, two story colonial house in a neighborhood similarly blessed. But sometimes perfection isn’t enough, and it isn’t apparent until something happens to bring the point home.


It began on a Monday afternoon in May at two-twenty p.m., when Emily was daydreaming a bit and looking out of her kitchen window. That was when her neighbor, Patty Trent, appeared briefly at her side door and tipped her head against the glass to look down her driveway. It appeared that she was looking for the approach of her children after school, and there was nothing unusual in that except that it was too early and she appeared to be stark naked at the time.

The Porter and the Trent homes were at the end of the cul-de-sac loop, with their driveways running parallel to each other to enter detached garages set back on their lots. Because of this arrangement, Emily had a straight view of her neighbor’s side door from her kitchen window.

Emily stared dumbly at the thirty-five year old brunette, unable to move her eyes away from the woman who obviously had no idea she could be seen. The sudden appearance of a naked neighbor was a good reason to stare, of course, but further reason was the sudden feeling of arousal that spread out from Emily’s groin at the sight of Patty’s large breasts. They looked so delightfully soft, with large dark areole and nipples. She was about five-five and fleshier than Emily, without being fat, but possessing what was affectionately known as a “bubble-butt” to go with her large breasts. She was such a “squeezable” woman.

Emily had known Patty for years and had certainly never been attracted to a woman before, let alone Patty, but . . .

When Patty hurried away from her door (breasts quivering), Emily ran up to her bedroom and dropped her pants to her ankles. She sat on the edge of her bed with her eyes closed and slowly manipulated her clitoris while imagining Patty approaching her, smiling, reaching, ultimately lowing her mouth down to taste Elaine’s eager pussy. When she came, she imagined that her legs were wrapped around Patty’s shoulders, her thighs clamped against her cheeks.

Her orgasm was viciously good.

The guilt and doubt after the orgasm was equally powerful. What the hell was that all about? Patty was her neighbor, a friend, and a woman. What had caused that reaction in her to the sight of Patty’s exposed breasts?

Emily washed up and greeted the kids when they came home-Elaine from high school and Danny from the junior college where he was studying computer programming. She greeted them in the kitchen, kissing them both on the cheek, and advising them that they’d be having lasagna when their father got home.

And, when Robert did get home, they ate their supper at six o’clock just like normal, all while Emily’s mind was racing with the revelation she’d found in the sight of her neighbor’s naked breasts. By the time she went to bed, she’d nearly confessed her feelings to Robert half a dozen times, only to talk herself out of it. It wasn’t as though she’d done anything wrong, after all. Only masturbate.

Only masturbate? Jesus.

Of course, she didn’t know what fantasies Robert used to masturbate, and they might be many times worse. Well, no, he probably didn’t have homosexual fantasies, did he? No, Mister “Let me watch you istanbul rus escort masturbate with vegetables,” never daydreamed about dicks.

And what was Patty doing prancing around the house naked at that time of day, anyway? That’s weird. By the time she fell asleep, that question had taken the forefront of her thoughts and allowed her to quit feeling quite so guilty. She hadn’t done anything wrong? Masturbation was natural. But wandering around the house naked certainly was not.


The next day, Tuesday, Emily rushed through her work as quickly as possible and spent a great deal of her time in the kitchen or out in the yard where she could see the Trent house. She didn’t want to admit that she was hoping for another glimpse of Patty’s body, but that was pretty much the case. And she would certainly like to know what Patty was up to.

It was about two o’clock when she saw her neighbor peering through her door, topless again, seeming to be searching the street for someone. Witnesses? What?

Jennifer Peterson was passing just then, and, when Patty saw her, she ducked back away from the window and didn’t appear again. Apparently, Patty was looking to see if the coast was clear, but why?

The question consumed Emily’s thoughts the rest of the day, heating her to the point where she jumped her husband as soon as they closed the bedroom door for bed that night. She came so hard that night that she was afraid the neighbors might have heard her.

The neighbors didn’t hear, of course, but her children did. She always assumed that the kids could sleep soundly through anything, but she forgot how much earlier than usual she and Robert had begun screwing that night. Of course they were awake at that time of night.

But, of course, they were awake many times that their parents had sex, and they both rather enjoyed the sound of it-each in their own way. Danny, after fighting the impulse for years, had taken up masturbating to the sound of his parent’s bed slamming against the wall and his mother screaming out her delight. Elaine just lay smiling and thinking of the joys of marital bliss and how much her parents loved each other. It pleased her to be reassured of her parent’s love. It was only later, when she could pretend it had nothing to do with their actions, that she allowed her hands to slip down to her sopping young pussy and give herself her own bit of joy.

That night, everyone in the Porter household had especially good orgasms.


The next day was Wednesday and Emily was beside herself with curiosity-and horniness, for that matter. The crotch of her panties was soaked by noon, and, at one o’clock, Emily was about ready to knock on her neighbor’s door and ask what she had been doing. At one thirty, she nearly did. By two o’clock, she didn’t have to ask.

Emily had just gotten a glass of water from her refrigerator when a movement in her neighbor’s house caught her eye. Yes, she caught a glimpse of skin in motion and the sway of brunette hair. Okay, what was Patty doing?

Patty was looking out of her side door again, scanning the street, but this time she didn’t go back inside. She pushed the door open slowly and leaned out, her breasts swaying down past the door for anyone to see Apparently, she felt secure that nobody was watching, for she stepped out onto the steps and hurried down to the driveway.

She was totally naked and carrying the opener for her garage door. Looking nervously over her shoulder, Patty activated the remote and waited for the door to lift just far enough so she could scurry in beneath it.

When the door was fully up, it appeared that Patty had disappeared. Their car, a two year old mini van, had been backed into the garage, and Emily had to lean close to the glass to see all of the windshield. The van rocked a bit, indicating Patty’s presence inside, and finally, Emily could see her faintly through the glass as a dark shadow sitting in the passenger seat.

What on earth was she doing? Now Emily was more than eager to find out-she was desperate. Pouring her water out in the sink, she tried to think of a reason to go over there. She didn’t necessarily want to disturb or embarrass her neighbor, but it would be horrible to not find out now that she’d watched this much.

Watching the vehicle now, the slightly rocking motion it was making made her even more curious. How could she manage to go out there for a neighborly greeting? How?

The lawn. She could water the lawn!

Once she’d decided on her course of action it took only moments for her to put it into effect. She was already dressed in her light cotton slacks and blouse, perfect gardening wear, so she hurried out of her own back door and into her garage where the hose lay coiled and waiting for someone to get ambitious. She snatched up the hose and sprinkler and pressed the button to open her own garage and then walked boldly out with her tools.

The faucet was on the corner of the house just under the kitchen kadıköy escort window, so Patty could surely see her as she bent to connect the hose and then drag it out to the front lawn. What was she thinking now? Once Emily had the sprinkler in place she turned and walked back to turn the faucet on.

Okay, lady, now take a deep breath and turn toward Patty’s house as though everything is normal. Pretend you can see her-but she could see the dark shadow behind the windshield, so she didn’t have to pretend. Emily smiled, waved, and walked toward her neighbor’s garage.

“Hi, Patty!” she called out when she was about ten feet from the van. “Beautiful day, huh?”

“Yes, beautiful!” Patty leaned her head out through the passenger window, trying hard to smile. “I was just going to run to the store.”

Boy, that would be something to see, Emily thought as she said, “I was going downtown myself, can I hitch a ride?”

“Well, I was going to, I mean . . .” Patty’s words trailed off as Emily moved closer, entering the garage now. Her cheeks flushed crimson as she drew her head back and looked downward. “Please go,” she said, quietly.

“But, I was . . . oh, Patty.” Emily tried to avoid sounding shocked or judgmental when she drew close enough to see her embarrassed neighbor, but she didn’t suppose Patty was listening to her tone of voice now, anyway.

Patty was embarrassed to the point of tears, and Emily suddenly felt like an absolute jerk for coming out to catch her like that. “Please don’t,” Emily said as she hurried around the car to get in on the driver’s side. “Don’t cry. Don’t. I didn’t mean to . . .”

“I knew I’d get caught some time,” Patty said, bravely fighting back tears and wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. “I just didn’t think about, about what it would be like to be caught.”

Emily sat behind the wheel and looked at Patty, unable to help but admire her pendulous breasts and marvel at how they looked even bigger unleashed from clothing. She wanted to . . . no, no, not that.

“At least it was me,” Emily said, placing her hand gently on the back of Patty’s shoulder. “Oh, I didn’t want to make you feel bad. I just had to find out what was going on.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw you a couple days ago.” Emily swallowed hard. “And then yesterday. I was hoping for a chance to find out what was going on. And then, today, when you . . . well, I just couldn’t stay inside wondering.”

“You just had to come out for a laugh, you mean.” Patty’s tears were gone now, and she was nearly at the point of anger.

“No, no, not at all.” Okay, Emily, it’s time to fess up or you’ll ruin what friendship remains between you. “No, on that first day I saw you in the window of the door. I saw your breasts, you know.”

“I would have, well, Jennifer Peterson was out on her lawn, so I couldn’t come out,” she said, indicating the woman living diagonally from them on the cul de sac. “I didn’t even look at your house. Didn’t figure you’d be the one waiting to trap me.”

“It wasn’t a, well, I guess it’s best to tell the truth since I’ve got you at a disadvantage. I sure don’t want you to hate me.” Deep breath. “When I saw you the first time. After you left the door. I . . . I went upstairs and played with myself.” There, it was said. “I’m not a lesbian,” she added quickly. “No, but I just got so turned on that I had to do it right then.”

“You . . .” Patty was perplexed.

“Yes,” Emily said, looking away, her cheeks glowing red now, “I masturbated thinking of you standing in your doorway.” She studiously avoided saying what she’d really imagined her doing.

“You . . . really? God, I never thought . . .”

“Okay, and I’m not a lesbian, right? But do you see how I had to know what you were doing?”

“Acting like an idiot, is what I’m doing,” Patty said, smiling now, though her hands remained in her lap to cover her sex. “I do housework naked with the curtains open. It’s a thrill. Of course, if anyone came by, I ran for cover. They probably couldn’t see me anyway.”

“You like showing off.” Emily shrugged. “When you got it, flaunt it.”

“Yeah, the whole idea of getting caught was thrilling. Charles thinks I’m nuts, but sometimes we play a . . . well, never mind.”

“Charles knows?”

“Yes, but he trusts me to be careful. He’s the one who backs the car into the garage so I can watch the street,” Patty said.

“Not exactly careful, is it?” Emily said.

“No, but it’s a quiet street,” Patty replied. “He figures that it’s worth the risk if it makes me happy.”

“Do you come out here often?”

“Probably a dozen times. Winter is a real thrill, with the cold and all.”

“What do you do?”

Patty rolled her eyes, smiling. “Masturbate, of course.”

Well, of course, Emily told herself. Don’t be so dense. She let her mind shift now, thinking of all the possibilities. “So, you and Charles. Sometimes he gets to be the audience, right? Is that what you started to tell kartal escort me about?”

“Yes, and I suppose you can figure out the rest of the game.”

“Sounds like fun,” Emily said, because it certainly did. “But I’d better go and leave you alone.” She opened the door of the car.

Patty smiled. “What are you in such a hurry to do?”

“Oh, I’ve got laundry, and . . .”

“You can stay and play with yourself right here,” Patty said, quickly. “I mean, if that’s what you were going to do.”

Emily smiled-busted!-and closed the door. “Yes, I suppose I could,” she said. “But not alone.”

“Of course not,” Patty’s hand began massaging between her legs and she continued to look deeply into Emily’s eyes. “Go ahead, get comfy.” She licked her lips, smiling.

Emily’s mouth was dry and she had to work hard to speak. “May I, um, can I please touch your breasts?” she asked. “I’m not a . . .”

“Not a lesbian, yes I know,” Patty laughed. She shifted toward Emily, opening her legs then, and fully exposing her shaved pussy before moving her fingers back down between its lips.

“Oh, goodness, you’ve shaved it,” Emily gasped, immediately feeling like a total idiot. “It’s so cute!”

“Cute?” Patty laughed. “Cute? I have it on good authority that I have a very sexy cunt, lady.”

That word-cunt-seemed to be the last straw. A shiver of lust roared through Emily’s body. Quickly, she unzipped her slacks and slipped her hand inside, nearly coming at first contact on her wet clit.

“Hey, I thought you wanted to touch my tits,” Patty said, in control now. “You can even kiss them if you want to.”

“Oh, God,” was all Emily could think of to say.

That night, all four corners of the Porter house were rocking hard again.

CHAPTER TWO, The Family that Plays Together

When Robert Porter went in to work the next morning, he was tired but happy. Just what had gotten into Emily the past couple days, he didn’t know, but he liked it. On Tuesday night, she’d torn his clothing off and humped him until he filled her with his eager cum, and then she’d continued, using the big dildo he’d bought her to continue the fucking until Robert was hard again. The sight of the large pink dildo slamming into her sweet pussy with his cum lubricating it was massively exciting. And last night, well, my oh my, he’d never had his cock sucked like last night. She didn’t even want to fuck, just wanting him to lick and suck her tasty cunt while she attacked his cock and balls. And then she’d laid back and jerked him off onto her face and chest. He’d never even dared ask for such behavior before. Their sex had always been magnificent, but the last two nights topped everything.

He pulled out of the driveway and moved down the street slowly, watching the Trent house closely as he did. The curtains were open, but Patty wasn’t in sight this morning. Charles had a longer commute, so he was normally gone when Robert left for work, and it appeared that Patty liked to do her housework naked after shipping the kids off to school. Robert loved the sight of her breasts swaying as she vacuumed, and he always wished he had time to park and watch. He wondered what she would do if she knew he saw her.

She had to know people could see her-especially in the winter, when it was still dark in the morning. She must want to be seen. But did she want to be caught? Robert had fantasized about telling Emily what she did, and in those fantasies Emily would be eager to sneak out with him and watch from the car. In those fantasies, they would fuck in the car right there on the street while Patty continued her naked housework. Often, in those fantasies, they would knock on Patty’s door and go inside and take her right there in the living room before her open window.

Of course, it was only a fantasy. Oh well.


Danny left for school shortly after his father. He, too, hoped Patty Trent would be busy with her vacuum, but wasn’t too disappointed when she wasn’t. After last night, well, he didn’t need anything else clouding his mind the day of a big test.

He’d heard his mother screaming, “Give it to me. Jam that big cock in my mouth!” in the midst of the other noises coming through the wall, and he’d taken the risk of sneaking into the hall to listen at their door. Once there, he’d been rewarded by finding the door slightly ajar. The latch that his father kept intending to fix had given way, and the door was open about six inches. That’s why they were so loud. Danny knelt at the door and watched his parents engage in an athletic 69 session while stroking his cock inside his pajama bottoms.

In all the time he’d listened to them, he’d never been able to see the action. Damn, he had good looking parents. His mom was toned and trim, his dad muscular, and they fucked like pros. Danny was also pleased to see that his father, while not badly endowed, had a smaller cock than he did. Danny probably had two inches on the old man, and that news made him all the harder. For the first time, he allowed himself to give coherent thought to the idea of fucking his mother. He’d only listened before, so he’d thought of it rather like listening to a dirty movie. But now, seeing them, he couldn’t help but imagine being in his father’s place with his cock inside her mouth while he lapped at her pussy. God, they were hot!

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