Nabbing Nina


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Lightening lit up the dark and dreary night, thunder boomed and it poured rain. Nina could barley see the road, the windshield wipers squeaked back and forth rapidly and the windows were all steamed up. Suddenly, a deer dashed in front of the car! Nina turned the steering wheel sharply to avoid striking the animal and the car swerved off the road and into a ditch!

Nina sat in shock and breathed a sigh of relief that she was not injured. She keep shifting gears and stepping on the gas pedal but the car would not budge! The frightened blonde decided to get out of the car and determine the extent of her predicament. She hesitated a moment, she had no idea where she was at or how she could possibly move the car! Nina’s daughter had married a year ago and she was on the way to visit her. She guessed that she was about half-way on the four-hundred mile journey.

After about ten minutes, she summoned the courage to exit the car. Nina had the car blinkers flashing and carried a flashlight from the dash-box. There was hardly any traffic, by the time she got to the back of the car and saw the rear wheels buried in a muddy ditch, she was soaked and she hurried back to her car.

Just before she entered the car, the drenched 42 year old mother noticed a pair of bright lights on the highway coming toward her. She realized that it could be dangerous but it wasn’t exactly safe to stay in the car either; so she frantically waved her arms for the truck to stop and help her. Nina was gratified when the truck pulled off the road and stopped in front of her car!

A tall black woman exited the truck and said, “Not a good night to be out lady; let’s see how bad it is.” Nina joined her and they looked at the rear tires buried in mud. The black woman introduced herself as Opal, and instructed Nina to get in the cab of the truck and she would hook up the tow. The 5’2″ blonde felt so tiny next to the 6′ muscular Opal. Nina thanked her and said that she would pay her anything she wanted and then climbed in the truck.

A few minutes later, Opal jumped in the truck and drove forward several yards, successfully towing Nina’s car out of the ditch. The relieved mother gratefully thanked her rescuer and asked how much she owed her, as she reached for her purse. Opal reached over and firmly pulled Nina’s head to her lap and placed Nina’s hands behind her back and quickly handcuffed her!!! Her rescuer had become her abductor! Nina was helped back up to a sitting position and she pleaded, “What are you doing? Take all the money you want, take the credit cards but please let me go!”

“I don’t want your fucking money, bitch, I want you! I’m going to make you my bitch! I have several bitches but you are going to be my first white bitch! Don’t meet many white women around these parts! Let me see what I got here.” Big black hands traveled up her creamy legs and her skirt was hiked to her waist. A finger entered her pussy and her breasts were squeezed. “Not bad, your legs are a little skinny, your tits are small but you have the face on an angel. You’ll do fine; I am going to enjoy turning you into my little lesbian sex slave!!!”

The horrified white woman pleaded, “No, please let me go, I will do anything but please stop this now! I am not a lesbian; take what you want and let me go, I implore you!” Opal told her she could implore all she wanted but it wouldn’t do her any good. The truck pulled on the highway and traveled for about 45 minutes before turning down a muddy dirt road. Twenty minutes later they pulled into an old farm building and parked in the barn! Nina was led into the old farm house by her abductor and as they walked through the house, Nina was surprised at how well furnished the places was.

Opal pushed her prisoner into the bedroom, locked the door and took off the handcuffs. “Now take off all of your wet clothes and make yourself comfortable!” Opal disrobed and Nina could only stare at the buxom black woman. Opal was not fat but she was big-boned, her 42DD breasts were the largest that Nina had ever seen! When Nina’s eyes traveled down to the woman’s crotch, she wondered why her pussy tingled when she gazed at the lush black pubic hair and puffy pussy lips! Opal enjoyed the white woman’s attention and asked, “Do you like what you see? Now let me see you; I told you to strip so do it now or I will kick the shit out of you and rip it all off! Do it now bitch!”

The white woman trembled with fear and humiliation. The leering brown eyes of her tormentor made her feel so ashamed; she stripped down to her bra and panties, stood there red-faced and couldn’t understand why her own pussy was getting wet! Opal rushed her and slapped her hard across the face. Then she ripped off the bra and tugged her panties down to her ankles. “I told you to take off all of your clothes; now you will have to pay for your disobedience. I will have to teach you to obey me.”

Opal roughly pulled on the nipples of the white woman and told her that she didn’t need to wear a bra anyway. The 22 year old black casino siteleri woman sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Nina to her lap and commenced spanking her rear-end! Nina screamed and tears flowed from her blue eyes as her white ass turned beet-red from the brutal beating. Opal violently slapped the cute ass and then turned her captive over and laid her on the bed. One black hand held the terrified woman down while the other spanked her pussy!

Nina squirmed and pleaded for mercy, saying that she would not disobey her again. Opal stopped slapping and inserted three fingers inside her pussy and noted, “You are soaking wet! You love getting your ass and pussy spanked, don’t you bitch? It turns you on when I dominate and beat you; My little white bitch is going to make a perfect submissive fuck-slut! Yessss!!!” Opal fingered her little captive to orgasm and knew that she had captured a hot sex slave.

Opal hovered over the aroused mother and fed Nina her enormous tits. Nina had never done this before but found that the big tits turned her on and she feverishly nursed on the ebony melons. Opal slid her erotic body up until her dripping pussy touched Nina’s red lips. Nina was horrified, this was the closest she had ever been to another woman’s sex. The musky odor that seeped from the aroused pussy was enticing and Nina’s mouth watered as she succumbed to her desire to taste the tantalizing treat!

The ebony sex goddess sensed the craving in her captive and lowered her hot sex to the blonde’s hungry mouth. Nina licked and sucked with fervor. As Opal exploded cum on her face, Nina reached her own orgasm and licked up all of the delicious pussy juice! She purred with delight as she licked up every drop of Opal’s cum and pussy juice. “Good girl, you have a talent for eating pussy, white girl! Don’t worry, you will get all the practice you need and in no time at all, you will be a world class cunt lapper! Now come with me and take a nice shower.” Opal led her to the bathroom and they took a long hot shower together.

When they returned to the bedroom, Opal pushed Nina on the big brass bed, kissed her neck, breast and stomach, then her thighs and hot pussy. The dominating black woman sucked her clit and chewed on her little pussy lips, stretching them with her teeth! Opal stuck her long tongue up the tight hole and tongue fucked the white woman to a quivering orgasm.

The authoritative black woman got to her feet and announced, “I’ve got a big surprise for you! I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before!” Nina’s eyes opened wide when she saw the 12″ black dildo! Opal delighted in the fear on her sex slave’s face. The fat dildo was rubbed over her stomach, thighs and wet pussy. Then it was plunged into her pussy deeper than Nina had ever felt before. Her creamy legs wrapped around her new lover’s waist and she fucked back with vigor! She cried out in ecstasy when she reached the most awesome orgasm of her life! Opal put the cum soaked dildo to her lips and forced Nina to suck and lick it clean, and said, “You are a good fuck; I like sluts that can’t get enough. You are off to a good start. From now on, you are to address me as Mistress Opal and obey every command. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Opal, I understand!” Opal inquired about her family and wanted to know about her husband. Nina let Opal know that her husband died in a car crash a couple of years ago; she only had a sister that lived out of state and her daughter that she was on her way to visit. Her daughter’s husband traveled quite a bit on business and they were both lonely. Then Nina asked, “Can’t I visit my daughter she needs me and will worry when I don’t show up at her place?”

Opal pulled the slender blonde to her feet and slapped her face and punched her stomach yelling, “You filthy little dumb slut! How dare you ask for favors and not call me Mistress Opal?” The ebony beauty cuffed both of her bitch’s hands and pressed a remote. A long metal bar was lowered and both cuffs were hooked to the bar and it was raised three feet off the floor. Opal grabbed a whip and lashed out at her captive slave! Her back, buttocks and legs were whipped. Red welts appeared on her petite body; she sobbed and pleaded for mercy! Opal told her that she should punish her more and whip the front as well, but decided to save that for next time.

Opal rifled through Nina’s purse and produced some photos. She confirmed which ones were her daughter and sister. Opal looked up at her hanging captive and found out their ages. Sister was 35 and daughter was 19. “You have a hot sister and a mouthwatering daughter; better than your old sorry ass. Perhaps they will be better at following orders than you are. Let’s get your little girl down here so I can train her to be a pussy licking obedient submissive slut! After you are both trained, we will get your sister!”

Opal crawled in bed and said good night to the terrified mom and laughed when she told her to just hang around for the night. Thoughts of this canlı casino woman getting a hold of her daughter filled her with fear. It was almost enough to make her forget about the pain in her she felt.

The sun was just coming up when Opal got out of bed and lowered Nina to the floor and released her. Nina was so relieved to be free from her bondage and vowed not to offend her mistress again! Opal ordered her submissive slut to kiss her feet, work her way up to her delicious cunt and make her cum! She told the white woman that her cum would be breakfast! Nina kissed and licked the feet of her new lover and kissed her way to her smoldering cunt! She licked and sucked with fervor. Opal patted her blonde head and turned around and ordered, “Now kiss my big black ass and lick the hole real good! I want to cum again and you will have to work hard to please me and get my approval.” Nina worshiped her big black ass with her lips and tongue; she wanted desperately to bring pleasure to her captor and save her daughter from the same fate.

Opal led her little bitch by the hand downstairs. Nina was shocked to see two young black women cooking breakfast. All four women were naked! Opal stated that both slender 19 year old girls were her bitches too. Opal informed the girls that as a reward for such a fine breakfast that they could have their way with the new white bitch! They led her to the living room and took turns eating her pussy and sitting on her face! The girls were then sent to their living quarters and Nina was told to get a bath.

When she emerged from the bath, Nina was surprised to see her suitcase in the bed room! Opal told her that she had her bitches bring it from the car. Opal then asked where her sexy clothes were and found out that the mom had none. Opal knew that there was no way that Nina could wear her clothes, so she settled for a pink sundress with no underwear, and made a note to get her white bitch some new slut clothes!

Opal dressed in sexy red lingerie and escorted her bitch back to the living room and turned on some blues music. One of the young black girls brought them a beer and she was dressed in a maid’s outfit. They sat on the sofa and Opal addressed Nina, “Listen to me very closely; this is going to be the most important day of your life! I have invited four of this community’s most influential women to my house today and you are to service then in every way! You are the main attraction! I know that you must be tired and could not have got much sleep last night; if you make me proud, you may sleep with me in my bed tonight! If not, you will receive a much worse fate than hanging by the wrist all night. Today is a big turning point for you, so make the best of it!”

“Yes Mistress Opal, I will make you proud of me. I have resigned myself to serving you; I will be your totally submissive servant! My butt hurts from the beating you gave me and I can hardly sit down. I have learned my lesson and tonight in bed, I will worship your superior body! Not only will I please you, but I look forward to it! I am yours, my beautiful Black Mistress!”

A couple of hours later they were dancing and drinking; all of the women had arrived, their age ranged from 24 to 55, they were short and tall, and they were all black and horny! Opal had promised them that her submissive slut would happily lick their pussies! They all stripped to the sensual music and the white girl was forced to her knees and ordered to worship their pussies with her tongue! She eagerly licked and sucked each delicious pussy and ass! She kissed and sucked their breasts; they fucked her pussy and ass with dildos. They all left satisfied and said that they looked forward to a return visit. Opal was proud of her white fuck-slut and Nina couldn’t believe what had taken place; not only did she have sex with all of those women, but she had to admit that she loved it and couldn’t count the times that she climaxed!

After a bath, Nina crawled in bed and snuggled against her ebony lover and nursed on her big black tits and marveled at the saucer sized aureoles and pointy nipples. The submissive white woman said, “Mistress, I love your big black breasts and your whole ebony body! I get wet when you dominate me and make me do all of those nasty things. I have had more orgasms here with you and your friends than I have had over the last 5 years! Please Mistress Opal, can I taste your luscious pussy? I want to please you and show just how much I love you!

Opal pushed the blonde head down to her smoldering slit and said, “Yes darling you may! Show me how much you love me and make me feel good!” Nina sniffed the strong aroma of the aroused pussy and felt tingles run through her whole body. Her urge to consume the hot honey pot was overwhelming. Nina licked the moisture from the puffy black pussy lips and a carnal craving filled her senses; as if bewitched, her eyes rolled in her head and she was totally lost in lust! The blonde chewed the fat pussy lips and nibbled and sucked the enlarged clit. She dove in kaçak casino to the black pussy with fervor, her tongue; nose and mouth were inside the burning cunt. She squealed with delight when she tasted her lover’s sweet cum! The white mom hungrily lapped up all of the delicious nectar and contentedly went to sleep with her head resting on the thighs of her Ebony Mistress!

The next day they went into town and as a reward, they stopped at a lingerie shop in the all black town. Opal watched her captive closely; this also was a test to see if she would try to escape. Opal picked out all sorts of alluring attire for her sex slave. The young black saleslady escorted them back to the fitting room and the white woman turned crimson when her Mistress referred to her as her pussy licking fuck-slut, in front of the attractive 18 year old black girl.

Opal ordered Nina to strip and asked the girl if she ever had a white woman worship her black cunt. The embarrassed girl simply responded, “No, never!”

“Do you want to try her out and cum on her face?”

“I don’t know, I guess so!”

Opal ordered her sex slave to her knees and told her that she knew what to do! Nina lifted the shapely girl’s skirt and tugged down her thong and eagerly feasted on the girl’s bald black pussy! Nina held on tight to the girl’s buttocks and the girl held the blonde head to her pussy and fucked her angel face furiously! As the girl stopped shaking she looked down to Nina’s cum soaked face and excitedly exclaimed, “Wow that was the best orgasm I ever had! Please bring her back real soon!” The girl hurriedly scribbled her name and number on a piece of paper and handed it to Opal.

They drove to the bus station and parked. Opal smiled at her little slut and said, “You have done well and as another reward for your excellent progress, I have invited your daughter to come down here to visit her mother. She was informed that you were in an automobile accident and that you were recovering at my place. I told her to take the bus and you could both go back to her place in your car. Yes, I will let you go but I expect to see you after your visit with your daughter! Just in case you are thinking of doing something stupid; I have tapes of you willingly engaging in sexual acts with black women!”

Nina was about to reply when she spotted her daughter and called her over to the car. Opal’s mouth watered when she saw the 20year old version of her mother. Her name was Tammy and she was about two inches taller than her mother and she had perky 34C breasts. Otherwise, she was the spitting image of Nina.

Once in the house, Opal showed Tammy her room next to her servant’s room. Tammy was told to make herself comfortable and that they would see her at dinner. Opal slipped in a revealing satin robe and dressed Nina in a very short black skirt with black stockings and high-heels. Also, she wore a flimsy see-thru red blouse that matched Opal’s red satin robe.

The black girls served a delicious steak dinner and Nina was relieved to see them wear their uniforms! After dinner, they lounged in the living room and listened to music and drank rum and coke. Opal made certain that Tammy’s drinks were extremely strong. After a couple of hours, Opal observed that Tammy was tipsy and decided to dance with Nina. The young black girls sat with Tammy on the sofa.

Tammy was engaged in conversation when she noticed her mother being held tight to the alluring frame of the imposing black woman. The young blonde daughter couldn’t understand why her pussy flooded when she saw her mom rest her head on Opal’s enormous breast. She choked on her drink when the couple turned and she saw her mother’s skirt hiked up and strong black hands were fondling her mom’s creamy buttocks! She felt her own nipples stiffen when Opal inserted two fingers in her mom’s cunt! The young wife felt flushed and weak when she watched her mother submissively yield to the erotic black woman’s molestation

The young daughter’s arousal was apparent to the two young black lesbian sex servants. One of the girls squeezed her erect nipple and the other sent a black hand traveling up Tammy’s leg and whispered in her ear, “Watching Mistress Opal ravish your mother is turning you on girl! Nina is a willing sex slave and lives to gobble up Opal’s delicious pussy; if you are a good little girl she will let you taste it too! Have you ever eaten pussy? Has a girl ever stuck her tongue up your hot little slit?”

“No, this is sick, stop it, please!”

The slender black girl grinned when her fingers reached the white girl’s pussy and slid right in the soaked slit! “Honey, you may be saying no but your slut pussy is screaming ‘yes’. “White girl, your cunt is so wet and sloppy! That’s it baby, fuck back at my fingers, yes you are so fucking hot!” Tammy cast her eyes over to her mother and was shocked to see both women in nothing but stockings! When she witnessed her mom drop to her knees and feast on the sexy black woman’s sopping cunt; Tammy couldn’t understand why such a nasty, perverted and lewd scene turned her on so much! Between watching her mom’s wanton display and the fingers in her own pussy; Tammy climbed the ladder to total bliss and shivered and shook to a rousing orgasm!

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