My Sister’s Lotion Pt. 04


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I slid in and out of consciousness. The sound and smell of highly chlorinated water filled my senses as it slapped at the edges of the pool a few feet away. This is what I needed. A nice warm day to clear my head. A solitary bird’s frustrated, high-pitched chirps echoed through the backyard, probably signaling to another bird in the area that it was time to fuck. I halfheartedly giggled to myself at the thought.

Just as my slumber threatened to completely take me, I was jarred awake by the sound of our creaking back gate opening.

“Well well well… If it isn’t the ‘ol cash cow in the flesh. Perfect timing” Amber chuckled to her friend, Connie, as they casually invaded my backyard and my privacy. They clicked the gate shut behind them and made their way up the decking steps.

Amber was fucking gorgeous. Built a bit like my sister, but slightly taller. Big, pert tits jutting out from her tight, muscular frame and a big juicy ass that screamed ‘fuck me’ with every pretentious and overly confident step she took. Connie was a bit of a contrast to Amber and my sister. She was half Asian, quite a bit shorter than both Jenn and Amber, but had a very seductive and exotic beauty about her. She still had quite a curvaceous body for an Asian girl and was every bit as sexy as her friends. As annoying as their intrusion on my peaceful afternoon was, Amber’s mere presence threatened to fill my cock with blood. Her braless breasts jostled under her tight tank top as she stepped up onto our deck. I absentmindedly lifted my left leg to hide the tent I was afraid I’d soon be throwing.

“Well if it isn’t tweedle dee and tweedle tits” I challenged back through half open eyes, slightly chuckling at my own wit. Amber playfully jutted her chest out to indicate that she knew which one she was.

“Listen dude your sister wanted us to stop by and give you this” Amber stated matter-of-factly.

I felt a thud on my stomach. Startled, I looked down and carefully began to finger the object she’d tossed at me. It was a hefty stack of 20 dollar bills. at first sight, it looked like several hundreds of dollars, if not a thousand.

I looked back up at Amber and Connie in bewilderment. They were grinning at me triumphantly.

“What the fuck is this?” I stammered.

“That’s your cut, bitch” Amber shot back at me.

“Fuckin kidding me?” I continued to stumble through my words. My eyes flashing back and forth between Connie’s and Amber’s.

“Yeah dude. That little video of yours has got the girls at school creaming their jeans. They can’t wait to get their hands on this stuff.” She pulled a small bottle from her back pocket. “And that little tongue action that Jenn gave you toward the end… Fuckin shit man… I’ve busted over a hundred nuts to that” She gave Connie a friendly slap on the shoulder. “You two are fucking sick, you know that?”

Connie blushed and averted her eyes to the deck. She was a bit more reserved than Amber, but she made it clear what Amber was indicating. These slutty bitches were watching my sister lick my cock to orgasm on a regular bases, and cumming to it. My cock lurched at the thought, growing up my stomach right under the elastic waistband of my shorts.

She tossed the mostly-empty bottle at me. Connie nervously scratched her cheek, clearly somewhat uncomfortable with the situation.

“Fill ‘er up, boy” Amber spoke with confidence. She knew I’d do whatever she wanted as long as she was throwing stacks of cash at me.

“You know the process dickhead.” I challenged back. “Give the bottles to Jenn and she’ll-“

“Yeah yeah I know” Amber interrupted. She flashed me a smokey, seductive look. “But I want you to think about me when you fill this one up…” She grinned mischievously.

I chuckled softly as I placed the bottle on the patio table next to me.

“Such a slut” I mumbled under my breath.

“Hey… Speaking of which…” Amber took a step closer to the chaise lounge I was laying on and flicked her eyes downward where my chubby was threatening to tent my boxers. “… lets see it.”

I blinked at her dumbly.

“What?” I questioned. Connie crossed her arms and averted her gaze to the deck once again.

“C’mon pop it out. Connie hasn’t seen it in person yet.” Amber challenged. “I can see you got a little chubby there already… Is that for me?” She made a pouty face at me and put her arms behind her back cutely, pushing her tits out from her chest.

“Shut up dude.” I joked back. I couldn’t admit that the idea of flashing my cock in the openness of my backyard for these two sexy bitches to see only served to pump more blood into it. “‘tha fuck outta here”

“Oh come on Jackie.” Amber whimpered sexily. “Let’s see that big, juicy dick”

I thought about it. My cock was starting to push up the elastic of my shorts. I looked at Ambers ridiculous tits straining against her tight tank top.

“You really wanna see it Connie?” I inquired the smaller girl. Her gaze met mine for only the briefest halkalı escort moment, then moved down my body across the outline of my thickening cock. That was all I needed, but I did want to have some fun with it.

“Well Connie, you wanna see my cock, you gotta make it hard” I asserted.

Connie looked up at me bashfully and opened her mouth to rebut.

“Not a problem!” Amber interrupted.

She quickly stepped behind her smaller friend, and in one swift motion, pulled her t-shirt off right over her head, baring her tight frame and quite substantial tits, dropping and jiggling to my vision. Her body was beautiful under the rarely-revealing clothing she typically adorned and the rawness of the whole situation abruptly jerked my cock awake, pushing the tip rapidly against my waistband and forcing it from my stomach. She reached up quickly to cover her tits and squeaked in half-hearted protest. Amber grabbed her arms quickly and pinned them behind her back, ensuring that her friend’s tits were clearly on display for my ogling pleasure.

Connie didn’t fight against her friend for very long. She blushed furiously and resigned herself, meeting my gaze very briefly, as if seeking my approval.

“Oh shit Connie” I hissed at her, my dick quickly growing up my stomach.

“Mmmh I think he likes you, babe.” Amber sweetly whispered over her friend’s shoulder, staring at the outline of my thickening cock through my boxers. She leaned down and kissed her friend’s neck erotically, making sure I could hear the wet smacking sound of her glossed lips popping from Connie’s smooth, Asian skin. Connie twisted her thighs together suggestively. The horny little slut.

My cock was aching and beginning to reach full mast. I felt something shift down below and both Amber and Connie’s eyes widened slightly. I looked down. My cock had completely grown past my waistband and the flared mushroom head was clearly visible past the elastic and pushing my boxers away from my body. It was bouncing lewdly against the fabric with each fervent heartbeat of blood that pulsed into the shaft.

“I suppose you could say that.” I watched Connie drink in the sight of what she’d done to me and I molested her bare skin with my eyes. A thick bead of precum welled at the tip of my still-hardening cock. Amber pushed her face right next to Connie’s

“I bet you wanna suck on that big dick don’t you?” Amber whispered into Connie’s ear. Both of their eyes were locked onto my twitching meat. “Could you even get your lips around it? Your little mouth would be totally stretched out just trying to suck on that head.”

Connie tightly twisted her thighs together and bit her bottom lip sexily.

“Just imagine what it would do to your little pussy.” Amber continue to tease. Connie shuddered.

Amber’s dirty talk quickly drove me to full mast. My rising cock pushed the elastic waistband of my shorts down, exposing more of the veiny meat. Amber’s devilish grin faded and her eyes took on the same reverent stare she gave me in Jenn’s room the first time she saw it. I flexed it and allowed my boxers to slip the rest of the way down the thickening shaft, displaying its full length to the two gorgeous sluts in my back yard. A thick flow of precum ran down the side, glistening with the reflection of the warm afternoon sun.

Amber moaned, her face resting on Connie’s shoulder and cheek rubbing against her neck. She stuck out her pink, spit-shiny tongue and glided its wetness up Connie’s neck and up the edge of her ear. One of her arms made its way around Connie’s body and she slid an open palm upwards across Connie’s tight stomach. She slid her fingers up past one of Connie’s ample tits, her hard nipple flicking out between each of Amber’s fingers as they glided past.

I wanted to touch my cock, but didn’t want to go too far and interrupt the incredible show I was being given. It seemed that the embarrassment was nearly too much for Connie as she blushed furiously and carefully avoided eye contact with me. I just continued to enjoy the show for the moment.

I watched as Amber molested her friend in front of me. Her lips were now suctioned to Connie’s neck, and based on the undulations of her cheeks, her wet tongue was carnally lashing her tanned skin in sensual, saliva-coated circles. Connie’s soft tit flesh was slightly expressed between Amber’s outstretched fingers as she cupped and squeezed her breast.

Connie could no longer contain herself as she began slightly squeaking and mewling at her friend’s manipulations. Her neck was now completely glistening with saliva as Amber’s mouth wetly popped from it, a few tendrils of her spit strung from her lips to Connie’s neck, and she began gliding her tongue around in wide circles on the flawless, Asian skin.

Amber’s groping hand lifted Connie’s beautiful tit up for me as if offering it to me, then her thumb and index finger came together and pinched her hard, flared out nipple roughly. Connie began shaking and harbiye escort bucking as Amber twisted her dark nipple. Amber looked at me with a somewhat shocked ‘are you seeing this shit?’ look.

“Damn Connie you feel like you’re about to nut” Amber teased and twisted Connie’s nipple harder. Connie’s eyes rolled back slightly as she squeezed her pussy tightly between her thighs. Her body seized up against her friend and she began bucking her hips out as if fucking some invisible cock in front of her.

“Ooooh baby” Amber said sweetly into her friend’s ear. “That’s it honey. Cum for Jack. Cum for that big, fat cock. Imagine it’s inside you”

At those last words, the consciousness that was fading from Connie’s eyes flooded back and she looked at me with determination, her eyes meeting mine for the first time since the debauched scene in my backyard began. She pushed her friends arms away and stumbled toward me, appearing to be not entirely in control of her muscles as pre-orgasmic waves began flowing through her body. I just watched as she came toward me, not sure what to expect. I glanced at Amber. She had a bemused smile at one corner of her mouth as she released her friend.

Connie walked right over me, one foot on either side of the chaise I was reclined on, pulled her short skirt up and clawed her panties to the side forcefully. Her tiny pussy was soaked, completely glistening in girl cum from top to bottom. The wet, translucent material of her panties easily slipped to the side past her slit

as soon as her panties were out of the way, she dropped herself to my cock almost in panic. She moaned pathetically as her dripping slit merely slipped off of the precum-soaked head. She rapidly rose and fell a few more times, my cock slipping off each time and dragging across her little clit with each attempt. Thick, glistening ribbons of sex fluids stretched between my tip and her cunt each time she rose. She whimpered and her knees began to wobble. Her mouth-watering tits hanged above me and bounced as she attempted a few more times, each time bringing her impending orgasm closer as my piss hole sucked her clit with each failed attempt.

She looked at me in despair, pleading with her eyes. She grunted loudly as her last failed attempt sent a squirt of liquid from her pussy, straight down on to my cock head, spraying girl cum everywhere and on both of us. She cried out pitifully.

At that, I reached down and grabbed my precum and girl cum slickened shaft, steadying it for her, and not a moment too soon. Her eyes rolled back and her legs gave out. Her body fell heavily onto my cock. Her tiny, nearly non-existent pussy lips split open with force and swallowed the soaked tip of my cock, sucking hard on the edges of my head as she swiftly slipped past the ridge. Her thin stomach slightly extruded with the impression of my cock as her body fell down my shaft, stretching her out, filling her completely. She bottomed out on me with a few inches left and she fell limply into my arms, whimpering passionately into my neck as she began to squirt girl cum between our bodies with each spasmodic jerk of orgasmic fury that coursed through her. I held her lovingly with both arms as she came.

I looked over her shoulder at Amber who was flushed and panting. I looked down. Her hand was inside the waistband of her track pants and jerking side to side visibly under the material.

“What the fuck?” My sister’s bemused voice pierced the heavily sex-laden air. I looked over in shock. Jenn chuckled. “look at you two whores.”

Amber looked over, not even removing her hand from her pants and huffed a half giggle, half moan at her. She pointed down at the scene in front of her. Jenn walked around for a better view

“Holy shit, he’s inside her? How the fuck…” She trailed off.

“I know right?” Amber sighed.

Connie didn’t even look up, she just continued to slightly jerk and shiver in my arms as the last few waves of her orgasm coursed through her body. She meweled lovingly into my neck.

Jenn giggled to herself and reached over to the bottle sitting on the table next to us.

“So did you cum yet, bro?” She inquired, holding the bottle up to the sun to check the volume of the contents. “Can’t let any of that liquid gold go to waste, can we?”

At that, Connie raised her body unsteadily, slowly sliding a better portion of my cock out of her. She was so tight that I could feel her constrictive lips slipping past each ridge and vein as she moved on me. Then, as only the head was left in her insatiable pussy, she began fucking her slit on the tip of my cock, effectively twerking her ass for her friend’s viewing enjoyment.

Amber softly gasped and Jenn shook her head incredulously.

“Look at that dude. She can’t get enough of your brother’s cock.” Amber half moaned as the hand in her track pants picked up speed.

“Well fuck, hurry up and cum dude. I wanted to do some tanning in this chair.” Jenn grunted.

I ikitelli escort looked up at her and made eye contact while her friend fucked me mere feet from her. She looked super hot in her little tanning bikini. Her tits threatening to spill from her top and a mere triangle of strappy fabric covering her pussy.

“Okay” I grunted as Connie fucked me nearly to orgasm right there in front of my sister. I grabbed her hips softly to slow her down a bit. “Show me your tits” I challenged.

“Jack you sick fucker” Jenn bemused. “Not out here in front of-“

“Show him” Amber grunted, interrupting her. Amber was now clearly penetrating her pussy with her fingers based on the movement and sounds coming from the front of her track pants. She looked at her friend’s chest expectantly. She wanted to see them too. Connie’s head rose and turned a bit to get a view of my sister.

Jenn sighed. She rolled her eyes at her friends and huffed at them with exasperation.

She seemed to consider the situation for a few moments. Connie’s desperate moaning and the sound of her incredibly tight pussy slurping on my cock were the only sounds breaking the brief silence.

“Fine…” Jenn agreed easier than I expected. She reached up and grabbed the middle section of her strappy bikini top and lifted up. Her tits rose up and collected into a sexy cleavage valley as she lifted the top before they both fell from the bottom of the suit, bouncing softly to my viewing pleasure. I drank the site in. Two big, fat globes of tit flesh capped with dark areolas and very stiff, pink nipples hanged slightly from my sister’s beautiful body. I almost came on the spot. I had to grab Connie’s hips to slow her down further as my sister bared herself for me.

“Are you going to cum for me?” Connie sweetly whispered into my ear between labored moans. I sighed back, signaling my impending climax. I held her close to me, feeling her soft tits pushed against my chest.

Connie looked back at Amber and silently signaled something to her, I heard some movement toward the bottom of the chaise, then something soft and wet began gliding up and down the exposed shaft of my cock, pushing me closer to an earth-shattering orgasm.

I looked up at Jenn. She was staring slack-jawed at the scene before her in disbelief.

“You too” Connie growled at Jenn with authority. Connie’s body began tremoring against me. She was cresting.

Jenn hesitated at first, but then she stepped toward the chaise and I saw her head disappear over Connie’s shoulder. A second warm, wet sensation begin gliding around on the bottom of my cock. Jenn and Amber were licking the underside of my shaft while Connie fucked herself on the head of my cock, slipping her lips up and over the flared-out ridge of my cock head repeatedly. She was shaking and pouting with urgency. I was not going to last long.

“Lick me” Connie pleaded, barely able to get the words out as her second orgasm began tearing through her. I felt one of the tongues slide up to my frenulum, just below the head and began tongue-lashing the area where my cock was splitting Connie open. It slurped noisily at Connie’s taint and I felt tongue and lips occasionally slide down to my cock, sending fresh floes of drool down the shaft and sending Connie closer to climax.

Connie seized up and a guttural moan escaped her throat. She suddenly pulled her spasming pussy off my cock and started wildly humping the air, squirting obscenely all over my cock and into Jenn and Amber’s faces while she cried out in orgasmic agony. They didn’t miss a beat and continued lapping at my cock, hungrily slurping Connie’s juices off my shaft as she sprayed everywhere. She bucked hard against me as she came and her pathetic cries pushed me over the edge in like.

My orgasm sent my eyelids fluttering and my toes curling as my body tensed up. Amber was ready. She lined the bottle up with my cock and flicked her tongue rapidly across my frenulum as my cock began convulsing and spitting long, thick ropes of cum into the opening. Jenn’s tongue slid down and began lapping at my exposed balls, soaking them in her warm spit. They moaned with satisfaction as their eager mouths kept my climax peaking for what felt like minutes. The bottle quickly filled up as I felt my cum spilling onto my torso and I was sure Connie felt it shooting up her back as she moaned into me. Zealous hands scooped it up quickly and I could hear the lewd slapping and rubbing sounds of the depraved cum-whores slathering it on their skin. I felt a pair of soft hands on me, milking out every last drop.

Connie continued shuddering occasionally and enjoying the last few throes of her orgasm as she cutely sighed into my ear. Eventually, she pushed herself up and peeled her cum and sweat soaked body off of mine. She carefully swung one leg back over and unceremoniously flopped into the chair next to me.

I looked down. Amber was sliding a cum-filled hand across Jenn’s heaving tits as she breathed heavily, enjoying her friend’s loving touch on her breasts. Jenn was gliding my generous offering across her face, careful to coat every inch of her skin in it. They were both glistening with cum and Ambers tank top was stuck to her body with its wetness, her big nipples poking through the thin, wet material.

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