My Sister Cassie Ch. 05


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As the days got hotter and more humid, we found a new angle in sexual exploration. Some days the heat was oppressive. On one occasion dad was out of town on some errand, and mum had gone to our aunt’s for the day. Cassie and I saw no reason to bother with modesty. She wore loose cotton shorts and nothing else, I wore a pair of boxers. Despite being able to see her tits all the time, I still wanted them. I would never get tired of my sister’s nakedness.

She was getting ice cream from the fridge. As she closed the door I surprised her and grabbed her from behind, cupping her little titties in both hands.

She bent her head back on my shoulder and let me rub gently, cooing.

“Wil you ever leave me alone for long?”

“Hope not.”

She giggled. “Me either. Ice cream?”

“No, tits.”

She squirmed away and I let her go. I took a different approach: “How about ice cream and tits then?”

“Oooh, nice idea Mikey.” She popped the lid. “Not much left though.”

I took a finger-full and offered it to her. She sucked it off my finger then did the same to me. On my second offering she gently bit my finger as she licked the ice cream off it, smiling at me. I took two fingers worth from the tub and offered it again. She sucked it in as if she were sucking my cock.

I took three finger’s worth and touched it to her left breast. She squealed and recoiled at the coldness attacking her sweating torso so it fell off and dripped down her tummy. I laughed but got a quick handful in the middle of my back. I was slick with sweat in the heat and the frozen dollop mde me squirm. I looked at her, she saw it was on, and squealed as she tried to rush past me with the ice cream tub. No chance. I easily grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up. Her back to my chest. Our bodies were lubed with sweat. We didn’t have a working air conditioner so the whole house was hot. I jiggled her up and down against me then let her feet back to the ground.

I spun her around, grabbed a whole handful and forced it on her tits. She squealed and squirmed, laughing and swearing: “Oh you bastard. Fuck off. Oww! Let me go. Let me…”

“No. Want some more?”

“NO! get off me. Let me…”

I knelt and licked one nipple then the other. The ice cream there mingled with her sweat and I loved the salty vanilla. She held me to her as I licked it all off.

“Let me go you bastard.”

“You really want me to?”


I took a small scoop of the ice cream and lathered it on her left breast then stooped to lick it off. She shivered as it hit her, then gasped lightly at my hot tongue. I did the same on the other side. Her nipples were very hard. The cold and the tongue did that to her.

She gently pushed me away. I was unsure what was next. My cock had pushed its way out the slit in my boxers and pointed at her. She exaggeratedly took three fingers of ice cream, showed it to me, then slapped it on the front of my boxers laughing like a maniac. Most of it hit the underside of şişli grup yapan escort my cock and I shuddered with the shock of it. Fire and ice.

She held her hand there, her palm on the bottom of my dick and stroked slowly.


I murmured a yes.

Then smiling wickedly, “More ice cream little brother?”

This time she grabbed from the tub and enclosed my shaft with her hand. She bent and took the tip in her mouth and basically ate the ice cream off my cock. The base was cold and covered in ice cream, the tip was liquid heat in my sister’s hungry mouth. My knees buckled.

The ice cream gone, Cassie licked my length and stood up smiling like the cat that found the cream.

There wasn’t much left so I claimed the tub.

“Oh shit. What are you going to do with that?”

“I want to show you what freezing and melting hot are like together. It’s really sexy! Lose the panties. Lay on the table.”

“Not a good idea. Might get an infection or something.”

I had a better idea. I rinsed my hands and opened the freezer, tipping a couple of ice cubes into my palm and putting the tray in the sink to wash later.

“Water’s OK though, right?”

She nodded suspiciously and warily complied. Her thin shorts hit the floor and she stepped out of them then grabbed a towel and lay on the table on it, holding her calves to give me her open cunt. I took an ice cube and placed it at her opening. She recoiled as I rubbed it there.

“Is that hot or what?” I asked her.

“Mmm. Kinda, yeah sexy. Lick me?”

I needed no more encouragement. I knelt between her legs, then changed my mind and grabbed a chair bending to get my mouth close to her pussy. I put the ice cubes in my mouth then closed my lips over her pussy. Licking blindly, I used my tongue to work the cubes all over her slit. She wriggled and squirmed, squealing: “Too cold. Too much!”

I spat one out and crunched the other with my teeth and tried again. This time I had little chunks so I was able to lick with my tongue and move the ice around at the same time. But she didn’t like it.

“Sorry Mikey. It’s just too cold.”

I swallowed the now-salty ice but I wasn’t going to let her pussy off easily. I bent and lapped again.

“Oooh that’s better.”

The ice had cooled her fleshy parts but my tongue soon warmed them up again. She began the now-familiar heavy panting, moaning freely since we were entirely alone, her hips undulating gently in time with my tongue.

I put two fingers in her pussy and licked at her clit. She went wild. My other hand reached up her belly, slick with sweat, and grasped her tits in turn. She grabbed my arm and pulled. I stood, she pulled me down to her and we gyrated our sweaty bodies together, slick sweat making her tits slide all over me as her hardened nipples aroused mine to stiffness too.

She was hotter than I’d ever seen her. The look in her eyes was pure lust, animal, magnetic. She şişli masöz escort pulled me down on her with both hands and my cock brushed the outside of her melting pussy. I left it there to take in her heat and the electricity. I looked in her eyes, and she pulled me further down more urgently. My cock tip passed her outer lips and my mind went to pink fog. I couldn’t, but I had to.

Cassie made my mind up for me. Looking into my eyes she just nodded and pulled at me again. My resistance evaporated, and I pushed.

My cock sank into my sister’s pussy easily. I felt a brief resistance, then she stifled a squeal as something broke inside her and my cock simply went all the way in. I had just broken my sister’s hymen and now I was up to my belly inside her.

The slow gyrating of her hips told me it was OK. I held in there and didn’t stroke, I just pressed. She was soft, wet, hot, open. I was very, very hard.

Cassie closed her eyes and I continued my gentle pressing. I was lost in lust. I knew it was wrong – dangerous – to fuck my sister but I didn’t care, and neither did she.

I felt her increase the pace. She lifted her back off the table and rested on her arms behind her, watching as I fucked shallowly, and began to thrust at me. I matched the intensity. I fell on top of her as she lay back down, and now I took longer strokes inside her. She slapped my bum and moaned in my ear: “Oh god yesss. It’s sooo good. Fuck me now, make me cum. Make meeee… Oh goddd. Ah. Ahhh. Ahhhhhh!”

My cock felt her squishy wet flush as she came, grunting and heaving. I watched her tits jerk with her belly movement, watched her face contort like never before, watched her thighs shudder and her pussy accept my cock and close around it. My balls boiled, the hotness in my cock rose higher, and I knew I wasn’t going to stop.

I threw my head back, yelled “FUCCKKK!” and spurted. One/two/ three, four, five…six, then a seventh time. Cassie felt it and clenched, perhaps in another small orgasm. I was unable to think or reason. I was deep inside my sister, my cum was in there somewhere coating my twitching cock, but my mind was drugged and fogged beyond my grasp.

As it cleared, I reconnected with the sensation of my cock in Cassie’s warm wet cunt again and gradually came back to earth. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was jerking in sobs, but laughing and smiling.

“Oh Mikey! Why did we wait? Oh GOD that was electric! Huh?”

“Jesus Cass. I think I passed out on my feet. You OK?”

“Hell yes. If you move now I’ll cut it off. Just stay in me?”

“OK. Shit, I’m still rock hard!”

“I know. That’s my pussy it’s in, remember?”

“I’ll remember always.” And I meant it. Cassie smiled and laughed briefly.

“Yeah. Hard to forget your first even if it’s your brother!”

“Mmm. Jesus, I think I could go again…”

“Hold that thought…”

“Oh shit Cass. You let me cum in you. I’m still in there. Is that…?”

“It’s şişli otele gelen escort OK. It’s OK. Really. I have a surprise for you. I got myself on the pill.”

“For me?”

“For us.”

“Why didn’t you say?”

“Because of my experiment, remember? I wanted to know you needed to, not just that you would if you could. I needed you to lose control, whatever the risk, just to have me. Make sense?”

“Not really. I’m a bit disappointed I lost control though…”

“That’s the point. I wanted you to lose control and fuck me like you would die if you didn’t.”

“Mmm. OK, if you say so.”

“Um, help me up? It’s getting uncomfortable.”

“But I don’t want to leave your pussy.”

“Don’t then. Get behind me.”

I helped her up, she held the back of a chair while I fumbled my cock back inside her. She bent to help, her tits now over the chair rest, and then I decided to just fuck. No slow pressure, no buildup. Animal.

I slapped my thighs against her butt as I plunged. The chair rocked with the impact and Cassie groaned. My cum and her juices made sure I had no resistance, so I pulled back as far, and pushed in as hard as I could.

“Oh shit. Fuck Mikey. Ffuck that’s…MMMhhh! Eeewwwmmm! Don’t stop. I’m gonna cum again!”

I kept the pace and length just the same, and Cassie’s cunt rippled and pulsed as she squealed out her climax. I did not relent. I’d kept this passion, this aching desire in prison too long. I wanted to fuck her now like I’d die tomorrow. Cassie held her butt cheeks apart to give me an extra inch and now I felt myself pumping up against the knot of her cervix. She was bent over the chair still, I hoped her chest wasn’t sore but wasn’t letting up. My cock squelched inside her – it shared that space with the juices of two of her orgasms and one of mine.

My belly at the base of my cock was squishy wet. Still I plunged. I’d got a rhythm and it was taking my senses up a staircase that could only end in one thing.

It wasn’t a slow boil this time either. It almost surprised me when the first spurt erupted, I was still pumping then I just pushed and held it there, splashing hot cum against my sister’s womb while she whimpered beneath me.

This time my knees really did buckle and I must have fell upon her. The squeal she gave then was one of pain, not pleasure and it ripped me back to reality.

I stood straight up and apologised, allowing my cock to flop out of her pussy. She stood and held her chest, I must have crushed her.

“Oh shit Cassie! Are you hurt? Are you OK?”

She turned, still rubbing a red mark across the tops of her tits.

“Yeah, yeah. Git a bit carried away. I’m alright. You?”

I smiled at my lovely sister, kissed her full on the lips, and said “Fan-fucking-tastic!”

“Good. We made a mess. Time to clean up.”

We stayed naked while we did. We kept ogling each other, revelling in each other’s nude body, laughing and tickling, slapping and poking. She had been right. It was because we were brother and sister that we could fuck but not fall in love. We explored, loved each other deeply, but we never fell in love.

That was some years ago. I love my wife, Cassie is mad about the man she’s about to marry. But we’re very special to each other, and we still explore stuff with each other. And fuck a lot.

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