My Promiscuous Mom Pt. 04


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This is part four of four. We recommend that you start at the beginning, which we calculate to be Part 1.


One evening at dinner, Mom told us that she was going to go out to a movie with another mom. She’s done this a few times before, and I never gave it any thought. But knowing what I know now, I wondered if that’s what she was really going to do. I checked out her clothes before she left the house: she had on a frumpy heavy sweater – but I know that trick of hers now. She also wore one of her shorter casual denim skirts, with no hose, and high-heeled shoes. The skirt might be explainable, but it was the shoes that made me suspicious. They were a little too flashy and uncomfortable for a casual movie outing.

I told Dad that I was going over to a friend’s house. I got in my car right before Mom left the house, and parked around the corner, waiting for Mom to leave. She whizzed by me and I followed her. It wasn’t too hard to tail a minivan, but I did worry that she would recognize my car if I accidentally got too close.

Mom didn’t go pick up her friend, who only lived a few blocks from us, and she wasn’t heading towards the local Cineplex, either. I was beginning to think my suspicions were correct. We live in a very middle class, very white town, but there is a seedy side near the old downtown industrial area. That’s where Mom drove to.

Mom slowly circled one block of closed and boarded shops and a liquor store and a bar. The second time past she parallel parked the Minivan. I had to hurry back around the block to park about five spaces behind her. I could still see her in the car. She had removed her coat, and was pulling off her sweater. Knew it.

Mom exited the van with her purse and no coat. Besides the shorter denim skirt, she was wearing a white sleeveless sweater. It was real cold out. She walked in my direction, and I had to duck down a little. I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra under the sweater. Her dark fat nipples were visible to the whole block under the streetlights, and her heavy jugs bobbled noticeably. She almost looked like a hooker to me.

Just before Mom got to my car, she stopped at a dumpy-looking bar, and entered it. I couldn’t go into the bar, but I was dying to know what Mom was doing there. I decided to sit tight for a while. I looked around. I was now the only white person I saw on the street. I was a little nervous about being there.

I waited. Clearly she wasn’t coming out right away. Black dudes young and old entered and left the bar, dressed up and dressed down. A couple of women, too. But no white people.

It was about thirty minutes later when she exited. She looked back, and a black guy was leaving with her! He was maybe middle age; about as tall as my statuesque mom, but pretty well built, wearing a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, and black baggy pants.

Mom had a smile on her face. The guy was expressionless. But he took Mom by the arm and led her down the street. They didn’t go far. They turned down an alleyway just a couple of shops down from the bar. I pulled my sweatshirt hood over my head, exited my car, and headed toward the alley.

There were other people on the street, but nobody paid me any attention. I peered around the corner into the alley. Mom and the dude were standing halfway down the alley. Between them and me was a dumpster. I walked into the alley and hid behind the dumpster.

From the streetlights coming from either end of the alley there was plenty of light for me to see him slowly take one look around. Then he stood before Mom, unzipped his pants, and dropped them along with his boxers. Mom dropped to her knees in front of him.

Mom stroked his jet-black cock with her white hand. Mom said that I was well endowed! This dude put me to shame. He was long and thick.

The Dude grabbed the back of Mom’s head, and pulled it to his crotch. Mom opened her mouth wide, and stretched her lips around his cock. She sucked on it rapidly while palming his balls. The Dude had no expression on his face while Mom gave it everything she had. Shit, I thought, my mother sucks black cocks in alleys!

The Dude grabbed Mom’s hair, and mumbled something. Mom let the cock slide out of her mouth, and stood up. The Dude grabbed her shoulders, spun her around, and pushed her against the alley wall. With her legs spread and her hands up against the wall, she looked like she was going to be frisked.

The Dude stood right behind Mom. He calmly grabbed the hem of her skirt with both hands, and lifted it, bunching it up around her waist, exposing Mom’s shiny red thong panties! From the side I could see some of her bare ass.

Dude grabbed the sides of her thongs, and yanked them down Mom’s hips to her knees, and from there they fell on their own to her ankles, where Mom kicked them off of her right foot, leaving them bunched up around her left shoe.

The Dude aimed his hard cock at Mom, and worked it into her pussy. I wondered maltepe escort if it would all fit. Apparently I had nothing to worry about, since it only took him a couple of thrusts to shove the whole length of his cock into her pussy, and begin humping away on her.

Over the din of the street noise behind me, I could hear Mom letting out little squeals with each thrust. Her head was thrown back, her mouth was open, and she appeared to have a pained expression on her face.

For his part, The Dude looked so relaxed, almost disinterested, like he was folding his laundry or something. He was humping her hard and fairly fast, but with no apparent effort or emotion on his face, like he’d done this a thousand times before. He did lift up Mom’s top, bunching it up under her armpits, exposing her bare tits. He reached up and grabbed both of them, and squeezed them hard and shook them rapidly. Mom’s body was in shadows, but I could still see the difference in color between her pale tits and the ebony fingers that were squeezing them.

Dude crouched down just a little to get a good angle on Mom’s pussy, but with her long legs and hi heeled shoes her ass was pretty high up in the air for him. He released her tits and grabbed her hips.

I could hear flesh slapping together, and could see Mom’s ass flesh rippling and shaking when the big ebony body slammed into it. Mom’s head was writhing around as she squealed.

It didn’t take long. The Dude stopped, withdrew his cock from Mom, and hosed white sperm onto Mom’s back and ass crack. He wiped himself off on her ass, and casually pulled up his pants. Without a word to Mom, he slowly sauntered by my hiding place by the dumpster, and out of the alley. Mom took a minute to compose herself, still leaning against the wall, with her head hanging down, panting. Shortly she pulled her shirt back over her tits and her skirt down over her ass. Somehow her panties had fallen loose onto the filthy alley asphalt, and Mom just left them there. She walked unsteadily back down the alley. I felt protective enough to watch her to make sure she got to her van all right. Then I went back to the alley, put Mom’s dirty red thongs in my pocket, and headed to my car.


I didn’t confront her with it right away. I waited until we were completely alone. I also needed some time to think about it. But I knew that I wanted to fuck her really, really bad. And I knew that there wasn’t much she could do to punish me if she didn’t like my approach. I wasn’t planning on raping my mom, but I decided to be very insistent in getting what I wanted.

It was a couple of evenings later. My dad and my sister went to Best Buy after dinner, leaving me alone with Mom. Mom was in the kitchen doing the pots and pans in the sink. She was wearing some tight blue jeans, along with a white turtleneck sweater. Her sleeves were rolled to do the dishes. I was wearing sweatpants and boxers, and a black t-shirt.

I came up behind her and grabbed her by the hips. I moved my arms around her waist, and goosed her.

“No, Honey, don’t,” she said, and she took my hands off of her.

I reached into my pocket, pulled out her soiled red thongs that she left in the alley, and tossed them onto the counter.

Mom stopped and looked at them for a minute. She looked back at me, and back at the panties. “What are those?” she asked.

“They’re your thongs.”

“I don’t wear thongs. Where did you get them?”

“You left them in the alley the other night.”

“I did no such thing. Why do you think they’re mine?”

“I saw you drop them there. You know, right before the big black guy fucked you from behind.”

Mom dried off her hands and turned around. But I kept her trapped against the counter. “Have you been following me?”

“Oh, a little. I had a hunch you weren’t going to any movie with any girlfriend.”

There was a moment of silence. Then Mom said, “What do you want?”

“I want what the black guy got.”

“Oh no! NO!” Mom sighed, then turned around and started washing pots again. “I’m NOT going to have sex with my own son. No!”

I put my hands back on her hips, and goosed her a little. “Yes you are.”

“No, Brad, no. It’s immoral and illegal. They could throw me in jail.”

“Fucking and sucking black guys in public alleyways is illegal, too.” I moved my hands up her stomach, up her chest. I grabbed her breasts. She was wearing a bra, a thin one.

“It’s wrong, Brad,” she said, but she didn’t move away or stop my fondling. I lifted her sweater up at the sides. When I got to her bra, I lifted that, too. Her tits fell out of the cups. I left her sweater and bra bunched up over her exposed tits, and squeezed her naked jugs. Mom stopped doing dishes. She let out a loud sigh.

I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans in front. I stuck my right hand down inside of her panties. I rubbed her pussy mound over the lawn of hair. Again she sighed.

I mecidiyeköy escort grabbed her jeans at the sides, and tugged them down over her butt. I took her turquoise panties down along with them. Her bare ass stuck out as she was bent slightly over the counter. I tugged her pants and panties down past her knees, down to her ankles. Mom stepped out of them.

I tugged my own pants and boxers off, and stepped out of them. Mom looked back, reached behind her, and gave my hard cock a few strokes.

I returned to her naked pussy, and rubbed her mound. I worked a finger inside of it. Mom was plenty wet.

I took put my hands on my own cock, and aimed it between Mom’s legs. Mom’s hand guided it to her pussy lips. I felt it slide around her hair. I found her lips, and thrust the head in. Once the head was in the warmth and wetness, it was easy to glide the whole shaft inside of Mom’s pussy.

“Uhhhhhhggggghhhh!” Mom groaned. She put her elbows on the counter, and thrust her butt back in my direction. I felt my bare hips press into her smooth warm ass. It felt great.

Mom was panting as I pumped into her. I was gentle at first, with a medium tempo. Once I got comfortable, I reached around her and squeezed her hanging tits roughly, tugging on her long fat dark hard nipples.

“Ohhhhhhh, Brad!” Mom moaned. “This is SO hot! Ohhh, Lover!”

I thrust harder. Our flesh made a slapping sound as we met. I thrust harder just to hear that sound.

“UUHH! Yeah! Yes! Harder, you young stallion!”

I did fuck her harder, and faster. Mom wiggled her hips from side to side. Her cunt muscles contracted and relaxed around my slippery cock.


We got out of rhythm, and my cock slipped out of Mom’s pussy. Mom took the opportunity to turn around and face me. With her feet spread out wide on the floor, she leaned back against the counter, grabbed my cock with her right hand, and guided it back into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her.

It felt nice having Mom’s long naked thighs pressed against me. I pumped upwards into her, watching her smile at me. Mom leaned down a kissed me. My tongue and my cock were both inside of Mom. I grabbed her bare ass and squeezed both cheeks.

“Mmmmmphhhhhh!” Mom groaned into my mouth. I reached up and my hands found both of her soft naked tits. I squeezed them, and tugged on her hard nipples.

“OHHHHHH!” Mom groaned, between rhythmic panting.

I kissed my way down her neck, and tongued her cleavage. I worked my tongue and lips over to her right nipple, licking and sucking it. Then I alternated sucking both of her long fat hard nipples.

“Come here, Brad, over here.” Mom broke off fucking. She backed her naked body into the kitchen table. She laid on her back among the newspapers and mail that Dad had left there. Her legs dangled off the end, and she beckoned me to stand between them. Again I slid my slippery cock inside of her.

This position gave me a better angle to fuck her. Mom wrapped her thighs around me as I pumped hard. One great advantage was to watch Mom’s big tits shake and bobble as she lay on her back. Whichever way her body was moving, her tits moved the other way. The big melons danced for me in ways that I’d never imagined before.

Mom watched me fuck her, with a big smile. “OHHHH! This is SO SEXY!” she cried.

Soon her smile and open eyes turned to closed eyes and a pained look. “UH! UUUNNNGG!” She started gyrating from side to side, clamping her thighs around me hard. I had trouble staying in her. “OOOOHHHHHHHHH!” Her fingers grasped the edges of the table, her knuckles white. “OOOHHHHHH!” “UNGGUUNNGG!!!”

She finally threw me right out of her. She sat up. “Come with me quick, I want to hold you!” She grabbed my arm and hurried me to the couch in the family room, which was only a few feet away. Mom was reeling, half stumbling. She fell on her back out the couch, and pulled me down to her. I climbed between her legs, reinserted, and laid on her chest.

Mom panted and grunted in my ear as we fucked hard and fast. Soon she was flopping all over again. Her thighs had me in her grip, her ankles crossed to keep me inside her. I was being thrown all about the couch. Mom’s a big, strong woman.

“This is the BIGGEST FUCKING TURNON!” Mom grunted. “UNNGG HUNNNGGGG!” she grunted. I pumped as hard as I could, my balls slapping against her.

Mom bucked both of us off the couch, and we landed with a thud on the carpet. Mom wouldn’t let go, and I fucked her on the floor.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. As Mom jerked and spasmed and growled, I shot jizm deep into her pussy. Gallons, it seemed. Forever.

When we were done, I laid on top of her, still inside of her, while we panted and sweated together.

Then we heard the car door. Dad and my sister were home. We bolted off the carpet, and scurried around the kitchen to grab clothes and underwear, leaving nişantaşı escort the rooms disheveled. It was funny to watch Mom run down the hall and up the stairs naked, holding her clothes. I hurried down to my room to get dressed, just as my dad was opening the door from the garage. He just missed his wife being a dirty incestuous slut.


There was a pep rally at the end of the school day, and I decided skip it and sneak out early. There were always a couple of cars parked out in our street, but there seemed to be a few extra cars in the vicinity of our house. I didn’t think much of it, though. Mom’s van was in the garage, with the garage door open.

Entering the house through the garage, I expected to find Mom, who didn’t have to work this day. I was about to head down to my bedroom, when I heard a noise upstairs. Sounded like men. Several of them. And a woman. Sounded like a party up there. The loudest male voice sounded familiar, but it wasn’t Dad’s. I crept up the stairs.

I knew from experience that if I ducked into the bathroom opposite, I could see most of Mom and Dad’s bedroom, including their bed. I crept into the dark bathroom, and peered around the door. The first thing I saw was Mom’s face. She was sitting up at the foot of her bed. Then I could see that she was naked! Then I saw that there were other people naked surrounding her. And then I could see that her legs were spread, and a man’s head was between them. THEN, I realized that guy was Mr. Msylewski, my hockey coach!

Coach M, as we sometimes call him, is a big man, a former pro hockey player, I’m told. His voice is naturally very loud. He’s bald with some gray on the sides.

Coach M wasn’t talking at the moment. As he ate Mom’s pussy, she had two other older men standing on either side of her. The man on her right was standing at the edge of the bed, and he was reaching over and feeling her right tit, with both hands. The man on her left side was sitting on the bed next to Mom, and he was feeling AND sucking her left tit. And Mom was jerking off both of these guys. And then there was a fourth guy, kneeling kind of behind mom on her right, and he started making out with Mom.

One of the other men was Coach Ed. Coach Ed wasn’t a pro coach, he was the dad of one of my teammates, and acted as assistant coach. He was also a big loud former jock, with a crew cut. The third man was my teammate Kenny’s dad. He was shorter and heavier. The fourth was one of the dads that sits below my mom at the games, but I didn’t know whose dad he was. He was skinny geek with greasy hair.

Everybody was completely naked. Mom was cooing and moaning. She hadn’t been naked long, because I could still see the red line and indentations under her tits from her bra.

Coach M stood up, and pushed Mom onto her back on the bed. He grabbed her calves, and hoisted her feet up onto his shoulders. Then he stuffed his hard cock right into her hairy pussy, and pumped her. The other guys went back to feeling her jiggling tits and getting a blowjob from Mom. Coach M shoved his body into her hard, causing all sorts of noises from both the bed and Mom. I grabbed my cock and stroked it while watching my own mom get gangbanged by a bunch of dads I know.

Coach M made a growling noise and stopped fucking Mom. The quintet changed positions, with Coach Ed lying on his back on the bed with his legs hanging off, and Mom sitting on his cock with her back to him and her feet on the floor. She bent her knees and used her long legs to bounce up and down on the bed and on Coach Ed’s cock in her pussy. I didn’t even know you could fuck in that position! Mom’s tits jiggled all over the place, flying up to her chin, and then crashing down again. Then they went in circles; the right one going clockwise, and the left tit moving counter-clockwise. But pretty soon two other guys grabbed her tits and started playing with them.

Mom was letting the guys know she was having fun. “Oww! Ohh! You guys are studs! Wowwww!” She reached out and grabbed two cocks in her hands.

I’m guessing that Mom felt Coach Ed cum in her pussy, because she stopped and rested as the others continued feeling her tits.

Kenny’s dad lied down on the bed next, and Mom climbed on top of him and straddled his torso, with her tits hanging in his face. She slid down on his erect cock, and used her ankles as leverage to slide up and down on him. The Greasy Guy stood to her side, and she wrapped her lips around his skinny dick. Again her tits were jumping all over and getting felt as she stroked Coach Ed and Coach M back to life.

“Alright, let me get in here,” said Coach M in his loud voice. He got behind Mom, between Kenny’s dad’s and her legs, and pushed Mom down on top of Kenny’s dad, who still had his cock in Mom’s pussy. Coach M took his slippery cock and aimed it at Mom’s asshole. It took some time and some effort, but eventually he got his big purple dick head inside of her asshole. I couldn’t believe Mom’s little asshole could stretch that much. Mom grunted a few times, but also voiced encouragement to Coach M.

Coach M slowly slid his entire shaft into Mom’s asshole, and began to slowly fuck her anus. Kenny’s dad started to buck his hips again, and somehow the three of them got into a rhythm.

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