My Niece Jessica Ch. 05


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Big Tits

The sun started to shine through the curtains the next morning. I slowly woke up trying to shield my eyes as I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 10 in the morning. I looked over and saw Jessica laying next to me on her stomach with Brin next to her, on her side facing away from me. I just smiled as the memories of last night started to flood back to me as I got out of bed and started looking for some clothes to put on. I went to the living room where I found my shorts and my shirt before going back to the bedroom where I just smiled before going into the kitchen again. I made some coffee and got myself a cup before I went to the doorway again looking at the two girls. Jessica was laying on her front above the covers while Brin was under the covers on her side. I smiled at myself thinking how beautiful they looked but then a realization hit me. I had sex with my niece last night which was definitely crossing the line. Another problem hit me as I realized that Brin was the center of all this and she could easily screw me if something went wrong. I shook my head then and told myself I will deal with it later before closing the door and going into the living room.

I sat on the couch for looking outside and just enjoying things for a while. I decided to start cleaning the house a little bit and do some other chores. I went into my niece’s room to get some clothes for the washing machine. After I put my niece’s clothes in to the machine, I went back into her room looking around but soon walked out not wanting to be caught snooping around. I then went into my room grabbing some of my clothes when I saw one of Brin’s bags opened. I walked over curious on what she kept in her bag and was shocked at what I saw. There were some vibrators, a possible dildo and some other stuff but I didn’t want to be caught going through her things either. I put my clothes in the washing machine before sitting down on the couch looking out the window again. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up I looked at my watch and saw it was almost noon. I heard some creaking from the kitchen, so I got up and saw Brin standing there getting a cup of coffee only wearing a pair of panties with a bra.

She looked up at me and smiled as she put the pot down before walking over and kissing me on the cheek. She walked slowly over to my room and closed the door as I was left standing there just looking after her. I glanced into the master bedroom where I saw Jessica still laying stomach down on the bed but now in a spread eagle position. My cock started to get hard as I walked into the bedroom closing the door a little bit. I took off my pants as I got on the bed and reached for the bottle of KY that was left from last night. I put it down beside me as I spread my niece’s ass cheeks and started licking. Jessica started moaning a little bit as I inserted one and then two fingers into her ass. Her ass was humping my fingers by this time as I reached for the ky. I pulled my fingers out and put some ky on them before inserting my fingers back into my niece’s ass. She gripped the sheets hard as I looked up and saw her head up for the first time this morning. She looked back at me with half opened eyes as I looked at her.

“Stop teasing me uncle. Just fuck my ass already,” she said before putting her head down on the bed again.

I am not the person that has to be told twice so I took my fingers out of her ass and put some ky on my cock. I know came up behind her separating her ass cheeks and slowly inserting my cock into her ass. I slowly started pumping her as she started moaning more and more while holding onto the sheets. I soon grabbed her ass and started fucking her like no tomorrow. Jessica was now screaming into the sheets while grabbing anything she could. I slowed down a little bit while bending forward kissing the back of her neck and her upper back which made her smile and look at me before closing her eyes again. I continued fucking her ass until I felt my cum rising and slowed down a bit as Jessica seemed a bit disappointed.

“I am about to cum, Jess,” I said slowly.

“Then shoot inside me. Just fuck me,” she said reaching behind her and trying to bring my hips in more.

I started fucking her faster and faster until I finally cum up her ass. I shot stream after stream up her ass with her starting to shake as I came. Finally I collapsed on the bed as Jessica put an arm around me but not moving from her position. I laid there for a little while until I heard clapping. I looked up and saw Brin standing in the doorway clapping with her coffee near the dresser. Brin turned and walked out of the bedroom as I slipped from underneath my niece’s arm and pulled on my pants. I walked out to the living room where Brin was on the couch smiling as I sat down next to her. She put her feet on my legs as I tickled them a little bit which she laughed and pulled away.

“Wild night last night,” I said looking at her smiling.

“Yes it was. My ass is sore,” Brin said moving around a little bit.

We sat there talking for a little while etiler otele gelen escort until about 1 in the afternoon when my niece finally came out of the bedroom walking real slow. She sat down in the chair making a grimace on her face with Brin and I smiling. She finally leaned back and smiled at us as she fixed the big t-shirt she was wearing.

“Comfortable Jessica?” Brin said laughing.

Jessica stuck her tongue out at Brin before starting to laugh herself at what was going on. I got up off the couch moving Brin’s legs which she whined about before smiling. I went into the kitchen getting a cup of coffee for Jessica and gave it to her. I sat back down where Brin put her legs back on my lap and I started tickling her again.

“So what should we do today girls?” I asked taking a sip of coffee. “I mean most of the day is gone now so what do you really want to do?”

” I want to take you all to dinner tonight. Up until then I don’t know,” Brin said stretching.

“I want to use the pool,” Jessica said getting up real quick and going to her room.

Brin shrugged her shoulders as she got off the couch giving me a kiss on the forehead as she walked past me. I watched as Brin went into my room and closed the door. I sat on the couch for a few minutes until I heard a door open and I saw Jessica walk out with a towel on her shoulder. She was wearing a red bikini with some little flowers on the bottom part. She smiled as she went into the other room getting some lotion when I heard the other door open. Brin was wearing a light blue thong bikini as she walked out with sunglasses on and a towel on her shoulder. Jessica came back into the room and grabbed Brin as the two girls went outside to the pool. I sat on the couch for a little while longer before getting up and looking out the window where both girls were on lounge chairs getting some sun. I cleaned up the kitchen and finished the laundry before going outside an hour later with drinks and snacks. The girls smiled as they told me to pull up a chair between them. Before I knew it, I was putting lotion on their backs for them while they were talking about some stuff that would make Howard Stern blush. I sat there reading a magazine until about 6 or so when the girls got up and said they had to get ready for our dinner date.

At 7 o’clock I was waiting in the living room when Brin came out first. She was wearing a simple red dress that seemed to be almost falling off her. She put on her heels while I could easily look down her dress noticing she wasn’t wearing a bra. She looked up and smiled before getting up and turning around.

“Would you zip me up please?” she asked as I got off the couch and zip up her dress.

Just as I finished zipping Brin up, Jessica came out of her room wearing a nice blue dress with matching shoes. Both of them look gorgeous and at the same time kind of an innocent cute between the two. We all smiled as we went to the car. We went to a nice restaurant just outside of town which was also a little cozy. We walked inside where our names were already on a list and they led us to the back of the restaurant where we were seated in a booth. After looking over the menus for a little while, we ordered food and drinks while laughing and having a good time. We continued talking about what has been going on and where things might go when I felt a hand on my crotch making my cock get hard instantly. I looked at Brin who was smiling but shaking her head when Jessica leaned up into my ear.

“I think I am in the mood for an appetizer,” she said smiling.

She smiled as she slid under the table. I looked at Brin who was smiling when I felt Jessica undo my zipper and reach into my pants. I moved a little bit looking around the restaurant where there weren’t many people when I felt my cock get free from my pants. Jessica spent a little while stroking it until she engulfed it. I closed my eyes for a few seconds before opening them again and finding myself gripping the bench we were sitting on. I looked over to Brin who started rubbing my hand back and forth while smiling. Jessica started to deep throat me which almost made me groan but I caught myself before moving my hands to Jessica’s hand making go faster as I felt my cum rising. Jessica had no objections as she just kept going on and going until I tried to lift head off my cock not wanting to cum down her throat. However she punched my hands away and soon after that I shot stream after stream down my niece’s throat. I smiled after finishing when I saw the waiter coming over. I put my hand on Jessica’s head after she put my cock back in my pants to make sure she didn’t come out from the table with the waiter there. After the waiter left, I lifted my hand and Jessica slowly came out from the table smiling. The girls started laughing over what happened as we enjoyed our meal and drinks. Brin paid the bill against our objections and we went outside to the car. I was walking to the car when Brin came up to me asking me to take the long way home etiler rus escort for some reason. I never gave it another thought as Brin and Jessica got in the backseat before I slid into the driver seat.

A few minutes after leaving the restaurant, I looked in the review mirror where I saw Brin with her dress hiked up around her waist, fingering herself. I did a double take when I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties that night. I tried to watch the road but the action in the backseat also had my attention. Soon she put one foot on the back of my seat and a foot on the back of the passenger seat, fingering herself faster as she closed her eyes. I just started glancing at the road every so often now, watching the action in the back to see how much further she was going to go. I looked back again when her eyes were open as she slid the top of her dress down a little bit freeing her breasts and started playing with her nipple. She puckered her lips sending a kiss my way when I saw my niece come up between her legs. Just then we stopped at a signal where I was looking around to see if anyone could look into the car. I stopped looking when I heard Brin start to moan so I looked into the review mirror where Brin was now playing with both of her nipples while Jessica was eating her pussy out. I adjusted myself a little before the light turned green and we continued down the road while I watched the two of them in the backseat. Brin quickly moved her hands down holding Jessica’s head in place as Brin started bucking in the backseat and pushing into the two seats upfront. Soon Brin stopped as I saw Jessica come up and start kissing Brin before Brin grabbed Jessica pushing her down on the seat.

Jessica smiled as she hiked up her dress and I saw Brin dive in for Jessica’s pussy. Jessica started playing with her nipples as Brin was eating her out. By this time we had stopped at another signal where there was a car next to us. I casually looked over and saw the driver with a shocked look, looking into the backseat. I smiled when the signal change as the driver just sat there for a little while until turning the opposite way we were going. I turned my attention back to what was going on where I saw Jessica trying to grip anything she could get her hands on. Jessica started moaning louder and louder until I started to get concern about the level of her voice. Just as I was about to say something, I saw her start to convulse and hold Brin’s head right where it was at. A good thirty seconds went by before I saw her starting to relax. Brin raised her head smiling and leaned in kissing Jessica like they were kissing a few minutes before. They quickly fixed themselves up as we were only 5 minutes from home.

I drove up to the house where all three of us went inside. I got a kiss on each cheek as Jessica went into her room and Brin went into my room closing the doors. I went into the third room shaking my head laughing at what was going on and thinking that tonight I had to take care of my own business as I went into the master bedroom for the evening.

Nothing eventful happened the next couple of days. Brin would go to work during the day as Jessica and I stayed in or went out doing some stuff around town. I was thinking how lucky I was since usually every morning Jessica and I would fuck around and then when Brin would come home that night, the two of us fucked around for a while. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary happened except for one thing. I never saw Jessica and Brin fool around at all which I later learned, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Finally the day for Brin to leave came and she kissed us both goodbye when she left. Jessica seemed very sad the day Brin left the house so I walked behind her rubbing her shoulders which made her smile. I then sat down across from her as her face lit up a little bit.

“So how about you and I go out to dinner tonight?” I said grabbing her hand.

“That will be fun. Where do you want to go?” she asked while smiling.

“Anywhere you want. Then we can talk about some things,” I said rubbing her hand.

“How about we go to that restaurant from the other night?”

“That will be fine. I will make the reservations and you can get ready.”

I went into the other room and made reservations for 7 o’clock. Around 5 o’clock Jessica announced she was going to take a shower for the big night. She went into the bathroom and started the shower without closing the door. I smiled as I took this as an invitation and within seconds I was stripped in the bathroom and got into the shower with her. She turned her head around and smiled at me as she ducked her head under the water. I smiled as I came up to her and started rubbing her body which made her laugh and moan at the same time. I leaned down kissing her back and the back of her neck before ramming my cock into her. She gasped for a few seconds until I started thrusting and her gasping was turning into moans. Soon she started to meet my thrusts as I felt my cum etiler türbanlı escort rising. Soon she started cumming down her legs so I pulled out shooting all over her back. When we were done, she turned around and smiled as me as we kissed some. We finished taking a shower together and after thought got ready for dinner.

We got to the restaurant where we were seated in a booth once again. We ordered some food and drinks when I leaned in making her lean in as well.

“So we have to talk about this thing that has been happening between us,” I said.

“Yeah I know Uncle. So what do we do about it?”

“My best advice is try to pretend there is nothing going on between us and act like we are uncle and niece,” I said seeing the disappointed look on her face. “Then if we have any chance, we can just continue what we have been doing.”

She smiled one of her great smiles and started eating some bread without making a comment. Finally after dinner she looked up at me and smiled.

“So I was thinking,” she said.


“Since it’s the last night before they come back, could I sleep with you tonight. And not the one we did a couple of times. I mean actually sleep sleep.”

This was an odd request but I didn’t see any problem with it.

“Why not.”

She smiled and leaned in a little bit which made me lean in a little.

“I know what will happen but just try to sleep tonight but if something happens so be it.”

This was the niece that I have been around for the last couple of weeks. I ordered dessert which surprised my niece but she was happy about. I paid the bill and we went home where the moment we got home, she ran into her room. I just put everything down and went into my room taking off my jacket when my niece came into my room wearing her tank top and thong. I smiled at her as she went into the living room and I changed into some other clothes. I walked out and saw her sitting on the couch flipping through channels until finally settling on some stupid movie which she laughed at. We sat together on the couch and soon under a blanket. It was getting on close to midnight when we decided to go to bed. I shut everything off as she went into my room to get comfortable. I walked in seeing her making up the bed when she looked up and smiled.

“You get next to the wall,” she said while sitting on the bed.

I shook my head and climbed into bed where she came in after me. We got comfortable as I put my arm around her. She started moving a little bit pushing back into my cock which was starting to grow. She giggled a little bit before saying anything.

“Well aren’t we excited already. Put that thing away before it hurts one of us,” she said laughing.

I laughed as well and adjusted myself . Jessica started to breath slowly and I knew she had fallen asleep. It wasn’t long until I feel asleep with almost a peaceful calm as I held my niece in my arms.

* * * * *

I woke up sometime later in the night for some odd reason. I looked at the clock and it said it was almost 3 in the morning as I stretched a little and looked over but my niece was gone. I sat up quickly looking around the room but didn’t see her anywhere before jumping out of bed and leaving the bedroom. I looked around until I saw a figure sitting in a chair. I turned on the light which startled my niece who looked up with red eyes that looked like she was crying. I walked over to here when she quickly turned around as I kneeled before her. I reached up and wiped the tears from her face as she looked at me.

“What’s wrong Jessica?” I said reaching for her hand.

“I was just thinking….this is all going to end and things will have to go back as they were.”

“That is why we have to enjoy all the time we have,” I said looking up at her.

“I was thinking, maybe if I moved up here, then everyone can be together.”

“So you want to go to college here then?” I asked getting my hopes up.

“I am thinking about it.”

I raised her head and kissed her on the lips.

“That would be wonderful,” I said as I started to kiss her again.

She started to kiss me back until I stood up and looked down at her as she was looking at me with sad eyes. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom where I gently laid her down on the bed. We started kissing once again for a while until I moved my hand up and started to massage her breast. She pushed me off and broke the kiss as I was disappointed until she took her tank top off and threw it to the floor. We both smiled as we started kissing again while I was playing with her nipple. Jessica started to moan back into my mouth. I soon started kissing her neck and her chest being careful not to touch her breasts. I kissed her arms until moving back down and kissing her neck again before leaving a kiss trial to her breasts. I looked up at her at this point and she was just laying on the bed with her eyes closed as I started to flick her nipple with my tongue. She moaned as she reached for my head but I reached up stopping her arms and pinning them on the bed now. I moved to her other nipple and doing the same thing as she started to squirm under me now as I went back and forth between her breasts. With little warning, my niece started to make some squeaking sounds before stopping. I looked up at her as she had her eyes open and looked down at me.

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