My Mailbox is Broken


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It’s been so windy here all night. I hear the wind blowing around the corners of the house, actually howling. One of my screen doors on the back porch slams over and over, but that just makes me snuggle down even deeper. I dig in beneath my rough comforter that your knees hated but it feels good on the inside.

These are the nights that I want you here with me, warm and furry beside me, your big body wrapped around me, your hands wherever you want them to be, confirming your ownership. I run my fingers along your strong, strong arms tracing the pattern where your skin tone changes. Dean.

Pressing up against my back I feel how rigid you are, how you slip so effortlessly between my legs. It seems effortless to me anyway – you just fit there naturally. You change the angle slightly and you’re inside me now. A low rumble escapes you and a sigh of satisfaction comes from me. Get it, baby. I grab at the sheets in front of me as you slowly rock us in that age old rhythm. This is what I need. A man.

This slow, lazy love continues for a few minutes until we both want something different. I turn and push you onto illegal bahis your back and you don’t resist me at all. Knowing what I want you make room for me between your legs and allow me to taste myself on your thick dick, slick with my own juice. I suck on the end first licking around the ridge. I hold the head in my mouth and roll my tongue around it. I play with the opening a bit and lick at that piece of tight skin on the back wondering how that feels to you.

Tightening my lips, I pop it in and out of my mouth several times before I slowly take as much of you into my throat as I can. This is what I love… Feeling you fill my wet, wet mouth until my breath is cut off. I force the head of your dick past the ridge of my soft palette so you touch the back of my throat. Up and down my mouth goes on your solid shaft until you place your hands on the back of my head. Now you guide the rhythm while I mind my teeth, but you like teeth and tell me to bite it, hard. I’m afraid to but I try. You’re so hard now I’m not sure you even feel it but you respond with a growl, raise me up and put me on my back.

Over me now, you illegal bahis siteleri stroke yourself in front of me for a second and I involuntarily lick my swollen lips, then wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. You rub your dick across my clit, teasing as I raise my hips up to meet you. But you won’t give it to me… Not yet. You force it down below and tempt my ass with it, just a touch and I grow absolutely still. Will you do it? Am I ready? But then you ease back and laugh a deep chuckle at me. You’ll get that when you want it. I smile.

For now you slide yourself into my soft, wet pussy, grab my hips and pull me up onto your knees. Your thumb grinds onto my clit and I jerk involuntarily. You’re in control and you take care with me. You move inside me, enough to feel me tighten around you. Licking your thumb, you place it back on my clit knowing every touch gives me slight shiver. Not a big one… but that’s coming and we both know it.

Then you brace yourself with arms on either side of my head and quicken your pace. My legs wrap up around your ribs and I hold you to me. The width of your shoulders and canlı bahis siteleri the volume of your body overwhelm me and I love that. I feel small against your power and urgency. The thickness of you deep inside me hurts and I get wetter. I dig my fingers into your back because I feel it building now, heat rushes through my whole body as I open my legs wider and push myself against you, trying to match your pace.

Now I’m there and everything in me tightens for a heartbeat, as I cum. In that moment, I open my eyes and look directly at you watching me. My breathing and yours is suspended. You can see what I’m feeling in my face and it makes your own deep orgasm rumble through your core. Quietly and completely you empty yourself into me. For a moment we feel everything and nothing at the same time. The definition of ecstasy.

Done now, we breathe again as you lay on top of me. It’s getting light outside and the wind still blows. The chimes beneath my deck are ridiculous in their noisy dance. My fingers touch the back of your neck. I rub my hands down your sweaty back. This is what I need. This is the man I want.

Not just someone to fix my mailbox that I ran over yesterday. It’s laying in the dirt beside a useless pole that no longer holds up anything. I don’t think the mailman will even put mail into now. You know how to fix a mailbox, don’t you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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