My Loving Gym Teacher Ch. 02


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Authors Note: Unlike the first chapter of My Loving Gym Teacher, this will be told in the eyes of only Ariel.


It’s been almost two weeks since Mr. Scott fucked me hard in the gym. He hadn’t even looked at me since ant I try my best to not look at him. Is he regretting this newly found attraction towards each other, I know I’m not. But why isn’t Mr. Scott even giving a passing glance. It’s not like I’m not sexy, hell I even started wearing tighter clothing to gym. Maybe he’s a fuck and dump type a guy. No no that cant be it. I mean I myself can’t stop thinking about what happened I mean it was truly-

“Ariel you will be Jake’s partner for fitness testing.” Mr. Scott said making me jump out of my thoughts.

“Oh okay.” I replied getting up and sitting next to Jake. I held his feet for sit-ups they smelt like a mixture of wet dog and cat shit. I was trying to hold my breath the best I could, but the smell was making me gag. I could see his blue eyes sneaking a peek at my breasts every time he came up. I rolled my eyes and looked over at Mr. Scott. For the first time in two weeks he met my eye contact and we shared a smile. I continued to hold Jake’s feet forgetting about the smell and getting lost in my thoughts. I felt my hot pink G string began to get wet as I thought about Mr. Scott`s cum coating my lips. Him towering over me as kissed and played with his swollen cock head. It wasn’t long before the bell was ringing and I was the only one left in the gym.

“Ariel? You okay?” I felt Mr. Scott`s hand touch my back and kneeling next to me.

“Oh uh yea is class over already?” I was amazed how good his hand felt caressing my back.

“Yea it is, but if you don’t mind I’d like to talk to after school. You can just come in to my office after school, its room E219.” By know he had removed his hand but was smiling. I looked up and met his gaze, getting lost in his eyes.

“Yes I’ll be here after sixth period.” We both stood up, I smelt his cologne. We shared another smile and I walked out of the gym and walked to fifth period. It took all my strength to try and pay attention and not think about Mr. Scott ramming me into his desk. I looked around the class room and everyone was occupied with their reading and work. I slipped my hand in between my legs and felt my wet pussy under my G string. My mini skirt pulled up a little I began rubbing my clitoris and thinking about Mr. Scott. I felt myself getting incredibly wet. I looked at my seat and noticed I was making a wet spot on the blue metal seat. I decided to stop and started reading my book again.

I walked canlı bahis down the hall until I found E219. I stood at the door and glanced through the small rectangular window in the door. He was leaning against his wood desk in his black cargo shorts and white shirt. His shirt showed off his muscle frame and just how big they were. I took a deep breath and walked in.

“Hello Ariel, please sit at the desk.” He told me. I walked over and sat at the desk right in front of his.

“So why do you have an entire classroom, I thought you were just a gym teacher.” I asked noticing that he was covering the window and locking the door.

“I teach Geometry 6th period.” He walked over to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. I kissed him back putting more force than he was. Our tongues played with each other wildly. I felt his lips parting from mine.

“But why is this all of sudden? We haven’t even talked since a couple weeks ago.” I said looking at his lips smothered with my lip gloss.

“I’m married and I thought how wrong I was for doing this at all. But my wife just keeps pushing me away. However I found myself not being able to stop thinking about your hot body against mine.” His smile widen as he saw me smile. He leaned in for another kiss and put me on his lap. I wrapped my legs around him and held his jaw as I kissed him madly. I felt his hands find the arch of my back and hold me. He moved his head down and start kissing my neck. My head leaned back and I held his shoulders. He picked me up and walked over to his desk, laying me down. He continued kissing me lightly tugging at my blouse. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

His hands finally got my blouse un buttoned. My breasts swelled into my pink laced bra. I tugged his shirt off revealing his chest and abs. His body was warm against mine. My legs wrapped around his waist, as he kissed me. His hands held my arms above my head, gripping my wrists. He started kissing my neck and down to my chest. He fumbled for bra hooks. My breasts jiggled as he kissed me them. He started teasing me by making sure he stayed away from my nipple. My nipples became hard as softly kissed my breasts. He finally got to my nipple and sucked on it. I threw my head back and moaned softly. His lips found mine again and we played with each other’s tongue.

I un buttoned his shorts and his cock sprang free. My hand wrapped around his cock and slowly started stroking it. As impossible as it seemed he began to get even harder as my hand stroked his cock slowly. I got myself off the desk and went to my knees. I stared at his cock bahis siteleri head and kissed it gently. I sucked on only the head teasing him like he teased me. I gave in and took his cock down about half way. I felt his hand push the back of my head as he pushed me further down. I gagged on his cock and tried to get up. It took a second before he let my head come off of his cock and get some air. His hand reached down to my left breast and he began massing it lightly tugging on the nipple.

I heard him grunt as he forced my head to go deeper and deeper on his cock. I kissed his cock head and looked up at him. He grabbed my elbows and brought me back on to the desk. I felt his soft kisses around my breasts and slowly crawling down my torso. His finger gently massaged my clitoris. I knew I was getting more wet by the second. His kisses made their way down to the front of my G string and his head buried into my pussy and under my skirt. His hands pushed my skirt up to my waist. I looked down and tried to take them off. He wasted no time and took the edges of my thong. He ripped the strings revealing my shaved soaking pussy. His lips kissed my clitoris. I felt his finger stop at my hole. The tip of his index finger entered slowly making my skin get goose bumps.

He played with my clitoris with his tongue as he stuck his finger deep inside me. I felt my orgasm approaching the fiercer his tongue and finger worked. I moaned and leaned my head back as I finally reached my orgasm. My clitoris was tender and big but he wasn’t stopping. With how tender I was he was making me feel like I was in heaven. This time he pushed his middle finger in and fucked me fiercely. His lips sucked on my clitoris. I was at an all-time high with the sensations he was bring me. It wasn’t long before I ballooned up and squirted into his mouth and all over his fingers. He crawled back up to my face my juices leaking from the corner of his mouth. He kissed my mouth open letting me taste my own juices. I licked them all off of his tongue while his hands roamed my body.

He reached down to his cock and pushed the head in. I jumped, my breath going into his mouth. His hips started going faster and faster, his balls slapping my ass. Ring Ring. The sound made us both freeze as he fumbled for his phone, his cock still in me. He looked at the number and motioned me to stay very quiet.

“Hey babe.” He said into the phone. I smiled as I realized he was talking to his wife while fucking his lover.

“Yea that sounds good, I just have a few more thing to clear up hear and ill meet you for dinner.” His pace didn’t bahis şirketleri slow down as he spoke into the phone. His free hand reached up and massaged my breast.

“Okay babe I love you too bye.” He snapped the phone shut and looked at me.

“Sorry Ariel now where was I.” He didn’t give me a chance to respond before his finger began fiercely rubbing my clitoris. I tried to speak but my moans over took me. All I could do was smile and look into his eyes. His cock thrust hard into my pussy as we both moaned. I felt his balls basically whip me as he continued to ram me. My skin began to produce sweat and my hands began to roam my own body. He grabbed my wrist and held them tightly above my head. I felt my orgasm approaching again. I wanted to cry out in pleasure but didn’t want to make any noises.

I became lost in my orgasm until I felt warm liquid shoot into me. It wasn’t long before I realized that he had let his cum shoot up inside me. My first thought was that I wasn’t on the pill. I was about to protest until I felt his rigid cock slam into my ass. I squealed and his hand quickly covered my mouth. He thrust me harder in the ass than he was in my pussy. I felt my ass grip his cock tight with every thrust into me.

His pumps got harder and fiercer. I felt my hot breath making his hand hot. He looked into my eyes and smiled. His arms reached around me and found my back and he brought me to my feet. I stood looking at him as he pushed me against the white board. Once again he fucked me hard against the wall. I wrapped me legs tightly around his waist the harder he pushed into my ass. I dug my nailed into his back feeling every inch of him enter me. His hands rested my head on his shoulder. I kissed his shoulder and relaxed my head. I felt his breath quicken against my head. I felt him pull out and make me go to my knees.

“Come on Ariel tell me how bad you want this cum.” He grunted between breaths.

“Oh please Mr. Scott fill my mouth with your hot cum just like you did my pussy.” I pleaded. His hand stroked his cock hard inched from my face. I put lips on the head and kissed it. This sent him over the edge and his cum covered my face. It seemed like an endless waterfall of cum into my mouth and all over my cheeks. He grabbed my waist and pushed me back against the white board. We stared into each other’s eyes and I kissed his cheek. Right as I did his phone rang again.

“Hello babe.” He kept looking into my eyes as he spoke to his wife.

“That wont be a problem I have a great person who would probably be happy to baby sit Jamie and Kevin.” He said this with a smile covering his face. He took me into his arms and I hugged his waist. As his wife was babbling in his ear he kissed me on the top of my head.

“Her name is Ariel.” Mr. Scott told his wife while kissing me.

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