My First Time Is With My Teacher!


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Thanks to Angel Love for editing assistance with this story.

This is a story about a teacher I had in high school that was pretty hot. It is not a true story, even though I wish it was. She was about 5’7″ tall, with long brown hair and a nice set of tits that I stared at some times in class. She had a nice pair of legs that I would love to just caress. She is not very thin but not very chubby. She mostly dressed conservative but sometimes a little bit adventurous. She frequently wore long skirts that were slit up the leg. I would stare at her legs when they came out of the dress. Sometimes I would ask her for help and she would bend over and her breasts were right there. I felt like staring at them and just grabbing them and ripping her shirt off and tittie fucking them.

I am nothing special myself. I am 5’9″ tall and about 180 lbs. I’m not solid muscle but not fat and I have about a 6 inch dick, probably not that big but what can I do. One day she asked me to come and stay after school because she wanted to talk with me. Everyone said I was in trouble and typical high school stuff but I really didn’t think so. I really didn’t know what it was for. When I got there she was standing right at the door and when I got illegal bahis in she locked it behind me. When I asked why she locked the door she said that it was because what we were going to talk about was personal.

She sat at her desk and pulled a chair up for me. I sat down a little wary. She had taken her sweater off that she was wearing during the day revealing a shirt that was really tight across her tits. She caught me looking and just smiled. She started talking about my grades and how I have been doing so well. Then she caught me looking at her tits again. I just couldn’t stop because they were just so beautiful.

She finally said here and raised her shirt and flashed me. She really had the greatest tits I had ever seen. She said, “Are you happy?”

I replied, “Ummmmm yeah, I really enjoyed that!”

She said a little sadly, “I don’t know why. I am so ugly.”

“No you are not! I think you are really hot!”

She blinked, “No I am not.”

“Yes you are!” I said unrelenting and pointing at the bulge in my pants. “Just look what you did to me!!”

She smiled a little shyly.

“God I think you are so gorgeous. I’ve been so fascinated with you all year. You have such wonderful long illegal bahis siteleri legs and those, well those tits!! I exclaimed, a little surprised at myself.

Taking off her shirt she jiggled them saying, “You like these?”

“Oh my God, yesssss!” I hissed, as I reached out and grabbed them.

She responded by moaning and purring.

“I’d love to see more!” I begged.

She slowly unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She had no panties on and was completely shaved which I loved. Her lips stuck out of her pussy which was very hot.

“Come here,” she commanded.

I got up and walked over to her. She grabbed me and kissed me hard.

“I ummmmm I’m a virgin Ma’am,” I stammered.

I think she almost came from hearing that! She cooed, “It would my pleasure to take your virginity.”

She took me in her arms and kissed me lightly, but then I took her face in my hands and kissed her passionately. I eventually opened my mouth and frenched her. She started purring. I started to caress her tits but she grabbed my hands and really made me grab them. She started moaning.

She stopped the kissing and then whispered sexually, “Baby, I want you to eat me out.”

I started canlı bahis siteleri kissing down her body to her pussy. It was so beautiful and I told her this and she thanked me. I started licking the lips and she started to moan. I used my fingers to spread her lips and found her clit and started sucking it. She started moaning louder and she started to buckle at the knees so she sat in her chair. She came after a little more sucking saying that she came so quick because she was so turned on from when I was staring.

“My cock is really straining in my pants,” I groaned.

“Ohhhh I can take care of that baby,” she smiled. “Sit down here,” she ordered, pointing at the chair I had just eaten here pussy in.

She opened my pants and took out my cock and I almost thought she had a heart attack. I started apologizing for the size, but she said no it was very big for her. She told me I was 2 inches bigger than her husband and 2 inches thicker. She started stroking me a little and I got really hard. I grew an extra inch.

She took me in her mouth and started bobbing up and down on my dick and I couldn’t hold out long and I came so much some of it seeped out of her mouth.

Swallowing it all, she giggled, “Mmmmmmm that was yummy baby. I’d love to continue this some other time……”

If you have any comments good or bad about this story please tell me I would like to get better at this since this is my first time. Thank you for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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