My Fantasy Ch. 01


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Author Note: This story is fiction only. Since I haven’t written anything in a while, feedback is highly encouraged.


The last couple of months, after the break up had been life changing. Suddenly I wasn’t with someone I was going to marry (I bought the ring but hadn’t given it). Everything was up in the air now. I was 25 and decided to get my shit together as it were. I suddenly had options, money, time. I was more or less a free man. I knew I wanted to travel but I couldn’t afford it yet. I knew I wanted a couple more tattoos and decided that was first. I still needed a design. Something oriental. I had an idea for a half sleeve Japanese dragon and had been pretty stoked on the idea for a while but I needed a design, so off to the reference library.

The library was downtown in the University area and it was big. Six floors of all kinds of books. For a Saturday, it was quite busy. A lot of college students, few adults and elderly. I went to the information desk. There was a cute red headed girl with glasses reading a book. Her short hair was clipped back to keep it out of her face. I stepped up to the desk.

I could see she was very immersed in her book because she totally ignored me. I gave this chance to check her out. She was young. Probably a college student and dressed very proper. She wore a knee-high business type skirt and white shirt that was slightly see through. I could tell the colour of her bra through the shirt. I could also tell she had nice sized breast under that shirt. After a minute or two, I coughed. Her blues eyes looked up.

“Geez, I’m sorry.” She said. “How can I help you?” She smiled. She was beautiful. I smiled back.

“I’m looking for Japanese artwork.” I said.

“Okay.” She typed something into the computer beside her. “Here it is. Sixth floor. Take the elevator to the top and turn left.” She said.

“Great, thanks.” I left for the elevators. Halfway, I looked back to the info desk. I expected the girl to be reading her book again, but saw her hide behind her book as I looked at her. I chuckled and went to the elevator.

The top floor was like a barren land. There was only a small group of students looking over a pile of books, but that was canlı bahis all. I got off the elevator and went left. I found the section with little trouble. The trouble was finding what I needed. I started to look.

“Are you looking for something specific?” I jumped from the voice behind me and turned. It was the girl from the desk. ” I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” She smiled again.

“It’s okay. I’m looking for Japanese artwork. Dragons especially.” She nodded and went to one of the shelves and started to pull out books. I skinned through five or six after she finished. “This is great. I’ll take all of them.” I said.

“I’m sorry, but your not allowed to take books from the library. They have to remain here.” She said.


“But you can photocopy them.” She perked up. “Follow me.” I grabbed the books and did just that. “I’m Jill by the way.”

“Jeff.” I replied.

The copy room was small concrete room that was away from everything else. I followed her into the room and she shut the glass door. She stood in front of the copier and turned to me. “Fuck me.” She said.


“Fuck me now.” This cute college girl suddenly became a very dirty college girl. I dropped the books, as she forced me against the wall. We kissed passionately as I wrapped my arms around her. Our tongue wrestling, saliva mixing. My hands more down her back, over her firm round ass and pulled closer to me. The bulge in my pants firmly against her crotch. She rubbed her body against it. I moaned it her mouth and she into mine. She pulled off my shirt quickly and stepped back. She stood, look that the guy in front of her. Her fingers slide down my chest and cupped my boner. “This feels big.” She smiled devilishly.

“Take it out if you want it.” She got to her knees and started fiddling with my fly. “Wait. I want to see those tits first.” She slowly unbuttoned her shirt. It was almost torture. She took off her bra and tossed both aside, cupping her breast with her hands. “Do you approve?” She asked innocently. She pushed them together and pinched her nipples.

“Yeah. Those are fine titties.” She giggled.

“Now about that cock.” She unzipped me, my pants falling to my ankles. My cock pressed against my boxers begging bahis siteleri for release. I didn’t have to wait long. Jill pulled my boxers off and gave my cock a quick squeeze. “It is big.” Holding my 8-inch cock, she started stroking it. I leaned against the wall to not fall over.

“Suck it.” I ordered. Her tongue flicked the end, licking the precum. “Suck it.” I repeated. Her mouth closed around the head and started suck down the shaft. “Yeah. That feels good.” I held the back of her head as she bobbled on my cock. Her mouth was warm. She tongued my shaft nice and wet. “Fuck yeah. I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” I said. Jill sucked harder and faster. My cock was starting to twitch and I could feel myself about to shoot my load. Jill could too and stroked me quickly with my cock still in her mouth. “Yeah, here it comes.” I grunted as I spilled my seed in her mouth. A little spilled out the side of her mouth. “Fuck Jill. You really know how to suck cock.” She wiped her mouth and swallowed the jism.

“I love it when guys cum it my mouth.” She said. She continued to stroke my cock keeping me hard. It was now that I saw her other hand was playing with her shaved wet pussy.

“Sit on the end of the copier.” She did taking her skirt and panties off in the process, spreading her legs. “You have a beautiful pussy too.” I said. I knelt down and licked her slit. Her clit was hard and wet. I licked and sucked her clit, while fingering her pussy. She was tight for even my fingers. “Oh yeah. Ooo. Right there. Right there.” She moaned as my fingers hit her G-spot. My fingers slide in and out of her pussy. My tongue lapping up all her juices. “Yeah, finger my cunt. Make me cum.” She moaned louder and louder as I hit all the spots. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, oooooo, I’m cummmmingg!” Her body shook from cumming as I sucked her pussy clean. “Oh God. That was good.” She slid off the machine and turned. I stood behind her and moved close. My hard-on positioning between her ass crack. She wiggled her ass against me. I pushed against her, grinding into her backside, sliding my cock along her ass. ” Stick that hard meat in me.” She said. I rubbed the head of my cock along her slit. “Mmm. C’mon, I need cock.” I thrust my cock deep in her pussy. “OH FUCK!” She screamed.

“Ah, bahis şirketleri what a tight pussy!” I pulled all the way out and thrust back in. She slammed against the copier. My hands reached around and grabbed her tits while I pumped her pussy.

“Yeah fuck my pussy.” She moaned. “Oh god, ya.” My cock slide in her wet cunt as her climax built. She moaned as I fucked her.

After a few minutes of this, Jill started to moan louder. “Oh god, yeah. I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck, OH fuck, ah Ah AH AAAA!” Her pussy squeezed my cock as Jill came. Her body slumped against the copier. “Oh fuck.”

“Turn over.” I said. She sat up on the edge of the copier. I hooked her legs under my arms. Her exposed pussy at cock level. Her cunt was turn red from the friction.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she said.

“Just checking out that sexy body.” My cock slide with ease inside her pussy.

“God, you fill me up.” Jill gasped. We fucked to five minutes, her tight pussy clamping my dick. She felt awesome. Her pussy was tight and wet.

“Ah fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I thrust deep into her. “Oh yeah.”

“Cum in my pussy. Fill my pussy.” She cried out with pleasure.

“Ah FUCK!” I thrust deep in her pussy, my jism filling her.

“Oh god that feels so hot!” she cried. I pulled out. Her pussy dipped cum on the floor. She sank to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, sucking and licking it clean. “I love the taste of cock and cunt together.” When I was clean, she stood and kissed me deeply. She broke off and opened the top of the copier and placed her breast on the glass and copied them. Then, sat on the copier. She handed me the photocopies. I had a copy of her perfect set of tits and pussy. “Thanks.” She grabbed her clothes and walked out. Not even getting dressed first.

I sat against the wall for a minute to figure out what just happened. I was just fucked by a hot girl. No strings. I got changed and left. I didn’t see Jill at the info desk on the way out.

About 20 minutes later, I was sitting at a coffee shop near the library when I realized that I forgot to copy those books. Few minutes later, I was standing at the photocopier on the sixth floor of the library. The same one I fucked Jill at, but this time copying the pictures.

The door opened and shut behind me. “Jill told us you were a good fuck.” I turned around. Before me were to girls, both naked. My cock started to rise again.

I think you can imagine what happened next.

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