My Education into the World of Sex Ch. 05


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Big Tits

Note: This story is basically true with names and dates changes to avoid harming any one in the story. All people are at a minimum of eighteen years of years.

I again want to thank all of your fellow readers for sending me comments and feedback. It means so much to hear from each and everyone of you. –THANKS —

The Sunday morning came with dad yelling at all of us to get up and get ready to go to church.

I was wondering what I was going to find when I got there, as I figured that some of the ladies had been talking already to each other.

Mother knocked at my door and then came in before I could cover up. My penis was in its normal morning “piss on” state and I tried to roll over to face the wall so mom could not see it. She walked over to the bed and reached over me and with a gentle touch cuddled my balls and blew into my ear. She said that as soon as church and lunch was over dad had to be dropped off at the train station to leave for the next two week in North Carolina.

She said that she had gotten a call from Dr. Johnson late yesterday afternoon and after what she had heard she wanted to get me alone for an afternoon of enjoyment.

I asked her if Sherry was going to hinder us and she said NO! as Sherry was going over to aunt Judy’s after church to baby sit That should give us about three to four hours of “FREE” time as she wanted to call it.

When we got to church Miss Lund was just pulling into the parking lot. She honked her horn and waved to me to come over to her car. As I was walking over to her car Miss Swenson called out to me to be sure to stop over Tuesday morning to cut the lawn and work round the house for her. I said I would be there about 10:00 AM if that was OK!

Miss Lund smiled at me as I walked up to her car door. I opened the door for her and as she swung her legs out of the car her dress rode up her legs and I could see that she did not have any panties on. Going to church without panties I thought to myself. She stood up next to me, with the door blocking peoples view and stroked my cock as she exited the car. She told me that she wished for me to stop by on Wednesday morning, as the ladies card club was going to be coming over in the afternoon, and she needed help getting the tables and chairs set-up for “play.” I asked if 9:30 AM was ok? She suggested earlier if I could make it with a wink.

When I got into the church, I was just headed to the youth are of the seating to sit with a buddy of mine when Sherry grabbed my arm and pulled me into a small room off the main hallway. She told me that she was going to be gone all afternoon bay sitting but hoped to be back in time for us to come to the evening youth meeting together. I told her that I would be home waiting for her to pick me up. She gave my a little kiss on the cheek and said, till them.

I never got to the youth seating area, as mother called out to me to come sit with her and dad. I shrugged my shoulders and went to sit with them.

After church was over the three of us went to Lunch, as Sherry went with Aunt Judy, at the local restaurant and then dropped dad off just in time to make his train. As dad was kissing mom goodbye and shaking my hand the conductor called out ‘ALL ABOARD” and he ran to get on the train. We waved goodbye and turned to walk back to the car, mom handed me the keys and with a twinkle in her eyes told me to drive.

I Backed out of the parking lot and motioned for her to slide over next to me as a horny lad would do. She said, “NO WAY,” as she did not want people to see me and her sitting close together as young lover do when they are driving around town. She did pull her skirt up and ii saw a damp white pair of panties between her legs. She rubbed the wet spot and placed her hand up to my nose to smell. My cock started to get hard from the sight and smell of my mother wet crotch.

On the way home she asked me to stop at the drug store so she could run in and get something she had forgotten to get when she went shopping the other day. When she came out of the store she had a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She got in the car and told me to get this buggy home quickly as she need to play with my penis and balls. I mentioned that Sherry and myself had heard her and dad the other night when we got home. She said dad had gotten horny and “slam bam that you mane fuck her and fell asleep without getting her off. All it had done was make her horny for my cock.

I pulled into the driveway and she hurried into the house, as I put the car into the garage. When I got into the house she had changed out of her “Sunday go to meeting” dress and into just a long “T” shirt and was just walking into the living room. I hung the car keys up on the hock and took off my suit coat and tie. I asked her if she wanted anything to drink and I was going to get myself a soda. She said she would have a glass of white wine, thank you and to get myself a BEER instead of a soda.

I gave kağıthane escort her a smirk look and went into the kitchen to get the drinks. When I returned she was sitting in the love seat and motioned for me to come sit next to her. I walked over to her and set the drinks down and as I was sitting down took off my shoes. She threw her arms around me and said that she needed me to kiss her right then and now. I put my arm behind heron the seat and pulled her close to me. As I was kissing her I felt her fingers losing my belt buckle and opening my fly. She smoothly slid her hand in and grabbed my cock. She broke the kiss long enough to rearrange herself on the seat so she was more facing me.

This was the first time I noticed her nipples sticking firmly against the “T” shirt and begging to be tweaked. Mom always wears a bra I said to myself, even on the hottest days of the year.

I reached out over the top of the loveseat and cupped one of her pendulous 40 EE breasts. I was lifting and playing with her tits and she was squirming in the loveseat enjoying every minute of it. She turned around on the seat and getting on her knees, reached over the back and she squeezed my cock and started to stroke it. I rose up a little and she slid my pants down around my ankles. She stood up, came around the loveseat and pulled my shirt up over my head and finished taking off my pants. There I was stand naked in front of my mother.

My cock was straining to get out of my briefs and with her standing in front of me I reached out and lifted her “T” shirt up over her head and throw it in the chair next to the love seat. She hooked the top of my briefs with her thumbs and yanked them down. My cock sprang out and slapped her on the side of her face. She straightened up and reached out and hugged me close to her. This pressed my cock into her stomach as I was a good six inches taller then her. I turned her around and sat her back into the love seat. Her naked butt slid a little so that she was one leg hanging off the seat and one on against the back of the seat. This exposed her hairy cunt lips to me. I bent down and with my knees on the floor, put my face between her legs and kissed her other set of lips. They were moist and sweet. I stuck my tongue into her lips and licked up and down. She took her hands and rubbed them through my hair as I keep ting her juices into my mouth. She squirmed and raised her hips to meet my tongue.

My cock was rubbing the frame of the loveseat as I licked and suck her cunt. She bucked and thrashed her legs and all of a sudden stiffened tight with her legs around my head. It felt like she was going to crush my head with her thighs. She called my name out and exploded into my mouth. I slurped at her juices and tried to keep them off the loveseat. But they flowed so fast that I missed half of them and got them all over my face and seat. She realest the leg hold on my head and fell back into the seat for a long time, I just keep my face in her pussy as I had my arms on her legs and was fondling her breast and pinching her nipples. She started to move her hips up and down and all different directions again. I keep playing with her nipples and massaging her breasts. She clamped her legs around my head again and climaxed for a second time. She held my head in her grip for a long time before releasing it and grabbing my ears, ever so gently, pulled my up so she could kiss me.

I kissed her back with my cum covered face. She smiled at me and just started licking my face. She asked me to go into the bathroom and get a couple of towels for us. If she had gone to get them, her cum would have run down her legs and all over the floor. I stood up and went to get the towels.

When I returned she took one of the towels and put it between her legs and stood up. She pushed me down into the loveseat and with my cock sticking straight in the air she lowered her head and put her mouth around my cock head. She could not get much of my fourteen inches into her mouth with out choking. Actually all she could get in her mouth was the large purple head of my circumcised cock between her wet lips. Mom said that my cock reminded her of one she saw in a “movie” that Aunt Shelia had a while ago. She said that the girl in it could only get her mouth around the head of this cock and while lying on her back stroked the cock up and down as it hung above her. With is said my mother started licking the side and the bottom of my fourteen-inch cock from its base to it head. With one of her free hands she cradled my one of my balls and moved her fingers around them, as you would do when you roll marbles in you hand. She could only hold one ball at a time and that only got me more frustrated. She sucked on the head and wrapped her hands around it stroking it as she sucked the head into her mouth as far as it would go. She could tell that I was getting frustrated and stood up and kiss me with he titties hanging in front of me. kartal escort Her nipples were hard and dark red from all the excitement.

She rose up a little and with both hands holding her breasts, squeezed them around my cock. She started to slide them back and forth along my shaft but seeing my cock was dry, except for some saliva, she went out to the bathroom and got the package she had gotten at the drug store. She got this tube of gel and smeared it all over my cock. She the again placed both of her massive tits around my cock and lifted them up and down. Each time she went down her mouth kissed my purple cock head. All the time she was doing this I was pinching her nipples and holding them ever so gently between my fingers. It did not take long before I felt my ball tighten and cum starting to creep out of them. With one loud moan I spurted long strings of cum jazz all over her face, hair and tits. Mother took the towel out from between her legs and wiped her face off and kissed me.

After a few minutes, my cock still being hard, she raised / stood up, turned around and with her butt towards me backed up and lower her juicy cunt towards my cock. I reached out and placed my hands on her hips and supported her as she reached between her legs and guided my cock into her love tunnel. She lowered herself ever so slowly down onto my cock. She could only get about two-thirds its length into her before she raised up and lowered herself again. She keep trying but she could never get more then ten inches into her cunt. She put her hands on her knees and started to move up and down on my cock. I took one of my hands placed it on the small of her back to assist her in her motion. With my other hand I reached around in front of her and cupped one of her breasts, as it swung free from her movements up and down my shaft. She stopped moving up and down so I could tweak her nipple and rub her breast. I started to push her off my cock so I could turn her around and suck her nipples, but she resisted and lowered herself back on to my hardness. She again started to move up and down and with one free hands started to rub her clitoris. The other hand cupped my balls and massaged them. I felt her finger rubbing clitoris and touching the top of my cock with each stroke. My balls started to tighten and she pushed herself down as far as she could when I exploded inside her with my second load of cum in twenty minutes. As I was cumming I felt her love tunnel muscles tighten around my cock and I felt her again climax. She leaned forward, as relaxing on my cock pushed into her too much, and resting with her arms on her legs for a minute. She then stood up and put one of the towels between her cum covered legs. I reached for my hand to lead her towards the bathroom. We got into the shower together and started to wash each other off.

I washed her body concentrating mostly on her breasts and cunt with a washcloth. She took another washcloth and was washing me and rubbing her body against my soapy body. We were so entranced with each other that we never heard the bathroom door open and Sherry walk in. She had heard us in the shower and had stripped naked in the hallway. She pushed the shower curtain open and stepped in. Mom looked at her and reached out to hug her. I saw a twinkle in Sherry’s eye as she kissed mom and placed her left hand on mom’s breast and placed the other hand in-between mother’s soapy legs. I took my washcloth and placed it between Sherry’s legs as she parted her knees. She pushed her hips towards me and with my mothers hand again wrapped around my cock we were all enjoying each other.

As my cock started to come back to life, mom took Sherry’s hand and placed it on my soapy cock. Sherry acted like she had never touched it before and mom smirked / snickered and said to stroke it and enjoy the pleasure you can give a man. Sherry started to say something, but I leaned forward and kissed her.

Sherry looked into my eyes and ran both her small hands up and down my long shaft as mom stood there watching. Mom reached over to Sherry and started to rub her soapy hands all over Sherry’s small titties. Sherry moaned out loud and I could see her nipples getting hard and pointed. All this time I had both my hands, one with each of mom’s tits in them, rubbing and squeezing them gently but firmly. Mom turned her head towards me and kissed me lovingly. I kissed her back and stuck my tongue into her mouth. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a “who thought you that look.” I smiled back at her and stuck my tongue again into her mouth. She nibbled on my tongue and sucked it into her. Sherry was really getting into stroking my cock when I felt my balls tighten and I shot a load of cum all over her stomach and legs.

At this point the water was starting to get cold, so we rinsed off and got out of the shower. We walked naked into my parent’s bedroom and crashed on the bed.

The next thing we knew it was Monday küçükçekmece escort morning and we still were all naked and there again I was with a “piss ON” sticking straight in the air. Sherry looked at it and mounted me and was sliding it up and down her cunt lips when mom woke up and saw what was going on and suggested Sherry stop before I injected her with some cum. Sherry told mom she was not going to not even try to put my massive cock into her cunt, let alone let me cum inside her. Mom told her that even with out getting my cock into her I could shot cum into her pussy just by having my cock head against her pussy lips.

With that mom got out of bed and headed for the kitchen to make some coffee and breakfast. Sherry and I got up a few minutes later and went down to the kitchen naked to get something to eat, Mother was standing in the kitchen naked also, with her massive tits hanging above the stove and the phone in her hand. She was talking softly to someone. We all sat down at the table and mom told us that she had called Aunt Shelia and asked to come over later this morning.

As I had nothing to do today I suggest that we just all stay naked and see what happens. Mom looked at me and with one push slid her chair over next to me and laid her hand in my lap. Sherry stood up and moved her chair to the other side of me and reached her hand to my crotch also. I leaned back in my chair and put my arms around them both and pulled them towards me. My cock started to stir and stand upright. Mom looked into my eye and told me to save it for later.

Mom suggested that we get dressed before Aunt Shelia gets here. We all went up stair to get dressed. I put on my work clothes as I figured I would go out side and work on or lawn before it got to hot as it does in the Midwest during August.

Sherry went to take a long hot bath and mother just put on her housedress. As she came down the stairs from her bedroom I noticed that she did not put any panty on. She did put on a bra, but it was one of her older ones, that let her 40 EE swing freer than normally. Inn fact it was so thin that her nipples pointed straight through it and you could see the areoles also.

I was just going out the door when Shelia drove into the driveway. She looked me up and down and said that I was turning into the man she wished she had married. (She never had gotten married and lived in hers and mothers parents house) I said good morning to her and went to get the lawn mower out of the shed.

As she got out of the car I noticed that she got a bag of something out of the trunk.

Let me fill you in on aunt Shelia. She is about 5 foot, 6 inches tall with a set of rather large breasts. (Not as large as mothers from what I could tell just looking at them under her clothes) She has a medium waist and a beautiful butt. When she walks, she swings her hips as if she had a dildo in her pussy thing. Her legs are one of the nicest pairs I have ever seen. She must walk a lot or something to make them look so sexy.

Her and mother sat on the back porch talking and watching me work in the yard for the longest time. Every once in a while her or mother would wave and smile at me. I swore once I saw Shelia smile and lick her lips when she waved at me. When I was done and had put the mower away. Mother called to me to come sit on the porch and have a soda to cool off.

When I got to the porch, Sherry was just coming out the backdoor out two sodas in her hand, one for herself and one for me. I sat on the steps and leaned against the railing while we talked about mostly nothing. I keep looking over at Shelia and admiring her legs. The next thing I knew Shelia stood up and lifted her skirt up to show me her legs better, as she could tell I had been sneaking peeks at her. When she lifted her skirt I noticed did not have any panties on and her pussy had freshly trimmed cunt hair. (Why she did this I do not know but I bet I will find out shortly) Mother looked at her and then her cunt. Mother asked her who had done that and Shelia said she had done it herself and would mom like to have a “TRIM.” Mom looked at Shelia and said OK I guess, Sherry asked if she could get a “trim” also.

I looked at the three of them and felt my cock stirring. Mother suggested that we all go in the house before the neighbors see something. We all went into the house and as I walked past Shelia she reach out and wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me towards her. She asked if what she had heard about me was true?

I acted naive and said; what ever was she talking about. She reached down to my crotch and felt my cock. She gasped out loud and said it was true. I smiled as informed her it was still soft. She gasped and said that it must be huge when it gets hard. Both mom and Sherry said at the same time, “it is bigger then you imagine and gets bigger when it is hard.”

Mother then said that Shelia had told her that Miss Lund had told her about me when they had gotten together after church Sunday evening. (Seeing they were both single, they got together a lot to have coffee and “TALK”)

Shelia rubbed her hand up and down my crotch for a minute and them licking her lips, kissed me on the cheek. I put my arm around her and kissed her back. Mom said, NO tongue!

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