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Big Tits

We sat down in our seats as the movie trailers were just coming to an end, and we both (I’m sure) unconciously made note of the sparse population inside the theater. When the opening credits began to roll, you looked at me and pulled me into a kiss. At first, I thought it was just a small kiss, but when I started to break out of it, and you pulled me back in, I realized you weren’t satisfied with just a little tongue play.

While we were still tongue wrestling, you grabbed my hand, and guided it gently to a rest between your legs. I took the hint, and started rubbing softly at your soft mound through your jeans. You, in turn, reached over and started groping at the buldge forming in my pants.

I broke out of the kiss for a moment on a reconassaince mission. We were seated comfortably in the back row, and could see everyone in the theater (probably about 40 peopl), but nobody could see us.

You’re unbuckling of my belt brought me back to the situation at hand, and I raise up off of my chair long enough for you to pull my pants and undershorts down. You grabbed at my naked cock, as it twitched softly in the air to the rythm of my heartbeat.

You turned and sort of layed on your side, with the back of your head to my stomache, and you guided my cock to your tongue. You teased the head first, with the end of your wet tongue, flicking at the hole at the very end. You were gently rubbing my balls with one hand, while your thumb and forefinger made a ring at the base of my dick.

When you lowered your head onto my cock, I let out a moan which was louder than I’d realized. You stopped shortly, to make sure we were still incognito.

You continued to work your mouth up and down on my hard rod, you could feel it becoming more and more engorged. You’d stop sucking up and down, now and then, and just stick out your tongue and trace it along the length of my shaft.

I slipped my hand under your tank top, and tugged at it. You mumbled “mm-mmn” while still allowing my cock to slide in and out of your wet mouth. But I was persistent, and I wanted your tits to swing freely for me, so I did most of the work myself, and pulled it up over your arms and head. My cock was cold in the air, missing the warmth and wetness of your mouth, when canlı bahis I made you stop sucking long enough to remove your top. Your bra came next, in much the same ritual.

I played with your tits as you resumed sucking my cock. Feeling the suction made the blood rush faster to my hard dick. You tasted a bit of pre-cum and I got a small release. This must have excited you, because you started jerking me faster into your mouth. It felt so good that I had to make you stop before I came.

You climbed back up into a sitting position, and then I unsnapped your jeans, and tried to wrestle them to the ground in vain. You kind of half-stood up and pulled your pants down, leaving them gathered around your ankles. You came down on all fours, facing away from me, so that I could inspect your pink slit. I could smell the aroma originating from your pussy, and it acted as an aphrodesiac for me, pouring more tension onto my already tense cock.

I lifted a finger to rub it gently up and down your slit, and I could tell that you were already extremely wet to the touch.

Meanwhile, the couple on the silver screen is engaged in the tamer hollywood version of love-making. Not nearly as interesting as the beautiful pussy and round ass that’s hovering inches from my face.

Having plenty of room, I layed out on my back, positioning my mouth directly underneath your sweet sex. I could feel the heat emminating from deep inside of you. I managed a gentle grip on your ass, and lowered you onto my waiting tongue. I rolled my tongue over both sides of your pussy, sucking on your lips gently. Then I parted your lips, pushing my tongue as far as I could manage up inside of your wet hole. I could hear your breathing getting heavy, as I slipped my tongue in and out of you. Your juices tasted so good, and they were really starting to flow now, dripping out onto my chin and down my neck.

I shifted my focus to the pink nub that I knew was poking out for me in the darkness. I circled the end of my tongue around it at first, and then engulfed it in my lips, sucking gently on your clit, while my tongue flicked at it teasingly. I stopped sucking longue enough to stick two fingers into my mouth, lubricating them. Then they found their new home deep inside your tight bahis siteleri cunt. You started moaning softly, as I worked my fingers into you while keeping your clit stimulated with my mouth. I started sucking with more vigor, and you rocked yourself back and forth over my mouth and into my darting fingers. Then you came to a sudden stop.

“No, wait Rob, I’ll cum”, you whispered.

I stopped then too, pulling my fingers out, and kissing your clit one more time.

I sat up in the seat closest to you, and pulled you back onto myself. My cock was standing straight up between your legs, and you gave it a couple more jerks with your hand. Then you shifted your weight onto your knees, aimed my cock, and sat down onto it slowly.

I was being taken closer to heaven with every inch you managed to take into your pussy. It was so tight around my cock that I don’t think it would have been able to penetrate so effortlessly if not for your extreme wetness. You cooed as you set your hands to either side of me, on the seat, gently pushing yourself up and down on me.

I had my hands on your waist, and was pushing against the floor with my feet to give me leverage to hump my stiff dick in and out of you. It felt so wonderful as we found a good pace.

You took one hand and started rubbing your clit, increasing your pleasure. When your hand became wet enough from your being exposed to the juices we were creating, you rubbed my balls. Your slick hand felt so good.

I lifted you and stood up, bending you over the chairback in front of us. In this new position, I had increased ability to fuck my cock deeper into you, humping faster and faster. You drew your hand back to your clit, maximizing your pleasure. You were panting harder now, with every push. I could feel you thrusting your ass back against me while I pushed forward, and you pulling back in when your ass slammed against my lower stomache.

We continued this for another ten minutes or so, until I tired. I sat back down, and you turned around to face me. You straddled me, with your knees to either side, and guided my dick back into your wet snatch. I groaned as you did this, and you put a finger over my lips to shush me. I sucked it into my mouth, and leaned forward, embracing you.

You bahis şirketleri were running the show now, setting the pace by lifting yourself off of the chair with your knees, and dropping yourself back down again, impaling yourself on my thick cock. I grabbed at your tits as you rode me, sucking your nipples while you fucked me and frigged your clit with your fingers.

Then I felt you slow down suddenly, but only shortly, and then you really picked up the pace. You started grunting and moaning while you bounced up and down in short bursts. Then I felt your pussy spasming, clamping down hard on my cock. You looked at me and your eyes rolled back into your head, your mouth agape. I slid my tongue deep into your mouth, and you sucked on it. Your orgasm was muffled by my passionate kisses. You kept cumming for the better part of a minute alternating between slow gyrating motions, and big bounces, my cock still rock hard inside of you. You finally slowed to a stop, and exhaled deeply, and pulled away from our kiss.

You climbed off of me, and pulled me up to stand. Then you sat down and wrapped your hand around the base of my cock, the other hand gripping my balls tightly (almost to the point of being uncomfortable), and sucking my cock deep into your throat. I held the back of your head, and pushed in and out of your mouth violently for a few minutes. You had to pull away a few times to keep from gagging. “I’m gonna cum!”, I said. You pulled your mouth off of my cock, and opened it really wide. You slid your hand up from the base now, for the first time, over my drenched cock, jerking it rapidly up and down.

The first jet shot across your nose all the way down to your chin. The second was right on target, shooting straight into your mouth. The third shot followed the second, filling your mouth almost to capacity. The aftershocks shot small jets of hot cum that landed on your tits, and dribbled down your tummy.

You looked up at me, still tugging at my cock softly. Our eyes met, and you stuck your tongue out slowly, showing me my cum resting on your tongue. You pulled your tongue back into your mouth, and I could see your throat gulping it down. You opened your mouth again to show me that my cum had disappeared. I sat down on top of you slowly, and kissed you softly. We could both taste the mixture of our juices in our mouths.

I stood up, and pulled my pants back on. I grabbed a couple of napkins to wipe you off. I was glad you got extra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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