Mother-In-Law Seduction


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My experience started about 10 years ago when I was 28. I was a normal male with the usual marriage problems and going nowhere. However, my wife’s mother, Yvonne, was a stunner and at the age of 56, she still had the most gorgeous legs you can imagine. She is about 5 ft 2″, slim, always tanned and looked after her body. I fancied Yvonne from day one, but thought it was unlikely that I could fulfill my dreams, so I just put it down to one of those crushes.

Yvonne never gave me the come-on and never hinted in any way that anything could happen in the future. But it did, after my company do at Christmas, when my wife suggested that I’d better walk her home after she had been baby sitting for us all evening. I’d been drinking and was fairly merry – but certainly not drunk when we set off on the quarter-mile walk, and I was quite happy when once we were round the corner Yvonne linked her arm through mine and put her hand in my pocket to keep it warm.

We clutched each others hand and carried on, and once we arrived at her house she asked me to look around and check it out as the house was empty. I did that and happily everything was all right.

As we stood facing each other in the front lounge, I politely kissed her on the cheek and wished her a Happy Christmas. Surprisingly, Yvonne returned the gesture – then in silence we kissed each other, not as mother-in-law and son-in-law, but a full-blooded French smacker that lasted about 5 minutes. My dream had come true, I used to wonder what she would be like to kiss – and now I know she is incredibly hot stuff!

Our hands were all over each other, she had the firmest of arses and her tits were larger than her daughter’s, but I had to leave and go home.

The following day we managed to arrange to meet and spend some time together, this time my wife had gone over to see bizimkent escort her friend and taken the children with her. I went round to Yvonne’s house and she answered the door wearing a black leather knee length skirt with what looked like seamed stockings underneath, a white blouse that I could see her bra through, and high heeled black shoes. She looked a picture, and before the door had closed behind us my hands were all over her tits and her hands were rubbing my cock. I knelt down in front of her and worshipped her thighs, kissing them as I gently and slowly lifted her skirt until her white lacy knickers were displayed for me to explore. Once my head was level with her panties I gave them a long suck and I could taste her cunt through the fine material. I could feel her legs trembling as I continued kissing her cunt and her sighs were stifled in her throat as she held on to me by the back of my head.

Yvonne let out a gasp and then led me up to her bedroom where she unzipped her skirt and slipped off her blouse, while I sat on the bed gazing at her in anticipation. Clothed only in her bra, panties, stockings, suspenders and heels, she bent down and kissed me on the mouth, and my heart raced at the thought of fucking my now half-naked mother-in-law. As she kissed me I began to gently rub her pussy, which was all wet with her love juice and smelled strongly of her fanny fragrance.

She reached down and unbuckled my trousers and pulled them off, followed by my shirt. As my cock was so hard she had to struggle which made her giggle. “I’ll have to do something about that won’t I”, she chuckled with a look of glee, as she finally hooked the waistband over the top of my meat making it spring up and point directly at her face. She looked at me smiling and then poked her tongue out ready to lick bostancı escort off my leaking pre-cum lubricant. As she bent down and her juicy red lips closed round the end of my prick, so I undid her bra and let her fabulous 36d knockers fall free, then I pushed her knickers over her firm arse until they fell to the floor. When she came up for air I kissed her already erect nipples and sucked her tits until she groaned. I was amazed that her tits hardly sagged at all and at 56 she had a body as good as someone half her age!

We fell entwined onto the bed and as my tongue traced a path down to her pussy hairs and probed passed her fanny lips until I found her love button, she cried out, “Oh baby, please give it a long lick. Take it in and suck it hard, get hold of my clit, I need you so badly!”

I did as she asked and sucked it all in, then let my tongue play across the end of it as she went wild and thrashed her thighs about. I have to say that Yvonne has the best tasting pussy that I’ve ever had the pleasure to suck, it was like nectar!

She clamped her legs around my head and I could feel her suspenders rubbing on the sides of my face. She ground her pussy into my face and all the while she was crying out, “Make me come baby, oh make me come!” I sucked her for all I was worth and as her hips started bucking into my face she screamed, “Oh fuck yes I’m going to make it, I’m going to cum, oh fuck yes I’m cumming….yes, yes, yes! I’m cumming now!”

Spasms racked her body and her cunt cream began to flow as I lapped and sucked it all up – it tasted wonderful! As she subsided so Yvonne said , “That’s the first time I’ve had my pussy sucked in 10 years or more!” Yvonne couldn’t stop sighing and panting to start with, but when she finally slowed right down she said, “Now it’s your turn”, and büyükçekmece escort with that she turned around into the classic 69 position and with her pussy just over my mouth she sank her mouth down over my throbbing cock. Her tongue flicked and darted over my cock and lingered as she licked my cum-hole and all the while little drops of love juice kept dripping from her fanny into my mouth. Then as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft, I prised her pussy open with 2 fingers and fucked her with them, my fingers covered in her slimy pussy cream.

This started her off again, and so she changed position and as I sat up and leant against the headboard, so Yvonne knelt in front of me and reaching down she guided my cock right into her eager wet cunt. She lowered herself down on it until my shaft was totally impaled in her cunt and our pubic hairs mingled together.

I could feel her pussy muscles twitching as they gripped my cock, and I watched as Yvonne’s eyes rolled back as she tossed her red hair back and bit hr top lip. She let out a long horny sigh and whispered, “Oh honey, that does feel good”, then getting herself into a comfortable position she started to slowly hump up and down on my rock-hard cock. “Mmmm, you feel; so hard, baby”, she kept murmuring, “I want to feel your spunk right inside me”. The husky sexy sound of her voice as she spoke whilst she fucked me, turned me on even more.

“Oh Yvonne you’re beautiful”, is all I could mutter as she made the spunk in my balls boil and I felt my body tense ready to ejaculate. I held her by the cheeks of her arse to help her with her pelvic thrusts. “Oh Yvonne, I’m cumming”, I cried out. “Spunk me, spunk me”, panted Yvonne. Then she shouted “Yes, yes, yeess!” as I came, pumping surge after surge of hot semen straight into her open womb. Then as I held her down on to my cock with all my strength, she kissed me passionately biting my lip and at the same time caressing my neck.

The 1st fuck was just for starters, now we are completely hooked on each other, and try to fuck at least once a week, more if we can make it, but its difficult keeping my wife’s suspicions at bay!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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