Morning Fuck


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I wrote this one a while ago after an amzing experience with my girlfriend. Fuckin’ hot ass shit, everyone.

The following just happened to me, so if I seem a little fuzzy, read on to understand. The names and locations have also been changed to protect the horny.

My names Shane and 20 year old college sophomore. I’m seeing this girl Kelly who is also my age…but by seeing I mean fucking each other good when we’re horny. Kelly’s a little bit shorter than me, has a nice, squeezable rack, a body that gets me hard just looking at her and a pussy that’s like a glove for my dick. We met at a party which ended in an awesome BJ session, and since then we have been fuck buddies. Kelly’s also a sorority hottie, and I’m a fraternity boy. Our houses get along great, so our pairing is pretty well known in both houses. By now, I’m beginning to fall for her, and what’s worse is she totally knows this.

The past week was hell on me: I bombed a psych midterm, got bitched out at work, had a 10 page paper due and just a shit load of other crap to do. On top of that, Kelly was out of town all week for some study, so there was no one around to help me out with my needs. I also pledged not to jerk off and save up for her…needless to say, it was the hardest pledge I have ever made. When Friday came around, I was ready to unwind and fuck Kelly’s brains out.

She came home around 6p that Friday, and we immediately hit the bars. By about 9p, we both were pretty loaded, so we went to my place to just chill around. Within about 15 minutes, my pants were on the floor and she was sucking me down, giving me one of her amazing BJ’s. That night, we fucked for a good three hours, each of us coming twice. By the end of the night, we just collapsed in each other’s arms in my bed.

What follows is the best fuck I have ever had in my young life.

It was Saturday morning…I thought. I was only half awake, a little hung over and still really horny from last night. I had a dream all night reliving the experience; Kelly and I just going at it all over again. Because I was still only half awake, I couldn’t tell what was going on between my legs. I looked at the alarm clock to see what time it was, but my head was thrown back as my dick head was being attacked.

I looked down and saw what got me up, and realized it wasn’t a dream anymore. My girl was there taking my dick in and giving it a good canlı bahis lick down. Now Kelly knows how to take a dick in (after a little training, of course), but getting woken up by getting head was a little much for me at that point. All I could manage to do was throw my arms and head back and enjoy it all. The more she went, the more my dick pumped out precum, which just made her go even further. Every once in a while, I looked down to see her do her work and I just enjoyed what was happening.

I had to get my attention on something other than my dick, or else this moment was going to end too soon. As I looked down, I noticed my favorite part about Kelly: her neatly trimmed puss. I motioned for her to slide up a bit, so I could start playing with it. Her and I have had some fun times shaving each other, usually ending in sex in the shower. She kept my sack nice and smooth with a fair amount of hair over my dick. I liked to keep her nice and bare with a little trail on top showing me where to aim. I started to probe her beautiful snatch with my left hand, sticking my middle finger in to get her warmed up. Before long, fingering her just wasn’t enough, so I leaned my body over to hers so I could start playing with my tongue.

Now I know most guys don’t like to dive on their girls, but with the head I was getting, I had to return the favor. Plus, me going down on her got her all wound up and ready for some nice fucking. I started by just getting her wet all over, then started to hone in on her slit. The taste of me splitting her lips was amazing, and she certainly returned the feeling on my cock. As I kept getting deeper and deeper, I could taste her juices flowing, and just imagined how good my cock would feel inside her.

It got to be a little hard to get my tongue in her, so I slid her on top of me and got us into a nice 69 position. With her snatch right on top of me, I started to fuck her pussy with my tongue. After a bit, her clit came out and I just worked my way around it until I was lapping it up with my tongue. I could tell Kelly was enjoying it as she took breaths for moaning followed by annihilating my dick. With her amazing snatch right there, I knew I just had to start tapping it.

I tried to get us into our favorite position. I got a few pillows and put then on the head of the bed and sat up. Kelly’s supposed to straddle my legs and put her legs behind me, and I’m supposed bahis siteleri to aim my dick down to her snatch and slide in and out. The only problem was with my girl naked and horny and her smell still on my lips, I was nowhere near soft enough for it to happen. Kelly got the hint and started to ride me anyway. Her hands leading my dick to her treasure was an awesome feeling, and finally being inside her just made me feel like the greatest person alive. Now Kelly’s pussy is just a little bit too narrow for my dick, so each time we fuck, I have to stretch her out a little. This means a nice tight fuck for me and a good pussy stretch for her, so it all works out in the end. Sometimes I feel like my dick was made for her.

We started out with her right on top of me riding my dick, but she slowly started to move down until after a few minutes, she was sliding along my dick in our fave position. I don’t know about her, but having her slide up and down my dick like that just drove me crazy. We started to play with each other’s tits, but the stare we had in each other’s eyes was awesome. She leaned over wanting to kiss, and I sat up more to lock lips with her. Surprisingly, this was the first time we kissed this entire morning, but we both made it worthwhile. I could sorta taste my precum on her and she could taste her juice on me, and the mixture and the fucking going on was so awesome.

I wanted to get on top, so I gave her a big hug and just rolled us over. She was surprised, but cool with me being on top of her now. Now I’m a sucker for a lot of things, but seeing my girl naked on my bed with her hair all messed up and all and feeling her insides with my dick just makes me wild. I leaned down to give her an amazing kiss, and we made out with me in her like that for seriously ten minutes.

After making out like for what seemed forever, she wrapped her legs around my ass and started to push me in her. I got the hint and started to slowly pump into her. I kept on kissing her, and our bodies just kept moving all over, making our tits rub together. I was really enjoying this all, and I could tell that that she was too. We fucked like this for at least a half hour, just playing with each other and making the other feel real good.

I then did a trick a read about, one where you can get your dick all the way in and get her off. I hadn’t tried this on Kelly, or any girl for that matter, bahis şirketleri so I was wondering what would happen. You basically fuck her, but with short quick pumps. Supposedly it relaxes her pussy so you can plow in. I did the trick, just boning her but only sticking my dick head in, which felt amazing too. I did that for about two minutes, which seemed like hours to me and probably days to her.

After two minutes of that tease, I braced up and just rammed it in as far as I could. My dick seriously went in to the hilt, and I could just feel her go crazy over it. She started to moan like crazy, and hearing her do that just made me try to go deeper. I never got Kelly off with my dick, but that was soon going to change. I saw her just go limp and her eyes roll back, but then her pussy got all warm and tight around my dick. As she started to cum, her pussy just grabbed on to my dick and started to vibrate all over. I rode her out, following her commands to go faster and deeper. She screamed so loudly, I was afraid my roommates would wonder what was up.

Feeling her vibrate all over my dick was enough to push me to the edge. I pulled out and straddled her chest, landing my dick right between her tits. She leaned her head up, ready to take my load, and I started pumping my dick between her tits to get ready. When I started feeling that twitch in my sack, I aimed my dick head right at the front of her mouth.

Looking at my cute girlfriend just sitting there waiting for my load made me start shooting right into her mouth. As I shot my first load, she took her tongue and licked at my slit, taking in my cum as it shot out. The feeling of this as I shot literally knocked me backwards. As I fell to the back of the bed, I shot a few more loads all over, landing on her, my bed and my legs. By the time I stopped shooting, I was on my back covered in my own jizz and just ready to die right there from the feeling.

Kelly was a little bit of a cum slut, so she started to lick me clean where I went a little wild with the cumming. When she came to my crotch, she took my dick head in and rubbed the cum still left in with her tongue. I could have nutted again right there, but I was too spent to get to that point.

Kelly then just crawled up and collapsed on top of me, and I started to fall into a light sleep from it all. We both just lied there, totally spent from the orgasms we just had. She got me up again (but this time, not with her mouth unfortunately), and told me that she was going to shower from my “accident.” I could still smell my spunk on me, so I decided to join her, but that’s another story my friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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