Mom’s in Charge Dad, sorry! Ch. 04


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On Wednesday I got up at 9:30 to the smell of coffee permeating the house. When I say mom drinks coffee I mean the gourmet kind and she uses DOUBLE the amount and drinks about two POTS every day! When I came down and looked out the sliders to the deck I almost fainted at the sight of my mom getting some sun with the just the tiniest size xxs string bikini that we picked out the other day. Mom is barely 4’9″ and super-sexy and skinny. She also, as you know, dresses not only well beyond her age group no matter what the setting but also, like a total whore. Our house takes the morning sun in the back and we have a small private deck.

I poured mom a massive cup of black coffee in her 20 ounce mug and walked out and handed it to her. She was already on her second pot! She had the red string bikini on, xxs size super petite and I could see that she had to shave everything to pull it off. She said, “Hi honey,down to 81 pounds! That’s my lowest in twenty years,” in her sweetest to die for voice and I sat down next to her in another sun chair. I admired her nearly naked face-down body and had to admit that the tiny look suited her just right! “Honey, I’m really going to try it this time, I’m getting down to 78 lbs! You’ve been helping me so much.”

I can’t possibly mention all of the sinister thoughts I was having just then but one of them was telling me to pull her thong out of her ass and start furiously licking away! She popped up and spun around and asked me how she looked. With the thong part of the suit not even visible I was nearly choking when I said, “Great!” That’s all I could get out. Mom seemed pleased by my stammering and walked her sexy ass in with her coffee, topped it off and went upstairs. “What a fool I am,” I thought. Another chance to get closer to mom and I blow it.

Mom came down dressed in a hot black skirt with stockings and her patented open-hoe shoes, (as she liked to sometimes joke) and said we both needed a vacation and she was ataşehir escort going to the travel agent to send us to Aruba for the month! “What about dad,” I said. She looked at me with a mixture of contempt and annoyance and said, “Dad has to stay home and work, he’ll be fine. You, young man, are technically my employee and are thus needed in Aruba.” She said goodbye and asked if I would go shopping with her later and I said yes.

When I came how from playing basketball with some friends it was 6 and dad had just gotten home and was watching TV in the living room. Mom was filling him in on the travel arrangements and Dad was just nodding his head in agreement. Mom said, “Why don’t you take your father to the baseball game tonight?” I said sure, not really wanting to go but knowing it would be the right thing to do and would make her proud of me. The game was a double a ball team and it was actually a pretty decent game. I told dad about permanently working for mom now and he applauded my decision.

When I got home mom was already asleep and dad turned in as well. I went up to my room and there was a note on the bed.


Thanks for taking dad out to the game tonight. I can’t wait to get to Aruba tomorrow. Did some great shopping at Dimi’s and bought a few new swimsuits! You’ll really love these! Just looking forward to sun, fun and free time. (like we don’t have all the free time in the world!)not like your father lol


Amy, your Mom

When I woke up dad was already gone and mom had already rammed down her usual pot of coffee. She was so worked up it was intense to watch. She informed me that Roger from her family company office would be going along with us. I’ve heard her talk about Roger before. He’s 30 or so and a good-looking guy with dark hair and a good build like he lifts weights.

Mom wasn’t the type to show good sense in an airport so she had a short plaid skirt avcılar anal yapan escort and high heel spike horns on with a light green top that plunged way, way down so that even if she bent over a little her boobs would show. She looked like a schoolgirl slut on a porn site. I made up an excuse to go get ready so I could do what I now needed to do, jerk my cock!

Our driver picked us up and we went about 20 minutes to pick up Roger. Mom asked me to sit up front with the driver so she and Roger could talk business in the back on the way to the airport. Mom had recently told me that her and dad don’t have sex anymore and she wanted me to keep her secret in case something ever happened. I promised her I absolutely would. The privacy screen went up and I can only guess what happened next but Roger was probably going to get a great blow job on the way to the airport!

Actually, it must have been more than that based on all the rumbling around and grunting and the occasional, “Fuck yeah’s,” that my mom would yell out. Me and the driver were laughing our asses off every time we heard it. We even high-fived each other once it was so obvious!

When we arrived at the airport my mom had a devious smile on her face and looked well-ravished. Roger was more of a clueless Joe type and was just there for the ride. We had a two-hour delay when we got to the airport. I’ll give you one guess where we went…..that’s right, the bar. Mom ordered two double vodkas and Roger got a beer and mom ordered me a diet coke. Roger went to go use the bathroom and mom told me to be ready for a real surprise on the first leg of our flight. Mom had bought us the back three rows of seats on the plane. With her sleazy ethics and Roger around I’m sure it was all paid by the company!

The plane was only about half full so we’d really have room to stretch out. Meanwhile, at the bar, Mom was looking so hot dangling her shoe avcılar bdsm escort half off her foot I just wanted to go in the bathroom and jerk off so bad but I also wanted to stay right near mom. Mom pulled out some lipstick and put a lot on and then hotly puckered up to me and did probably the single hottest thing I’ve ever seen. She did the blow job gesture with her hand and tongue in cheek. We laughed and I wanted to cum so bad!

Onboard the flight was uneventful for the first hour and I had actually forgotten about the surprise my mom told me about. She came up to me from behind and told me to move back one row about 5 minutes after she did. She was going back to Roger’s row. She whispered to me, “Put the seat back slowly and then look in the gap between the seats.”

My heart was pounding as I was pretty sure I knew what I was about to see! I waited the full five minutes and did as I was instructed. Roger was asleep near the aisle and mom was straddling the other two seats. I quickly sat down in such a way that I could see my mom’s head hover near Roger’s dick. He woke a bit but pretended to be asleep I guess as my mom pulled his cock out and began sucking on it. She looked directly at me and stuck her tongue out like a school child! (Almost like a na-na-na-na-na, you can’t have it!) and then licked at his cock head for a whole minute while he spasmed away! Then, she went down for a few lollipop smacks all the while still staring straight at me. She then put his cock back in his pants without letting him come and he pretended to doze off. After she put his cock back she looked at me and did the blow job gesture again and we shared a quick laugh.

About a half hour later I was back in my row and mom came up to visit me. I’m not stupid so I didn’t bring up our surprise and we just talked about the flight and the vacation and she informed me that we would all me sharing a suite. She then handed me a travel size jar of Vaseline and said, and I’ll never forget this, “Here honey, why don’t you go get it out of your system,” as she looked at my sweat pants boner and gently patted it as she got up. Needless to say, after about 5 minutes I was in the airplane bathroom whacking out a giant load thinking of how great mom is!

Thanks for a great day again mom! I really love you!

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