Mom’s Holiday House


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“GET OUT!” my wife yelled at me. “Pack a bag and get out Craig, I can’t take this anymore, we’re done and I’m so OVER YOU!” My wife had been drinking heavily that Friday night and a lot of nights before this. I had enough of waiting up late, cooking dinner for myself alone. Added to that, all the phoning and messaging constantly without a reply from her. I tried to bring this up multiple times but each time my wife flew into a rage. It was enough. I packed my bag, took my keys, got in the car and started driving. I didn’t know where I was going but I had to get out of that house and away from my wife.

I drove for a while and decided to call a few friends and maybe sleep at their place but they were either out of town, didn’t answer or weren’t able to help me. I know right, crap friends! As a last desperate attempt, I called my Mom.

“Hey sweety!” my mom answered the phone. It was good to hear her voice and reassuring right away, I don’t know why.

“Hi mom. Listen, Claire kicked me out the house again and this time it’s serious. I just had to get away, she’s drunk and…”

“Oh darling, I’m so sorry to hear that. What happened?”

“It’s a long story, but mom can I please come stay at you the night, I don’t have anywhere to go?”

“Of course sweety! You can stay in your old room for as long as you like.”

“Thank you so much mom, see you soon.”

We both hung up. I felt a bit calmer now as I drove back home. My parents divorced a few years ago and my dad gave the house to my mom. He moved away. We still stay in touch, but I don’t see him often. It was just my mom and I until I met Claire, my wife at 23, moved out of my 1 bedroom apartment later that year and 2 years later got married at 25. We had only been married a few years until Claire started drinking heavily, ignoring my calls and messages and just seemed distant. Like I said, every time I brought this up, she ignored me, said I was unreasonable or something to that effect. She was my dream girl, but things changed so quickly. I was glad when I arrived at home.

I parked the car, grabbed my bag of clothes and knocked on the door. My mom, Caroline opened right away and immediately came in for a hug. It felt so good being embraced like that. For the first time in months, I felt genuine affection and warmth. She rubbed my back and I felt the kindness and sympathy I needed. Her hair smelled incredible. It was obviously just washed. Then unfortunately my dick started getting hard. Perhaps it was too long since I felt a human body against me. I started noticing for the first time my mothers’ big boobs. I felt them squashed against my lower chest and stomach. My mom is very petite, and suddenly, I don’t know why she just seemed so angelic, beautiful and I hate to admit it but sexy. I quickly ended the hug. I looked at her kind face full of sympathy and it instantly made me feel better and welcomed. Then I saw her enormous breasts stretched across a thin jersey and quickly looked away. I don’t know why I never noticed that before, but regardless, here I was staring at my mother who I found sexy.

“Come inside darling, don’t worry about Claire, I’m sure things will work out. Bring your bag, I’ve prepared your old room for you. Let’s get you settled and I’ll pour you a stiff drink?”

“Sounds amazing! I will definitely take that drink” I said. “Thanks for having me stay mom!”

“Of course darling. Now follow me upstairs.”

I followed my mom upstairs and she opened the door to my room. Everything looked the same. The old computer, the carpets, my single bed and furniture was all the same. Even the posters of all my female crushes were left on the wall. It was a room stuck in the early 2000s. I dumped the bag on my bed. My mom stood in the middle of the room. She was 45 but could easily pass for mid-30’s with her youthful looks, long brown and wavy hair and her new clothes.

“I had to tidy up a bit and change the linen when you said you needed to come. You can see I left everything the same, even the sexy lady posters on the wall,” she laughed.

“Thanks mom. It’s strangely good to be back. I think I’m going to shower and get this horrible day off me and then will take that drink.”

“Of course honey! Double vodka on ice ok?”

“Sounds good, thanks mom, I really appreciate this,” I said.

“Don’t worry about thanking me darling. It’s a mother duty to help her family and you are all I have left. Oh…just 1 thing, while I was cleaning your room, I found some magazines…” Oh god, I wanted to die. My mom had found my dirty magazines. Why did she have to bring it up? I sat shocked and a bit embarrassed.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about darling, I can see that you are. Everyone looks at those things, especially horny teenagers. Well anyway, I put them in your top drawer. I figured you could probably use them tonight then?” She laughed.

“Mom! What…I mean…I just…this is so weird…I don’t know what to say.” My cock started getting hard as she spoke and just seeing her cute body and massive breasts ataköy türbanlı escort made me feel a bit clammy.

“Like I said darling…it’s normal? I didn’t know you liked boobs so big!” She laughed. “OK, OK, I’ll stop embarrassing you now. Why don’t you go for a shower, I’ll order some food and we can have that drink?”

“Thanks…Thanks mom.” She left the room. Wow this whole situation has given me a hard on I thought to myself. I need a shower and that should help. I can’t believe my mom found my big boob dirty magazines. Shit that was weird, but I needed to shower.

I got undressed and walked to the bathroom. I could hear my mom downstairs ordering food. I had a good and long hot shower. The hot water felt like it was washing the problems away from my body and life. “Shit! I forgot my towel,” I said out loud. I searched the bathroom for a shower towel

but there was only a little hand towel. That wouldn’t do the trick.

I would have to sneak to the closet and get one. I opened the door and looked down the passage cautiously. I ran with my wet feet to the closet, being careful not to trip. I ran past the stairs and unbeknownst to me at the time, there was my mom coming up the stairs. She must have caught a 2 second glimpse of me completely naked.

I made it to the closet, grabbed a towel, went to my room and got dressed into some comfy house clothes. Eventually I heard my mom call me. “CRAIG, DINNER’S READY!”

I came downstairs as she was paying the food delivery person and sat down on the couch. After some good pizza, a friendly chat and some vodka, I started to feel a better.

“So tell me Craig, what happened tonight.”

I told my mom everything, from the late-night drinking, text and phone calls to our marriage problems. She listened the whole time, occasionally nodding her head. It felt good to finally tell someone. After all of that and 3 more double vodkas, I felt quite good and had almost forgotten about the fight. Then my mom started speaking. She certainly looked more relaxed.

“2 things that couples always fight about are either money or sex. You can have too little money, or too little sex but those usually are the roots of the problems you’re having. I know you both do well financially, so is it the sex that is the issue?” It felt weird my mom asking me this, but I was quite relaxed, and it felt great to talk about it.

“Well our sex life was great, for a long time,” I told her truthfully. “We often had sex…”

“How often,” my mom asked.

I had to think. “About 3 to 4 times a week I guess,” I blurted out.

“That’s a good amount. I wish I had that with your father. I always wanted more, and he didn’t want more. Sometimes we would go weeks without sex and if we did have sex he came quickly and didn’t let me…um…finish.” Mom looked a bit flustered. She was telling me a lot of personal information about her former sex life.

“I’m sorry to hear that mom. I guess you’re better off now right?”

“Yes, but I do miss it…?” Mom looked down at the floor, then up again at me. “Sorry baby, you have issues, not me, we shouldn’t be talking about me.” She tried to smile.

“Don’t worry mom, it’s ok, I guess we both needed to get something off our chests.”

“Well I’m glad it wasn’t a sex problem or anything like that. And you seem to be fine in the penis department!” she boldly said.

“What? MOM! How would you know,” I asked, feeling a bit startled.

“Um…I have a confession to make? I accidently saw you run out the shower nude. It must have been a few seconds, but I saw your…penis.” I was shocked. I was never shy about my penis as it was quite a good size, large in fact and mom had just seen it. She continued.

“But don’t worry, you’re doing VERY WELL in that department,” she confidently said.

I was starting to feel more brazen himself and confident. Mom had seen my cock and by her confessing to me, I started to get hard again. Maybe it was the booze, but I was starting to feel horny and wanted the conversation to continue.

“I don’t know what to say mom. I guess thanks. You’re doing well in the ahhhhhh…chest area, if you don’t mind me saying.” It was mom’s turn to feel flattered.

“What? No way! You don’t think they’re too big? Your dad used to think so.”

“That’s crazy mom, they look perfect and beautifully enormous, if you don’t mind me saying.” My cock was straining against my pants. There was a visible dent which mom noticed.

“Well Mr Boob Boy, it looks like you’re telling the truth telling by that giant lump in your pants.” My mom giggled while staring at my penis. I was shocked, excited and horny.

“It’s true mom, I do like big boobs…”

“Then why did you marry that flat chested slut? Sorry…Sorry I know she is your wife. This booze is making my tongue loose.”

“No it’s OK mom. I mean she wasn’t flat she was a solid C cup…”

“That’s FLAT! I saw those busty women in your magazines. They were all G or H cups. ataköy ucuz escort I know that’s what you like now. Why do you think you like big boobs darling?”

This conversation was definitely going in the right direction. Both mom and I were extremely horny now, all inhibitions aside. We were talking about my favourite subject and just having fun.

“I do like massive boobs mom, I think it’s probably because I like to feel them, like know that they are bigger than my head. I don’t know it just drives me wild seeing an incredibly busty woman.”

“Well you don’t have to look at others. I’m right in front of you,” mom said sultrily. She laughed a bit, feeling quite bold from the drink. “And guess what? I’m much bigger than those women in your magazines.”

My petite, beautiful mother began to laugh loudly now while looking down at her breasts.

There was this pause.

“Do you want to see them?”

I did want to see them. I knew it was wrong, but I just didn’t care.

“I do mom.”

“OK darling, but then I must see something of you, OK?”

I thought for a moment. Well mom has already seen me nude, what the hell.

“OK mom, you show me yours, I’ll show you mine ok?”

“Deal!” she said.

Mom lifted her jersey above her head and took it off. She was wearing a white bra that barely covered her nipples. Large amounts of breast were showing packed into a tight top with about 10 inches of cleavage shown.

I was awestruck and stared at those giant juggs, not believing this was happening. The tight sports bra came to an end on her flat tummy and large hips. She pulled that off slowly and sexily until eventually her giant tits flopped out the bra.

I had never seen such large breasts in my life, not in magazines, videos, internet, anywhere. They were just perfect. The breasts hung high on her chest and thrust outwards about a foot from her rib cage. The heavy round bottoms rested around the middle of her ribs. They were giant especially for such a small woman. Her light pink areoles were bumpy, and her medium sized nipples were hard and dark pink. It felt like they were piercing through my eyes.

Finally I spoke.

“Mom they are amazing, how big are they?”

“J cups darling. 30J.”

“How can such natural boobs be on such a small frame such as yourself mom? They’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you darling but now it’s your turn. “

I proudly dropped my pants and underpants in 1 movement as my uncircumcised cock shot out and straight into the air. It wasn’t big by any means but was a good size at 7 inches and quite thick.

“Jeesus Craig. Do you have a permit for that thing? How big is it?” my mom laughed.

I laughed. “I’m 8 inches hard mom.”

My mom was openly staring with her mouth wide open. I was staring back at her tits.

I was shaking with horny anticipation. My cock showed no signs of going soft.

“So, this is kind of weird right,” I said.

“It doesn’t have to be,” said my mom. “Do you want me to take care of that?”

I thought for a moment, I knew this was wrong, but I was so horny and mom was offering release. Release I had not had in weeks.

“Please mom. I need some relief, I need you.”

“OK, go up to my room and in my right drawer is some lube. Bring it down here.”

I flew up off the sofa and ran to her room and sure enough found the lube. I was honestly the horniest I had ever been. I shook with anticipation and came downstairs. To my disappointment, my mom had passed out. It was then that I realised I don’t want mom to do this, not when she’s drunk. She has always been there for me and taken care of me. I was not going to take advantage of her. I covered her in a blanket and let her sleep. I went up and jerked off to my old busty magazines. I had never orgasmed so hard and shot so much cum in my life. I literally had to clean up the floor, mirror and walls of the bathroom, it was so bad. I then went to bed. Feeling good about the nights events.


The next morning I awoke. I went downstairs but mom wasn’t there. My head throbbed. Oh god, maybe she’s run away after what happened last night. I panicked, then my phone beeped. A message from my wife It said: Don’t you ever contact me again, you’re a bastard. I regret marrying you!

That hurt quite a lot. Just then the door opened and my saving grace, mom entered carrying huge bags of food. “Hi darling, I just went shopping.”

She could see I was visibly upset.

“What’s the matter hun?”

I showed her the message sent this morning from my wife.

“Fuck that, listen to me. I had an amazing night with you, and I want to continue this. Why don’t we go to the holiday house? It will take your mind off things.”

“Um…I don’t know mom, perhaps I should try and talk to her?”

“Don’t be silly, we will have a lot of fun. I have all this food so might as well put it back in the car. I ataköy üniversiteli escort can pack a bag and we’re ready to go.”

“Still mom, I had fun last night but I think I should…”

“I bought a swimsuit at the store. It’s a 1 piece. I tried it on, and the cups are 2 sizes too small for my giant breasts. Do you want to miss out on that?”

I couldn’t argue with her. Alright I said, let’s go.

After packing the car and getting everything ready we drove off to our holiday house. It was a 2-hour drive but somehow felt shorter than last time. I had not been back in years.

“So, nothing happened last night,” my mom asked.

“No, well I went to go get lube but you had passed out and didn’t want to do anything you may regret so I covered you in a blanket and let you sleep it off.”

“What a gentleman! I’m so glad I’m spending this time with you.”

The journey was uneventful but as we arrived at the secluded mountain cottage, I felt my cock begin to grow. What could happen in the 2 days left of the weekend I wondered.

After unpacking everything, mom asked me to turn on the hot tub.

“Darling, won’t you mind turning on the hot tub. It takes a good few hours to warm up and I would love a dip tonight with you.”

“Perhaps it will be a skinny dip?” I asked.

“My my, you have boobs on the brain again? I don’t blame you, but just wait until you see my swimsuit. You won’t forget it.”

Those words were magic to my ears. I couldn’t wait for tonight. I went over to the hot tub and turned it on and sure enough it started heating it. It did get very cold in the mountains and luckily I had some warm clothes with me.

I decided I needed a nap after the long drive so went up to my room.

“You don’t need to sleep in your old room darling,” my mom said. “Why don’t you come and sleep in my bed. It’s going to be extremely cold tonight and we could snuggle like old times. Plus, I could use the company.”

Who wouldn’t want to share bed with a gorgeous and big breasted lady, even if it was your own mother. “Sure mom, I like the sound of that. I was going for a nap.”

“Well bring your bags over here, Mr Boob Boy and make yourself comfortable. I’ll start making lunch. Should I wake you in about an hour?”

“Thanks for everything mom, yes that would be great.”

I unpacked my small bag of clothes onto the shelves of the spotless and pristine room. It was weird to think mom and dad used to have sex here, and here I was going to share a bed with my mom.

I climbed onto the large bed and within minutes I was fast asleep.


“Wake up Mr Boob boy!” The kind, gentle voice of my mom woke me up slowly. I adjusted my eyes and saw my beautiful mother dressed in a tight red jersey, jeans and boots. Her giant breasts looked so soft. I was mesmerized.

“Lunch is served. It took a lot longer than I thought, so it’s going to be an early dinner.”

“That’s ok mom.” I stretched and had a yawn. Mom slowly stroked the hair behind my ears.

“See you down there darling.”

I got up and went downstairs. The soft lighting of the cabin with the modern kitchen and furniture looked great. There was a fire in the fireplace which heated the room nicely.

A great home cooked smell filled the cabin and made my mouth water.

“Here we go baby, sit down. I’ve prepared some amazing food for us.”

I sat down and ate with mom and finished every scrap, it was incredible. I was full, satisfied and happy. My marriage problems were far at the back of my head.

“Let’s go see how that hot tub is doing, darling,” my mom suggested.

We stacked the plates in the dishwasher and casually went over to the hot tub. I opened the cover and steam burst out into the air. I felt the water, it was perfect.

“Mom it’s hot, like perfect, let’s get in.” Although very cold that night and the hot tub was outside, it kept the balcony area warm. I was horny now at the anticipation of mom’s new swimsuit.

“Amazing babe, OK just going to change, see you in a minute.”

I took off my clothes and got completely naked. I didn’t bring a costume anyway so no big deal.

I hopped in slowly and sunk down onto the seat. I lay back and covered my whole body except my head in the hot bubbles. My dick was growing as I heard feet on the floor. I looked up.

“OH MY WORD MOM!” There in front of me in a blue swimsuit clung tightly to her slim and toned body was my mom. Her long hair was let down and cascaded down her back. Her legs were thick but toned, her hips big and stomach flat. Those breasts. Those gigantic, soft, mouth-watering breasts! I was speechless. Her J cup boobs were overflowing from all sides of her too small swimsuit. Mom smiled at me.

“I can tell by your gaze, you approve. I told you, you would like it.”

“I…I don’t know…um…what to say mom.”

I got up to help my mom in forgetting I had a massive erection.

“Well someone is happy to see me.” She laughed and giggled at my erection. I was so turned on.

Mom sat in the hot water and let out a deep sigh. “Now this is living right? No bullshit, noise, just my handsome son and me. So relaxing, don’t you think darling?”

“I don’t remember when I had so much fun mom. Claire and I never did things like this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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