Michelle is Tied Up For The Moment


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She had a look in her eye. She had hinted before about wanting to be tied up, possibly hurt a bit. But I was unsure as to how much she wanted, or how far she wanted to go.

One thing you need to know about Michelle is that she’s beautiful. An absolute china doll with full pouty lips, tight round rear and breasts that keep me up nights. And by up I mean “UP”. It contradicts every feeling I have for her to hurt her, yet her body arouses the most base carnal instincts any man could have. As much as I dream of making love to her, it never ends up that way. I end up a caged beast pumping into her, unable to hold myself back.

On the floor I spied a coiled length of clothesline. As she was lighting candles, I picked it up and turned to kiss her. Gently, so that she would know that anything I did or said to her was to be what I hoped was mutual.

She wanted not even the kiss. Her bad girl streak needed to be mistreated in a full and literal way. I grabbed her wrists and bound them together tightly. There would be no loving escape from this bond. From the ends of the knot extended two lengths which I lashed to the headboard. From this position she could be on the bed or on her knees on the floor. Nowhere else.

Surprised at the quickness and strength with which I overtook her she looked up at me from the floor.

“No matter what I do or what I say right now, you need to know that I love you and only want you to take what you want…no more,” I said.

She nodded ascent.

“If it’s too much, you say Snufflupagus,” a word so silly it would make us both stop and laugh. Michelle winced a smile.

“Is anything off limits?” I asked, knowing her aversion to anal sex. It wasn’t something I had in mind, but I knew I was going to be in loose control.

“My body is yours to do as you please.”

“As is mine yours.” I replied, “Bend over the bed.”

Michelle bent over the bed and spread her legs as I kissed the back of her neck leaning over her. My rock hard cock ground into her rear as she groaned with pleasure.

“Are canlı bahis you going to do something besides tease me with that thing?” she asked.

I slapped her hard on the ass. ” I’ll do whatever the fuck I want and you’ll just have to deal with that.”

“Well what exactly is it that you want?” she asked.

I slipped down to the floor and placed my mouth at her crotch. Her black lace panties were already soaked. I could taste the musky sweetness of her swollen pussy through the soft material. My tongue probed into her through the cloth as she writhed and moaned above me.

One thing you need to know about Michelle is that she comes very hard. Her body tenses up and bucks and heaves as if she’s in the throes of a seizure. She cums when and how she wants and if there’s something I do that brings it on, she hasn’t told me. She could probably allow herself to cum from my tongue beneath her panties and she sounds like she’s nearly there but I can’t let her cum early. She’s going to have to wait.

I reached around and unfastened the snap to he skirt. It fell softy to the ground exposing tight, short lace panties. Barely there at all, but soaked with wetness from my salivation and her hot wet slit.

My hands reached around her belly. She had lost some weight, but now was not the time to mention it. I let my fingers wander past the waistband of the wispy garment and explore the wet folds of her pussy.

As she rocked her body against my arm, plying my fingers to enter her, I leaned over to kiss her ear. Letting my tongue probe inside and wander down the side and the back of her neck.

I kissed from her neck, down her back as I peeled of the tight black lace. The elastic had made imprints in her flesh and she sighed as my tongue grazed her bottom.

She stepped out gracefully from the black fabric beneath her feet leaving her vulnerable from the waist down.

One of my favorite things to do is take my cock and rub it just around the entrance of her pussy. I know she wants me inside but she likes to be teased. This bahis siteleri time…only tease.

I guided my cock just between the folds of her slick pussy and she tried to back into me. Her feline figure arching and craving impalement. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit and as she backed onto me…SLAP…

“I’ll tell you when you can have my cock in you.” The words just came out. My hand stung from the smack and her right cheek was red with my hand print.

I smacked her again in the same spot, my cock hardening as she still tried to force me to enter her.

“I’m not going to be made to do something I don’t want to do, little girl. You’re not going to rape me.” I smacked her again. “Im afraid your going to have to suck my cock.

I moved out from behind her and lay on the bed. There was a teardrop coming from her eye as she hungrily planted those full lips on my shaft. Michelle is such a good cock sucker. In fact I’ve never been with a girl who could make me come with just a blow job. This would be different. Her hands were tied and she couldn’t use them. No matter, her mouth engulfed me ravenously as her head shook and bobbed on my turgid cock. Her wavy blonde hair cascaded over me as I thrust into her mouth. She gagged a bit and I went from playing with her hair to holding her head onto my cock as I fucked her mouth. I was almost ready to cum when I grabbed her head by the hair and lifted her cock-hungry face off my swollen rod.

“Get on your knees, I’m gonna cum!” I stuttered.

She seemed to know what was expected and got onto her knees. I held her face steady by the chin with my left hand as my right pumped ropes of thick pearly cum onto her face. I came hard, shooting onto her eyes, chin, lips and ears. Droplets of cum soaked into her white shirt.

“You wanted to go out tonight and make me think you’re a dirty little girl. Now you are one. My cum-soaked little slut.”

She looked so sad as I berated her. But I knew she needed this. I couldn’t help myself. I got down on my knees and held her in my arms. bahis şirketleri As I kissed her I tasted my salty cum from her lips.

“I feel so bad, Honey. Bend over the bed and let me rub some lotion into that welt.” The mark was purple now and I took a bottle of Jergen’s from the night stand and squeezed until I had practically covered her round ass with the white lotion.

Her face covered in cum. Her ass covered in lotion. Her upper body covered by a shirt. I reached over to the desk and grabbed some scissors.

“I’m going to have to cut you out of these clothes.” The scissors moved slowly, slicing through the sheer white fabric quickly. I unhooked the black lace bra (They’re expensive) and there was my prize…naked.

“WHy don’t you get on the bed?”

She complied and got on the bed, face down, ass up-on all fours.

My cock had quickly become erect at seeing how gracefully her curves come together on the bed. I positioned myself directly behind her, my cock nearly into her tight cunt as my hand moved the lotion into her flesh. I rubbed my swollen cock into the lotion between her cheeks as she ground her backside into me.

“Oh fuck me baby!” She cried. My cock had stopped teasing her pussy and ran up and down between her cheeks teasing instead her tight little ass.

I let my cock slide up and down between her cheeks as she begged me to fuck her.

She won. As she moved against me, she captured me with her pussy. I couldn’t help myself. I pounded into her tight wet cunt as my fingers dug into the flesh of her gorgeous round ass, leaving marks. I was no longer in control. Michelle, tied up and on her knees was fucking me like I was the prisoner. Her hot wanton pussy claimed my cock as its own.

I felt her clench around me, then her body tensed and tightened as she gave up the first of two toe curling orgasms.

“Oh God….Fuck Yes!!! Take me with that big cock. Fuck me baby!!”

As I moved in and out of her slapping her as as she gave into a second climax, she shouted. “Fuck me. Fuck me like I’m your little whore. Oh yes….Oh God…”

I came back to earth as I pulled my still cumming cock out of her. I looked around for the scissors. I couldn’t free her fast enough. Now I wanted to make love to her. Slowly.

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