Michael , Sarah: The New Toy


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This is an original work by Alia and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.

Michael was in an excited rush to get home to his wife, Sarah but one wouldn’t be able to tell by his calm demeanor. He smiled at the taxi driver as he slipped into the taxis’ dirty back seat and with a few words, the car proceed home… taking Michael to his wife. He had hidden away in his carrying bag a smaller black bag with a few naughty delights he intended to entertain Sarah with. Since he found much to his delight and hers, that she enjoyed a dominant male figure as a tantalizing sexual tease, he went out of his way to find new and interesting ways to keep that sexual spark between them. The new toy he had stowed away for his sexual venture was something he was especially proud of, something he had created himself.

Even though the new toy was the focus of his deep thoughts he was plotting his moves on how exactly to present the gift to his wife. As the houses passed the car’s window, Michael quickly formulated a plan. He pulled out a small note book from his pocket and wrote “Do not talk to me.” Tearing it from the notebook, he folded it once. He knew exactly what he was going to do. Bulging from his pants he could feel the hardness his manhood had taken shape just thinking of how he was going home with such controlled actions. He wanted so badly to start stroking himself, wanting to relieve the pressure but he was nearly home and Sarah would be just as excited to see him.

He wrote another note “Take your clothes off… slowly!” and again ripped it from the notebook and folded it neatly along one edge. His cock twitched with excitement as the Taxi pulled to a stop in front of his home, where Sarah would be waiting for him. Controlling his pace, he walked slowly to the door with the first note in hand and as he reached for the door knob Sarah opened the front door all smiles to see him. He gave her a very dry smile in return and with a sparkle in his eye pushed the first note into her hand immediately. As she open to read it, he slipped passed her going straight their room to unpack the little black bad.

From behind him she heard her shut the door and ask “What?” She was annoyed and she persuaded him into their room looking for answers. Michael tried hard to contain himself, to keep complete control of his actions as he placed the bag down on the dresser and pulled out the black bag. As Sarah reached the door, he had ready the second note, pushing it into her hand. Her look of bewilderment with hints of anger was enough to let him know he was getting the better of her, he couldn’t resist a tempting smile enjoying the knowledge of what he was about to give her… to delight her with. He didn’t pay her any mind as he pulled out four long silk scarves. They were piled in a heap at the end of the bed while the black bag was placed nicely beside it.

He pulled one long red scarf from the pile and looked at his beautiful canlı bahis wife, who slowly was undoing the buttons on her blouse. Her breasts would bring any man to his knees and he could feel a slight tinge of weakness shake in his own. As he tied the first scarf around the bed post, he sneaked a peak at her luscious body slowly emerging out from underneath her clothes. He cock twitched and how could it not, she was more tempting than any other woman and she gave herself so willingly to him.

The second scarf was even more difficult to tie, as he tried desperately not to notice his wife standing naked beside him. Her tiny arms so sweetly beside her with knees not touching, her long hair brushing so elegantly against her bare back, and the careful observation of her eyes studying his every move, she now knew she was in for a treat. Michael, feeling the sweet heat of her body so near to his, could not finish tying the other two until he had her take her place on the bed. With a swoop of his hand, he invited her to lie on their bed. Her bouncy smile at the front door had turned into a seductive one in the manner of a few notes. He couldn’t but help wonder if she was enjoying this tease or not.

She placed her nicely round firm ass on the bed and scooted back toward the middle and lay on her back. ‘Perfect’ he thought! Slowly and gently tied each scarf, one to each of her wrists and ankles making her spread her legs and arms out wide. What a beautiful scene she was creating for him, a vision that he would dream of for years afterwards.

Off of their room was the master bath room, he eyed it then looked back at her. Not a word was spoken, exactly what he wanted to have happen. No annoying questions… no dirty words… no unnecessary chatter. He was in complete control, just the way she liked it. He returned to the bedside with a towel whose contains were gathered within. He laid it down flat so she could see all within. She gasped with excitement as Michael held the can of shaving cream to his hand. Sarah quickly spread her legs even further apart awaiting his touch with a sexual appetite starved for attention.

The thick lathery cream was smeared around Sarah’s public area in one stroke of Michael’s large hands. Michael couldn’t resist fingering her pussy once, teasing her. Gently he massaged the cream around feeling her pussy lips swell with excitement. He placed more shaving cream on her, making it extremely thick, working it into her sensitive areas. She sighed closing her eyes allowing Michael to seduce her.

Once she was lathered completely Michael unbuttoned his shirt and laid it across the chair in their room. His rippled chest and harden nipples weren’t telling of his desire to sink his cock deep into his wife’s pussy and to just tear her apart, fucking her hard. But this experience wasn’t about his desires; it was about the gift still neatly packed away in the little black bag sitting at the end of the bed awaiting its turn. Michael’s thoughts raced with wild sexual fantasies of what he could do to his wife as he started bahis siteleri to shave her most intimate parts. Cautiously he maneuvered without any problems. She was silent, with her eyes still closed enjoying his touch, his teasing. His pants were tight, unbearably uncomfortable and once he finished shaving his wife, he had to take them off.

Another gasp escaped her lips; she had now opened her eyes, when she saw how hard her husband’s cock had become. Michael placed a finger to his lips letting her know that he wanted complete silence. He smirked knowing that she had no clue what was about to happen to her. He eyed the black bag and then her, giving her a wink. Slowly he walked over to the bag never taking his eyes off his beautiful wife. He knew the bag’s contains well and slowly he pulled the remainder of items out…

Heated massaging oil…

He placed nicely on the bed between her legs.

A tiny vibrator, no bigger than his pinky finger…

He placed next to the massaging oil.

Next was his new toy, the one he had created…

He held it up high, proud of his work and smiled at it. She gasped loudly.

The new toy was a dildo whose circumference was 3 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Sarah had asked him before he left on his trip to come back with something large and mighty, this was it. He placed it next to the small vibrator, smirking at her. Was that fear stricken upon her face? He placed the black bag near the items on the bed and picked up the heated massage oil. Before he would have thought that this was cruel but he soon learned that it was just a mere tease to his wife. He placed a small amount on his two fingers and rubbed them together taunting her. A little more on his fingers and he spread the oil around her newly shaven pussy lips.

“Oooooo.” She said cringing at his touch but then sinking into ecstasy. He couldn’t resist as she moved her hips in a circular motion aroused by the oil being applied to her, to flick her clit. She gasped again, biting her lip from asking for more.

He walked away from her, returning the oil to its place on the bed and picked up the tiny vibrator. He knew the cool air hitting her heated pussy lips was sending a rush through her system, a surge of excitement she would not be able to contain. His intent was not to make her cum but to really make her cum, to excite her so much she would cum like she had never cummed before.

Gently he applied the tiny vibrator to her clit and watched her body tense as the vibrations rippled through her body. Slowly she started to move her hips trying to fuck the little vibrator, aroused at its touch. Sarah started to moan, a sign she was enjoying the feeling. Michael reached over with his other hand taking hold of the dildo.

Her juices were already flowing and glistening in the light. It was just enough to wet the head of his creation. As the little vibrator tickled her clit, Michael slowly started to slip the huge dildo into his wife’s pussy. Her hips stilled moved back and forth. Michael carefully made bahis şirketleri circular motions with the dildo, opening his wife up for some rough sex. Sarah bit her lip again, she was now feeling the hugeness of the dildo slip into her, but she never complained. Her juices, flowing freely now, made her wet enough to allow the mammoth dildo easy access. Yet, her lower lip was red with imprints of her teeth.

Once in, Michael made the circular motion once again, still tickling her clit. Sarah’s body was reacting, nipples hardened, back arched and her hips started to move more vigorously. Yet, Michael was about to change things on her. This wasn’t what he had planned for his new toy. He stopped moving it and let it rest inside her as he turned off the small vibrator and replaced it near the oil. Sarah stopped too, watching her husband carefully.

He looked down upon her enchanting body with pure amazement. God, she was beautiful. He placed a hand upon those succulent breasts kneading his fingers into its firmness. With his other hand, he wrapped his fingers around the dildo and started to fuck her with it. Forcefully, he pushed it deep inside her, quickly and easily. With each powerful stroke her body moved and he moved it faster inside her. In… Out… In… Out… faster… harder… In… Out… His face became heated, hot to the touch as he squeezed Sarah’s breast pumping the dildo in and out of her. His cock harder than stone was now seeping out his seed. He pushed the dildo deeper in her… She let out a scream of excitement as her body reacted to the sexual tension, cum squirt out, hitting the foot board of the bed.

“Oh my god.” Michael finally said panting hard. He was amazed at how aroused his wife had become and then at himself. He too was very excited to fuck her so hard and she enjoy it. Sarah didn’t say a word but motioned with her hips for him to continue. His cock was so hard it was about to rip at the seams.

Again, he plunged it deep inside her and again she screamed letting her cum squirt soaking his hand in her juices. The raging fire that burns inside every man when he was close to reacting and cumming himself was climaxing and Michael could feel his excitement start to peak.

Again, he plunged the dildo deep inside his wife… In… Out… cum covered his hand… In… Out… In… Out… faster… harder… In… Out… In… Out… cum covered his hand again but he never stopped. He could feel his body ready to explode… In… Out… In… Out… faster… harder… Sarah screamed again while her cum shot across toward the foot board again. This time, he did not hold back, he released his cum hitting him in the chest. His knees weakened and suddenly Michael found he was lost for breath. He removed the dildo from his wife and fell to his knees trying hard to catch his breath.

From the bed he could hear Sarah panting too. His first thought was he wondered if he hurt her but the energy had escaped him at the moment to ask.

“Michael.” Her sweet small voice said.

Still breathless he answered, “Yes, my love.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine…” He took a deep breath. “Are you okay?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm!” She exclaimed. He could tell by her tone she was smiling. “Can we do it again?”

©Alia 2008

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