Meeting In Spain For The First Time Ch. 04


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I finish my coffee hearing you moving round the bathroom.

After a few minutes I hear the shower come on and quickly start unpacking my bags into the cupboards before heading through naked into the bathroom. Finding the door open I wander in, hearing some soft background music coming from an MP3 player on the side of the sink steam filling the room from the hot shower, the curtain in the bath drawn across but I can just make out the shape of your body through it as you run your hands over your body slowly.

I move over drawing the curtain back slightly, stopping to admire your back and ass in front of me. Your skin glistening with the streams of hot water covering it. You turn your head and ask m ‘Are you coming in or not?’ a gloriously wicked smile on your lips as you take in my obviously still excited state.

I step into the bath moving the curtain back to stop any water covering the floor and press myself up against your back, arms tight around your waist. Turning your head I kiss those soft sweet lips gently, tongues gently teasing each other before you push me back with your ass. ‘Could you wash my back for me honey’ you say passing me the soap.

I slowly soap up your back and cheeks of your ass. Moving down I work down your legs, washing your thighs, calves and feet as you lift each one for me. As I move back up I make sure to soap up two fingers and gently glide them between your ass cheeks washing between them slowly, teasing across the opening eliciting a little gasp as I do so from you. I press firmly against you again, reaching round and slowly start to wash your front as well.

Starting at your stomach, using my hands to spread the soap over your soft skin. Working in circles across you to cover your stomach completely before easing up to those breasts. Slowly cupping them canlı bahis up to wash under them. Taking my time as they feel so perfect in my hands as I cup them, working the soap slowly over the undersides then up over the sides. Your breathing becoming more raged, catching in your throat. Slowly I work my fingers over the front of your breasts teasing around your aureole my name softly escaping your lips, hips pushing back pressing your ass tight back against my hard cock, rocking against it. I leave your breasts moving up to wash your shoulders, arms.

My fingers then slide down again, brushing down between your breasts down over your stomach. Stopping I soap them up thoroughly before running them through the patch of hair there, running in circles through it. Adding more soap before my fingers slide lower still brushing those outer lips slowly, sliding so easily over them your moans filling my ears as I do. I slowly slip my fingers between those outer lips, working all around inside them, caressing and washing that most intimate area thoroughly, slowly.

You push me back again. Turning you face me, kissing me so hard. ‘Your turn’ I grin, passing you the soap. Turning me around, you press that body so tight against my back, rubbing those breasts firmly against my back. ‘Skip to the good stuff I think honey’ you moan, soaping up your hands before sliding them down my chest. Sliding down past my cock, moving between my legs to tease the area there between my ass and balls making my knees tremble already, getting my breath catching as I moan your name.

Your hands move, cupping playing over my balls finding them still so full and tight. Washing them thoroughly before adding even more soap and sliding your fingers around the shaft of my cock. Slowly stroking along it from base to tip, washing the shaft bahis siteleri and nuzzling my neck at the same time, watching over my shoulder as it swells, pulses and throbs in your hand. You move one hand back and lean away from my back slightly but from your moans I guess you’re playing with your clit as you stroke me harder, watching as the pre cum adds to the soap, peeling my foreskin right back.

I turn around kissing you so hard. Stepping back I watch your fingers playing over your clit for a few seconds before turning you round, leaning you forward to rest against the wall under the shower head. Slowly I guide my cock into your pussy. Both of us crying out each other’s names as I slide into you slowly. Filling you, my entire cock so deep inside that perfect pussy. I move slowly at first, reaching round to pull on those hard nipples, twisting them between my fingers gently. Your head turning to let me loose myself in your beautiful eyes. One of your hands moving down to run your fingers over your clit, the other placed flat on the wall to keep your balance. I move harder and faster knowing we’re both already so close, shuddering, shaking together. Slamming so hard into you from behind, feeling you tightening, clamping around me, your eyes closing, head turning to face forward both hands onto the wall as your back arches crying out as you cum. Feeling you losing control I let go, totally driven mad all over again by you as I explode so deep inside you. Thrusting still but only shallowly so, staying so deep inside you as I cum with you. Our cries echoing around the bathroom.

As we get our breath back I draw you up against my chest, holding you close. Leaning slightly you turn to kiss me softly. ‘Now that’s what I call a wakeup call honey’ I moan against your lips.

We separate slowly and you quickly bahis şirketleri finish washing before stepping out to get dressed. I stay behind washing up fully before slipping out of the shower and drying off. I pull the towel around my waist and head back towards the bedroom passing you on the way out wearing a knee length simple light blue dress that accentuated your figure perfectly. You back away giggling as I try to grab you again, yanking my towel away but telling me to go get dressed and that you need some food.

I pull on some boxers, blue jeans and a plain white polo shirt. Noticing that the weather doesn’t look great I grab a light tan jacket as well and pick up the long black lightweight jacket you had hung up in the wardrobe.

Kissing you softly I suggest we go down to a little bar I know for breakfast then head into Marbella for a stroll, bite of lunch then come back. You agree and grab your bag before we head out hopping into the car.

Driving down we stop at the bottom of the hill at the little bar and head in to grab something to eat. Chatting incessantly about everything and anything. Over breakfast I also explain that I’m going to have to be out for a couple of days as my parents had got us the flat for free but I need to play golf at least twice while I’m over here with him. I pass you a mobile phone with built in camera so you can get hold of me whenever I’m not with you. I also mention the digital video camera and laptop I’ve brought with me and tell you where in the flat I put them if you wanted them.

After a long slow breakfast we slip out to get back into the car and start the half hour drive over to Marbella. We find a car park just set a little back from the beach but underground and dump the car there before heading down towards the promenade that runs along the beach arms around each other’s waists. The weather though not great isn’t too bad, a little windy and cloudy not quite as warm as it should be so the beach is deserted but there’s a number of people walking on the promenade.

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