Meeting after a Long Time


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You feel my presence pressing beside you in the bed. My hand was caressing the increasing wetness between your thighs in a tender determined manner. It had been so long since we last met and you feel the pleasure that until I spoke those words you had forgotten to breathe. You did so now. A sharp ragged breath that pushed out as your back arched and my finger slides into your wetness; deep inside the part that throbbed and ached the most to be filled.

You slide your body down into the touch, lovely legs curling instinctively, fingers twisting in the fitted sheet on the edge of the bed. You are nervous as usual, afraid to give in too much to my sensation but wanting to finally lose control. Control saved emotions. The Vodka was taking its effect.

“Look at me. I want to watch our eyes.” Soft kisses follow my words. My lips were soft and warm against your face. I kiss your jaw, your cheek, then claimed your mouth for an intense moment, deeply smooching your lips and tongue.

I pull away, raising myself up on my elbow and wait for your sensual eyes to open for me. I love the emotions rolling over your face. I love knowing I am the reason for those emotions. My thumb pressed into your folds against your little clit and your perfect round mouth makes a perfect little “ah” as those eyes flew open to lock onto my own.

I get lost in your openness. There is a passion there in you that longs to be free. I can see it and I know that you have held it inside you for a long time.

It would take tenderness to make you give in, and trust to make you bold. I want you to be bold, Strong and secure to know that your passionate nature could be free with me, even more then before.

Your breathing becomes ragged and louder as my fingers continue their movements. Your wetness slid down my fingers making passage easier. Thoughts of tasting you filled my mind, but I would miss looking into those eyes. The windows to the soul are the focus for me tonight.

You watch my face. I smile as your body responded more to my touch. Touch something real; you thought to yourself, your hand holding into the sheet. Your other hand found my face and pulled it down to your lips to kiss again.

I feel the change in you. Your tongue sliding out to flick at my lips then sliding in deeper to my mouth. You taste better then vodka we had during dinner and something unique of your own that I can’t name.

Kisses became more demanding, and my hand pulled away to support my weight as I moved to press myself between your thighs. You welcomed my weight. You feel so good to be pressed down into the bed by my solid body. Your hands came shyly up to my upper arms and run over the muscles there. Now it is your turn to smile. With my head buried into the hollow of your neck you allowed yourself access to my cock and shake it lightly with your hands.

I align one elbow and let my hand cover one of your large breasts. The nipples harden between the splay of my fingers and I squeeze harder into the flesh.

You arch under me; you could feel my hardness pressed against your thigh. Hot, throbbing, and jerking between our bodies. You wanted nothing more than to have me inside.

I felt the same so I leaned up to kneel between your legs, grabbed your hips and press myself deep inside.

The feel was tight for a moment for my thick cock and it had been a long time. When my length filled you completely your senses took over.

I pull your hips illegal bahis tight to myself, looped one of your legs over my arm and began thrusting hard deep. Each stroke brought forth intense sensations that you do not want to end. Each time I thrust you grip me inside you.

Now my breath becomes ragged. I watch your face, the little “ah’s” are becoming more intense and matching my strokes. Little moans come soon making me move faster. There was intensity in the moment that I wanted to preserve but the sensation was too strong to allow me to slow down.

When you moved with me, I could feel the friction of our bodies against your folds heightening the sensation. You cried out and moved as hard against me as you could.

I was surprised at this shift in you. It makes me want to dominate the moment. “That’s it baby,” I growl as I pin your hands above your head and begin to pump in faster.

Your legs wrap around my thighs. You love the feeling of being held, of losing control. It makes it easier for to enjoy the moment when you feel that I am again becoming rude.

Lips touched, teeth grazed skin, release is close for you. You were having a sensation that was close for your climax. You moan into my shoulder not sure what to do to achieve the release which you need so much. Your body was coming close to one single intense moment where you just need one last push.

The moment comes when I slide a hand down to press against your clit as I continue to fuck you hard. My fingers slide against your throbbing clit, and you shudder hard before crying out with all of your might. Your body tightens around me as my fingers move faster.

I watch your face explode to life and feel your release as I continue to move inside of you. The intensity of your orgasm is maddening. I couldn’t get enough of you. My hand slid free of your mound and press my fingers wet from your pussy against your lips. You take my two fingers into your mouth, sucking your own juices free of them in rhythm with the strokes of my cock. You encourage my own release and my cock swells to my final moment before I cum to my own moment with lots of hot sperms inside of you.

Falling beside you, I cradle your face and watch the emotions roll by as you came down from your moment. The release and the passion change you. Your eyes are bright, more alert; there is sense of satisfaction on your face.

You smile at me, and my heart leaps in my chest, that smile is of you being mine and I having satisfied you finally and doing justice to you being mine since so long.

“What are you thinking of?” I ask.

“Everything,” you answer.

Your mouth found mine again for a kiss. This one was more firm than passionate.

“Everything?” I laugh as he fall back onto the bed.

You follow me, sliding easily astride me. You sit up and examine my broad chest, shift on top of me, take my cock in your wetness and feel mounting on top of me. All of a sudden there are so many things you want to try.

Your hair fall down over your face, and your breast sways forward as you lean down to kiss me again. You like the way we fit to gather. “Everything,” you say again. You could feel me growing hard inside you. You snuggled your body closer to mine and say with a smile. “I think we should try this one more time.” You say and we make love again with you on top of me, straddling me, enjoying every moment of the ride, this time we last for a longer time before, we cum together, illegal bahis siteleri you crash on me and we doze off to sleep but not for long.

I wake up and watch the curve of your side as you slept. Lifted my hand, running my fingers over your curves, tracing you. Your neck to your hip, feeling the smoothness of your skin contrasted against my rough fingers Reveling in it. Leaning forward to kiss your neck. Licking and nibbling my way down your neck, over those same curves I had touched. Following the trail of my fingers as I explored you. Heard you start to stir as my teeth nipped their way down your spine to your curving ass. Heard you yelp a little as I bite your ass. Not hard, just enough to let you know I was there and what I was doing. Your hand came down and tried to sleepily push me. I grabbed your hand and held it there as I licked the curves of your ass, my teeth again nibbling, then biting down a little harder over your hip.

“oowww!” you sit up and looked at me. “That hurt!”

I winked at you. “I know.”

I held your gaze as I leaned down and bit you again in the same spot, then kissed it.

“I’m not going to allow you to sleep now,” you say

“Nope,” I answered with a grin. “I’m up, you should be too.”

You rolled over onto your back, rolling your eyes a little. Seeing this, I bent down and bit your inner thigh.

“Stop it,” you mock warned as you grinned.

“Or what?”

“I’ll do something you might not like to you.”

“Like what,” I challenged you. “I can’t think of anything I don’t like you doing or trying to do to me.”

“You’re Impossible.”

“Yes, I probably am.”

My head dipped down and I started to lick your belly, nibbling on your navel. You started to giggle and put your hands on my head, trying to push my insistent tongue away. My hands crept up your sides, starting to tickle you, trying to keep my head still. Between both our efforts to have our way, we both dissolved into laughter after a little bit.

I put my arms around you and pulled you on top of me, pulled your mouth to mine and kissed you. Kissing me back, we just lay there for a while, making out.

I broke the kiss by moving my hands to your hips, lifting, moving you up my body.

“Huh, what do you want?” I kept quiet as I scooted my body under yours, lifting your legs over my shoulders, my lips going to your thighs, kissing you softly.

“Ohhhhh,” you sighed, “next time tell me.” You settled onto my chest as I started to lick your pussy lips softly. Finding your clit with my tongue, teasing your lips open slowly. Knowing it drives you nuts when I tease you.

My hands going to your hips, holding you there as I teased. Feeling her start to move on my tongue, trying to anticipate where I was going to touch, moving your clit to that area, wanting more touch. I surrounded your clit with my lips and started to suck gently, then harder while my tongue laved you. “oooh, yesss.” Not stopping, keeping up the gentle assault on your lips and pussy. Starting to taste your wetness as you warmed up.

My hands going up to your breasts and cupping them, pinching your nipples and pulling on your nipple rings as I tortured you with the attention.

Your hands wrapping in my hair, trying to pull away from the intensity. My hands going back to your hips to hold you there, not letting go, not wanting to stop.

You looked down on me as I bit your clit gently. “Please?” canlı bahis siteleri I love it when you asks me to cum.

I winked at you and semi mumbled yes as I pulled you down on my tongue, making it as hard as I could while slipping it inside you. Your body stiffening a little and then I taste your cum as your wetness gushes on my tongue.

My hands holding you there as you orgasms, losing yourself in the moment. My enjoyment of your enjoyment, watching you, tasting you. I start to lick your clit again, softly, taking you by surprise and you squeals a little bit as you cums again, not expecting it.

I love taking you by surprise like that.

Lifting you off me as you starts to come down, laying you down next to me, your back to my chest, cuddling you. You can feel how hard I am, how hard you has made me. I lift one of your legs and prop it on my knee. I push the head of my cock just inside you.

“Ohhh. Yess. Mmmm.” Not knowing who says what what as we both just lose ourselves in the moment. Starting to rock back and forth, withdrawing almost completely then just pushing the tip inside you, stroking that place I know gets you going. My arms warp around you, pulling your head back so I can kiss your neck and bite too.

Picking up the rhythm as I start to thrust a little deeper each time, filling your up. Feeling your warm, tight wetness envelop me until I am buried as deep as I can be inside your.

My hand covers your mouth as you starts to be loud. Muffling your cries as I pull almost all the way out and then bury myself inside your. “Oh fuck,” you cries.

I whisper in your ear as I fuck your,

“I don’t care if you cum right now or not.” My words punctuated my my cock thrusting deep inside your, my arms pulling your closer, holding your to me.

Your moans getting louder, almost turning into a scream as you cums on me hard. Your teeth clamping down on my hand as you spasms, squeezing a scream past my hand. You grips me tight, hard as you cums. Your body rolls a little as you leans back against me.

I kiss your and roll your onto your stomach, kissing your neck and shoulder. Using my weight to pin your there, I start to fuck you harder, pushing as deep as I can over and over again. Finding that speed and tempo that lets me last and still drives me and you insane.

Moans and cries from both of us now as we are lose ourselves in the moment. Hard thrusts, soft cries. I lean down and somehow get the words through my mouth that you can’t cum until I say so. Somehow the words penetrate you haze and you whimpers. My hand goes to the back of your neck, pinning you there as I pound you hard. Feeling my cock bottom out inside you. Hearing you half scream from a little bit of pain mixed with pleasure every time it happens.

Feeling you try to back into me as your body responds. “Please, please, please, please,” a constant litany of asking for permission to cum as I drive your body past that point, begging for me to give you that release you wants. I grab your hands and spread them wide, my fingers twining with yours, driving deeper.


You screams as you cums, gushing onto my cock as you almost throws me off of your back. My hand going to your mouth, accepting your teeth on my arm as you clamps down hard on me. I pull halfway out and then thrust back in hard.

I half scream myself as I cum deep inside you, our orgasms mingling in more ways than one. Moaning as your pussy milks my cock of all it holds.

Subsidence of both of us as we come down from our high plateau. Still inside you I pull you close to me, kissing and nibbling your ear. Your arms wrapping around mine we both shudder from the intensity.

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