Maid’s Way


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Any comments and/or critics are welcome. I have tried to make the characters as adaptable as possible but you are free to imagine them as you wish. Enjoy!


I watched as she was working. Her plump ass was shaking with each sway of her hips and her full tits jiggled as she dusted the curtains, standing on the tip-toes of her heels. I slowly walked up to her stealthily and stood right behind her. Then I quickly groped her tits and pushed my crotch at the crack of her butt making her yelp in surprise. Then she giggled and laughed as I fondled her breasts from over the corset. I kissed the soft pink flesh of her ear and bit her earlobes and her neck as I pushed her big soft tits out of their confines, making her moan loudly. While I humped against her ass with slow and forceful thrusts, knocking the breath out of her lungs each time.

My cock was straining hard against the tight fabric of my pants and I felt myself close to release. I slowed down my thrusts though I was really tempted to relieve myself right then. I turned her around deftly and for the first time our eyes met. Her blue eyes were clouded with lust just as mine and they shifted from anticipation to surprise then to happiness as she saw who I was. Her blonde hair fell over her tender cheeks and her full lips were parted, gasping lightly. I put a hand around her nape, pulled her close to me and mashed my lips over hers. Our tongues wrestled with each other invading each and every corner of my mouths. She grabbed my cock from over my pants and began to stroke it lightly. I moaned in her mouth, feeling her soft hands over my cock sent ripples all over my body.

I lifted her pink maid skirt, which stopped just above her knees showing her beautiful sexy legs, up over her waist. I groped her butt cheeks which is now clad only in thin black lacey panties. I broke apart from her and leaned down to kiss her big erect nipples. I flicked my tongue over one of her sensitive nipple and she shivered and moaned in delight. Then I wrapped my lips around it sucked on it hard while I fondled the other with my hand. Her diamond hard nipple brushed against the rough hard skin of my palm and I felt her shiver. Goosebumps rose all over her skin which made her nipples even longer. She was holding the ledge of the window tightly as her knees were shaking.

I kept on sucking on her nipple loud and hard like an infant who is drinking milk out of his mother’s boobs for the first time. My saliva was dribbling off my chin and trailed along the soft curves of her tit. She moaned out loudly as I sank my teeth over her nipple lightly and pulled on it. Her thin fingers laced around the sensitive chords of my hair as she pushed my head further into her boobs. I left her nipple, now swollen and throbbing—slick with my saliva which was still trailing down in the form of small droplets—and turned to her other nipple, repeating the same procedure over it.

She was moaning and writhing by the time I was done, her back arched up, pushing her breasts further into my eager mouth. I gave one last kiss and pulled away and looked up at her. She was smiling down at me, showing her cute dimples. Then I smiled at her mischievously and pulled up her skirt and with a quick fluid movement ducked under the fabric and came face to face with her moist pussy. She laughed out lightly and grabbed my head from over the skirt. Her pussy lips were so puffy and swollen it formed a camel toe against her tight panty. A wet splotch had formed just over the clothing where it rubbed against her clit. I rubbed my nose over the wetness and inhaled the strong essence of her sex. My cock was twitching wildly beneath my pants begging me to pull it out and I knew that my briefs were overflowing with my own precum.

I put a finger over the small crevice of her camel toe, right over her clit and canlı bahis trailed it down the slick wet trail. She gasped loudly and her knees bent down pushing her pussy further over my finger. Her pussy lips were spasming wildly, tightly wrapped around my digit and she came really, really close to her orgasm. I stuck my fingers under the bands of her panty and pulled them down deftly. They fell around her ankles. Her moist dripping pussy was now bare before my eyes. I flicked my tongue over her flaming hot nether lips, lightly kissing her pink nub which was protruding out. She jumped up at my touch as she felt my tongue against her sensitive clitoris. I pushed one finger inside her, making her jump again. She was holding my head in a vice grip and was thrusting her pussy into my mouth. I pushed a second digit inside her very tight hole which slipped in her wet slick walls easily. My tongue was continuously flicking and sucking her clit, lapping up all the juices which were trickling out.

I slowly slipped in my third finger inside her and she squirmed in pain and pleasure. Her tight pussy walls were hugging my digits closely making it difficult to thrust further. Her legs were shaking wildly now and she had her entire frame balanced over my head. I stretched my pinkie out to rub her butthole which made my knuckles to rub against her sensitive sweet spot in her pussy and that threw her over the edge. She gasped out loudly and threw her head back wildly as she came upon her shuddering orgasm. I pushed my mouth further inside her pussy and sucked in all the nectar falling out of her spasming labia like a waterfall.

At last she sighed in relief and loosened her grip from over my head. I stood up and kissed her deeply, giving her a taste of her own juices. Being grown up in a farm, she is pretty much stronger than she looked. I wasn’t kidding when I said that she was holding my head in a vice grip. My head was still throbbing in pain as I was kissing her. Suddenly she grabbed me by my shoulders and turned us around so that now I was the one leaning against the window ledge. With a sly look on her face, she kneeled down on the floor and came in level to my cock. With quick strong hands, she undid my pants and fished out my throbbing cock, all the while looking up at me. My cock sprang out off it’s confines and hit on her chin and both her cheeks.

Like I said, my cock was flooding my briefs with precum and now it’s entire length was moist and glistening from the wetness. More was still oozing out from the tip as it was jerking like a wild beast centimeters away from her nose. She grabbed the thick girth of my member, her fingertips not even able to encircle it completely, and kissed the tip with her red full lips. My cock jerked once and she had to use both her hands to keep it under control. She parted her lips and slowly guided the head into her mouth. Her lips felt like heaven around my sensitive head, sending in throes of pleasure throughout my body. Her tongue swirled over the tip of my leaking head sucking out the juices out of my testicles. I began to caress her silky hair, moving her tresses out of the way as I pushed my hips and drove my cock deep into her mouth.

She gagged slightly under my forceful thrusts and spitted out saliva and precum out of her mouth which trickled down her chin and all the way to her tits, wetting her corset. From here, I was getting an indispensible view of her tits slick with our fluids, pushed up by the corset tightly wrapped under them. Her hands were stroking and twisting my thick veins of my shaft applying the right amount of pressure, making wet splotchy noises as it rubbed by. My balls were churning in excitement as felt myself coming to the point of my release. The base of my shaft was swelling as I tried to delay my orgasm further and further. She stroked harder, increasing bahis siteleri her pressure and sucking the juices out of my cumslit, determined to make me cum.

I grunted loudly as felt the hot lava rush out of my cock and pour into her mouth. She gulped them all down dutifully which surprised me. Each steam was filling her mouth completely and she had to work overtime to keep it all in her mouth. I saw as her cheeks puffed out, filled by my enormous amount of my sperms and I gripped her head tightly over my cock, not letting her go. At last, I stopped jerking and looked down upon her. Her eyes had watered up slightly but otherwise she is okay. I smiled down upon her and she smiled back. I lifted her up on her feet and kissed her. Then I laid her over the ground, untied the strings of her corset and threw it away. Her skirt was hunched up around her waist and was not coming between anything so I left it just as it is. I stepped out of my pants and straddled her hips such that my pulsating cock was now lying over her soft belly. I shifted my position so the head of my cock was pressing right against her wet pussy. She smiled at me lustfully and I pushed hard. Her body slid over the carpet but my cock didn’t penetrate her.

I pushed in again, this time grabbing her hips with both my hands and the two inch long head slipped in followed by two inches of my shaft disappearing into her. She gasped out loudly and grabbed my arms to bear the pain. Once the head was in, I started thrusting slowly, jabbing at her pussy with slow and hard thrusts. Her back was arching up with each of my thrusts and she was gasping and moaning loudly. As another four inches followed in, she wrapped her legs around my hips tightly while she pushed her hands against my chiseled stomach, holding me still.

I looked down at her. Her eyes were almost closed and her chest was heaving up and down pumping air in and out wildly. Both of our bodies were covered with sweat giving out a radiant sheen from our skin. Eight inches of my cock was lodged inside her unbelievably tight pussy and still another six inches were left to go. My cock was throbbing wildly inside her and I could almost see the bump along her belly where my cock has penetrated her. Finally she let me go and I thrusted in again, this time slowly. She gasped but in pleasure and not in pain. I increased my rhythm slowly and she started to grunt with each thrust. She lifted her hips up in the air in an attempt to make the brutal thrusts go easier and I wrapped my arms around her slim waist. This caused her tits to come closer to my face and I started sucking and licking at them.

Drops of perspiration fell down from my body, over hers which flowed down along her curves and ultimately dropped down on the carpet. Gaining the proper leverage I needed, I was now impaling her with hard, brutal thrusts. With each thrust, a centimeter of my cock drove inside her, tearing her vagina apart and soon I felt the head hitting her cervix. There was still four inches still yearning for the warmth of her tight walls.

She was screaming wildly, her long fingernails dug into the fabric of my cotton shirt, tearing it. But she was also constantly muttering vulgar words of encouragement into my ears which made my rhythm to increase further. She had her legs tightly wrapped around my back, constricting my movements to only short hard thrusts. The head of cock was batting against her cervix again and again, stretching her love canal further and further lengthwise, beyond it’s limits.

Another two inches squeezed inside her and she tightened her grip around my back and neck trying to restrict my movements again but I wasn’t going to have this anymore. With a loud grunt, I pushed my hips as far as it would go with my toes and sliding her body over the carpet in the process.

That caused me to get bahis şirketleri in her balls deep and at the same time she yelled out to her orgasm. I felt the walls of her pussy spasm wildly, trying desperately to milk my balls but I was still far from that point. I also felt gushes of her juice pulsate out of her pussy, finding whatever crevice they managed to slip through and squirted out, falling over the carpet in an endless stream. I was tempted to taste her love juice again but the thought of pulling my cock out of her pussy stopped me. I was not going to let go of the fawn in my hands to catch the rabbit far away.

I kept on pile-driving her, forcing out against her bone-crushing grip over my body till only the tip of my cock stayed inside her and then pushed all the way in with a loud grunt stopping only when I heard the satisfactory slap of my balls striking against her ass cheeks. She was strong—strong enough to constrict my blood vessels and make my vision go dark—but I was stronger. She is not something I couldn’t handle. I thrusted in her hard and deep, each time pulling out till the tip remained in and then plowed inside her up to the hilt. Her ass cheeks had turned red from all the spankings they were getting from my huge testicles. Her screams turned down into loud grunts and troubled moans as she felt my massive girth tear her apart with my each shove.

She was trying to hold me down using whatever strength she had left in her—which was by the way still much—but I was determined to continue to pile-drive deep into her. Her cervix was now bruised and swollen as the head of my cock hit it hard like a battering ram. Her muscles were convulsing wildly as she went through her screaming orgasms one after another.

I too was losing my control as I rushing towards my second enormous release. My cock swelled wider and longer as the sperms were pumped by my balls into my shaft. She screamed again as she felt her orgasm close upon her. I slowed down my thrusts and pulled out painfully slow until only the tip was inside her. My balls were dancing under me pumping out their load frantically. I could feel the magma rushing out through the length like boiling water steaming out of a hot geyser.

I looked deep into her eyes once, as deep as the ocean itself and pushed my hips forward shoving my cock balls deep into her and at the same time I felt the jerk as the magma burst out of the tip, flooding her genitals. The first stream of cum alone was so strong, it penetrated right through her cervix and filled her tiny womb. Another stream followed and it completely filled her womb to the brim. The second, third and the fourth rope of cum filled her vaginal canal completely and I had to pull out my cock unwittingly as the pressure inside her was too much to hold.

As the fifth rope of cum sprouted out form the tip, the head of my cock came out of her pussy with a ‘plop’. My cock was still jerking and bucking wildly like a mad bull as the sixth and seventh spray of cum splattered against all over her pussy and the cheeks of her ass. I quickly grabbed it and just then the eighth rope of virile sperms came out like an angry serpent aimed straight for her butthole and disappeared inside with little effort.

I held my cock over her body as the ninth, tenth, eleventh and finally the twelfth rope of cum rained upon her, hitting her tits, her belly, her thighs, her chin and her neck. Finally it stopped shooting cannon balls of sperms but my balls were still spasming lightly trying to squeeze out whatever little amount og sperms left inside them.

At last, I dropped down over the carpet beside her spent, both of us taking deep raspy breaths, gasping loudly as if all the oxygen in this world is not enough for us. She turned on her side and kissed my sweaty cheek.

‘It was wonderful,’ she said.

‘Yeah’, I said, still out of breath, ‘Yeah it was exotic.’

I propped up on my elbow and kissed her on her lips.

‘Tomorrow we will try the Nurse’s uniform.’

She grinned at me slyly, her blue eyes sparkling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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