Life Changes


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The ringing of the alarm clock woke me up. My wife stirred and shut it off, before she stretched, threw back the covers and got up.

I turned over and tried to get back to sleep as I didn’t have to get up for another couple of hours. Sleep wouldn’t come as I was thinking about my day ahead, my last day at work before retirement. I know that being only 53 I shouldn’t be retiring but my employers liked their staff to enjoy life, to work hard but retire early.

My wife showered, dressed, kissed me and wished me a good day before leaving. I heard her car start and drive out of the estate, silence returning.

I must have fallen asleep again as my alarm went off waking me. The need to pee was strong, so I switched off the alarm and sat up, my morning wood strong and pushing against the material of my shorts. I walked to the bathroom, trying to get my erection to go down to enable me to pee.

I showered and dressed before eating a couple of slices of toast and sat down to wait for my lift to arrive. It felt odd to be driven to work but my employers had a tradition of allowing anyone retiring to be driven to and from work on their last day in the owner’s chauffeur.

The car drew up outside, I picked up my bag, locked the house and climbed in the back seat.

‘Good morning, Mr Williams,’ the chauffeur greeted me as I attached the seat belt.

‘Oh, hi. Sorry I don’t know your name,’ I responded.

‘It is McArthur, Mr Williams. Everyone I know calls me Mac,’ he answered.

‘Well, good morning then Mac. Thanks for picking me up.’

‘My pleasure Mr Williams. I am at your complete disposal today. Anything you need, just ask.’

‘Thanks Mac.’ We settled into silence as he drove me to work. It wasn’t a long drive but the traffic was particularly bad today. I looked at Mac in the rear view mirror. I guessed he was in his late 50’s, possibly early 60’s, well groomed, a kind face, attractive to women no doubt, I saw from his hand on the steering wheel the faint tan outline on his ring finger suggesting a previous marriage.

I looked out of the window at the traffic in thought. I didn’t yet have a plan as to how I was going to spend my time after today. I didn’t have any hobbies and hated DIY so throwing myself into doing up the house was a no-no. My wife Tracy was younger than me, worked as a nurse in our local hospital and had no plans to retire, so I was going to be on my own when she was at work. Our son, Zach had left home a few years earlier and now lived a few miles away with his wife, Liz. Oh well I am sure something would come up. How right I was, but in a totally unexpected way.


The day went quickly. I passed my existing workload to my replacement and at 2pm sat through an excruciating speech from my boss, praising my many years at the firm. I went through my speech and accepted the various congratulations from my work colleagues, none of whom I felt close enough to want to see again after today.

It was nearing 3 o’clock when I was thinking about calling Mac to take me home but then I felt someone touch my elbow. I turned and saw Turner, a guy who I had worked closely with on a contract we completed a couple of weeks ago. We had worked well together and I smiled as I saw him.

‘Not thinking about leaving yet were you?’ he asked. ‘I wanted to thank you for helping me on the contract. Fancy a drink?’

I didn’t really want to but I also didn’t want to offend him. ‘Sure.’

‘Let’s go then.’ He ushered me out and I said my goodbyes to the remaining colleagues. As I left I thought that it was a bit sad to be leaving the building for the last time.

Mac was waiting for us and opened the back doors for us both to climb in.

‘Hey, do you fancy coming back to my place? The pubs around here are so depressing,’ he asked.

‘Yeah, why not,’ I responded.

Mac drove off. If I had been alert I should have queried how Mac knew where Turner lived but I didn’t. Within a few minutes we pulled up outside an impressive looking building.

‘Nice place,’ I said. ‘All yours?’

He giggled. ‘No. I just own one of the flats.’ He opened the door and began to lead me inside.

‘I shall wait here, Mr Williams. Be as long as you like.’ I missed the sad look on his face as Turner was leading me inside the building.

Turner’s flat was impressive. One of the top floor penthouses, with balcony’s and great views, I was astonished that he could afford such opulence, my face clearly showing my astonishment.

‘I inherited a load of money,’ he answered my unasked question.

‘Sorry, I…err…’ I tailed off.

‘Don’t worry, everyone asks the same thing. Drink?’

‘Yeah great, scotch please.’

‘You make yourself comfy in the living room and I will bring it.’

I sat down at one end of the huge sofa and waited. If I had been in the kitchen I would have seen Turner pour out my drink before adding some white powder and stirring it in.

‘Here you go. Scotch.’ He handed me the drink. I looked at the amount canlı bahis he had poured out, must have been a triple. ‘Hey, you will get me drunk.’

‘Ha. You aren’t driving are you?’ he smiled in response.

He sat down in an armchair and we chatted for a bit, about our lives, nothing in particular. I began to feel a bit tired and sunk back into the sofa as we chatted.


I woke with a start. The room was in semi darkness. Where was I? I dredged my brain to try and recall but couldn’t remember.

I was laying down, it felt like I was in bed, then I realised that I was completely naked and my cock was rock hard, almost painfully so. Where the fuck was I?

I felt movement beside me on the bed. I must be home and Tracy next to me. I felt a hand on my chest, the fingers playing with my chest hairs, then slowly the fingers went lower, stroking my belly before nudging against my hard cock. The fingers started to stroke my cock going along the full length then up to the top, circling the wetness on the tip. Fuck, it felt good.

I felt the hand gently hold my cock and slowly started to wank me. My focus only on my cock and the pleasure it was getting.

The hand got a bit faster, my breathing becoming shallower. I needed to cum. I passed the point of no return and my hips rose off the bed, my anus contracting as I ejaculated. Spurt after spurt of cum, erupted from my cock and shot onto my belly and chest, running down my sides onto the sheets. My eyes were closed to luxuriate in the feelings.

After a few seconds I opened my eyes and turned my head, expecting to see Tracy’s face, but I found myself looking at Turner’s smiling face.

‘Looks like you enjoyed that,’ he said.

‘What the fuck! What am I doing here?’

Turner pouted. ‘Don’t be silly Dave. We have had a great deal of fun this evening. Don’t you remember?’

I searched my foggy brain for answers. ‘Errrr…no. I don’t. What time is it?’

Turner checked his watch. ‘It’s 9.15. You have been here for a few hours. I am disappointed you don’t recall what we got up to.’

I pulled back the covers. My chest and belly were a sticky mess. I had no idea why my cock was still hard, the top purple with lust and wet with cum.

‘I need to go.’ I stood, my brain still fogged and went in search of a bathroom. I managed to find it and just in time, as my belly started to heave and I was sick into the toilet. Sitting there for a while, I tried to make sense of my situation.

As much as I tried to recall what had happened, I couldn’t. I vaguely remembered leaving work but everything after that was a blur.

I stood, opened the shower and stepped in. The hot water a blessing. Cleaning myself, I stood under the cascade of water trying to clear my head.

A few minutes later I turned off the water and stepped out, drying myself with the large fluffy towel hanging on the towel rail. My cock was still very hard but I wrapped the towel around my waist and went back into the bedroom. Turner was naked and pulling off the soiled sheets. He looked at me and smiled.

‘Hi sexy. Do you remember now?’ he asked me, a big grin on his face.

‘No. What the fuck is wrong with me?’

He looked at the tenting my cock was making under the towel. ‘Nothing as far as I can see.’

I looked down. My cock was aching with the stiff erection. ‘I need to go. Where’s my clothes?’

He helped me find my clothes and watched me as I dressed. I started to leave but stopped and looked at him. ‘I don’t know what went on here but I’m sorry.’ With that I left.

I started to feel better once outside in the fresh air. Mac was still waiting in the car and drove me home. As he dropped me off he looked me in the eyes with a degree of pity.

I walked up the path and opened the front door. Tracy was in the living room.

‘Have a good time, Mr Pensioner?’ she asked.

‘Err…yeah, think so.’

‘Too much to drink I think. Why don’t you take a shower and I’ll make you something to eat?’

‘Good idea.’ I left to go upstairs.


The ringing of the doorbell woke me from a deep sleep. I looked at the clock. It was 7.45am. I looked around and saw that Tracy had left for work without waking me.

The doorbell rang again. Who the fuck is it?

I got out of bed, put my dressing gown on and went to answer the door.

Opening the door I saw Mac holding a package.

‘Hello Mr Williams. I have a package for you.’ He handed over a large manila padded envelope. ‘I will be back later.’ With that he left.

Puzzled, I closed the door. Needing coffee I put the package down on the living room table and strolled to the kitchen.

With coffee in hand I returned to the living room and opened the package. My heart seemed to miss a beat seeing what fell out. There were a few photos, a memory card and a sheet of paper. The photos showed me naked, one with me on all fours being fucked from behind by Turner, another a close up of me sucking a cock and bahis siteleri another as I fucked Turner. What really shocked me was the look of ecstasy on my face in each of the photos.

I picked up the paper. It was a note which simply stated ‘You will be collected at 11am. Please be ready.’

I picked up the memory card and turned it around in my fingers then inserted it into the computer.

The screen flickered and a picture came on. It looked like the bedroom I woke up in yesterday evening. The camera panned round to the bed and I saw myself, on all fours, my cock hard and pushing into my belly, looking purple and painful. My anus was glistening in the light.

‘How are you, Dave?’ Turner spoke.

‘Fucking horny, I need your cock in me now,’ I heard myself say.

Turner strolled behind me, his cock hard. He was rubbing lube into his cock. ‘Is this what you want?’ Turner said, as he touched the top of his cock onto my hole.

‘Yes. God yes. Fuck me now.’

Turner pushed, my ass resisting at first but then he slipped in and then kept pushing until he was fully in.

As he pushed in my head thrust back and I moaned, a long drawn out moan.

Turner started to fuck me, long slow strokes.

‘You like this don’t you?’


‘Who is Turner’s little gay whore?’

‘I am.’

‘You love cock don’t you? And guys cumming in your ass?’


He fucked my ass faster, I started to push back as he pushed forward. Soon he came, flooding my ass with his cum. His cock slipped from me, followed by a stream of his cum.

I sat there appalled at what had transpired, even more so at my responses. How had I done what I did. How had I said what I said. I had never had any gay thoughts. I shivered.

On the screen, Turner moved onto the bed, his legs open, my head close to his cock.

‘Suck me Dave.’

Even though his cock had just been in my ass, I leant in and licked his cock, before taking him into my mouth and sucking him.

The first tear rolled down my cheek as I watched my humiliation on the screen. I was about to turn the video off but something deep down made me continue to watch.

I sucked Turner for a good ten minutes before he eased my head away and pulled me up beside him, cuddling me.

‘Another new experience now for you, sexy,’ he said. Suddenly another four naked guys entered the shot, all with big hard cocks, which they were rubbing. Turner got off the bed and held out a hand for me to take. I took his hand and he guided me to the centre of the room, the camera followed me. Easing me down onto my knees I was soon surrounded by the other four guys. Seemingly knowing what to do I took two cocks in my hand and started to wank them, my mouth searching for another cock to suck.

I was fascinated, sickened too as I watched the video. Over the next hour I sucked the cocks, got fucked by each of them, even spit roasted. My cock remained hard throughout the ordeal.

The video ended. I had stopped crying by now but I had no idea what I was going to do. I glanced at the clock, it was 9.30am. I debated not answering the door at 11am hoping that it would all go away but I knew that was a hopeless idea. I had to find out what was happening.

I showered, dressed and sat in the living room watching the clock tick round to 11am. However, when the doorbell rang it shook me and I jumped.

Answering the door, Mac was waiting. ‘Ready Mr Williams?’

I locked the door and followed him to the car, sitting in the back again as I had yesterday.

‘Where are we going Mac?’ I asked.

‘Not far Mr Williams,’ he responded.

I accepted that he wasn’t going to tell me and for the rest of the journey sat quietly.

We pulled up at some wrought iron gates. Mac spoke quietly into an intercom and the gates opened. Mac drove along the long drive. Soon a large house came into view, Mac stopping the car in front.

He got out and opened my door, indicating for me to follow.

‘Where are we Mac? I asked.

‘All will become clear soon, Mr Williams.’

He opened the door and we entered the house. I followed him to a room. He stopped and knocked.

‘Come in,’ a gruff male voice said.

He opened the door and ushered me inside. I found myself in a large study, a man was sitting at the desk writing. I stood and waited.

The man looked up. ‘David Williams, is it?’

‘Yes. Why am I here? What is…’

‘All in good time, all in good time,’ he interrupted me. ‘Do you know who I am?’

I studied him. He was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place him. ‘Errrr, no I don’t think so.’

‘My name is Evan Fisher. Do you know now?’

I stared at him. Evan Fisher owned the business that I had just retired from. He was mega wealthy and very secretive.

‘I see that you know me, at least by reputation,’ he continued. ‘But I think an explanation is in order.’ He pushed a button on his desk and a few seconds later the door opened. In walked Turner who smiled at me as he passed on his way to Evan.

Turner bahis şirketleri bent down and kissed Evan on the lips, his tongue entering the older man’s mouth. Evan sighed. Turner’s hand reached down to the older man’s groin and his fingers started to rub Evan. Even from where I was standing I could see Evan getting hard under his trousers.

Evan moved his hand to Turner’s cock too, pulling down the elasticated band and exposing Turner’s hard cock which he grasped and started to rub.

Turner undid Evan’s belt and unzipped his trousers, reaching inside for his cock. Both were now masturbating each other.

I watched embarrassed at their actions.

Evan broke the kiss but they continued to wank each other. ‘David, you have met Turner haven’t you? Turner is my son.’

I was stunned and it clearly showed on my face.

‘Turner uses the surname Flatley when he works for me, helping me acquire new meat.’

Suddenly Evan’s cock erupted, spewing cum over his clothes. The look on the old mans face was pure ecstasy. Turner bent down and licked up the seed, his slurping the only sound in the room.

Turner stood back up and started to leave the room, as he passed me he leant in for a kiss. I leaned away from him. Turner pouted then left.

Evan tidied himself up then turned back to me.

‘You see David I am a bisexual man. I love men the most though. But I have a rather kinky mind. I love turning straight men into cock hungry whores whose only thoughts are how to get more cock in them. My huge wealth has helped me achieve my goals but I always want more. I am surrounded by horny guys, so much man meat that I really don’t need any more, but I can’t stop myself. Guess what? You are next.’ He giggled to himself as he said those last three words.

I stood there unspeaking, hoping that I would wake from this nightmare.

‘Now you have a couple of options. The first is to join my harem, becoming my little plaything to use and abuse, have fun with. Once I tire of you and if you have been good I might let you return to your little life with your wife, errrr…Tracy. The other option is to refuse my kind offer and go to the authorities. They might believe you but they probably won’t. I have a number of influential friends, some of whom attend my parties, who would not allow any case against me to proceed. In any event that video of you enjoying your session with Turner and his friends showed you as a willing participant.’

‘Why are you doing this?’ I said quietly. I could see both options being terrible for me, and possibly Tracy.

‘Because I can and I enjoy it. Now are you going to join my harem?’

I stood there defeated but not speaking.

‘Answer me man. I don’t have all day. Oh by the way, this is yours I think.’ He held a see through plastic bag, inside I could see a phone that looked like mine. ‘It looks like you have a wide circle of friends and family David. There’s Tracy of course, then there is your son Zach and his wife Liz. It would be awful if that video was sent to all the contacts in your phone. Your life would be ruined. I hope I manage to keep it safe, don’t you?’

The threat was clear. I had no option other than to submit to this man’s perverted demands.

‘Ok,’ I mumbled.

‘Ok what David?’

‘Ok, I will do as you want.’

‘No, no David, that won’t do. Say it as if you mean it.’

I looked at him. ‘I want to join your harem.’

‘You would do anything I, or any of my friends say? Without hesitation? Enjoying the tasks we set you?’

‘Yes, anything.’

‘Oh good. It is so easy to turn you straight guys. Right, here is your phone back and this is another, which will be used by me and my friends to summon you. Make sure it is with you at all times. You might get warning when we need you, you might not. You can manage the rest of your life as you require.’

He pushed the button again and Turner appeared. ‘Yes father?’

‘David is leaving now. See him out.’

Turner guided me out of the room and to the front door. He handed me a bag and left me with Mac, who dove me home without saying anything.

When I was alone in the house I opened the bag. There was a note on top which said ‘Look through the bag but do not use anything until instructed.’ I looked through the bag. It contained collars, nipple clamps, dildoes, butt plugs, anal beads, lube and different pills in blister packs. The only pills I thought I recognised were blue pills. So that is why I had such a hard on yesterday.

I repacked the bag and hid it at the back of my clothes cupboard so Tracy wouldn’t find it.


For the next two days I was a nervous wreck, waiting for the phone to ring but hoping that it wouldn’t. Tracy was off work and we spent most of the time together, cleaning, going for walks and watching tv.

On the second evening we were watching tv when the phone vibrated indicating receipt of a text message. I made an excuse that I needed the toilet, stood up and left the room.

Sitting on the toilet, I pulled out the phone and read the message.

‘You are required tomorrow. You will be collected at 9am and will not be returned for 24 hours. Make appropriate excuses to your wife. Bring the bag.’

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